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How to afford luxury for less?

Wearing: Bag: YSL, Boots: Oliver Sweeney via Brand Alley, Dress: Alexa Chung via Brand Alley, Jacket: Zara, Sunglasses: Dior

Perhaps you are one of those people that is sometimes wondering how do other people afford luxury and premium high-street clothes? Well, not everybody shops latest collections for full prices. Trust me. People have their own tricks how to snap great and good quality items for much less.

You have several options…firstly you can shop in the sales which is the obvious tip. Secondly you can shop at sample sales which can be tricky unless you become a sample sale pro and you have the patience for it. You can also snap your dream items in pre-loved shops or you can make things easy for yourself and you can shop in outlet stores or online shopping destinations that offer things on constant sale. That is how I got this gorgeous Alexa Chung dress and my new boots. Both come from Brand Alley which is a fantastic shopping destination and you can even get brands like Balenciaga, Stella McCartney or Chloe.

It is a great way how to build up good quality wardrobe and it will not affect your bank balance as much. And we all want that, don’t we?

Mozna se obcas ptate, jak je mozne, ze si nekdo muze dovolit designerske kousky a nebo drazsi retezce? Ne vsichni nakupuji za plnou cenu a nejnovejsi kolekce. Je spousta lidi, kteri maji ruzne triky na to jak si dovolit drazsi kousky. Ja si za plnou cenu kupuju hlavne veci, ktere casto nejdou koupit jinak a nebo taky veci, ktere me chytly za srdce tak, ze nemam vychodisko. LOL 

Pri nakupovani vyhodne mate nekolik moznosti. Ta prvni je jasna a to nakupovat ve slevach. Dalsi moznosti jsou sample sales. Na ty je treba trosku praxe a hlavne trpelivost. Dalsi zpusob je urcite nakupovat veci z druhe ruky. Uz i v Cesku se nachazi spousta obchodu, kde se daji poridit nosene designerske kousky. A jednou z moznosti jsou ruzne outlety jako napriklad Brand Alley tady v Britanii. Odtud mam nove saty Alexa Chung a tyhle nove boty.  Oboji by dohromady za plnou cenu vysly asi na 500 -600 £, ale tady je najdete za zlomek puvodni ceny. Coz je vzdy dobra zprava. 

V dnesni dobe je uz opravdu spousta moznosti a tak i vy si muzete poridit kvalitni kousky za mnohem mene a postupne si obohacovat satnik.


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5 Hacks to look slimmer

Wearing: Trousers: Couturissimo, Shoes and Blazer: Zara, Belt: Gucci, Sunglasses: Skinny Dip

Some people will always want to look slimmer whilst some are maybe fighting to put on some weight and no matter how hard they try it does not work for them. Anyway, this articles is for those who want some tips to look slimmer instantly. It is not about diets or working out but simply giving you few hacks how to work with your body shape and how to style your clothes. There is a full video here which you can watch and really see how changing certain things can make a difference. It is simple little do’s and dont’s video. So here are some tips I wanted to share with you.

Find out your body shape and dress accordinglyHere is an online calculator where you put in your measurements and it will tell you what body shape you are. Then just look what suits each body shapes and what are dos and dont’s. It will really help you to look leaner and slimmer. And before you get sad if you get shape like pear or apple do not be sad. Just google famous celebrities and will realise how many amazing women with amazing bodies are the same body type. Mine is for example Cameron Diaz or Nicole Kidman. Yay.

Go high-waisted – Remember that high-waisted skirts, trousers, jeans or shorts will help you to keep everything in, make your legs look longer and your love handles will stay in place. As much as I love the 90’s jeans style down at your hips I know they are not very forgiving sadly.

Wear Black – I feel so silly to put this one in as it is so obvious however it does work. Imagine you gained few pounds and you find a dress of your dreams. One is in light colour the other is black. Guess which one will make you look slimmer :) ? Also, overall black outfits are the best and safe choice.

Wear Flares – Flares are coming and going but to be fair they will never be out of fashion. Look at Rachel Zoe she has been wearing them forever. And she knows they look fab. They will give your body right proportions and your legs will look so much longer.

