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Outfit: Over the Knee Red Boots

Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Dior, Dress: Mango, Boots: River Island, Jacket: Bershka via Asos

When I saw those red Fendi over the knee boots I kind of felt we will see them a lot. And my intuition was right. LFW showed how much these type of boots are trending at the moment. And after being photographed a lot in this outfit I am in my bed trying to write this article and Liam is watching nursery rhyme songs on my phone. LOL

Life can be so different on different days right? I can truly say though I am enjoying both sides though. Motherhood is amazing but so is fashion so I feel very lucky to have both.

Kdyz jsem poprve uvidela ty prekrasne cervene Fendi kozacky, nejak jsem tusila, ze je hodne uvidime a to i v levnejsich verzich. LFW mi jenom potvrdil, ze tento typ kozacek je momentalne v kurzu. A po tom co me v tomto outfity opravdu hodne fotili street style fotografove, lezim rano v posteli a Liamek kouka na mem telefonu na pisnicky pro deti na youtube. Zivot muze byt tak rozdilny ze? Ale obe strany jsou krasne a uzivam si je jak to nejvic jde. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: SO VOGUE

Picture: Derek Bremner for APT

Wearing: Bag: Gucci, Sunglasses: Rayban, Coat: Topshop, Skirt: River Island, Shoes: Cara , Earrings: Adore 

Vogue is the fashion bible isn’t? And it has always been (at least for me). If you follow me properly on my other platforms you may remember how much I love my Vogue cup which I got at Vogue festival. Simply everything so Vogue. So when I got my hands on this t-shirt I could not wait to wear it and what better time to chose than LFW.

It is that piece I will wear all over again and that item you can dress up and down. I think this outfit has got so much going on and it features number of current trends.  I am really into this coat and everything in this outfit really.  I find fashion week is that time of the year you can do go a bit wilder than usual.

Vogue je takova modni Bible. A vzdy byla. Pokud me sledujete na jinych platformach, mozna si vzpomenete na muj oblibeny Vogue kelimek, ktery jsem si pred par lety poridila na Vogue festival. Zkratka vse Vogue. LOL A tak kdyz jsem si poridila tohle tricko, nemohla jsem se dockat, az si jej oblecu. A kdy jindy nez na LFW? I kdyz jsem si jista, ze to bude kousek, ktery budu nosit opravdu casto. 

V tomto outfitu se misi hned nekolik trendu, ale rekla jsem si proc ne? Fashion week je jedno z obdobi, kdy se clovek muze trosku vyradit pokud ma chut.  Strasne se mi libi tento kabat a vubec vsechny kousky jako dohromady tak jednotlive. Nektere dny, kdyz nemam chut, tak jdu v dzinech a pokud mam vice prehlidek a naladu, rada se s modou trosku pohraju. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Back to School

Pictures by Natasha Ndlovu 

Wearing: Blazer: Zara, Shoes: Givenchy, Bag: Pinko, Sunglasses: Dior, Skirt: River Island, T-shirt: Zara

Whilst I was enjoying the heat of the last August days some people are slowly getting ready for autumn. And they are right. As soon as we stepped in to September the mornings are chilly and although the temperatures during the day are still good it lacks that summer air. Maybe that is something I carry from childhood but I felt every time on 1st September when we had a first day back at school the nature just shifted. I used to wear jacket in the morning but on the way back home I carried it in my hands. LOL

And that is another point kids are going back at school and although Liam is still few years away from school I cannot ignore all the inspirations on my favourite online shopping sites encouraging mummies to shop. Perhaps you are one of them and you feel you need few cool items for those daily school runs. I am sure the West London mums were busy grabbing their favourite items in local boutiques and there are some of us shopping online like it is Christmas. Well, whatever makes you happy.

And guess what am I up to today? LOL Shopping of course.

Zatimco ja si v tomto outfitu uzivala posledni teple dny mesice srpna, tak jini se pomalu chystaly na podzim. A dobre udelali. I kdyz denni teploty nejsou tak nizke, rana uz jsou kazdopadne chladnejsi a i ja se poohlizim po nove vybave na podzim a take podzimnich trendech. Navic zacina skola a spousta maminek a to hlavne v zapadnim Londyne se na to poctive pripravuje formou nakupu. LOL

Jenom dneska rano po otevreni par oblibenych e-shopu jsem si vsimla nekolik inspiraci pro mamy – Zpatky do skoly. Zive vidim maminky v Notting Hill jak lovi posledni trendy v oblibenych buticich, aby jejich vybava do “skoly” byla presne tak jak ma byt. A vite co? Proc ne. Ja mam take neustale pocit, ze si musim obnovit satnik a nedeli jsem stravila surfovanim po internetu a vyhledavanim oblibenych trendu na nadchazejici sezonu.

A hadejte co mam v planu dnes? No prece nakupovat. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Feel Powerful in Gingham Ruffle Shirt

Wearing: Shirt: Asos, Bag: Chanel, Belt: Gucci, Shoes: Gucci, Skirt: River Island, Sunglasses: Rayban

I feel that ruffle shirts feel somehow powerful. They give your body some hidden confidence and it is always about the feeling isn’t it?  The right blazer or right shirt can change how you feel when you walk in to a meeting. I remember that ages ago my friend Caroline bought well fitted Hugo Boss blazer and she said she named it her “power blazer” and took it to all important meetings at work. LOL

And well placed ruffles on a shirt can have the same impact. I really feel this shirt gives me that. And how you feel in clothes can impact results of anything you do. You hold yourself differently and that always help, doesn’t it? Isn’t it great when you discover that certain trend also gives you secretly another level of confidence. Hehe

Mam pocit, ze bluzy a kosile s volany maji takovou skrytou silu. Neco co vam doda trosku sebevedomi a postoj. A vubec obecne mam pocit, ze veci urciteho strihu mohou mit podobnou moc. Pamatuju si, kdyz si moje kamaradka Caroline koupila sako s vyraznymi rameny na sample sale Hugo Boss a nosila sako na vsechny dulezite pracovni schuzky. Mela pocit, ze ji dava sebevedomi a nazvala ho “power jacket”. Haha 

A tak se mi zkratka zda, ze spravne strizene veci s volany maji takovou skrytou moc. A to jak se ve vecech citime ma pak za nasledek to jak se citime i navenek. Je skvele zjistit, ze urcity trend vam muze dat i velkou davku sebeduvery. Hehe 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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