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Outfit: Wear your dress a top

Wearing: Blazer: Tobi, Dress worn as top: Tobi, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Celine, Bag: Pinko


Weekend is over and another busy week ahead. I am sitting down on Monday to write and that is pretty much the only day when I have time to actually write, film, edit. The rest is full of events, planning, packing and work. Time really flies doesn’t it? Can you actually see I am holding Christmas cup on these pictures? How does it happen that another year is almost gone and I feel I did not get a chance to even catch a breath?

Anyway, party season is ahead of us and we can buy some great pieces like this velvet blazer and this cool dress ( both from Tobi) which I decided to wear as a top. I love this time of year and as you can see the right things can work for the evening but also the day.

Well, let’s get ready and get on with the week. And if you have not watched my latest video yet you can find it here. There is so much content coming up and exciting giveaways so make sure you subscribe so you do not miss out on anything.

Vikend je za nama a dalsi nabity tyden pred nama. Dneska kdyz pisu tento clanek je pondeli a je to jediny den v tydnu, kdy vubec budu mit poradne cas psat, tvorit, editovat. Zbytek tydne je temer jako vzdy hekticky, plny akci a prace. Cas proste leti nezrizene rychle. A vsimli jste si, ze drzim v ruce Vanocni kelimek? Kam se cely tento rok vubec podel, mam pocit, ze jsem se nestacila ani nadechnout? 

Kazdopadne mame pred sebe vecirkove obdobi a je na case si poridit nejake hezke kousky. Ja jsem vam chtela ukazat tohle nove sametove sako a take saty, ktere jsem si v tomto pripade dala jako top. Mam rada, kdyz se zkratka daji veci vyuzit nejen na akce, ale i pres den. 

Tak ja se jdu pripravit na blaznivy tyden, balit do Florencie atd. A pokud jste jeste nevideli me posledni video, mrknete tady. A nezapomente se prihlasit k odberu, mam v planu tvorit a tvorit a take poradat souteze o luxusni kosmetiku, luxusni kabelku atd. Tak at vam nic neunikne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Balenciaga is cooler than ever

Picture source: Pinterest

Balenciaga a brand that is now cooler than ever. It has always been a consistent brand bringing iconic items each season. I am myself an owner of one of their classic bags which I bought several years ago and I am still wearing it. It looks great, it gets better with age and I love it. It gives that rock chic touch to any outfit you put on.

And I am not talking just bags. How many seasons have you seen those Balenciaga cut out boots that are still going big amongst the fashionistas? It is hard to even remember. It is fascinating when a brand can create those IT pieces that become iconic. And all we can do is just to clap hands to those genius designs.

However what we have been experience last few season almost became unexpected. It is almost like they got an injection of coolness. I cannot think what item I would not like to own. Instagram is covered with new Balenciaga pieces that took my breath away. I am talking their sock boots, the knife pumps with the most strikings prints, scarves earrings, puffer jackets, those shiny shopper bags, logo scarves and logo everything.

Influencers became obsessed with the last collection and everything is in high demand. Demna Gvasalia just brought everything the brand could ever hope for. And all we can do is shop. We are all so good at it anyway.

Balenciaga je znacka, ktera je ted vic cool nez kdykoli predtim. Nechci, at to spatne pochopite. Balenciaga vzdy tvorila uzasne kousky, ktere se staly ikonicke. Sama jsem mela dve kabelky, ted jsem jednu prodala, ale tu svou klasiku si zkratka necham. Podle me nevychazi z mody.

Balenciaga zkratka tvori a tvorila ikonicke kousky, jako treba jejich kotnickove kozacky, ktere jsou popularni jiz nekolik sezon. To se podari maloktere znacce, ze dokaze jeden model neceho udrzet na vrcholu tak dlouho.

Kazdopadne, to co vidim na socialnich mediich a vubec vsude v posledni dobe je lepsi nez kdykoli predtim. Z kolekci chci tolik veci a mam na mysli nausnice ve stylu malych satku, jejich lodicky se super potisky, ponozkove boty zavalily Instagram a co teprve perove bundy, ktere kopiruji velke retezce. Balenciaga je momentalne proste cool. Modni priznivci si oblibily snad vsechno, vcetne kousku z logy. A ted v zime urcite uvidime i jejich saly. Je toho opravdu hodne. 

Demna Gvasalia zkratka jakoby pridal do svych navrhu to nejlepsi a nam nezbyva nic jineho nez tleskat. A taky nakupovat. Tam to prece vzdy konci. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo

Accessories that change your outfit this season


Ok, I love summer but I equally love other seasons. When the wind gets stronger and the temperature goes down we may not be able to sit outside of our favourite coffee shop for too long but think fashion. Just thinking about all the extra accessories we can wear…any fashion lover must be over the moon.

