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Luxury Experience in Hampshire – Four Seasons

As a luxury lover I could not decline an invitation to experience visit at Four Season in Hampshire. I am a huge fan of English countryside and together in combination with good food, stunning spa, walks in the fresh air it is even nicer.

It is such an easy staycation for Londoners as it is under 2 hours drive depending on traffic or about an hour on the train. This previously Georgian manor house that was restored into luxury hotel is perfect for families. I was so impressed how children friendly and how prepared the hotel is. They have set buffet for kids which means no waiting and no ordering which was perfect for our constantly hungry toddler. And it is healthy selection and offers plenty of variety including desserts for the little ones.

And even their spa isn’t just about the adults. Children can use separate pool with amazing sharkies reef and other fun stuff. The swimming nappies are by the pool which is the nicest touch ever. I could not believe it to be fair. It is so convenient for the parents and their children.

There are horse riding lessons, currently ice skating experience and lot of beautiful land for walks, flying kites and outdoor playground. However if you fancy pigeons shooting or bird watching these are also available at the hotel. You simply will not be bored.

I can highly recommend to try their Hampshire Herbal massage that is inspired by Jane Austen. Austen lived in Hampshire and used to grow herbs in the garden. Hotel found an inspiration and created massage where they use mint, chamomile and lavender during the massage. It gives incredibly relaxing and aromatherapy feeling. And I cannot forget they have heated massage beds. Well, that was my first let’s say. The therapist was absolutely wonderful and extremely professional.

The wild carrot restaurant has got an incredible decor and stunning views. We were very impressed with the food quality and service. I totally threw away any dieting ideas and went in all the way including delicious glass of Malbec which was my first glass in 2020. And it was so worth it.

Liam also wanted to see the horses so we could not say no to him and overall we truly enjoyed our time at Four Seasons Hampshire. It offers immaculate service, great location, lot of fun activities and incredible hospitality and luxury. What else to ask for?

Thank you for having us.

Jako milovnice luxusu jsem nemohla v zadnem pripade odmitnout pozvanku od Four Seasons v Hampshire. Mam moc rada anglicky venkov a kombinace dobreho jidla, lazni a cerstveho vzduchu je opravdu fantasticka. 

Je to vyborna mini dovolena asi dve hodiny jizdy od Londyna anebo staci skocit na vlak a jste na miste zhruba za hodinu. Zrestaurovane Georgianske panstvi je dnes luxusnim hotelem, ktery stoji uprostred zelene a je idealni pro navstevu s detmi. Byla jsem nadsena ze servisu, ktery nabizi rodinam. Na obed maji deti prichystany bufet, takze zadne cekani. To se nam vyborne hodilo, protoze nase dite, kdyz ma hlad, tak pres to nejede vlak. 

Pro deti je tam toho opravdu dost. Maji pro ne zvlast bazen, ktery ma skluzavky a jine prvky a dospeli si mohou uzivat sveho bazenu, jak kryteho tak venkovniho. Hotel dale nabizi lekce jizdy na koni, muzete si jit zabruslit, sledovat ptaky, strilet holuby ci si zajit s detma na skvele venkovni hriste.  Muzete si objednat take masaz pro sebe. Ja jsem vyzkousela jejich tradicni bylinkovou masaz. Je inspirovana Jane Austen, ktera v Hamsphire zila a pouzivaji stejne bylinky, ktere kdysi pestovala na sve zahradce. 

Hotelova restaurace Wild Carrot byla take vyborna. Dobre klasicke jidlo s vyhledem ven a krasnym tradicnim designem je vytecnou kombinaci. V takove dny je nejlepsi zapomenout na diety a poradne se do toho oprit. A taky ze jo. Nesmela chybet ani prvni sklenicka vina v roce 2020 a vytecny Malbec nemel chybu.

Dekujeme Four Seasons za jejich pohostinost a uz se tesime na dalsi navstevu.


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Outfit: When boots can talk!!!

