Outfit: Red Skirt Ala Biker Chic

Wearing: Skirt: Pimkie via Asos, Boots: Givenchy, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Bag: Bulgari, Top: H&M, Sunglasses: Rayban

Combining feminine with more tough pieces like biker boots or biker jacket has been around for a long time. It does not surprise me as it looks brilliant, easy and convenient as most of us has got both in the wardrobe. I can openly say that these boots have been my best investment this year so far. I get so much wear out of them and they are very comfortable. I simply love them.

And if you want to add a bit of luxury to your collection there is a Dior Dioramaclub sunglasses giveaway on my Instagram (evglamazon). It is not a long chain giveaway and you just simply have to follow my account, the e-shop that is sponsoring this, like a photo and tag two friends. Easy. Good luck to everybody.

Kombinace spise zenskych a na druhou stranu tvrdsich a maskulinejsich kousku jako biker kozacky ci kozena bunda v motorkarskem stylu jsou hodne popularni. A take uz se nosi opravdu dlouho. Ja se vlastne nedivim, protoze to vypada super a navic vetsina z nas ma takove veci v satniku. Priznavam se, ze zatim tyhle boty jsou asi nejlepsi investici tento rok. Nosim je skutecne porad a jsou strasne pohodlne. Proste je mam moc rada. 

A pokud si chcete poridit trosku luxusu, tak na mem Instagramu (evglamazon) probiha prave giveaway o bryle Dior Dioramaclub. Neni to zadna retezcova giveaway staci sledovat muj Instagram, e-shop, ktery bryle venoval, likovat fotku a oznacit dva pratele. Myslim, ze to je jednoduche. Hodne stesti. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Midsummer Night’s Dream

So last night a late night message from one of my best friends…I need your help. OK, I had a feeling it will be nothing serious but fun and yes! She said I am going to a Midsummer night’s dream party and I need to find a dress that is in that theme. I want to look good but not feel hot as the temperatures have been crazy here. Dolce & Gabbana had a whole collection around it but it will be impossible to source.

What was going through my mind? Dolce headbands and tiaras, flower crowns and lot of romantic vibe style dresses. First names that came to my mind Dolce & Gabbana, Zimmermann, Ermanno Scervino, Temperley and some others. If it was up to me based on what she said this one would be the winner.

So when I turned off my laptop I thought what a great inspiration article this would be. I am so glad I can share these beautiful pieces with you as well. Nothing better than Shakespeare and lovely garments.

Vcera pozde v noci mi prisla zprava od kamaradky … potrebuju pomoc. Hned jsem nejak tusila, ze to nebude nic vazneho, spis zabava a taky ze jo. A ona me poprosila at ji pomuzu najit vhodne saty na party ve stylu Sen noci svatojanske. Dolce & Gabbana meli celou stejnojmenou kolekci, ale to sehnat takhle rychle by bylo na nadlidske sily.

A hned mi zacaly vrtat hlavou napady…Dolce celenky a koruny, koruny z kvetin a hodne romantiky, rozevlate lehke saty a hedvabi. Prvnich par jmen ktera me napadla Dolce & Gabbana, Zimmermann, Ermanno Scervino, Temperley a par dalsich. Kdybych mela vybrat jedny jedine na zaklade toho co mi rekla, budou to tyhle

No a tak me tak v noci, kdyz jsem vypnula pocitac napadlo o tom napsat clanek. Je to prece tak krasna inspirace. Shakespeare a krasne obleceni…nemusite mi rikat dvakrat. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Outfit: Maxi Floral Dress

Wearing: Shoes: Ellie Goulding for Deichmann, Bag: Stella McCartney, Dress: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban

Gosh, I cannot describe how grateful I was to wear this dress on one hot day in London. Maxi dresses made of light material are such a good option even for the city girl not just to be worn by the seaside. Ok let’s just say how nice it is to feel light air under the skirt or how great it is that you do not feel sticky when you sit on a public transport seat. Yes, it ticks all the boxes.

