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Outfit: How to juggle busy days

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Shoes: Emilio Pucci, Bag: Chanel, Jumper: H&M, Sunglasses: Celine, Faux Fur Gilet: Shein 

Last few days were mixture of very busy days and those more relax and I am very happy about it. It gives me a time to recharge and organise my life and my diary too. There must be some rule that most companies organise meetings and events on one day so you end up in tricky scenarios how to make it to all of them and for me juggle motherhood too. I have decided to capture one of those busier days in my latest video.

Well, having said that I was shattered following day as like on purpose Liam decided that at 4:30 am is time to play. I was so unproductive following day but at the end of the day you have a day of rest and ready to go again. And that is how we juggle but we still remain happy and that is the main thing.

I am now off to take out my snow boots as apparently snow is coming to London again. Whaaat March and snowing in London. Well, I guess it will now be a thing.

Poslednich par dnu bud bylo takovych, ze jsem se nezastavila a ty se stridaly s tema, kdy jsem mela docela leharko. Ale to nevadi, da mi to dost casu na odpocinek (jestli neco takove s detma vubec existuje) a regeneraci. A navic take pak je trosku casu na zorganizovani si veci doma a znate to. Z nejakeho tajemneho duvodu se vetsina firem vzdy rozhodne zorganizovat veci v jeden den a pak se vse kryje a ja premyslim jak to vsechno v jeden den zvladnout. A jeden z tech rusnejsich dni jsem se snazila natocit, takze se muzete podivat jak to vypada v realu v mem novem videu. 

A kdyz tak clovek lita po Londyne, kde vam vsude trva cesta hodinu a casto i s kocarem, tak me to casto uplne vysaje z energie. A jak naschval se Liam rozhodl nasledujici rano, ze vstane uz ve 4:30. Uff, nasledujici den jsem byla nepouzitelna, ale clovek to vzdy nejak zvladne. Hlavne ze jsme spokojeni. 

Nic jdu se podivat, kde mam valenky, zitra ma pry zase snezit. LOL Londyn a snih v breznu, ale co nadelam.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: How to dress up a simple jumper?

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Boots: Emilio Pucci, Bag: Chloe, Skirt: Storets: Sunglasses: Dior, Jumper: H&M

Simple jumpers like the one I am wearing are my favourite things for winter. I love to layer them, I love to wear them with jeans, leggings, leather trousers or short skirts however there are ways how to dress them up. It is simply unique plain piece that offers lot of ways how you can style it.

This is exactly that styling when you can dress up something as simple as a plain jumper in camel colour. However the same look would great with other colours too whether you pick red, blue, green or yellow jumper. Just take a ruffle more dressy skirt and lovely boots and a new look is there. I think it is a great way how to play around with different boots and some cool girls could even wear it with trainers.

And with weather hopefully getting better you can soon throw on leather jacket or blazer for a perfect spring look. I cannot believe spring is behind the corner and Mother’s day on Sunday. I am off for a weekend in Cotswolds but already celebrated in advance with some of my favourite brands. If you want to find out more you can watch my latest video.

Jednoduche svetry jako tento, co mam na sobe jsou mym oblibenym zimnim kouskem. Daji se velmi dobre vrstvit a nosit k dzinum, leginum, kozenym kalhotum, kratkym suknim a vubec ke vsemu. Je to zkratka ten kousek, ktery je sice jednoduchy, ale hodne jej vynosite diky univerzalnosti.

A tento styling je presne ten, ktery vas svetr trosku pozdvihne. Staci jej doplnit hezkou volanovou sukni a k ni treba kotnickove kozacky. A svetr nemusi byt jenom v odbobne velbloudi barve, muzete si vybrat treba cerveny ci modry. Staci jenom pridat hezkou delsi sukni a podpobny styling je na svete. A uz se snad bude lepsit i pocasi. 

Hned jak bude tepleji, staci misto kabatu kozena bundicka ci sacko a perfektni jarni styling je na svete. Nechce se mi verit, ze uz je brezen a v nedeli svatek matek tady v UK. Ja se chystam na vikend do Costwolds, tak to oslavime tam, ale uz jsem mela mensi predvoj diky krasnym akcim, ktere poradali Jo Malone a Guerlain. A pokud chcete videt vice, muzet tak ucinit v mem posledni videu

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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How to stay motivated even when you are tired?

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Outfit: Bag: Balenciaga, Jumper: River Island, Shoes: Minna Parikka, Coat: Zara, Jeans: Asos

I am confident to say that I am a self-motivated person. I do not need others to tell me to work, I can push myself more and more and somehow I am lucky to have that hidden inner drive.

Of course, I am still a human and  I get days when I am down but all you can do is to get over that feeling and just keep going again in the morning. However, lately I have been experiencing a new thing and that is lack of motivation caused by lack of energy. I experienced being extremely tired in my previous sales job whilst blogging do not get me wrong. However, I was in charge when I can rest. I could plan according to my needs so I somehow always managed to balance it out.

Now I have a completely different biorhythm as it depends on my son when he sleeps and when he doesn’t and also the time I would invest in blogging I need to split in between this job and being a good mum to Liam.

So how do I stay motivated even when I get up 4:30 every day? (yep motherhood at its best LOL)

The absolute number one thing is to write down your dreams, goals and milestones or create a vision board and look at it. Look at it when you wake up, during the day and even on the day when you feel exhausted. This helps so much on a daily basis.

Here are few other things that i do and help me to stay on track?

