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Boots to invest in 2021 – Key Looks

Wearing: Dress: The Fold London, Boots: Zara, Sunglasses: Versace, Bag: Chanel

We are in the middle of summer but I am always one step ahead and already exploring autumn fashion. I simply love autumn and the layering and I also love stunning boots. Autumn footwear is just fun let’s face it. Last year was mainly about comfort as we were barely leaving our houses however I have big hopes that this year we get to wear all the stunning boots that are there.

Wearable Booties

I am not coming with anything groundbreaking however classic booties in different shapes and forms are timeless investment. Whether you will go for suede brown to go with some cute dresses or keep it simple and black it is that one type of boot to have in your wardrobe.

Combat Boots

Combat boots have been around for a while but they are not going anywhere. And it is a relief as I think they are a great type of boot. They look cool with girly outfits as well as tomboy looks. If you go for good quality leather they will keep your feet warm and dry. Most brands including Aquazzura, Dior or Jimmy Choo will have great designs to chose from.

Sexy Knee High

These are definitely number one hot boot. My obsession with Paris Texas continues and I dedicated an article to them Harper’s Bazaar earlier this year. However most designers are killing this trend in the best possible way. I find them extremely sexy, cool when worn with jeans and they give any outfit fabulous touch of glam. I have a pair of gorgeous black ones but also these gold ones wearing in the picture and cannot wait to wear them again.

Lug sole Boots

These type of boots are either loved or hated. I fell in love with the original Bottega model and have a high-street pair in my closet which I will wear as they are still going very strong. Even brands like Tory Burch or Tod’s are introducing their version. I know this style is not for everybody but they are perfect boot for rainy and dull autumn weather.


Leto je v plnem proudu, ale co se tyce mody, snazim se byt vzdy o krok vpred. Ja uz se pomalu rozkoukavam a vybiram si trendy na podzim 2021. Chci si zkratka vynahradit lonsky podzim, kdy vetsina z nas sedela doma v teplych ponozkach a ven nazouvala tenisky na jednu z povolenych vychazek ci na nakup jidla. A tak uz ted citim velke nadseni, protoze podzimni kozacky jsou neco, co opravdu zboznuju.

Nositelne kotnikove kozacky

Neprinasim zadne novinky, ale urcite stoji za to i letos investovat do nejakych kotnickovych kozacek. At uz se rozhodnete pro semisove hnede krasky ci kozene a cerne kousky, je to opravdu styl, ktery se hodi do kazdeho satniku.

Kozacky ve vojenskem stylu

Tenhle styl kozacek zvanych kombat je tady uz nekolik sezon a ja jsem uprimne rada, ze navrhari a znacky jako Dior, Jimmy Choo ci Aquazzura stale zarazuji tyhle modely do svych kolekci. Ja je nosim casto a jsou skvele jak k divcim satum tak klaskickym outfitum ala tomboy.

Sexy kozacky po kolena

Kozacky po kolena ovladly svet mody. Ja jsem uz pekne dlouho zamilovana do znacky Paris Texas, o niz jste mohli cist i v mem clanku v Harper’s Bazaaru. Tyhle kozacky vam vytvori krasne nohy, jsou sexy a doladi jakykoli outfit. Vypadaji vyborne i k dzinum. Vybirat muzete z velke skaly at uz semisove, ci vice vyrazne jako treba moje zlate kozacky, ktere vidite v uvodni fotografii.

Masivni podrazky

Tento styl botu je bud milovany ci nenavideny. Mam nejak pocit, ze nic mezi tim neexistuje. Ja jsem se zamilovala na prvni pohled, kdyz Bottega prisla s timto stylem na trh a par sezon pozdeji je najdete snad ve vsech kolekcich. Dokonce i znacky jako Tory Burch ci Tod’s predstavuji sve verze. Nejsou to kozacky pro vsechny, ale muzu potvrdit, ze jsou idealni do uprsenych podzimnich dnu.


