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Star print has always been one of my favourites. And it is still going pretty strong. Kate Moss usually includes this print in her fashion collections/collaborations and Stella McCartney is not left behind. I just realised that I love baby stuff with star prints (anything from rugs, bed sheets to clothes). I am so attracted to it that my little one already has got several things ready in the nursery and in the wardrobe as well. Well, my little star.

Hvezdickovy potisk me vzdy bavil a myslim, ze je porad hodne videt. Kate Moss zaradi tento potisk snad do kazde sve kolekce/kolaborace a Stella McCartney jej zavadi do kolekci uz nekolikatou sezonu. Ja si tak nejak vcera uvedomila, ze k hvezdickam hodne inklinuju a to hlavne u detskych veci. Rozhlizela jsem so po detskem pokojicku a videla same hvezdicky a take nekolik kousku uz i v satniku pro miminko. Moje mala hvezda. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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