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Outfit: How to dress up a simple jumper?

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Boots: Emilio Pucci, Bag: Chloe, Skirt: Storets: Sunglasses: Dior, Jumper: H&M

Simple jumpers like the one I am wearing are my favourite things for winter. I love to layer them, I love to wear them with jeans, leggings, leather trousers or short skirts however there are ways how to dress them up. It is simply unique plain piece that offers lot of ways how you can style it.

This is exactly that styling when you can dress up something as simple as a plain jumper in camel colour. However the same look would great with other colours too whether you pick red, blue, green or yellow jumper. Just take a ruffle more dressy skirt and lovely boots and a new look is there. I think it is a great way how to play around with different boots and some cool girls could even wear it with trainers.

And with weather hopefully getting better you can soon throw on leather jacket or blazer for a perfect spring look. I cannot believe spring is behind the corner and Mother’s day on Sunday. I am off for a weekend in Cotswolds but already celebrated in advance with some of my favourite brands. If you want to find out more you can watch my latest video.

Jednoduche svetry jako tento, co mam na sobe jsou mym oblibenym zimnim kouskem. Daji se velmi dobre vrstvit a nosit k dzinum, leginum, kozenym kalhotum, kratkym suknim a vubec ke vsemu. Je to zkratka ten kousek, ktery je sice jednoduchy, ale hodne jej vynosite diky univerzalnosti.

A tento styling je presne ten, ktery vas svetr trosku pozdvihne. Staci jej doplnit hezkou volanovou sukni a k ni treba kotnickove kozacky. A svetr nemusi byt jenom v odbobne velbloudi barve, muzete si vybrat treba cerveny ci modry. Staci jenom pridat hezkou delsi sukni a podpobny styling je na svete. A uz se snad bude lepsit i pocasi. 

Hned jak bude tepleji, staci misto kabatu kozena bundicka ci sacko a perfektni jarni styling je na svete. Nechce se mi verit, ze uz je brezen a v nedeli svatek matek tady v UK. Ja se chystam na vikend do Costwolds, tak to oslavime tam, ale uz jsem mela mensi predvoj diky krasnym akcim, ktere poradali Jo Malone a Guerlain. A pokud chcete videt vice, muzet tak ucinit v mem posledni videu

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Serums that are worth to try

Serums for me are that little extra you can do for your skin. And it is that little extra that can make a huge impact and deliver great results. This article is all about the products that are worth to try and I decided to include some great products that may not be marketed as serums however I use them in a similar way in my skincare routine. I would usually use serum just before applying my moisturiser and I love using serums in general. I firmly believe they may add something extra that your skin may need.

Guerlain Super Aqua Eye Serum

As the name suggests this is a serum product for your eyes however I love that it is not heavy on your eyes so use it instead of an eye cream very often. I have seen results straight away and also helps when you feel very tired.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum

This feels like oil and I use it mainly when I feel extremely run down as it gives me a sense of aromatherapy facial massage. It constantly puts in in a relaxing mood as well as hydrates well. Great products for mums especially as it seems to sooth not only your skin but your mind which you need after busy day with your kids.

PIXI Rose Caviar Essence 

If you are a fan of rose you will be in love. The consistency is great too and it just different to all the other products here. It looks pretty too.

DIOR Capture Totale Cellular Lotion 

This feels more like a cream so I use it sometimes on its own however I have been very happy with the product for few years now and it is that thing giving you a touch of luxury.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum

I have used this only for about two months but it is as good as most Guerlain products. I always use it when I use cream or oil afterwards. It feels very light, it smells great and really gives your face lovely glow.

Clarins Double Serum

Such a great product and so many women in my family love it too. I was using it a lot for a long period of time last year and it really delivers. The skin feels and looks different each morning. One of my best friends adores this products and her skin looks always perfect.

Rodial Gold Serum

This is another great product by Rodial. It almost instantly works magic on your skin. I use it often before applying makeup as the skin really looks different with it immediately.

