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Outfit: Things are as they are meant to be

Wearing: Top: River Island, Shorts: River Island, Shoes: Castaner, Sunglasses: Chloe, Bag: Chanel, Earrings: Zara

I could sit here and write about leopard print, wedges, round sunnies or really anything about this outfit and fashion. However today I feel I want to write about life. I just go with my intuition.

Sometimes in life we want things, we have dreams, ideas and plans. And I am a huge believer in law of attraction however my theory is that certain things in life just happen and no matter how positive you are there are hurdles and tests coming your way.

I believe we all have purpose in life and even if these hurdles appear whatever it is … could be money issues, illness, attracting wrongs partners, arguments in your family you can get over them easier if you stay positive. If you use law of attraction and stay happy most of the time you get through these hurdles easier.

I also believe things are as they are meant to be. Some people have certain things in their twenties, some in their forties….some wait for success for 20 years and some become rich and well known over night. Things are exactly as they are meant to be and we all have different timings for different things.

So stay happy and positive, stay true to yourself, spread love and smile and things will happen they may just take longer.

Mohla bych tu sedet a tak jak delam velmi casto mluvit o leopardim potisku, slamenych botach, kulatych slunecnich brylech, ale dneska radsi napisu o zivote. Jdu proste s tim, co mi intuice rika. 

Ja jsem obrovsky zastance zakonu pritazlivosti. Opravdu funguje a mam to vyzkousene. Neni jednoduche s tim pokazde pracovat, je to umeni kontrolovat myslenky a vytisnit z hlavy a tela strachy a myslim, ze je to celozivotni boj, ale kdyz se to podari, veci se opravdu zacnou dit.

Na druhou stranu verim, ze urcite veci jsou dane a zivot prinasi uskali, oskliva prekvapeni a starosti a ty jsou dane. Ale diky zakonu pritazlivosti z nich vybruslite ven a zvladnete vse lepe a s usmevem. Je tezke, kdyz nastanou problemy at uz financni, ci milostne ci zdravotni se usmivat 24/7, ale na druhou stranu si rikam, ze lidem nic jineho nezbyva. Jedine co v ten moment muzu zmenit je postoj. 

A tady prave zakon pritazlivosti pomaha si do zivota pritahnout ty spravne lidi, okolnosti ci finance, aby clovek mohl z problemu lepe vyvaznout. A proto se usmivejte a i kdyz se potrebujete treba vyplakat a vypovidat tak si vzdy vzpomente, ze s usmevem jde opravdu vsechno lepe. 

Ja take pevne verim, ze veci jsou tak jak maji byt a proto ma napriklad nekdo dite ve dvaceti, jiny ve ctyriceti, nekdo se stane slavnym po deseti letech driny a druhy prakticky do mesice…Kazdy ma svuj cas na to ci ono a je to vse spravne. Je to jak to ma byt. Neznamena, ze kdyz nekdo jede na Maledivy poprve ve dvaceti, ze je to spravne ci spatne, zkratka to tak melo byt. 

A proto se snazte usmivat, vzdy najit na situaci neco dobreho a pokusit se byt stastny ted a tady. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Summer style in the city

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via Luisa via Roma, Jeans: Mango, Sunglasses: Chloe, Top: River Island

Summer is one of the best parts of the year and as much as I love the sun and sea spending sunny days in the city isn’t that bad. I love to style my summer pieces for a weekend in the sunshine more than ever. It is fun to combine together typical summer items like this top with more city like mules like these.

And of course once you have your perfect outfit and your perfect basket bag and you bought those flowers for your house you can enjoy sipping Aperol in one of the cute London restaurants and cafes. I just love going out at this time of the year and having fun with Liam around London as he needs to know what this city is all about. Of course minus the Aperol for him :)

Anyway, let’s make sure we enjoy our lives as it offers so much and if you haven’t seen what I have been up to for my birthday there is a vlog up on my channel. And hit that subscribe button no to miss out on more summer fun.

Leto je jedno z nejlepsich rocnich obdobi a i prestoze miluju more a prala bych si travit slunecne dny v nejake krasne primorske vile, tak rada travim letni dny i ve meste. Bavi me kombinovat klasicke letni kousky jako treba tento top s temi co uz mam a prinaset tak trosku Francouzske riviery do centra Londyna.

Bavi me nosit letni topy jako treba tento a treba krasne nazouvacky. A kdyz uz ma clovek svuj perfektni outfit, koupil si venku kvetiny do vazy, tak se muze zastavit na sklenicku Aperolu nebo treba dve. A o tom tyhle dny jsou. Uzivat si zivot na plno. Ja se snazim s Liamem delat neco porad a hlavne kdyz je krasne. Musi prece poznavat.

