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Outfit: How to shop my Instagram outfits via Liketoknowit

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Shoes: Versace, Trousers: River Island, Jacket: Storets, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Celine

Instagram is a platform that most people love and where lot of people look for inspiration including me. I can openly say that I rarely look how I would style things in magazines. I go online and social platforms to look for the best places to eat, trending items, travel destinations and pretty much everything else.

Interestingly although so many people use Instagram including my friends I get to ask often what is that Liketoknowit and what is that little heart in the circle on my photographs. Well Liketoknowit is an app that is part of Reward style. Reward style is one of the largest affiliate networks that gathers influencers and enables us to get a tiny commission if  we influence a sale of a product. Trust me the price of the item we are wearing or promoting does not change. So you are not affected. In my opinion if I find something I love thanks to other influencer I am absolutely up for giving them a small reward (and plus it does not come out of your pocket anyway). That is called business. I may have not found the item at all so it is perfectly fine.

If you want to know what I am wearing on my Instagram pictures or are curious about other influencers you can usually tell either by hashtags or the little heart in a circle on the pictures. That means that the influencer is using Liketoknowit. You can simply download liketoknowit app and follow me there (evglamazon) and every time you like my outfit or certain item just take a screenshot of the Instagram image. You can go back to it anytime and save time asking over and over again where is the skirt from, what lipstick are you wearing etc.

You save so much time and energy by one download and by following your favourite people on the Liketoknowit app.

So happy shopping!!

Instagram je aplikace, kterou spousta lidi miluje a hleda v ni inspiraci a to vcetne me. Muzu vam otevrene rict, ze uz se temer vubec nedivam na to jak nastylovat obleceni a na novinky v mode a kosmetice v casopisech. Na Instagramu vyhledavam zajimava mista, dobre restaurace, trendy, typy na styling, kosmetiku a taky destinace na dovolenou. 

A prestoze tolik lidi Instagram pouziva, tak i moji pratele se obcas zeptaji, co je to to Liketoknowit a jak to funguje a taky co je to male srdicko v kolecku, ktere mam tak casto na fotografiich. Liketoknowit je system a aplikace, ktera spada pod tzv. Reward style, coz je affiliate platforma. Reward style shromazduje influencery a diky nim pokazde, kdyz influenceri ovlivni prodej urciteho produktu, ziskavaji influenceri maly podil z prodeje. Opravdu se jedna o par korun za produkt, takze takove ty obavy jak nekteri maji, ze kdo vi kolik jim za to tricko da ci neda, mit clovek nemusi. Pokud to teda nekoho trapi. Cena produktu se pro nakupujiciho vubec nemeni. To male procento, ktere influencer dostane jde z kapsy firmy, ktera produkt prodava. Ja osobne jsem stastna, kdyz diky nekomu objevim neco super, takze to, ze mu firma zaplati par korun z toho, ze me ovlivnil v nakupu je v naprostem poradku. 

A jak tedy na to? Pokud pouzivate Instagram a chcete vedet co mam ja, ci jini blogeri na fotografiich, tak je to zcela jednoduche. Fotografie oznacene v rohu dole malym srdickem v kolecku jenom znaci, ze influencer pouziva Liketoknowit a ze se muzete dozvedet, kde dane produkty koupit. Takze si muzete stahnout na mobilu aplikaci Liketoknowit a pokazde, kdyz se vam nejaky outfit libi udelat screenshot dane fotografie. V aplikaci liketoknowit staci sledovat influencera, v mem pripade me najdete jako evglamazon a u kazde fotky z instagramu vzdy najdete i linky na jednotlive produkty. 

Je to opravdu jednoduche, rychle a prakticke. Sledovatele pak nemusi psat v komentarich odkud je ta sukne, odkud je kabelka atd. Tyhle dotazy a komenty jsou casto prehlednutelne a navic diky jednomu stahnuti aplikace si muzete uz navzdy usetrit cas a uz se nemusite ptat se vsech vasich oblibencu odkud jsou jednotlive produkty. 

Takze happy shopping.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: How to make a beach bag great for city?

Pictures: Dela Fard

Wearing: Shoes: Stradivarius, Bag: Boden, Cardigan: Burberry, Top: Shein, Skirt: Zara

Say hello to my new basket bag or more of a beach bag. The trend of basket bags has been around for I would say last three summers but it looks like it is not going away. I finally got my hands on gorgeous beach bag and still searching for that perfect smaller cute one to rock with my outfits this summer.

The thing is that these bags whether they are large or small don’t only have to be worn on holidays only but they are great option for city walks. I am planning to use it a lot in the next few months as it can be great for mums thanks to it size and you can put in so much including nappies, snacks for little ones, books, Ipads and you know all the crap we need with our children. LOL

It looks so chic with romantic dresses, denim and neutral tones and really there as so many ways to wear it so do not be afraid to wear it to town, for lunch, meeting friends. In the worst case scenario it will feel like you are bringing the beach vibes to the city.

Privitejte moji novou tasku. Uz je to asi treti rok, co frci vsechny mozne verze kosikovych kabelek a to at uz jsou to vetsi plazove kabele jako treba tahle nebo roztomile mini kabelecky. Jak vidite, vetsi verzi uz mam, takze na leto jsem pripravena, ale porad se nemuzu rozhodnout, kterou z mensich kosikovych kabelek chci poridit. Uz jsem myslela, ze mam rozhodnuto, ale opet jsem si rekla, treba se objevi jeste jina a lepsi.

Kazdopadne jak vidite, nebudu cekat az budu na plazi a klidne tuhle vetsi kabelku budu nosit i ve meste. Je to nahodou prakticky kousek a to hlavne kdyz mate deti. Vypada sik a vlezou se do ni vsechny “kramy” ktere jako mama potrebujete…pleny, ubrousky, Ipady, knizky, svacinky. Vsak to znate. 