Clinique Moisture Surge

This is not technically a serum but I use it when I feel my skin needs that extra touch of hydration. I often bring it on trips as when I am in the cold or hot environment the skin needs to stay heavily hydrated and this is what gives my skin what I need.

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

This must be my number product by this brand. Although it only launched last month I got the opportunity to use it before Christmas and I love it. I use it a lot when I am using my derma roller as it helps skin to recover over night. It has got fabulous consistency too.

And let me know if you tried any of these or you have your own hero serums that I should test too.

Pletova sera jsou skvelym dodatkem v peci o plet. Je spousta lidi, kteri sera nepouzivaji, ale ja v posledni dobe rada experimentuju. Do tohoto clanku jsem zaradila i produkty, ktere nejsou ve sve podstate sera, ale ja je tak pouzivam, jeste nez nanesu krem ci olej. Jsou to super produkty, ktere dodaji vasi pleti neco navic a podle me cim jsme starsi tim vice nase plet vyzaduje. 

Guerlain Super Aqua Eye Serum

Jak uz napovida nazev, tohle je serum na ocni okoli a ja ho casto pouzivam misto kremu. Je to lehoucky produkt, ktery krasne hydratuje a jsem s nim velmi spokojena. A hlavne, kdyz me pali oci unavou. 

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum

Tohle je olejove serum, ktere pusobi stejne jako olej a nejradsi ho pouzivam po narocnem a unavnem dni. Dodava mi pocit relaxace a pusobi aromaterapeuticky. A navic k tomu krasne hydratuje.

PIXI Rose Caviar Essence

Pokud mate radi produkty, ktere voni jako ruze, tohle je pro vas idealni. Ma lehkou a zajimavou konzistenci a krasne vypada. Jsem s nim take velmi spokojena.

Dior Capture Totale Celullar Lotion

I kdyz tohle neni uplne jako serum, ja tento produkt pouzivam stejnym zpusobem jako serum a pote nanasim krem. Je to produkt, ktery mam v oblibe uz nekolik let.

Guerlain Abeille Royale Daily Repair Serum

V me sbirce je tohle serum spise novinka, ale stejne jako vetsina Guerlain produktu je to vynikajici produkt. Je lehoucky, luxusni a krasne plet rozzari.

Clarins Double Serum

Ostrilena klasika, kterou jsem hodne pouzivala v minulem roce a pouziva ji take hodne zen v nasi rodine. Jedna z mych nejlepsich kamaradek na nej neda dopustit, stejne jako ja.

Rodial Gold Serum

Dalsi pecka od Rodialu, ktera okamzite prinasi vysledky a prave z toho duvodu tohle serum casto pouzivam pred nanasenim makeupu. Drobnejsi vrasky pak nevypadaji tak drsne po naneseni makeupu. Je to skvele serum.

Clinique Moisture Surge

Dalsi produkt ktery neni ve sve podstate serum, ale ja jej tak pouzivam. Casto si ho beru na cesty, kdy je treba vice hydratace a je vytecny. A pusobi dlouhodobe.

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Tohle je temer jiste muj nejoblibenejsi produkt od teto znacky a z tohoto vyberu je druhy nejlevnejsi. I kdyz na trh byl uvedem teprve minuly mesic, ja mela to stesti jej pouzivat uz v prosinci minuleho roku a okamzite jsem se zamilovala. Jelikoz ma regeneracni ucinky pouzivam hlavne v dobe, kdyz pouzivam domaci derma roller.

Love Glamazon xoxo


Outfit: Pink Teddy Coat

Pictures: Derek Bremner for APT

Wearing: Coat: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Aspinal, T-shirt: Levis

When I posted these pictures on my Instagram feed I did not expect this coat to get so much love from you. However, looking back I get it. It looks so cosy but with the classic cut it creates a perfect item for winter right?

I just love jackets and coats but I may need a bigger house soon or throw everything out as I have one designated wardrobe just for coats. LOL I am that kind of person that has emotional ties with her things. And I should not as I have so much (and trust me I feel very lucky) that I could dress five other people. Well, it is time to get better so need to clear and clear and clear.