I snapped these shots on my way from the beloved Columbia road flower market that is on every Sunday and could not leave without those beautiful peonies. Who would anyway? Hehe

Ani nevite, jak jsem byla stastna, ze jsem mela tyhle maxi saty na sobe minuly tyden o vikendu, kdyz bylo hrozne horko. Dlouhe saty z lehkych materialu jsou vubec super volbou i do mesta. Myslim, ze nepatri jenom do primorskych letovisek a na plaz. Ja ocenim hlavne lehky vanek pod sukni a take, ze se vam nelepi nohy na sedadla v doprave. Vetsina linek metra v Londyne nema totiz klimatizaci a byva to docela narez jakmile je teplota pres dvacet. 

Tyhle fotografie jsem fotila v nedeli, kdy jsem se vydala na kvetinovy trh na Columbia road, ktery je mimochodem uzasny. Zminovala jsem to nekolikrat. A nemohla jsem tam samozrejme nechat tyhle krasne pivonky.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Floral skirt

Wearing: Skirt Pimkie via Asos, Bag: Stella McCartney, Shoes: Ellie Goulding for Deichman, Sunglasses: Rayban, Top: Levis

So here I am one year older and thinking if also wiser. I guess so. Every year brings new lessons and something to learn and that is how we grow as individuals. I celebrated literally with baby Liam at Mallorca but it was so lovely. It was my first birthday as a mum and do you know what it was great. The lovely staff brought me little cake as a surprise and I enjoyed the good food and the Sun.

So, for those who do not follow me on social media (I think you should LOL) where I explained everything when I went to Mallorca my friend could not board due to visa issue. I swear I was thinking to stay home as you can image I was not mentally prepared to fly without help. Well, I flew with Liam on my own before but I had my parents waiting for me and I had less stuff and I had a carrier with me as well. Oh, gosh I was sweating, swearing, Liam cried a bit but only tiny bit and I was so glad when I managed to get out of the exit at the airport and met my taxi driver. Pushing the buggy and the heavy trolley is bloody hard. Why they want to go different directions? Also, please next time do not surprise by not leaving my buggy by the stairs. Liam is 10 kgs and I had two other bags on board. Anyway I made it and because I am into positive thinking I know this all happened for a good reason.

Not sure why but it could be I have a rest, I bond with Liam or just a proof I am ready to go on more press trips with my child. Hehe.

Well, although there was not anybody to take my pictures I tried to film as much as I can on my own and here is the look book video from Mallorca.

A je to tady. Jsem o rok starsi a premyslim, zda i moudrejsi. Snad ano. Kdyz se nad tim clovek zamysli, tak urcite nam kazdemu rok neco prinese. Mohou to byt nove lekce, ponauceni a tak kazdy rokem rosteme a ucime se. Ja jsem narozeniny oslavila na Mallorce s Liamkem, byly to me prvni narozeniny jako mama a nahodou jsem si to uzila. Dostala jsem od zamestnancu hotelu maly dort i se svickou a uzivala jsem si slunicka a dobreho jidla.

Pro ty, co me sleduji na Instagramu, tak vi, ze jsem puvodne neletela sama, ale kamaradka mela problemy s vizy a tak nemohla se mnou odletet. No reknu vam, ze jsem premyslela, ze nepojedu, strasne jsem se bala, jak to zvladnu sama. Tolik veci a nikdo na me necekal a nemela jsem sebou ani nositko. Myslim, ze to by pomohlo hodne. Clovek by neveril jakou to da praci tlacit kocar jednou rukou a druhou tezky vozik. Potvory vzdy chteji jet jinym smerem. Kdyz jsem vylezla ven na letisti, tak jsem si oddechla, az mi pomohl taxikar. No co vam budu povidat. Ono nejhosi bylo, ze tentokrat na me necekal kocarek u schodu, jak jsem zvykla u nekterych spolecnosti a tahnout dite v naruci, kufr a jeste jeho tasku pres cele letiste bylo asi nejhorsi. Opravdu jsem si docela makla. Hodne ale diky tomu, ze jsem nebyla pripravena. 

Kazdopadne verim, ze tyhle veci se deji z nejakeho duvodu. Treba jsem si mela odpocinout, treba si jenom dokazat, ze muzu klidne sama na press tripy jezdit s Liamkem.

A i  kdyz me nemel kdo fotit, tak jsem se snazila sama alespon tocit a tady je prvni video – lookbook.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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