A pokud vam nahodou uniklo moje video z narozenin, muzete se podivat tady na mem kanale. A nezapomente se prihlasit k odberu, ceka nas dovolena a taky pobyt v Cesku. Tak at vam nic neunikne. Zacala jsem pridavat i videa v Cestine jednou tydne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Spring cleaning

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Trousers: River Island, Shoes: Gucci, Jacket: Tobi, Bag: Chanel, Earrings: Soru, Sunglasses: Nelly, Top: Zara

Spring cleaning. We all know how important it is to clear old clothes, things we do not use and just to bring a bit of fresh air to your homes. I love it myself and I did a bit of it but I think I could easily do a second round. There is that feeling afterwards when you finish. You just feel happy, lighter and somehow ready for new to come your way.

I sent one huge box of clothes to my friend in Prague and another one to my mum and my sister and I also have got one big bag going to charity shop. And my wardrobes look still absolutely full.

However, it  does not have to be just about cleaning each corner of your house and throwing out that vase you keep at the back of your cupboard…you can also work on clearing your mind. What a better time to start then now. Long walks in the sunshine, taking in the nature around you and meditate as much as you can. You can always get rid of anything toxic in your life.

Last night I struggled to go back to sleep after Liam woke up for a  bit and some of the thoughts going through my head…I was like go away please. You know that feeling. You wake up 2 am and just thoughts coming your way. It can be small stress and you planning your next day…let me tell you one thing. It is not good for you. So try to be your best positive self at all times.

Jarni uklid a trideni. Vsichni vime, jak je to dulezite se zbavit stareho, veci ktere nenosime ci nepouzivame a prinest svezi vzduch do nasich domovu. Ja miluju ten pocit, kdyz zkoncite a opravdu se clovek citi tak nejak odlehcene.

Ja jsem sama odeslala jednu velkou krabici kamaradce do Prahy a druhou moji mamince a sestre a jeste k tomu vytridila velkou tasku na charitu. A skrine jsou porad preplnene. Hmmm. Takze asi druhe kolo co? 

Ale toto obdobi nemusi byt jenom o uklidu ve vasem hnizde. Jde take o cisteni myslenek a vseho kolem vas. Mate kolem sebe toxicke lidi, strasi vas toxicke myslenky. Tak hura na to. Uprimne vam reknu, ze venku na slunicku a v prirode to jde totiz jednoduseji nez kdekoli jinde. Priroda nabiji a dava odvahu. Ono se mi to rika. Snazim se zuby nehty, ale je to treba. Snazim se vice meditovat a proste odhanet strachy. Je to nekonecna cesta, ale casem snad bude mene trnita. 

Vcera v noci jsem nemohla usnout, kdyz se Liam vzbudil a proste jsem strasakum porucila at jdou pryc a svete div se, oni fakt sli. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Merry Christmas

Wearing: Trousers: River Island, Hat: Asos, Shoes: Valentino, Coat: Shein, Bag; Gucci

Another Christmas and this year it is so different. Last year I had a tiny baby at home, slept in 45 minutes intervals, had the biggest eye circles under my eye and was still getting over the whole motherhood thing. This year I have a toddler, one wild toddler but I am definitely more myself.

Although I cannot wait for few days to do just nothing, eat, drink, watch Christmas movies and just chill. My decision to invest all my energy into youtube took lot of energy and I already have one big energy sucker at home but I did not give up. There were lot of youtubers that do not even have children that were planning to film daily vlogs but failed in the end but I worked hard, very hard on it and wanted to do 24 vlogmas videos until Christmas. So yes I am tired and I feel I really deserve few days off and just enjoy Christmas.

So if you guys are into youtube it would mean so much if you subscribe to my channel and thanks in advance for all the support. I wish all of you Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

A jsou tu dalsi Vanoce a tentotkrat je to jine a lepsi. Minuly rok jsem mela doma male miminko a spala maximalne ve 45ti minutovych intervalech, chodila s silenyma kruhama pod ocima a vubec jsem se stale snazila zvyknout si na ty zmeny, ktere materstvi prineslo. Tento rok mam doma prcka, ktery se nezastavi, ma vic energie nez stado koni a ja se citim zase sva. 

Uprimne se nemuzu dockat na tech par dni nic nedelani, i kdyz to ja moc dobre neumim, ale me rozhodnuti se venovat youtube mi vzalo hodne energie, kterou uz tak vysava Liam kazdy den LOL. Letos jsem se rozhodla tocit kazdy den vlogy v ramci vlogmas a to slibilo uz i hodne znamych youtuberu a lidi, na jejich kanaly koukam sama a ejhle, hodne z nich to nezvladlo. Ja uz jsem u konce a nevzdala jsem to, i kdyz to bylo nekdy tezke. A nebudu lhat a jde to videt i na poslednich par videich, protoze jsem proste unavena. A nemuzu se dockat na nic nedelani.

Kazdopadne, pokud vas youtube bavi, budu moc rada, kdyz se prihlasite k odberu. To bude pro me ten nejkrasnejsi darek. Vsem preju Stastne a Vesele a hlavne plne lasky a klidu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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