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Outfit: Why We need more professionalism in blogging?

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Professionalism is something that is expected in any area of work so why does it seem there is a lack of it within blogging? I have been in this industry for many years and encountered many different people. Are they all professional? No. However there are many that extremely professional and they create a good reputation in this industry. And that is the direction it should go. Sadly over the last week I came across so many stories within my circle of “colleagues” and I must say at times my jaw just dropped.

Let’s face it bloggers have been criticised so many times in printed and online publications and some critique came from highly respected people. And although the criticism probably does not apply for everybody in some ways some points are valid. Firstly there should be more respects in between creators towards each other. Some ways of communication are just not acceptable. And all it is is change the language, the tone and phrase things differently.

A friend of mine recently told me about a message on Instagram she recently got and she could not believe her eyes as somebody she barely knew asked for sensitive piece of information. On one hand I understand that being direct sometimes gets you what you need but you have to really judge these things carefully. And actions like this only create a bad image of influencers. Another friend that works within PR told me about an incident when the brand rejected a blogger’s proposition and what followed was extremely rude and aggressive response. If I was that PR I would have blacklisted that person forever as there simply would not be trust. I could not collaborate with anybody that has that sort of attitude.

Another friend got a message from an influencer that has recently started asking tell me how to make money fast! Is that so bad? No … but in the context of any other industry it is just strange. I cannot imagine that another professional for example within real estate, recruitment, audit, modelling contacts total stranger and asks them tell me how to make money fast. It is not professional way to do it and plus the tone of the message was very aggressive. Also hundreds of influencers share their tips on things like growth, money making and so on all over the internet. So it would question the other persons proactivity as anybody can find lot of information online and on youtube as well.

And these are just few things that made me thinking what can we do to change it. Yes if 50 % of us are going to be professional that is still only half and whoever has got dealing with the other half will get bad experience. I am glad there are extremely professional people and in some ways it is improving but it is still such a new industry, anybody can start at any minute, the competition is big and sometimes the circumstances are forcing people to act how they act.

Profesionalita se ocekava v mnoha oborech a tak premyslim, proc je ji v blogovani tak malo. Jsem pravdepodobne jedna z tech prvni blogerek a tak uz to delam nejaky ten patek a muzu rict, ze jsem potkala spoustu velmi rozlisnych lidi. A jsou vsichni profesionalni? Bohuzel ne. Nastesti je ale spousta, ktera jsou extremne profesionalni a ja doufam, ze timto smerem to take pujde dal. V poslednich par tydnech jsem slysela z kruhu svych “kolegu” pribehy nad kterymi mi zustava rozum stat a zaroven se nedivim, ze maji blogeri tak spatnou reputaci. 

Co si budeme povidat, blogeri se probirali v nekolika tistenych i online casopisech a novinach a kritika byla v hodne pripadech od respektovanych zurnalistu. A prestoze se urcite nevztahuje kritika na vsechny, nektere body me ani neprekvapuji. V prvni rade musi byt influenceri vice profesionalni mezi sebou. Nektere zpusoby jednani jsou proste neprijatelne. Vse je o tom jak mluvite, staci trosku slusnosti, spravneho tonu a  hned to vypada jinak. 

Jedna znama mi nedavno rozhorcene rikala, jak ji nekdo koho sotva zna napsal na Instagramu o prosbu, ktera si myslim, ze byla docela drza a nemistna. Ja ocenuji, kdyz jde nekdo tvrde za svym, ale tohle byl trosku jiny pripad. Druha znama, ktera pracuje jako PR mi rikala, ze jedna blogerka, ktera je oslovila na spolupraci a byla zamitnuta reagovala velmi agresivni odpovedi. Zustaval mi az rozum stat. Pokud bych ja byla v situaci te PR tak tento clovek bude zapsan na blacklistu, protoze bych jich nemohla nikdy sverit do rukou propagaci zadneho produktu.

Dalsi znama mi rikala, ze ji nekdo naprimo a velmi zvlastnim tonem napsal, at ji rekne jak na Instagramu vydelat penize co nejrychleji. Je to blba otazka? Ani ne ale jakmile si tuto situaci aplikujete na cokoli jineho, je to prinejmensim divne. Predstavte si napriklad personalistu, realitniho maklere, auditora jak vkraci ke konkurenci nebo jim napise email and napise jim, at mu reknou jak rychle vydelat penize. V tomto pripade me napada jen to, ze to musi byt nejaky linejsi clovek, protoze internet je zaplaveny tolika tipy jak rust, jak zacit a ta dana osoba si to muze proste jenom vyhledat. 

Je smutne ze ne vsichni si uvedomuji, ze kazi reputaci ostatnim, pokud se chovaji nemistne. A tohle je jenom par prikladu za poslednich par dni. I kdyby 50 % z nas bylo profesionalnich, porad je to jenom polovina. Bohuzel blogovani je neco, kde neni treba kvalifikace a nejsou urcena pravidla a je to vlastne relativne nova zalezitost. Kdokoli muze zacit prave tady a ted a to je obcas ten problem. Blogovat muze zacit starsi slusny clovek, mladsi vysokoskolak a stejne i ten, kteremu profesionalita absolutne nic nerika. Urcite se to da zmenit, ale je potreba tohle tlacit vic do sveta a ukazat ostatnim, ze profesionalni chovani je treba ve vsem.



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Can Influencers Still Create Something New On Social Media?

The world of digital influencers is like a bubble. Girls and boys posing for that immaculate picture and the bar has been set so high that we can barely see it these days. The blogging content moved from pictures from your garden which mum took to photoshopped professionally taken shots from the hotspots like LA, Santorini, Finland and you can name it all.