You can find some of the stuff I am selling on my depop (evaglamazon). Well, time to make some room in my wardrobe. Yeees!

Kdyz jsem dala pred par dny tyhle fotografie na Instagram, tak jsem necekala jak moc se bude tento kabat libit. A ted kdyz o tom zpetne premyslim, to dava smysl. Je to krasny a hlavne teply kousek. I kdyz to neni uplne klasicka barva, diky strihu vypada vice nadcasove.

Bundy a kabaty mam vubec moc rada, akorat to vypada tak, ze zachvili budu potrebovat vetsi dum, jinak se sem nevlezeme. Vzdyt ja mam jenom jednu skrin vyhrazenou na bundy a kabaty. Vite co je u me nejhorsi, ze sem hrozne citove zalozena a lpim na svych vecech. Kdyz neco davam pryc ci prodavam, vzdy mam pocit, ze to budu potrebovat, uplne je mi zalostne. Ale jinak to nejde, musim se polepsit. Diky tomu co delam mam tolik veci, ze bych mohla satit dalsich pet lidi. Takze tridit, tridit a tridit. 

A pomalu zacinam tridit i kosmetiku, pokud si chcete neco koupit, vetsinu veci prodavam na depop a najdete me pod evaglamazon. Jak jinak? LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Accessories that change your outfit this season


Ok, I love summer but I equally love other seasons. When the wind gets stronger and the temperature goes down we may not be able to sit outside of our favourite coffee shop for too long but think fashion. Just thinking about all the extra accessories we can wear…any fashion lover must be over the moon.

Of course we have the typical hats and scarves but there are so many models you can wear. Think fur or faux fur scarves, cool ear muffs or even fluffy gloves. You can find some great oversized scarves on Esprit and other affordable retailers. If you look here you will find great scarves of different prints and textures. Certain trends that change the outfits instantly do not have to cost you a fortune.

And lets talk about hats. Dior really made those berets alive again right?  I have been huge fan for a long time and still have some really ones from years and years ago. If you are struggling with selection and not sure which brand lyst is a great way to browse. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the choice but it does not have to be. Just look at whats on offer and think how each model would work with your existing wardrobe. I would not mind something bright or different. Perhaps pearl embellishment.

And all these beautiful things make me love autumn and winter so much more.

Miluju leto, ale stejne tak miluju i ostatni rocni obdobi. Kdyz vitr nabere na rychlosti a teplota spadne dolu, tak mozna nam pocasi nedovoli vysedavat na zahradce oblibene kavarny, ale moda v tuto dobu, ta je spickova. Kdyz jen clovek premysli, kolik mame navic uzasnych doplnku, tak kazdy modni nadsenec musi zajasat.

Samozrejme mluvim o klasice jako cepice a saly, ale i ty existuji takove, ze nebudou kricet “nuda”. Ja mam rada kozesinove (mam hlavne umele) saly, libi se mi koziskove klapky na usi a treba i chlupate rukavice. Saly nemusi byt tez jenom jednoduche, co tak obrovske saly? Treba Esprit ma tady hezky vyber doplnku celkove. Ja jsem objevila hrozne moc salu a satku ruznych potisku, barev a textur. Proste raj do chladneho pocasi.

No a co teprve navrat baretu? Dior opravdu zamichal karty a ja jsem rada. Barety jsem vzdy milovala, prijdou mi sik. A jsem rada, ze ty me stare, co mam snad sto let muzu oprasit. Pokud si chcete nejaky vybrat lyst je super k rozhodovani, ktery a jaky model. Ja mam zatim jenom klasicke barvy, ale je dobre se porozhlednout a mozna vybrat neco trosku jineho. Mozna si poridim nejakou vyraznejsi barvu ci prvek jako zdobeni perlickama.

Ale i z techto duvodu mam proste tohle obdobi rada. A co vy a doplnky na podzim a zimu? 

Love Glamazon xoxo