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Outfit: How to look expensive on a budget?

Wearing: Bag: Azurina Store, Sunglasses: Longchamp, Blazer: very old, Trousers: Couturissimo, Shoes: Zara

You know I love my good quality investment pieces, designer shoes, sunglasses and bags. However, not everything has to cost a fortune to look good. Sometimes it is about putting the right things together, looking at the items at highstreet that are well tailored and know how to shop.

This outfit is a typical example that even more affordable items can look great. I thought I am going to put together few tips how to look expensive on a budget.

Keep the colours neutral – if you keep colours neutral, greys, nudes, black, whites your outfit will always look expensive even though it came from a cheaper shop.

Wear one more expensive item to elevate the look – Invest in one more expensive item. In this case it would be the trousers and the sunglasses. However the price of these still isn’t overly high. If you fancy new designer sunglasses you can shop here with 20 % off with code EVA20.

Keep the look classic – Avoid trends and wear classics. This outfit is perfect example. Classic flares with black cami and sequin blazer that I have had at least for 10 years. Apart from bit of sparkle there isn’t anything overly trendy in this look.

Wear expensive looking handbag – Invest in a good quality bag as they always look more expensive. It can be a cute affordable bag but look at the overall style and visuals.

Wear simple makeup – Makeup can finish off the look so well and take your style to another level. My tip would be subtle makeup with lovely lipstick and of course big smile.

Jak asi vite, pokud ctete muj blog delsi dobu, mam rada kvalitni designerske veci. Rada investuji do kabelek, botu a slunecnich bryli. Ale ne vse co je hezke musi stat majlat a nekdy je to o tom jake si poridite levnejsi veci, jak jsou usite a kvalitni. 

Rozhodla jsem se sepsat par tipu, jak vypadat luxusne, kdyz nemate velky rozpocet. 

Noste neutralni barvy – Styling slozeny z tlumenejsich a klasicky barev vzdy vypada drazsi. Zkuste tony jako velbloudi, prirodni barvy, bezova, cerna, seda a bila. 

Dejte si jednu vec, ktera je drazsi a pozvedne cely outfit – Poridte si jednu vec, ktera vam pozvedne cely look. V tomto pripade jsou to bryle a kalhoty. I kdyz ani jedna z techto veci nebyla zavratne draha. Jestli chcete investovat do slunecnich bryli, mam zrovna slevovy kod 20 % EVA 20 na tento e-shop. 

Vsadte na klasiku – Klasicke kousky, strihy a outfity vzdy budou vypadat drazsi. V tomto pripade mam na sobe cerne kalhoty s mirnym zvonem a sacko, ktere mam snad deset let. Nic z toho neni prevratny trend. 

Vemte si kabelku, ktera vypada draze – Bud investujte do drazsi kabelky, jak jsem zminovala v bodu dve. Nebo si kupte kvalitni ci takovou, ktera vypada draze. Kabelka dokaze zmenit celkovy outfit! 

Zvolte jednoduchy makeup – Makeup je vzdy tresnickou na dortu a udela opravdu hodne. Nenarocny klasicky makeup udela divy a jenom doda to posledni vasemu outfitu. 



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Brand of the moment – Bottega Veneta

Picture source – Pinterest

Every real fashionista on the planet is probably aware that if there is one hot brand and hard to get pieces it is a current collection of Bottega Veneta. It has always been a beautiful brand and their iconic clutches always been on the spotlight. However with the recent influence of ex Celine Daniel Lee you can tell it is currently the IT brand.

Influencers, celebrities are carrying the oversized pouches and eagerly trying to get them in all colours. The plain and quilted mules are also constantly sold out and waiting lists are longer than my hair. The ready to wear is also in demand and basically Bottega Veneta is the brand that everybody wants. It is what Dior or Gucci was few seasons ago.

I am just waiting how quickly will the high-street brands start to bring Bottega Veneta inspired pieces to their stores. I guess it will not be long. So if you fancy a piece yourself you can shop some great pieces below.

Kazdy spravny modni milovnik vi, ze Bottega Veneta je momentalne na vrcholu modnich domu. Ano, vzdy to byla takova klasika a ja si i pred lety prala jejich ikonicke psanicko, ale nyni kdyz jejich kreativni reditel prinesl nadech modniho domu Celine, se dostala uplne na vrchol.

Na urcite modely jejich psanicek, kabelek a botu je cekaci listina a influenceri prahnou prave po tech, ktere jsou tezce k dostani. A Bottega je vlastne tim, co byla pred par lety znacka Gucci ci Dior. A tak to v mode chodi.

Jenom cekam kazdym dnem, kdy retezce zacnou predstavovat kousky, ktere budou inspirovany prave soucasnou kolekci. A myslim, ze to bude velmi brzo a i tyhle kousky budou ihned vyprodane. Bottega se slavi obrovskemu uspechu a zaziva velky boom a to je jenom dukazem, ze spravny navrhar muze vzdy udelat divy. 


Outfit: Sunglasses as your top accessory

Wearing: Shoes: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Longchamp via Sunglasses shop, Bag: Allsaints, Necklaces: Ania Haie & Sophia’s Earrings, Jeans and Jacket: Zara

I have always been that girl that loved to invest in her sunglasses. Even in my teens I had at least one pair of decent sunnies as for me sunglasses can change the outfit. If you chose well you can elevate your whole look. You can chose anything from classic and timeless to more trendy models of course but it is that one item that can finish the look so chose wisely.

Personally I like good quality sunglasses however I have classic and also trendier models in my collection. The latest addition are these fabulous Longchamp sunglasses I got on Sunglasses shop. It is a brand that is new on their website and I madly fell in love them.