Of course we have the typical hats and scarves but there are so many models you can wear. Think fur or faux fur scarves, cool ear muffs or even fluffy gloves. You can find some great oversized scarves on Esprit and other affordable retailers. If you look here you will find great scarves of different prints and textures. Certain trends that change the outfits instantly do not have to cost you a fortune.

And lets talk about hats. Dior really made those berets alive again right?  I have been huge fan for a long time and still have some really ones from years and years ago. If you are struggling with selection and not sure which brand lyst is a great way to browse. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the choice but it does not have to be. Just look at whats on offer and think how each model would work with your existing wardrobe. I would not mind something bright or different. Perhaps pearl embellishment.

And all these beautiful things make me love autumn and winter so much more.

Miluju leto, ale stejne tak miluju i ostatni rocni obdobi. Kdyz vitr nabere na rychlosti a teplota spadne dolu, tak mozna nam pocasi nedovoli vysedavat na zahradce oblibene kavarny, ale moda v tuto dobu, ta je spickova. Kdyz jen clovek premysli, kolik mame navic uzasnych doplnku, tak kazdy modni nadsenec musi zajasat.

Samozrejme mluvim o klasice jako cepice a saly, ale i ty existuji takove, ze nebudou kricet “nuda”. Ja mam rada kozesinove (mam hlavne umele) saly, libi se mi koziskove klapky na usi a treba i chlupate rukavice. Saly nemusi byt tez jenom jednoduche, co tak obrovske saly? Treba Esprit ma tady hezky vyber doplnku celkove. Ja jsem objevila hrozne moc salu a satku ruznych potisku, barev a textur. Proste raj do chladneho pocasi.

No a co teprve navrat baretu? Dior opravdu zamichal karty a ja jsem rada. Barety jsem vzdy milovala, prijdou mi sik. A jsem rada, ze ty me stare, co mam snad sto let muzu oprasit. Pokud si chcete nejaky vybrat lyst je super k rozhodovani, ktery a jaky model. Ja mam zatim jenom klasicke barvy, ale je dobre se porozhlednout a mozna vybrat neco trosku jineho. Mozna si poridim nejakou vyraznejsi barvu ci prvek jako zdobeni perlickama.

Ale i z techto duvodu mam proste tohle obdobi rada. A co vy a doplnky na podzim a zimu? 

Love Glamazon xoxo

How to maximise the power of jewellery

(Picture source: Pinterest)

They say you can never go wrong when gifting a piece of jewellery to a woman. And I believe it is true. Women just love a bit of bling bling. I myself admire ability to layer jewellery. Some people can do it better than others though. That is why I can spend days to look for an inspiration.

If I have to go for one piece myself and chose my number one it would be earrings. there is an amazing selection on Lyst. Some days I like to go for dainty piece but quite often I love statement earrings. I can openly say I admire what Dolce & Gabbana has done recently. Pretty much any of their pieces scream look at me and you will not look dull or boring. The designs are bold, fun and feminine at the same time. However, you know I recently totally fell in love with Soru and their earrings. It is just like heaven on Earth honestly.

Then I adore when people can layer their necklaces like they are real pro stylists. And even better when they can master the combinations of silver, rose gold and gold. I just love looking at different designs and find inspiration online and of course that makes me then purchase new and new pieces. I definitely have my eye on Cinco necklaces and have got few in mind I really want.

This story never ends.

Rika se, ze kdyz darujes zene nejaky sperk, ze ji nemuzes urazit. Samozrejme zalezi na vkusu, ale neco na tom musi byt ne? Vetsina z nas ma rada sperky ci snad ne?

Ja kdybych si mela vybrat jeden kousek, tak to budou urcite nausnice. Prijde mi, ze me pokazde ozivi outfit a je to zajimavy doplnek. Mam dny, kdy mam radsi nenapadne delikatni kousky, ale uprimne jsem milovnice vyraznych kusu. Napriklad se mi moc libi, co predvadi Dolce & Gabbana. Jejich kousky jsou sice vyrazne, ale o jde. Kazdy si vas vsimne a zmeni outfit ve mziku. A i pres jejich vyraznost jsou porad velmi zenske. A jak asi uz vite z predchoziho clanku, vetsina kousku od firmy Soru me posadila na zadek. Jejich navhry jsou proste prekrasne. 

A krome nausnic miluju, kdyz umi zeny vrstvit retizky a nahrdelniky. A take je uzasne kdyz ma nekdo cit na kobminace stribra, ruzoveho zlata a zlata. Hrozne me bavi brouzdat po internetu a hledat inspiraci. Momentalne mam zalusk na par kousku od Cinco. Jejich navhry me opravdu bavi. 

I kdyz to me pak nuti nakupovat. Tento pribeh nikdy nekonci, ze? 

Love Glamazon xoxo