Photos: Dela Fard 

Wearing: Boots: Nicholas Kirkwood, Trousers: H&M, Blazer: Zara, Belt: Zara, Bag: Azurina Store, Sunglasses: Le Specs

End of January and this is one post since start of the year. Well, I have been working hard but weather and other people’s availability wasn’t that favourable for creating images outside. London has been very moody with dark skies but luckily we got some sun so I rushed and used it to my benefit.

I wanted to summarise January as good and busy. I started 2020 with full force, meetings, filming, events and I loved it. I also as lot of people sticked to dry January and I feel amazing. I have been working out, I was meditating, eating well (with some cheat days) and I genuinely feel good about myself and I see results. Sadly I did not have enough time to read books. You know I love good positive thinking books but I want to read more and even if time isn’t there I am planning to do more reading. I have discovered this Rare Bird Books club and you can sign up and receive monthly selection of books. The value seems great so cannot wait for my February delivery. It is such a fun way to treat yourself each month.

And I also have some new additions to my shoe collection and those are these incredible Nicholas Kirkwood boots. What an incredible and interesting boot!? I am totally in love as they are so unique they really finish off any outfit.

So I am ready for next month and have high hopes for you February! So let’s do it.

Je konec ledna a ja vlastne nepsala zadne clanky, coz je smutne, protoze na blog se chci opravdu soustredit. Ale musim rici, ze Londynske pocasi opravdu foceni nepralo, skloubit pro me foceni, Liama, praci a hlavne diar fotografu spolu s pocasim je nekdy nad lidske sily. Kdyz uz pocasi vypada slibne, jeden nemuze anebo mam jiny program s Liamem. 

Leden bych shrnula jako produktivni a skvely. Rok 2020 jsem zacala v plne sile, mela jsem dost schuzek, tocila videa, chodila na akce a uzivala si kazdou minutu. Navic jsem tento mesic zcela vyradila alkohol, cvicila, meditovala, snazila se jist lepe (az na par dni) a je mi opravdu dobre. Citim a vidim vysledky na sve postave a take mam vice energie. Na jednu vec mi cas moc nezbyval a to je cteni. Je to opravdu o case, ale kdyz clovek chce, najde si ho, i kdyby to byla pul hodiny kazdy den. Ale objevila jsem super predplatne na knihy Rare Bird Book Club, kde vam kazdy mesic poslou za predplatne knihy. A ja myslim, ze je to skvely zpusob jak se rozhoupat. 

A v neposledni rade vam chci predstavit nejnovejsi prirustek do me designerske kolekce botu a to jsou tyhle neskutecne kozacky Nicholas Kirkwood. Je to temer umelecka bota a opravdu zajimavy model. Kazdemu outfitu prida neco extra a ja je hodlam nosit opravdu casto. Nejsou urcite na behani s kocarem, ale mela jsem je tento tyden na prehlidce a urcite se budou hodit i na tydny mody. 

Kazdopadne jsem pripravena na dalsi mesic a snad bude jeste lepsi nez prvni mesic v roce 2020. 

Tak jdeme na to! 



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May 2020 be the best year yet

Wearing: Bag: Fendi, Earrings: Missoma, Top: River Island, Trousers: Zara, Coat: H&M, Boots: River Island 

Here we are again we are closing the door behind another year and this time even another decade. It sounds quite scary to think that. I usually write about things I have achieved but to be frank this time I can do the summary just for myself. Instagram is flooded with Instagram stories of each blogger sharing what they have achieved and I am all up for celebrating success. However, I feel like it can give you more if you sit down and write down everything you are proud of just for yourself. It helps you with positive start and realise that you are GOOD ENOUGH.

The only few things I will mention is that I loved spending time with my son Liam, I started to write for ELLE and the book I have contributed to was published. So I can finally say I am a writer too although my other book is still in the process. Strangely at start of the year I had no idea about number two and three and see what life can throw your way.

2019 for me was a year of searching, learning and thinking. I really want to focus 2020 more on me, feelings, dreams but still give plenty of time to my family. I want to chose well what I spend my time on and who with. I want to surround myself with the people that inspire me, love me and I love them and give me joy. I want to spend time on activities that I love and make me feel good. And I mainly I want to be myself. I am so tired of all these profiles and people on social media that are not themselves. You have to own who you are, be true to yourself and that is what matters.

