Outfit: Embroidered Boho Maxi Dress

2 Pictures by Anna Sandul
Wearing: Dress: Boohoo, Jacket: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Necklace: Missoma, Sandals: Dune

Maxi dresses are fun any time and especially when you find a boho style with gorgeous embroidery that does not break the bank right? Well, no surprise this piece is currently sold out but I have included few pieces below the article that are equally beautiful. As most of the times this is from a non-maternity section and as you can see the dress fit perfectly.

I am slowly getting ready to go on maternity leave just around 3 weeks before my due date. For some people it may seem early and for some people it may seem late. Coming from Czech Republic there are lot of women that would go on maternity at the start of 8 months however UK system is not designed in that way. Most of my friends in Czech stayed home with the kids following 3 years (yes you are reading it right)! Whilst here I have a maximum 12 months which is still pretty generous in comparison to some countries, don’t you think?

I still have loads to prepare and hopefully the little one will let me. You never know with the babies when they decided to come to this world.

Maxi saty jsou skvele a obvzlast, kdyz najdete boho kousek, ktery ma krasne vysivani a neni drahy. Jako treba tyhle bile. Neni se cemu divit, ze jsou momentalne vyprodane, ale dole pod clankem jsem pridala par kousku, ktere snad taky potesi. 

Ja se pomalu chystam na materskou a cekaji me posledni dva dny v praci. Je to asi zhruba tri tydny pred terminem. Nekterym lidem se to zda pozde a jinym zase brzo. Vzhledem k systemu materske a vyhodam v Cesku si vetsina z Vas asi rekne, ze pozde. Jenomze v Cesku muzete zustat doma s detmi tak dlouho. Tady v Britanii maximalne rok a posledni tri mesice nedostanete ani penci, takze je to vylozene na vas. I kdyz ten rok je porad jeste super v porovnani se zememi, kde je materska 6 tydnu. 

Ja mam jeste tolik veci, ktere musim pripravit. Myslim, ze vetsinu veci mam porizenych, ale ted jde o to dokoncit rekonstrukce a upravy na byte. U tech prcku nikdy clovek nevi, kdy se rozhodnou prijit na svet. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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13 comments on “Outfit: Embroidered Boho Maxi Dress

  1. Yes, it’s the same situation in Finland as in Czech Republic and I find it to be so much more fair towards mom and the baby… You’re looking gorgeous as always and colours suit you wonderfully, just as black/ grey outfits do too! :)


  2. Rok jeste jde, ale mas pravdu, ze sest tydnu je malo. To ma kamaradka treba v Belgii. V Nemecku je materska rok a pul, ale s tim, ze do ctyr let ditete muze zena zustat doma. Stat plati socialni a zdravotni, ale zadny prispevek ma dite.
    Tohle ti moc söusi. Saty jsou krasne a ty snad jeste krasnejsi nez pred tehotenstvim. ;)

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