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Trending: Green colour of 2017

I am going to bore you again and say that Green is my favourite colour. The reason being I think it suits my complexion and mainly the meaning of this colour has always been very positive. So I am over the moon it is also going to be one of the biggest trends this year. I selected some lovely pieces from shoes to beauty and cannot wait to see who is going to bring us more of this gorgeous colour.

Budu vas opet nudit a prohlasim to co jsem rekla jiz nekolikrat…zelena je moje oblibena barva. Hlavnim duvodem je asi fakt, ze slusi me pleti a vlasum a take, ze ma hrozne pozitivni vyznam. O to mam vetsi radost, ze zelena je jeden z nejvetsich trendu roku 2017. Vybrala jsem par kousku, ktere se vam snad budou libit a tesim se, co nam navrhari a obchody jeste nadeli. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Outfit: Oversized Layers

Wearing: Bag: Saint Laurent, Shoes: Adidas, Coat: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Jumper: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: Asos, Hair by: Clo and Flo 

Liam is 5 months today! Now I understand when people used to tell me that time flies even faster with the kids. Where is my little baby gone?

And today he also spent morning with his daddy so I could actually relax a bit, had my hair done and just chilled on my own a bit. Well, strangely I always feel guilty and try to get home as quickly as I can. Anybody can relate to that? I am just trying to figure out if that is normal or not. Hehe

Anyway, I opted for lot of oversized things and threw them together and I love the outcome. It kind of has got that laid back look and mixture of more and less causal items. Did I say before I like clashing? LOL

Liam dneska oslavil pet mesicu. Dneska uz chapu, kdyz mi lide rikali, ze cas s detma ubyha jeste rychleji. Nechapu, kam se podelo to malicke miminko.

A dneska stravil par hodin s tatinkem, abych si trosku oddychla, zasla ke kadernikovi (poznali jste to) a proste si odpocinout. Ja se stejne vzdy citim tak provinile a vzdy letim zpatky co nejrychleji to jde. Jsem normalni? 

No kazdopadne jsem se dneska rozhodla pro takovy volny outfit, vsechno takove vetsi a taky mix sportovniho a elegantniho. A vysledek me bavi. Vsak si asi pamatujete, to co jsem rekla milionkrat, ze rada kombinuju rozdilne kousky.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Favourite Instagram Fashion Details

I love sharing my looks with you here but also on Instagram especially when they are small details of the looks you may not come across here. So I put together some of my recent favourites.

And also I have a bit of news that I started again to add videos on my Youtube channel (yes I have one LOL) so you can subscribe here and you can also watch my latest What’s really in my handbag video here.

Strasne rada s vama sdilim svoje outfity a napady jak tady na blogu tak i na Instagramu. Hodne me bavi denne pridavat drobne detaily prave na Instagram, ktere nemam moznost sdilet tady na blogu. A tak jsem vybrala par poslednich oblibencu. 

A take mam mensi novinku. Asi budu pridavat videa na Youtube (ano zblaznila jsem se na stara kolena), takze muzete zacit odebirat videa prave tady a tady se muzete podivat na me nejnovejsi video o tom, co nosim jako mama v kabelce. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


NY resolution wishlist


Resolutions do not have to be only about eating healthy, losing weight and the other so common resolutions. It can also be about spending money on timeless and good quality things.

I have put together a wishlist of great items that would be a great buy and good investment. My absolute favourite are these pumps from the latest capsule collection Aquzzura x Farfetch. Yes, some are items with a twist or a bit more trendy but if you can splurge on those thumbs up. And ideally if you could wear all these together. Great heels with classic camel coat, great bag and cool earrings will never get out of fashion.

And I cannot forget to mention classy Chloe sunnies and gorgeous nude lipstick! I am in!

Novorocni predsevzeti nemusi byt jenom klasicke jako treba, ze clovek chce zhubnout, jist vice zdrave, ale treba i tom, ze bude investovat do vice nadcasovych a kvalitnich veci. A tak jsem dala dohromady takovy wishlist, kde jsou krasne kousky, ktere se v satniku neztrati. 

Strasne se mi libi boty z posledni kolaborace Farfetch a Aquzzura a vubec tyhle vybrane kousky se k sobe vsechny krasne hodi. Dziny, kosile, velbloudi kabaty, leopardi lodicky a krasne nausnice se proste nikdy neztrati. 

Love Glamazon xoxo