And the pool of influencers is growing every day and I am thinking how is it even possible. As it is very very hard work. I have been doing this for years and pretty much previously I had always two jobs and now I am a mom so I have two jobs again. And whilst others were having fun I was there after work, weekends creating content so I can publish a post every day. That is some level of commitment. Sometimes I admire the quality of content I see out there as it does not come easy. No matter what anybody says it is bloody hard work.

The question is can any of us create anything new? They always say yes there is a room for a new influencer (of course there is) but you have to bring something new. It has to be interesting taste, point of view, new voice. I am always thinking but I thought the market is covered for that. We have the glamorous girls, the mums, the fabulous writers, we have the awesome travel bloggers that can take better shots on their travels than Mario Testino for Vogue Cover, we have the fun girls from next door and I can think of so many other examples in my head.

One advice the top people in this industry would tell you is to stay yourself. And then you just keep coming across almost identical feeds on Instagram. That is clearly not staying yourself or am I wrong? I feel the problem may be that once some people see certain strategy works for one they apply it to their content in the hopes to achieve the same level of success. And then we end up having thousands of similar images, captions, outfits and just simply everything. Those people that found something unique for example their image editing, how they pose, how they write at early stages of blogging are flying now.

A great example of unique and new still exists though. A good example would have to be the Triplets. They only started recently and their engagement is up in the sky. I do not blame the world with being obsessed with them as I am myself. I mean common identical triplets that are gorgeous and have fantastic view of beauty and how they take their images.  But what about those solo people like myself what can the rest bring to table that does not exist yet?

I really wish I had more straightforward answer. I just look at it from a different point of view. There are apparently 800 million users of Instagram and even if we would say 50 % of those are active accounts there is a massive pool of people to find what they like. I simply believe that staying yourself is the key as only then you can offer the unique side of you (and there is nobody like you) and there will always be people that love that. You may not have immaculate images and still make it in the industry. It could be how you curate your Instagram stories, it could be your amazing hair, your fitness routine. There has to be a big group of people that can relate and love that. It is now just them to find you and that is in the hands of Universe.

Svet influenceru je takova nase bublina, mame svuj svet a tam proste jsme. Holky a kluci po celem svete pozuji jako o zivot, at maji zase dalsi dokonalou fotografii na instagram a uroven se zvedla tak vysoko, ze uz neni ani mozne jit vyse (nebo snad ano)? Blogovani se posunulo o velky kus z dob, kdy se holky fotily u plotu na zahrade a dnes vidime profesionalne nafocene fotografie z popularnich a luxusnich mist jako LA, Santorini, Finsko a vubec vsechna mista, ktera jsou momentalne in.

A ta nase bublina se pekne rozrusta kazdy den, az si rikam jestli je to mozne. To chce byt opravdu kazdy bloger? Ono je to totiz moc prace, ja to delam roky a pamatuju si kolik jsem tomu obetovala, hodne driny a zadny volny cas. Zatimco nekdo paril nekde na party, ja pripravovala o vikendech a po vecerech clanky na cely tyden. To uz je nejaka obet. Obcas se koukam kolem a rikam si klobouk dolu lidi, protoze ty obsahy jsou tak dokonale a to neni jenom tak. 

Otazkou je, zda muzeme jeste prinest neco noveho? Pokazde kdyz padne otazka, zda ma cenu jeste zacinat, tak kazdy rika ano ( a myslim, ze ano), ale za tim vam vetsina odpovi, ze musite prinest neco noveho. Ale co to vubec je? Je jeste neco, co nebylo pokryto a co svet influenceru nenabidl? A pokud to ono existuje, co to je? Mame dokonale holky, mame holky od vedle s kteryma je sranda, mame mamy blogerky, uzasne travel blogery, kteri dokazou zachytit svet kolem na fotografii lepe nez Mario Testino obalku na Vogue. Napada me tolik veci, ktere uz v nasem svete najdete v nekolika klonech. 

Vetsina lidi, kteri jsou v teto oblasti neuspesnejsi vam reknou, ze klic uspechu je v tom byt sam sebou. Coz se mi trosku nejde dohromady s faktem, ze Instagram je zaplaveny tim samym obsahem. Myslim, ze kdyz jeden influencer vidi, ze urcity styl psani a fotek prinasi tem ostatnim uspech, daji se tim stejnym smerem za vidinou stejneho uspechu. A ti kteri opravdu zacali hned v pocatku s necim novym jsou dnes za vodou. 

Ale misto pro nove veci tady urcite je a porad najdete nove unikatni veci. Jako dobry priklad mi prijdou the Triplets. Jsou to jednovajecne trojcata, ktere zacaly teprve nedavno, myslim, ze rok a pul zpet a dari se jim skvele. Ale vubec svet socialnich medii v tomto pripade chapu, jsou krasne, jsou to trojcata a maji skvely cit pro krasu. Jsou proste cool a samotnou me bavi. Ale co solo influenceri jako treba ja? Muzeme prinest neco noveho, jineho, neokoukaneho? 

Ja se na to zacinam divat trosku jinak, ze misto je tu opravdu pro vsechny. Instagram ma udajne 800 milionu uzivatelu a i kdyby jenom pulka byla aktivni, je to porad obrovske mnozstvi lidi a kazdy ma rad zcela jine veci. Nemusite mit avatarove fotografie a posledni model od Diora. Treba mate zajimave Insta stories, nebo lidi zaujme vas zivotni pribeh, pohled na svet nebo jenom vase vlasy. Takze pokud opravdu budete sami sebou (jenom tak se muzete odlisit od odstatnich), existuje spousta lidi, kterym se bude vase tvorba libit. Je to jenom otazka toho, aby si k vam nasli cestu a to je asi v rukou Vesmiru. 

Eva x