Firstly I did not have anything in these colours like green and blue and I love the shape. The price is also so much more attractive in comparison to some other designer brands. You are so lucky as I have a 20 % OFF for you with discount code EVA20 on Sunglasses Shop. You can get yourself your dream designer pair with a big discount. This is valid until end of August 2019. Whether you fancy classic Raybans, Chloe or Dior the selection is huge. So happy shopping

Vzdy jsme byla ta holka, co miluje slunecni bryle a taky do nich vice investuje. Dokonce i v puberte jsem chtela mit alespon jedny kvalitnejsi bryle. Je to totiz doplnek, ktery dokaze v mziku pozvednout ci zmenit cely outfit.

Ve sve kolekci mam jak klasicke tak i trendy modely a porad me bavi si porizovat nove kousky. Muj posledni ulovek ze Sunglasses shop je tento skvely model od Longchamp. Libi se mi barevne zpracovani, uprimne jsem takoveto barvy do modra a zelena jeste nemela a libi se mi i jejich tvar. A v porovnani s jinyma znackama jsou take mnohem levnejsi. 

Mam pro vas navic specialni slevovy kod a to 20 % na stranky Sunglasses shop. Muzete si poridit sve vysnene bryle s kodem EVA20 a je platny do konce srpna. At uz si chcete poridit klasicke Raybany ci neco od Diora, vyber je velky a sleva vyborna. 


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Four 2019 Autumn Trends

We are very close to August and although it may not seem like it Autumn isn’t that far. So for some fashion enthusiasts it may be normal to start to consider some first purchases for autumn. I decided to do a nice selection of what is currently available to purchase amongst luxury and high-street shops and online shops so you can be one step ahead. Here are 4 trends you will see in the shops and on the streets in autumn 2019.

Srpen je pomalu za dvermi a mozna se to tak nezda, ale podzim se blizi za par tydnu. A pro modni nadsene je to bezna vec, ze zacnou uz ted premyslet, co na sebe jak se ochladi. Neni tedy na skodu si osvezit co bylo na videni na prehlidkach a co se bude nosit na podzim 2019. A tak jsem udelala vyber obleceni od luxusnich i cenove dostupnych znacek. Vsechny tyto kousky jsou momentalne k zakoupeni. 

1 . Dark Florals – As seen on the catwalk like  Balenciaga, Prada and others

Florals have always been around as majority of trends but many designers are bringing lot of autumn florals on darker dresses, blouses etc. We can expect some gorgeous dark tone dresses with variety of floral prints.

1. Kvetinovy potisk – Balenciaga, Prada …

Kvetinovy potisk jako takovy snad ani nevychazi z mody, ale vetsina je ma spojene spise s teplejsim pocasim. Navrhari ale letos prinasi spousty krasnych potisku a to spise na tmavsich podkladech. Je to skvely kousek na podzim a napriklad maxi saty s kozenou bundickou ci sackou jsou klasikou, ktera se nosi velmi dobre. 

2. Bright colours and Neon – As seen on catwalks of Jaquemus, Prada, Off-White, Fendi and others

Bright colours are fun. I must admit I am not the most colourful person but over the years I got definitely much better. I personally think it is so refreshing to see bright shades of purple, green, yellow, orange when the temperature drops. As majority of people in the streets just tend to wear neutrals. It just brings a bit of fun to fashion.

2. Vyrazne a neovone barvy – Jaquemus, Prada, Fendi…

Vyrazne barvy jsou nahodou velmi zabavne a to hlavne v dobe, kdy vetsina lidi presedla na neutralni tony jako bezova, cerna a hneda. Letos ale uvidite v kolekcich vyrazne barvy jako fialova, zelena, zluta, oranzova, zelena a jine. 

3 . 70’s Bourgeois  – Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga and many many

I have always loved 70’s. If you have followed me for a while you will know and this is one of the favourites trends for me this year. It is chic, love the colours and how much you can layer and play around. Imagine chic pleated skirts with blouses, sweaters and blazers. Loving the boots with midi skirts and it reminds me of Paris and chic style so much. I am really excited to take out my pleated skirts this autumn.

3. Burzoazni sedmdesatky – Victoria Beckham, Gucci, Chloe, Balenciaga a spoustu dalsich

Tohle je jeden z mych oblibenych trendu. Miluju sedmdesata leta obecne, vidim v nich tolik inspirace a fakt, ze tolik svetovych navrharu letos prinasi tento trend klasicke mestske holky ze 70. let mi dela fakt radost. Je to chic, je to elegantni, vidim v tom Pariz, jednoduche neutralni barvicky, kostkovana sacka, plisovane sukne, sem tam nejaky potisk v mensi mire jako leopard, ci satek s potiskem a je to zkratka parada. 

4. Disco – even for the day – Chanel, Celine, Dior

I adore this trend. This reminds me the time when I moved to UK years and years ago. I loved how girls wore sequins for the day. You could rarely see this amount of sparkle in Czech. And we are talking sequins for the day. It is so cool to wear it for special occasion but even cooler to pop on bit of glitter with your jeans or white t-shirt. I mean so much sparkle and disco fun on shows like Chanel, Celine, Dior or Gucci. Love it.

4. Kralovna Disko – I pres den – Chanel, Celine, Dior

Trend flitru a vubec cokoli se trpyti je pro me. Pripomina mi to me zacatky v Londyne. Byla jsem nadsena, kdyz jsem videla holky ve flitrovych vecech jenom tak pres den. Ne zadna specialni udalost ci ples…proste takhle hodit neco flitroveho k dzinum a triku. A presne tohle bylo k videni na prehlidkach jako Chanel, Celine a Dior. Gucci ma ted k prodeji cool flitrovou bundu a jsem si jista, ze neco takoveho bude brzo i v klasickych retezcich.