Daniel Wellington Watch


It was a love at a first sight. I have had my eye on Daniel Wellington watches since last year and to be honest wanted a rose gold watch however I was not sure. Michael Kors is just everywhere (I sometimes do not mind but it is just too much). I felt these ones are timeless and classic and very chic. And they still have masculine feel and that is what I like when buying a new watch. The fact they are not expensive either helps.

So who is in with me?

Byla to laska na prvni pohled, ale chvili nam trvalo, nez jsme si k sobe nasli cestu. Daniel Wellington hodinky jsem poprve dostala do hlavy nekdy loni a popravde jsem chtela hodinky z ruzoveho zlata, ale nebyla jsem si jista. Hlavne ty klasicke od Michaela Korse a popravde nejenom hodinky jsou proste vsude (vetsinou mi to nevadi, ale v tomto pripade uz to zachazi do extremu). Mela jsem pocit, ze tyhle jsou krasne, jednoduche, maji takovy maskulinni nadech (coz mam u hodinek rada) a nejsou vubec drahe.

Tak co rikate?

Love Glamazon xoxo


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