Nahodou se mi libi ozivit takovou taskou outfit do mesta a clovek tak ma pocit, ze ma sebou kousek leta a plaze i v centru Londyna. At uz mate na sobe dziny, romanticke saty ci sukni, urcite se nebojte ji vyuzit i do mesta, na obed s kamaradkou ci na nakupy. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: The most feminine dress

Wearing: Dress: De la vali via Luisa Via Roma, Bag: Chloe, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: Celine, Earrings: Soru Jewellery, Necklace: Pandora, Necklace: Ania Haie

I am such a Gemini when it comes to dressing. Honestly, how some people have signature style it amazes me. I know there are some things I tend to buy but I can be one day in ripped jeans and hoodie and another day in a super feminine dress like this. I love to play with different styles but always love feminine pieces and this dress is a great example.

Firstly the shape is incredible and so flattering and I love it is transparent without looking too cheap or anything. This piece is all about small touches that create a perfect dress. I mean that little cross in the cleavage is everything.

Whatever you decide to wear whether it is shorts, leather skirts or floaty dress the main thing is to feel like yourself. There is no point to push yourself to something that you would not like wearing. And I believe if you follow that rule you cannot go wrong.

Jsem na sto procent blizenec, co se mody tyce. Pokazde obdivuju lidi, kteri maji styl, ktery vzdy poznate. Ja jsem schopna jeden den jit v mikine a roztrhanych dzinech a druhy v tak zenskych satech jako tyhle. Kazdopadne velmi casto miluju veci, ktere jsou zenske a tyto saty jsou typickym prikladem.

Prvni vec, ktera me dostala na tomtou kousku je strih, ktery hrozne lichoti postave. A libi se mi pruhledna spodni cast, ktera presto nepusobi vulgarne. A v neposledni rade male detaily jako krizek ve spicce vystrihu. Zkratka nadhera.

At uz se rozhodnete si oblect kratasy, kozenou sukni ci rozevlate saty, hlavni je, ze se v danem obleceni musite citit dobre. Nema smysl se do neceho nutit a hlavni je zustat sam sebou. A kdyz se toho budete drzet, nemuzete slapnout vedle. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Be happy right now

Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Boots: River Island, Dress: De la vali via Luisaviaroma, Sunglasses: Le Specs

Being happy?! What does it mean and why do I write about it so much?! It feels like every day we have our ups and downs and you also hear it from other people. After many years I finally realised if you want to be happy you have to be happy right here and right now!

Easier said than done but that is the only way. It does not matter if you do not have as glamorous holiday booked as your friends or if you live in a small room that you are renting out. You have to feel happy right here and right now that is the only way.

Otherwise we end up chasing something that may never come and I am pretty confident if you find a way to be happy with what you have and love yourself as you are right now…those better things will start happening.

I start to feel that the puzzle in my life that was broken is finally coming together. And if I actually think of it there are lot of ‘problems’ in my life but I am taking the life more with a flow. Certain things are meant to be and you have to accept it and look at things from positive point of view.

I am really trying to see good things in the smallest things in life and encourage other people to feel the same. Of course I still love my designer bags and great food in a trendy restaurant however I can feel happy just running around in the park with Liam. It is all about being grateful and feeling love.

And the same comes to you and how you see yourself. I do not have a perfect figure and I do not look like a supermodel but I actually am happier with myself than ever before. You have to accept yourself as you are. After all I am and so are you perfect in our own way.

Byt stastny? Co to vubec znamena a proc to tak casto zminuju? Mam pocit, ze kazdy den na me vyskakuji pribehy lidi kolem, kteri si stezuji a kdyz se na to podivam, vlastne nemaji proc. Ono se to rekne, ze kdyz mame pocit, ze ten druhy ma vse na co si vzpomene, ale jak muzeme vedet, co se odehrava uvnitr jejich hlavy a srdce. A to je prave ono. Je treba by stastny tady a ted. A nezalezi na tom kolik mame v garazi aut, jakou dovolenou jsme si zarezervovali, ci jestli mame vetsi televizi nez soused. At uz jste kdekoli a delato to ci ono, je treba se citit stastny s tim co mame. 

Ja moc o negativnich vecech na socialnich medii nemluvim. Obcas zminim nevyspani, ale kazdy snad pochopi, ze jako rodic je na tom stejne spoustu lidi, ale kdyz se na to podivam z jineho uhlu, tak to nevyspani tech par let, kdyz miminko neni spac vlastne neni takova tragedie. A verte, ze i ja a moji blizci maji problemy, ty maji vsichni. Jde o to ale jak se na ne divame. Podle me nema cenu jeste sirit negativitu a stiznosti a hlasat je do sveta. Komu to prospeje? Nikomu. Snazim se to  brat tak, ze proste nektere veci maji tak proste byt a nic s tim neudelam. A proste jdu dal.

Byt stastny tady a ted je takova cesta…nekonecna cesta, ale verim, ze kdyz budu spokojena s tim co mam, ze opravdu zacnou prichazet lepsi a lepsi veci. Je dobre a dulezite mit ambice, ale abyste je dosahli, musite byt spokojeni uz tady ted, protoze se pak muze clovek hnat a hnat a nebude nikdy spokojeny. 

A to same plati i o tom jak se stavime k sobe samym. Prestoze jsem starsi a jde to videt, mam sve telo radsi nez drive. Vim, ze bych mohla veci vylepsit, byt hubenejsi, mit vetsi prsa a mensi zadek, ale co prijimam se takova jaka jsem. Svym zpusobem dokonala. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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