So may 2020 be the best year yet for all of us.

A je to tady. Zavirame dvere za dalsim rokem a tentokrat nechci clanek jako predchozi leta, kdy jsem shrnula, co mi rok prinesl. Tentokrat si sve uspechy a radosti sepisu sama pro sebe. Uz jenom z toho duvodu, ze kazdy bloger na Instagramu ma desitky stories, kde oslavuje sve uspechy. A to je v poradku, ale mam pocit, ze socialni online svet je v tyto dny zaplaveny a ze opravdu staci si v tichosti sepsat, co nam radostneho predchozi rok prinesl. A to udelam i ja. Pomuze nam to vstoupit pozitivne do dalsiho roku a desetileti. 

Jedine tri veci ktere zminim jsou, ze jsem milovala kazdicky moment s Liamem, ze me bavi pozorovat jak se meni, roste a jak nam dokaze vykouzlit usmev na rtech i v ty pochmurnejsi dny. Dalsi veci ktere zminim jsou, ze jsem zacala psat pro digitalni verzi Ceske ELLE a take jsem se stala spoluautorkou teto knihy. Tyto dve veci by me na zacatku roku 2019 ani ve snu nenapadly. A podivejte, co zivot dokaze cloveku hodit pod nohy. 

2019 byl rok, kdy jsem hodne premyslela, analyzovala, cetla motivacni knihy a hledala to, co me naplni. Snazila jsem se najit odpoved na to, zda jsem na spravne ceste, hodne meditovala a kladla si hodne otazek. A zjistila jsem jednu vec, ze chci v zivote mit ty lidi, kteri me posouvaji dal, maji me radi a ja mam rada je, inspiruji me a davaji mi neco pozitivniho. Chci dal pracovat na svych snech, ale chci take travit kvalitni cas se svou rodinou. Chci rozdavat radost, inspirovat a byt proste stastna. A hlavne chci byt sama sebou. Uz jsem unavena ze vsech tech profilu a lidi na socialnich mediich, co maji nasazenou masku, neukazuji svou pravou tvar a statisice lidi jim to vlastne veri. Chci byt sama sebou a byt na to pysna.

A Vam preju, at je rok 2020 ten nejlepsi. 



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Beauty Products you will love this winter

I am a huge fan of season changes but that also means lot of adjustments for my body, lifestyle and also skincare. I like the idea of living somewhere warm but I know I would miss what each season has to offer. On the other hand even things like skincare require lot of thought.

I wanted to share with you some products I have been loving recently and most of these are perfect winter months companions.

Let’s start with Decleor Night Balm which is one of my top products by this brand. It has got aromatherapy function as well as it is hydrating product for your skin. If you love more natural products you will love this. For me it works on those days when I had very tiring day, it helps me relax and gives my skin lot of goodness. Perfect for winter evenings. Dr David Jack Face Paints especially this Blue one are fantastic all year long but this blue is great if you love using peels but want to keep your skin hydrated. I think the Blue peel works fantastic in the winter as we need to renew the skin, get rid of dullness and also keep our skin hydrated. I have used this many times and it never fails. It is truly fantastic product.

Nuxe shimmering dry body oil is a product I had to mention. Yes not everybody is keen on shimmer and you may want to use the regular one but for all the winter parties this is a perfect choice. Not only your skin will be hydrated but you will be Queen of the NYE party. Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol cream is a product I fell madly in love with. I know some people say it is too strong for them but I add it to my skincare routine twice a week and it works wonders. It is one of the best Retinol products I have ever tried.

I wanted to include Herseson’s  Almost Everything cream product as I have been really enjoying it as a part of my hair styling routine. And I think the creamy texture is perfect for winter month plus it smells divine. Clinique Moisture surge hydrating lotion is a fab product that helps to prep your skin for serum and cream application. Winter makes our skin dehydrated and we need to work a bit harder to keep it balanced. This product will help you to multiply the effect and your skin will be left dewy. La Mer Renewal oil is one of the best products ever. It is one of my hero products and I use it all year long however I feel in the winter it gives me that reassurance of hydrated and fresh looking skin. Plus it always gives me that feel of luxury.

