Outfit: Casual Pool Style

Wearing: Shoes: Givenchy, Shirt: River Island, Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban

Holiday style for me is a lot about flowing dresses, gorgeous airy skirts. As that is a great opportunity to wear pieces which may not be as suitable for the city. However sometimes you just feel you do not want to dress up at all. For those time I always pack simple denim pieces, shirts, t-shirts.

I love to wear simple outfits like this especially on nights when I feel like I do not want to wear makeup, dress up or anything like that. And now even more when I have a child. The long rituals when you have time and peace to do perfect makeup is long gone. Now these things are done in a rush or in phases. I am not going to lie as sometimes I do miss quiet times and my beauty rituals however when Liam smiles at me I would not change. I totally forget that I am quickly painting my nails after I had shower hoping the varnish will dry as quickly as possible.

And that is perfectly normal and fine to juggle everything and not feeling you want to look million dollars sometimes.

Styl na dovolene je pro me hodne o rozevlatych satech, romantickych kouscich, boho kouscich a zkratka vecech, ktere se az tak uplne nehodi do mesta. I kdyz ne pokazde ma clovek chut se extra strojit a tak si balim i jednoduche kousky jako denim, tricka a kosile. A obcas se opravdu hodi. 

Obzvlaste v ty vecery, kdy se vam nic nechce. Nechce se vam delat makeup, vlasy a zkratka vubec nic. A takove dny alespon v mem pripade nastanou. A ted kdyz mam dite snad jeste vice. Pripravy na veceri uz davno nejsou ve stejnem duchu, ze mam klidny ritual v koupelne, ale spis vse v rychlosti a na faze, protoze Liam a kterekoli jine dite je proste priorita.

Musim se priznat, ze mi klid na pripravu casto chybi a nebavi me si lakovat nehty po sprse v koupelene a doufat, ze lak co nejdrive zaschne. Ale tak to proste je a kdyz se na vas skvrne usmeje, tak to nejak vse odplyne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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