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How to maximise the power of jewellery

(Picture source: Pinterest)

They say you can never go wrong when gifting a piece of jewellery to a woman. And I believe it is true. Women just love a bit of bling bling. I myself admire ability to layer jewellery. Some people can do it better than others though. That is why I can spend days to look for an inspiration.

If I have to go for one piece myself and chose my number one it would be earrings. there is an amazing selection on Lyst. Some days I like to go for dainty piece but quite often I love statement earrings. I can openly say I admire what Dolce & Gabbana has done recently. Pretty much any of their pieces scream look at me and you will not look dull or boring. The designs are bold, fun and feminine at the same time. However, you know I recently totally fell in love with Soru and their earrings. It is just like heaven on Earth honestly.

Then I adore when people can layer their necklaces like they are real pro stylists. And even better when they can master the combinations of silver, rose gold and gold. I just love looking at different designs and find inspiration online and of course that makes me then purchase new and new pieces. I definitely have my eye on Cinco necklaces and have got few in mind I really want.

This story never ends.

Rika se, ze kdyz darujes zene nejaky sperk, ze ji nemuzes urazit. Samozrejme zalezi na vkusu, ale neco na tom musi byt ne? Vetsina z nas ma rada sperky ci snad ne?

Ja kdybych si mela vybrat jeden kousek, tak to budou urcite nausnice. Prijde mi, ze me pokazde ozivi outfit a je to zajimavy doplnek. Mam dny, kdy mam radsi nenapadne delikatni kousky, ale uprimne jsem milovnice vyraznych kusu. Napriklad se mi moc libi, co predvadi Dolce & Gabbana. Jejich kousky jsou sice vyrazne, ale o jde. Kazdy si vas vsimne a zmeni outfit ve mziku. A i pres jejich vyraznost jsou porad velmi zenske. A jak asi uz vite z predchoziho clanku, vetsina kousku od firmy Soru me posadila na zadek. Jejich navhry jsou proste prekrasne. 

A krome nausnic miluju, kdyz umi zeny vrstvit retizky a nahrdelniky. A take je uzasne kdyz ma nekdo cit na kobminace stribra, ruzoveho zlata a zlata. Hrozne me bavi brouzdat po internetu a hledat inspiraci. Momentalne mam zalusk na par kousku od Cinco. Jejich navhry me opravdu bavi. 

I kdyz to me pak nuti nakupovat. Tento pribeh nikdy nekonci, ze? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Dresses and Biker Jackets in the Autumn

Pictures via Pinterest

There are many great “autumn uniforms” however dresses with biker leather jackets must be one of my favourite. Simply it means that I can keep that feminine side whilst staying classic and true to my style.

It is also that safe option and when you are not sure what to wear…you just cannot go wrong.

Existuje mnoho “podzimnich uniform”, ale jedna z mych nejoblibenejsich je urcite kombinace satu a kozene bundicky. Pro me to znamena, ze si muzu zachovat zenskost, ale zaroven neodbocovat od sveho stylu.  

A take je to sazka na jistotu, kdyz nevite co na sebe. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


Transfer the basket bag trend to fall and winter

Picture source : Pinterest

Basket bags have exploded and they are everywhere I go. Try to scroll down your Instagram feed without finding at least one cute basket bag…hard task. And as a lot of people I fell in love with this trend. It is somehow that old but new trend that will never go out of fashion. These bags have been around forever but this season there is a huge hype about them. I mean what a good move from Prada made to include them in their collection.

Anyway, if you like me fell in love with this trend you do not have to cry the summer will be over in few weeks as they look cute with warmer outfits too. Imagine chunky knits, coats all kind of colours and materials, fur and cool sneakers or boots. You can even bring to live that cute summer white dress as with basket bag and cute knitted long cardigan you will bring it all back to live.

So it is never too late to get your basket bag and rock it all year round.

Kosiky jsou mega hitem sezony. Prakticky je to takovy ten nestarnouci kousek. No vzpomente si, ze kdyz jezdite na dovolenou at uz letos ci pred deseti lety. Vzdy najdete nejaky ten stanek, ktery tyhle kabelky prodava. Ale jak uz to tak v mode byva, tyhle veci jsou jednou na vrcholu a pak to zase odezni. Tohle leto na me na Instagramu vyskoci kosiky snad kazdych pet minut. A jako spousta lidi jsem se i ja do tohoto trendu zamilovala. 

A pokud jste na tom stejne, nemusite plakat, protoze jak koukam, daji se nosit i na podzim a v zime. Ja jsem na Pinterestu nasla spoustu inspirace. A uz me honi jako pokazde ruzne vize …. hunate svetry, kabaty, kozacky ci tenisky a vysneny kosicek. Myslim, ze Prada to docela vychytala zaradit podobny kosik do sveho repertoaru. 

A tak neni nikdy pozde si poridit dalsi kosicek.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Strong in Red

If you scroll down my Instagram you may notice I have been wearing quite a bit of red recently. It was not planned though however every time I wore this colour people were mentioning red suits me. I never thought of it that much to be honest. However today I have been going through some of my favourite shops and spying on red or red accented pieces and man….some of them are simply stunning running. Perhaps it is a good time to add some more red to the collection.

Great news is that Forzieri has got 10 % off on full priced items until 25th July with this discount code (YECA25) and it does make a difference with some high end designer pieces right? I have picked few gorgeous red tones pieces I like and some are even on sale. Happy days.

Pokud si v posledni dobe prohlednete muj Instagram tak si mozna vsimnete, ze jsem v posledni dobe nosila docela dost cervene. I kdyz to nebylo planovane. A pokazde mi psali lide, ze mi cervena slusi. Nikdy jsem o tom nepremyslela, ale dneska jsem tak nahodne zacala brouzdat na oblibenych eshopech a prohlizet si cervene veci nebo veci s cervenymi akcenty.

Dobra zprava je, ze Forzieri ma slevu 10 % do 25. cervence na vsechny kousky, ktere jsou za plnou cenu s timto kode (YECA25) a to uz u drazsich veci opravdu jde poznat. Vybrala jsem par krasnych kousku, ktere se mi opravdu libi a nektere jsou dokonce ve sleve. Takova mala cervena inspirace. 

Love Glamazon xoxo