Relaunched Dining Hall in Harrods – The Grill Review

The Grill in the recently relaunched Dining Hall in Harrods is a classic. This is Harrods’ own labelled restaurant and such a good spot for lunch or dinner whether you are shopping or simply you just come here to enjoy their menu that includes lot of classic steak cuts as well as Japanese Wagyu or braised beef croquets. I absolutely adore Studio Frantzen which is also to be found in this department store but if you love a good steak this is a must.

I was curious about this well known steakhouse after the reopening and have no regrets about our delicious dinner. We had a wonderful weekday day night and left fully satisfied after a scrumptious dinner. I love the whole atmosphere of Harrods and the Dining Hall is no different. Shoppers or simply restaurant visitors (if you do not want to take the shopping part) eat and enjoy drinks in stunning environment and we also got fantastic service. We started to chat to our fabulous waiter who was originally from Hungary but lived here for many years. As an immigrant I am always curious about people’s background. He was very professional and helpful and despite of the restaurant being very busy the staff provided very efficient service.

If there is a steak tartare on the menu I am pretty much always strong on the starter option and as expected I loved it. It was slightly different to what I am used to but divine and my husband and I went traditional on Rib Eye medium rare and lot of additional sides like chips, mash, macaroni cheese and creamy spinach. And let me tell you the macaroni cheese were the best I have ever tried. I would come back just for those. During colder season I prefer to drink red wine and we just went for house red Bourgogne Pinot Noir which mark my words I said after tasting – I cannot believe this is your house red.

The Grill really is such a key place to Harrods and I will be coming back. I would love to bring my parents here as I know they would love it. They appreciate good quality food and wine as well as service and this was spot on for us.

You can explore more from the menu or make booking here for the Grill.

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