New In…DVF Clutch

Hey Darlings,
I know I have not been the best blogger in the last few days but I have one of those busy times and just do not feel like posting anything. Let me show you my new DVF clutch which I got for myself for Christmas. It is red and it is classic and it was on sale and I always wanted one DVF clutch so problem was solved.
Vim, ze jsem nebyla nejlepsi blogerka v poslednich dnech, ale moc se mi nechce a mam v Londyne rodinou navstevu. Ale alespon vam ukazu vanocni darek, ktery jsem si koupila sama sobe a tim je tohle DVF psanicko. Uz jsem dlouho jedno chtela a tohle bylo slevnene, cervene a tak nebylo dlouho o cem premyslet.
Love Glamazon xoxo

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