  1. Start the day right – no matter how early I am woken up by Liam I start with hot water and lemon and then coffee! I need my dose of caffeine every day.
  2. Start to be active early – I have always been a morning person and sometimes by 8 pm I have done my workout, put on a wash, wrote a blog post and prepared breakfast for Liam and myself. My experience is that the longer you put things off the lazier and more tired you will get.
  3. Try to look good – How you look and what you wear really changes how you feel. Why do you think old school sales people taught the trainees to stand up whilst pitching? Even a small thing like how you carry yourself can change the outcome. So try to put a bit of makeup and nice clothes even at home. I am not saying jeans but a nice lounge set will do the job.
  4. Surround yourself with proactive people – This helps me on the day when I am lost. Even if I am just on the chat with my best friend and she tells me how much she has achieved that day it pushes me.
  5. Do things that make you happy – If I am really struggling I set my day right by doing something I like. It may be a bath, reading a book for a while, put on one episode of favourite series, putting on a face mask. Whatever it is it may set your day in a good direction.

We all have days when we are up and down but we can get over it. It is ok to have a bad day but try to always do your best at any situation.

Muzu pevne rict, ze se dokazu sama motivovat. Nepotrebuju ostatni, aby me hnali do prace a muzu se vyhecovat sama. Mam zkratka stesti, ze jsem takova a ze mam nejaky vnitrni hnaci motor.

Samozrejme jsem jenom clovek a take mam dny, kdy se necitim dobre, mam pochyby a chci se na vse vykaslat, ale vetsinou to do druheho dne prejde a jsem opet pripravena pokracovat. Ale v posledni dobe bojuju s tim, ze jsem extremne unavena a to je potom o hodne tezsi se vnitrne motivovat. Ono drive jsem byla unavena taky a jako cert, ale to jak se zregeneruju bylo pouze v mych rukou. Ted si zkratka nevybiram, kdy se vyspim a jak dlouho, protoze mi to urcuje moje dite a ze je zkratka nepredvidatelne.

A jak se teda motivuju, i kdyz casto vstavam uz pred patou a nejradsi bych zalezla unavou zpet do postele? 

Moji osvedcenou radou je sepsat si vase cile, ceho chcete dosahnout a nebo si vytvorit tzv vision board, na kterou se kazde rano ci jindy podivate. Kdyz jsem opravdu vycerpana, vzdy me to nakopne jit dal. To je pro me snad nejdulezitejsi vec. 

A tohle jsou me dalsi osvedcene tipy, ktere me motivuji a nezustanu cely den na gauci. 

  1. Zacnete den spravne – U me vetsinou nezalezi na tom, jestli se Liamek vzbudi ve 4 ci v 5, kazdy den zacinam teplou vodou s citronem a pak kavou. Davku kofeinu proste potrebuju. Ale tento ritual me naladi na lepsi den.
  2. Zacnete den aktivne a s nadsenim – Nekdy to me brzke vstavani ma vyhody. Casto se podivam na hodinky a kolem osme uz jsem si zacvicila, dala oprat, napsala clanek a pripravila nam hezkou snidani. U me totiz plati, ze kdyz lenosim a veci odkladam, pak uz se den nese ve stejnem tempu.
  3. Snazte se vypadat hezky – To jak vypadate muze ovlivnit i to jak se citite. Ne nadarmo ostrileni lidi v oblasti sales tvrdi, ze kdyz delate cold calling, mate u toho stat. Zmeni to totiz to jak se citite a jak konate. Takze i to, ze si udelate byt slaby makeup a hezky se oblecete ma neco do sebe. I prestoze se nechystate ven, muzete si dat hezky domaci ubor.
  4. Obklopte se lidmi, kteri vas inspiruji a motivuji – Tohle mi pomaha kazdy den. I kdyz nikam nejdu, pisu si s kamaradkama, ktere me nabiji a motivuji.
  5. Delejte veci, ktere vam delaji radost – Kdyz uz to opravdu nezvladam, tak delam veci, co mam rada. At uz je to vana, pletova maska, ctu si, ci si pustim serial. Zkratka udelejte cokoli, co vas nahodi do dobre nalady a doda vam radost a energii. Den se pak nese v uplne jinem duchu.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: When does it stop?

Wearing: Dress: Airfield, Coat: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Nelly, Boots: Duo Boots

Every year after fashion week I go into relaxation mode or at least I like to think I do. Even though I am still in the working process it is not about running from one show to another, trying to master instagram stories, filming, pictures, street style shots, emails and this non stop madness.

I actually caught myself few times to film on my camera and phone at the same time during the show. Yes it takes a bit of skill. LOL

So the whole day I have been dreaming about an afternoon off but it is hard when you do what I do for living and when you love what you do. You say I will relax but then you go and answer that email, edit those picture, keep editing videos, catch up on social media. It simply never stops. So although I said I will put legs up after my meeting with Guerlain this morning I am still in the working mode.

However, that is fine too as I do it for love.

Kazdou sezonu po fashion weeku se jakoby dostavam do faze relaxace, nebo bych si to alespon prala. Samozrejme porad pracuju a moc se toho nemeni, ale litat na prehlidky, akce, byt porad v pozoru, do toho vydavat obsah na blogu a socialnich platformach a jeste si vymyslet kazdy den zajimave outfity je vic unavne, nez se vlastne zda. A tak jsem dneska porad myslela, ze by bylo uzasne si zalezt do perin a nic nedelat.

Ale to ja moc neumim, pisu emaily, edituju atd, beham kolem Liamka, rano jsem mela schuzku s Guerlain a je to porad jeden kolobeh. Ale ono to jde vzdy lepe, kdyz se clovek zapali pro neco, co ho opravdu bavi. 

Ale toho slofika bych si dala sto pro.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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