Cosy Winter Morning

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When you are home during your holidays I am not sure how about you but I love to get cosy and organise a party in. I love to wear everything comfortable to feel good and relaxed and I love to have people over at my place. This weekend I had a girly night in with my girlfriend. The best part is to wake up in the morning, have a cup of coffee and if you are as lucky as I am you can watch an amazing sunrise. And if you can wear a fantastic cosy jumper just with your underwear it all feels very idyllic.

Ja nevim jak vy, ale pokazde, kdyz je zima a jsou Vanoce nebo mam zkratka dovolenou, tak me nejvice bavi poradat party doma nebo si jenom udelat vecer s kamaradkou. O vikendu jsem mela girly night in a v takove chvile rada nosim pohodlne veci a uzivam si kazdou chvili. Kdyz si clovek da krasne spodni pradlo a na sebe velky teply svetr nebo zupan, dokonce se citi glamorous.
A nejlepsi jsou rana, kdy si udelate dobrou kavu a pokud mate takove stesti jako ja, muzete pozorovat vychod slunicka a choulit se v teplem svetru.

Ja jsem si tento set opravdu zamilovala a musim rict, ze se pokazde, kdyz ho mam citim, ze mam na sobe kousek luxusu a pritom pohodli. A navic jasam, protoze jako spousta jinych znacek ma Timo sezonni vyprodej a tak si muzu poridit klidne dalsi set.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Wearing: Timo Underwear (courtesy of Timo), Zara Jumper

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