Belt your dresses and blazers and don’t leave your heels at home – If you work with your belts in the right way it can do wonders. So belt that baggy dress or oversized blazer. Not only it will look super chic but also give your body some shape. It works for my body shape and I can’t get enough. Also remember how long your legs looked in those high heels? Well, it is because heels always make you look slimmer. So lets drop the comfort and be glam for a change.

If you want to find out more feel free to watch my full video. So let’s get slimmer instantly all together.

Jsou lide, kteri vzdy budou chtit byt a vypadat hubenejsi a  jsou take lide, kteri chteji pribrat a mohou se snazit jak chteji a nejde jim to. Tento clanek je pro tu prvni skupinu. Chtela jsem s vami sdilet par tipu jak vypadat stihleji bez diet a cviceni. Je to casto o tom se spravne oblekat, vyuzit dobrych stylingovych tipu a take se oblekat podle typu vasi postavy. Muzete se podivat na cele video, kde uvidite jak vse vypada v praxi. 

Zjistete typ vasi postavy a oblekejte se podle toho – Zadejte vase miry do teto kalkulacky a ta vam vypocita jaky jste typ postavy. Pak uz si jenom staci vyhledat jak se nejlepe oblekat vasemu typu postavy. Verte mi, ze znat tvar vasi postavy a vyuzit rad z internetu vam pomuze  vypadat stihleji. 

Noste kalhoty, kratasy a sukne s vysokym pasem – Prestoze mam rada dziny z devadesatek, ktere spadaji na boky, vim, ze odhali vse co nechceme. Cokoli s vyssim pasem vse krasne udrzi a navic vam to i opticky prodlouzi telo a nohy. 

Noste cernou barvu – Je mi to az trapne to zminovat, protoze je to takova klasika, ale vsichni vime, ze to zabira. Predstavte si, ze v obchode uvidite saty snu v bile barve a hned vedle toho v cerne. Vite, ze jste v posledni dobe nabrali par kilo. V kterych budete asi vypadat lepe? Co myslite? Navic celocerne outfity opravdu vypadaji vyborne. 

Noste zvony – Zvony vlastne nikdy nevyjdou z mody. Ano jako vetsi trend prichazi a odchazi, ale skvely priklad je napriklad Rachel Zoe. Ta je nosi odjakziva a proste vi, ze vypadaji dobre. Vyvazi krasne proporce vaseho tela a prodlouzi nohy. Co vic si prat? 

Pouzivejte spravne pasky a nezapomente si doma podpatky – Zalezi na typu postavy, ale memu typu sedi pasky v pase. Zvyrazni to co mi nebylo dano a vse hned vypada lepe. A podpatky vas krasne protahnou. Obcas je treba odhodit pohodli a chvili to vydrzet. 

A pokud chcete vedet vice a videt, jak to vse vypada v realu, tak si pustete jiz zminene video. 


Outfit: How to look expensive on a budget?

Wearing: Bag: Azurina Store, Sunglasses: Longchamp, Blazer: very old, Trousers: Couturissimo, Shoes: Zara

You know I love my good quality investment pieces, designer shoes, sunglasses and bags. However, not everything has to cost a fortune to look good. Sometimes it is about putting the right things together, looking at the items at highstreet that are well tailored and know how to shop.

This outfit is a typical example that even more affordable items can look great. I thought I am going to put together few tips how to look expensive on a budget.

Keep the colours neutral – if you keep colours neutral, greys, nudes, black, whites your outfit will always look expensive even though it came from a cheaper shop.

Wear one more expensive item to elevate the look – Invest in one more expensive item. In this case it would be the trousers and the sunglasses. However the price of these still isn’t overly high. If you fancy new designer sunglasses you can shop here with 20 % off with code EVA20.

Keep the look classic – Avoid trends and wear classics. This outfit is perfect example. Classic flares with black cami and sequin blazer that I have had at least for 10 years. Apart from bit of sparkle there isn’t anything overly trendy in this look.

Wear expensive looking handbag – Invest in a good quality bag as they always look more expensive. It can be a cute affordable bag but look at the overall style and visuals.

