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Outfit: I’ll be there in a prosecco

Wearing: Skirt: River Island, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: Rayban, Top: River Island

I’ll be there in a prosecco! Yes, what a perfect slogan t-shirt for somebody that loves being punctual and also loves a glass of bubbles. Slogan pieces are fun at least for me and this was a great summer choice for me. It evokes lot of things I love sea, sun, summer, warm weather and fun. And people should surround themselves with things that make them happy and do things that make them happy. That should be a philosophy of your life. The whole world will be happy place then.

Talking about things that make me happy. How gorgeous is this stunning Saint Laurent bag? I can totally see it with this outfit. There is also a white version and I cannot decide which one is better. One is for sure this navy one is definitely more practical. LOL

I’ll be there in a prosecco! Super triko se super napisem a to obzvlast pokud jste jako ja a mate radi dochvilnost a take sklenicku bublinek! Tricka se slogany me bavi a nejen tricka. Tohle u me navic evokuje leto, slunce a plaz a proc si neporidit neco, co vam pripomina veci, ktere milujete.  A lide by se meli obklopovat vecmi, ktere miluji a delat jenom veci ktere miluji. To by mela byt filozofie kazdeho. Svet pak bude veselejsi a radostnejsi. 

A kdyz uz se bavime o vecech, ktere nam delaji radost co rikate na tuto krasnou Saint Laurent kabelku? K tomuto outfitu jako delana a dokonce je i v bilem provedeni. Nemuzu se rozhodnout, ktera je lepsi. Jedno vim jiste, ze tato tmava je urcite praktictejsi. Alespon neco vim jiste. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Casual Pool Style

Wearing: Shoes: Givenchy, Shirt: River Island, Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban

Holiday style for me is a lot about flowing dresses, gorgeous airy skirts. As that is a great opportunity to wear pieces which may not be as suitable for the city. However sometimes you just feel you do not want to dress up at all. For those time I always pack simple denim pieces, shirts, t-shirts.

I love to wear simple outfits like this especially on nights when I feel like I do not want to wear makeup, dress up or anything like that. And now even more when I have a child. The long rituals when you have time and peace to do perfect makeup is long gone. Now these things are done in a rush or in phases. I am not going to lie as sometimes I do miss quiet times and my beauty rituals however when Liam smiles at me I would not change. I totally forget that I am quickly painting my nails after I had shower hoping the varnish will dry as quickly as possible.

And that is perfectly normal and fine to juggle everything and not feeling you want to look million dollars sometimes.

Styl na dovolene je pro me hodne o rozevlatych satech, romantickych kouscich, boho kouscich a zkratka vecech, ktere se az tak uplne nehodi do mesta. I kdyz ne pokazde ma clovek chut se extra strojit a tak si balim i jednoduche kousky jako denim, tricka a kosile. A obcas se opravdu hodi. 

Obzvlaste v ty vecery, kdy se vam nic nechce. Nechce se vam delat makeup, vlasy a zkratka vubec nic. A takove dny alespon v mem pripade nastanou. A ted kdyz mam dite snad jeste vice. Pripravy na veceri uz davno nejsou ve stejnem duchu, ze mam klidny ritual v koupelne, ale spis vse v rychlosti a na faze, protoze Liam a kterekoli jine dite je proste priorita.

Musim se priznat, ze mi klid na pripravu casto chybi a nebavi me si lakovat nehty po sprse v koupelene a doufat, ze lak co nejdrive zaschne. Ale tak to proste je a kdyz se na vas skvrne usmeje, tak to nejak vse odplyne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Polka Dot Maxi

Wearing: Sunglasses: Dior, Dress: Shein, Bag: PINKO, Shoes: River Island

Most of the times when I see a cute polka dot dress I always picture the polo scene from Pretty Woman. And also I firmly believe that polka dot is such an evergreen print. Look at it now Dolce & Gabbana have been using this print a lot. And although this screams more Sicily I wore this beautiful dress in Greece few times. And if you want to see it even better and in movement check out my latest video which is a lookbook from Greece.

I am not sure how many of blog reader actually watch youtube. I am new to it myself as a viewer and content creator. I simply did not have time when I had my job and blog but now as a full time blogger it is a bit easier. And that is another thing. I do not think I have ever officially announced I went blogging full time so let me know if you want to know and read more.

Hodne casto kdyz uvidim roztomile puntikove saty, tak se mi vybavi scena z filmu Pretty Woman, kdy Julia Roberts byla na polu. A navic je to takovy staly potisk, ktery se drzi uz dlouho. Ted napriklad Dolce & Gabbana ma par krasnych kousku s puntiky. A i kdyz jsou tyhle saty jako vystrihnute z fotek ze Sicilie, tak jsem je v Recku na sobe mela parkrat. Uprimne jsem byla rada, ze je mam po tom, co mi na nohou vyskocila slunecni vyrazka, byla jsem rada, ze mi ji krasne zakryje. LOL

A pokud chcete tyhle saty videt i v akci, muzete se podivat na me nejnovejsi video z dovolene. Nevim vubec kolik z lidi, kteri ctou blog si vlastne video pusti, prijde mi, ze youtube je uplne jina a oddelena komunita, ale clovek nikdy nevi. Ja sama jsem na youtube novacek a to jak jak sledovatel, tak i ten co tvori. Zkratka, kdyz jsem pracovala a jeste delala blog, nebyl cas. Ted kdyz bloguju na plny uvazek, to jde lepe. No a tak me napada, ze to jsem vlastne jeste nezminila, ze se konecne z blogu stala moje prace a jestli vas zajima neco o tom. Urcite dejte vedet. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Maje Lace Dress

Pictures: Iva

Wearing: Dress: Maje, Shoes: River Island, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Celine

This Maje dress totally stole my heart when I saw it. What a beautiful mixture of all things that I like – bit of boho, feminine, lace and flattering. I knew I had to bring it with me to Greece as it is a perfect holiday piece but I can totally see myself to wear it in the city too. It is one of those good universal dresses that work for many places and occasions.

I am still on holidays and enjoying it to maximum. I am doing things I love and enjoying the nicest things ever. I love morning runs on the beach, light breeze, sun, warm air, lot of good food and wine and just the summer vibes. I think life should just be one long and never ending holiday right?

Tyhle Maje saty me totalne dostaly na kolena. Kloubi se v nich tolik prvku ktere mam rada – zenskost, krajka, trosku boho a take lichotive. Kdyz jsem se balila do Recka,vedela jsem, ze je nesmim doma nechat. Na druhou stranu si je dovedu predstavit i ve meste. Je to zkratka takovy skvely kousek, ktery si najde sve misto. 

Ja jsem jeste stale na dovolene a uzivam si to na maximum a kdo by ne. Na dovolene se mi dostava samych veci, ktere mam rada – slunicko, morsky vanek, ranni beh na plazi, hodne dobreho jidla a vina a vubec letni atmosfera. Myslim, ze zivot by vlastne mel byt jedna velka dovolena ne? 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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