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Payday Treats from 30 £

Payday treats from 30 £

Payday Treats from 30 £

Payday is here and that means as always so many of us will be splurging on things we love. I am a fashion and beauty lover so you know my story. However as every month I love to bring you some inspiration of what you may like.

I am obsessed with the Rhode Cases and I have ordered mine already so it is such a cool trendy treat to go for and plus you will have juicy lips. It is a win win but there are many things I have my eyes on. The first is the Chanel serum foundation as I love my Rose Inc and I am not sure what is going on with the brand after Rosie sold it but I seem to struggle to find my shade so this Chanel will replace my existing one.

However, you may just want a pair of cute earrings for spring summer, basket bag or perhaps cute dress for a wedding. I am forever a fan of Norma Kamali designs. The pieces are cool, timeless, flattering and in comparison to many designers affordable. I have four dresses myself and I love the quality too.

So what is it going to be for you this time?

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How to be that cool girl?

How to be that cool girl? elevator outfit - oversized blazer and vintage chanel bag
Source: l.kiassumbua

I think it is not a secret but I have always loved the cool girls style. Yes classic timeless is pretty but my taste and intuition always sway me to pin images of the cool girls tribe. And despite getting older that has not changed. So glad that there are so many women over 50 that are keeping that sort of cool girl vibe so yes I don’t think the coolness goes away with age.

The cool girls wear lot of oversized and mix and match casual with tailoring. They love a good bag but it can also be vintage so good hunting skills in charity shops and vintage stores are required. The style is never try too hard and there is mixture of textures and other elements and they always look relaxed. They also put effort in hair and makeup but it is never way to perfect. I have seen messy buns, messy waves, that just got out of the bed vibe hair and messy plaits.

So a key is to play with accessories like baseball caps, headbands, vintage t-shirts or you can even cut your plain boring one at home and wear with baggy jeans. And of course sometimes they look like the IT girls who just left the gym but made a bit of an effort. So mix your favourite workout set with a metallic bag or your boyfriends blazer. This always makes me so happy as most days you see me in Sporty and Rich tracksuits sets and Adanola leggings with oversized trench. That for me is perfect school run attire.

Sometimes I feel this cool girl style is about juxtapositions and having fun, matching things that others would not and voila the cool girl has been born.

So go and have fun yourself. I have made an edit as always of some great items to shop right now.

How to be that cool girl? Emili sindlev wearing sporty white look with gold LV bag
Source: Emili Sindlev
How to be that cool girl? Hanna Schonberg relaxed outfit of oversized tshirt and baseball cap
Source: Hanna Schonberg
How to be that cool girl? Ell Ferguson wearing boots, Chanel 22 and jersey shorts set
Source: Elle Ferguson

The best must have summer bags

The best must have summer bags - laura wills summer bags, gold chanel bag, celine basket bag, shell clutch bag, gold alaia heart bag
Source: Laura Wills

The best must have summer bags

In fashion summer is my least favourite when it comes to dressing but I do love a good summer bag, earrings or necklace. The bags are getting so much more fun and cute each year and so many brands focus just on these styles.

When Cult Gaia introduced the first arch basket bag the world went crazy and of course so many dupes appeared and since then they are one of my favourite brands when it comes to cute summer pieces. I feel the pearl shape bags like Jonathan Simkhai designed and all the sea inspired bags are just perfect to compliment summer outfits. So many of these bags would be also cute option for summer weddings.

Even if you wear a pair of jeans and white t-shirt or you actually decide to wear lovely evening maxi these bags are just complimenting the overall styling.

And then of course we have the practical larger basket bags. I have Celine basket bag and I feel it will always be relevant as it is simple and large enough to throw in whatever I need for beach. However I also use it in town. I am so now in love with this new Celine model. It is slightly different and looks so chic.

I wanted to bring a cute edit of the best bags from affordable to more expensive and I hope you will find your winner.

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Wedding guest outfit ideas for spring summer

Wedding guest outfit ideas for spring summer - D Copperman wearing a mustard maxi dress with gold belt
Source: D Copperman

Wedding guest outfit ideas for spring summer

Who is ready for big wedding season? With spring summer coming we have also season of wedding. Of course there are many people that love a winter wedding however summer is when it is all happening isn’t it?

So how would you chose your wedding dress outfit? I would suggest always start with the type of wedding. How large is the wedding, is there perhaps a dress code? Does the invitation say to wear or not to wear certain colour? Of course a safe option is always to ask. If I was not sure in the past or my dress was very light pastel colour that may evoke a wedding dress I have always asked the bride.

You will of course chose a different outfit for a low key beach wedding or small city wedding to a large wedding in a hotel. These all have certain vibe and I suggest to do research on the place and maybe look on social media if you can find some inspiration.

And the next key thing is that you need to feel good. You will spend a full day or night in this dress. You want to feel million dollars but you don’t want to out stage the bride and you want to feel comfortable. Your dress should fit. If you do not like your arms or certain type of body think what will make you feel good.

I personally do not like dresses that would not allow me to enjoy all the food. In general a cocktail dress, gown or a cute maxi is always a good option. And I decided to bring you mixture of these to explore.

Wedding guest outfit ideas for spring summer - Emitaz wering red asymetric dress with bow on the shoulder
Source: Emitaz
Wedding guest outfit ideas for spring summer 2 wedding guests in maxi dresses
Source: Islandgirlshaz
Wedding guest outfit ideas for spring summer lady on the stairs in a wedding guest gown in midnight black
Source: Saharjooonz

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