Wear simple makeup – Makeup can finish off the look so well and take your style to another level. My tip would be subtle makeup with lovely lipstick and of course big smile.

Jak asi vite, pokud ctete muj blog delsi dobu, mam rada kvalitni designerske veci. Rada investuji do kabelek, botu a slunecnich bryli. Ale ne vse co je hezke musi stat majlat a nekdy je to o tom jake si poridite levnejsi veci, jak jsou usite a kvalitni. 

Rozhodla jsem se sepsat par tipu, jak vypadat luxusne, kdyz nemate velky rozpocet. 

Noste neutralni barvy – Styling slozeny z tlumenejsich a klasicky barev vzdy vypada drazsi. Zkuste tony jako velbloudi, prirodni barvy, bezova, cerna, seda a bila. 

Dejte si jednu vec, ktera je drazsi a pozvedne cely outfit – Poridte si jednu vec, ktera vam pozvedne cely look. V tomto pripade jsou to bryle a kalhoty. I kdyz ani jedna z techto veci nebyla zavratne draha. Jestli chcete investovat do slunecnich bryli, mam zrovna slevovy kod 20 % EVA 20 na tento e-shop. 

Vsadte na klasiku – Klasicke kousky, strihy a outfity vzdy budou vypadat drazsi. V tomto pripade mam na sobe cerne kalhoty s mirnym zvonem a sacko, ktere mam snad deset let. Nic z toho neni prevratny trend. 

Vemte si kabelku, ktera vypada draze – Bud investujte do drazsi kabelky, jak jsem zminovala v bodu dve. Nebo si kupte kvalitni ci takovou, ktera vypada draze. Kabelka dokaze zmenit celkovy outfit! 

Zvolte jednoduchy makeup – Makeup je vzdy tresnickou na dortu a udela opravdu hodne. Nenarocny klasicky makeup udela divy a jenom doda to posledni vasemu outfitu. 



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Outfit: Sunglasses as your top accessory

Wearing: Shoes: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Longchamp via Sunglasses shop, Bag: Allsaints, Necklaces: Ania Haie & Sophia’s Earrings, Jeans and Jacket: Zara

I have always been that girl that loved to invest in her sunglasses. Even in my teens I had at least one pair of decent sunnies as for me sunglasses can change the outfit. If you chose well you can elevate your whole look. You can chose anything from classic and timeless to more trendy models of course but it is that one item that can finish the look so chose wisely.

Personally I like good quality sunglasses however I have classic and also trendier models in my collection. The latest addition are these fabulous Longchamp sunglasses I got on Sunglasses shop. It is a brand that is new on their website and I madly fell in love them.

Firstly I did not have anything in these colours like green and blue and I love the shape. The price is also so much more attractive in comparison to some other designer brands. You are so lucky as I have a 20 % OFF for you with discount code EVA20 on Sunglasses Shop. You can get yourself your dream designer pair with a big discount. This is valid until end of August 2019. Whether you fancy classic Raybans, Chloe or Dior the selection is huge. So happy shopping

Vzdy jsme byla ta holka, co miluje slunecni bryle a taky do nich vice investuje. Dokonce i v puberte jsem chtela mit alespon jedny kvalitnejsi bryle. Je to totiz doplnek, ktery dokaze v mziku pozvednout ci zmenit cely outfit.

Ve sve kolekci mam jak klasicke tak i trendy modely a porad me bavi si porizovat nove kousky. Muj posledni ulovek ze Sunglasses shop je tento skvely model od Longchamp. Libi se mi barevne zpracovani, uprimne jsem takoveto barvy do modra a zelena jeste nemela a libi se mi i jejich tvar. A v porovnani s jinyma znackama jsou take mnohem levnejsi. 

Mam pro vas navic specialni slevovy kod a to 20 % na stranky Sunglasses shop. Muzete si poridit sve vysnene bryle s kodem EVA20 a je platny do konce srpna. At uz si chcete poridit klasicke Raybany ci neco od Diora, vyber je velky a sleva vyborna. 


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