Block Rockin’ Heels/Deichmann x Hanneli Mustaparta

Wearing: Deichmann/Hanneli Mustaparta Boots, Asos Coat, H&M Top, Marc Jacobs Necklace, Topshop Hat, Chanel Bag, All Saints Trousers, Celine Sunglasses

We’re ’bout ready to rock steady with these block rockin’ heels!

I consider myself to have a good style (well at least I hope so),however I like being practical as well. Every autumn I purchase a pair of timeless, comfortable, black boots. And every autumn I am looking for the same thing. Whatever I purchase has to have that element of coolness but more importantly has to be able to endure the temperamental weather of London. As any fellow Londoner we know the weather is completely sporadic here and Autumn brings with it rain,sun, wind, and with a bit of “luck” even snow. These boots have to go with everything (if they make my legs look like supermodel legs even better…ehm am I asking too much?). All I want every day is to put on some good heels and rock around the block listening to my favourite beats. This is not meant as a cliché as music paired with good shoes make me very very very happy.

If you are anything like me then you will be excited to hear that I’ve found what you’re looking for. The latest Deichmann collection designed by super talented Hanneli Mustaparta has it all. Hanneli is known for her sleek style, great looks and great eye. There is a reason why she is where she is. She designed collection that offers something to all of you. Whether you are a chelsea boots girl, tomboy or an office girl you will find your pair (maybe even two). I can definitely see myself wearing them all.

When I am looking at the designs they really are perfect for autumn and winter and they will not break the bank. They offer this and so much more…variety, simple colours, style and comfort. And to prove I am not just making this up I tested my favourite pair whilst listening to my favourite beats.

And I can tell you….they really are block rockin’ heels.

So let’s rock them together as they are worth it. You can see the full collection here.

Love Glamazon xoxo

Watch my video:

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