Gallinee Probiotic Body Milk is my favourite and go to product from this brand. I had to mention it as it has been a body milk of choice for me this winter. It contains probiotics, hydrates and leaves my skin smooth. I have been loving this products so much. Barbara Sturm Ski Cream is my newest addition out of these but I have been dying to try so much from this brand. This is a proper winter cream designed for skiing lovers (that I am anyway) and it gives extra protection on the slopes. However it can be used anytime and anywhere. I am keen to try so much more from Dr Barbara Sturm as her facials as well as supplements have got fabulous reviews. This product got me even more keen.

This is my winter top products round up. And what is your favourite winter skincare product? Anything I should try myself from your favourites?


Miluju rocni obdobi a vsechny zmeny, ktere prinasi. Jsou ti co chteji bydlet jenom v teple, ale  osobne by mi chybely zmeny pocasi. I kdyz v nekterych vecech prinasi zmeny hodne nevyhod, at uz je to zmena zivotniho stylu, potreba vice obleceni a take to ma casto dopad na nasi plet. 

Ja jsem v posledni dobe pouzivala tyto produkty a vetsina z nich jsou skveli partaci na chladnejsi mesice. Tak se na ne pojdme podivat. 

Decleor Night balm je jeden z mych top produktu od teto znacky. Jestli mate radsi prirodni znacky a bavi vas aromaterepie, stoji to za vyzkouseni. Maji nekolik vuni a ja je osobne pouzivam v ty vecery, kdy jsem hodne unavena. Pomahaji mi relaxovat a uvolnit se. Idealni na chladne ponure vecery. Dr David Jack Paints a obvzlast tato modra jsou vyborne na zimni dny. Jsou to vlastne klasicke peels, ale tato modra zaroven hydratuje. A to je presne co chci v zimnich mesicich, obnova pokozky, zarivejsi plet a hydratace. Je to vytecny produkt. 

Nuxe Shimmering dry body oil je vyborny produkt a tento zaruci, ze se budete na Silvestrovskem vecirku nadherne trpytit. Samozrejme klasicky Nuxe olej je vyborny, ale proc si nedoprat neco malo navic. Drunk Elephant A-Passioni Retinol cream je produkt, do ktereho jsem se totalne zamilovala. Pouzivam ho teprve par tydnu, ale muzu s prehledem rici, ze je to jeden z nejlepsich retinolovych produktu, co jsem zkusila. Vim, ze recenze jsou takove, ze pro nektere jedince je dost silny, ale ja jsem velmi spokojena. Do meho vyberu jsem chtela zaradit i stylingovy produkt ze staje Hersesons, protoze me bavi jeho kremova konzistence i vune. Myslim, ze v zimnim obdobi je to naprosto vytecny produkt pro vase vlasy. 

Clinique Moisture surge hydrating lotion vam krasne pripravi plet na dalsi kroky jako sera a kremy. V zime je treba dodat vasi pleti spoustu hydratace a tento vyborny produkt vam efekt jeste znasobi. La Mer Renewal oil je jeden z mych top produktu vubec. Pouzivam ho cely rok. V lete spise pridavam kapku do sera ci kremu, v zime spise vrstvim. Miluju oleje a tento mi dava pocit luxusu a hydratace. Gallinee Probiotic body milk je muj nejoblibenejsi produkt od teto znacky. Obsahuje probiotika a krasne hydratuje. Prakticky ho pouzivam temer exklusivne a tak si zminku urcite zaslouzi. 

Dr Barbara Sturm Ski Cream je nejnovejsi prirustek z techto zminovanych a hrozne jsem chtela od teto znacky neco vyzkouset a ted chci jeste vice. Je to produkt vylozene na zimni obdobi, ale nemusite ho pouzivat pouze na svahu. Zatim jsem moc spokojena, ale ted touzim vyzkouset od teto znacky mnohem vice. 

A jaka ja vase oblibena kosmetika v zimnim obdobi? Na co nedate dopustit?