Outfit: It is getting snuggly

Wearing: Jumper: Falke, Bag: Gucci, Sunglasses: Dior via Sunglasses shop, Jeans: Zara, Boots: Daniel Footwear

I am now officially starting snuggly season of cashmere, wool and all the knitwear in the world. Last night I was not at a party ( LOL) but I was preparing all my knits for cosy autumn days and it felt good. This Falke jumper which is combination of cashmere and wool is my latest addition and it is so warm, so soft and looks fantastic. This brand just does fantastic, top fabric basics and functional clothing and I am so glad I discovered them.

The jumper was perfect item for that family park walk on Sunday and together with these amazing Dior Sunglasses it created cool, warm and stylish look. I grabbed these on Sunglasses shop in their sale which is full of amazing models and brands from YSL to Marc Jacobs and so much to chose from.

Well, bring it on…colourful leaves, cosy cuddles by the fire place, crispy morning walks…I am ready.

Oficialne jsem zahajila sezonu kasmiru, svetru, vlny a vsech moznych pletenin. Vcerejsi vecer jsem travila pripravou kasmirovych svetru, koupila jsem si to totiz novy pristroj na odstraneni tech otravnych chloupku, ktere se bohuzel na kasmiru hromadi a bylo to desne uspokojujici. Jak se vecery meni s vekem ze? LOL 

A tohle je muj nejnovejsi prirustek, je to krasny a heboucky svetr od znacky Falke a je smesici kasmiru a vlny. Okamzite jsem si ho zamilovala. A byl idealnim kouskem na nasi rodinou nedelni prochazku. 

A spolu s brylemi znacky Dior, ktere jsou momentalne ve sleve vypadal svetr a vubec cely look vyborne. Presne jak to mam rada, trosku cool a zaroven pohodli. Ulovila jsem je na Sunglasses shop, ktery ma ted uzasne slevy na bryle top designersky znacek jako YSL, Marc Jacobs a jine. 

Podzim mam moc rada. Miluju na nem utulne vecery, ranni prochazky, kdy uz citite ten podzimni chlad a nejvice miluju prochazky barevnou prirodou. Jsem zkratka pripravena si to uzit co nejvice. 


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Beauty: Welcoming Autumn Glow

Autumn is here and even with cosy evenings at home and crispy days outside I am not willing to let a glowy makeup go anywhere. I wanted to share with you couple of key products I have been enjoying for some time and will be transforming them to colder months as a part of daily makeup routine. The tones fit perfectly this type of weather whether it is colder but sunny day or another rainy afternoon.

Recently I have been using the Guerlain L’Essentiel Natural Glow Foundation and I love it. It gives that natural glow you need. And you probably have seen all over my social media that I am obsessed with Dior Backstage Eye and also Glow Face palettes. They are my holly grail. And of course I love to set everything with my all- time favourite Translucent powder by Laura Mercier.

The rest is all about those perfect final touches and today I have used Tom Ford Brow Pencil together with Eye Liner, Guerlain Mascara, Tom Ford lipstick in the shade Naked coral and stunning Nars lip pencil.

This is a perfect makeup for crispy autumn day like today when you see the sun and feel the crispy air as soon as you step out. How beautiful!

Podzim je tady a s nim i utulne vecery doma a chladne dny a ja jsem se rozhodla, ze se nevzdam glowy makeupu. Pro nektere patri letu, ale ja jsem si nektere tyto klicove produkty tak oblibila, ze je budu pouzivat  i v nadchazejicich chladnych mesicich a budou stale soucasti me makeupove rutiny. Tyto teple tony se hodi jak na slunecne chladne dny, tak na ty vice uprsene a jsou na podzim idealni. 

Nektere produkty jsem pouzivala prakticky cele leto a to hlavne dve paletky od Diora, ktere vidite na fotografii a take makeup od Guerlainu. Strasne me bavi tyto barvy a opravdu pridaji pleti takovy ten lehky trpyt. A pudr od Laura Mercier je jeden z nejlepsich pudru na trhu vubec. 

Tento svuj oblibeny zaklad jsem doladila Tuzkou na oci a take tuzkou na oboci od Toma Forda, ktere patri mezi me favority a take rtenkou od Toma Forda. I prestoze jsou cenove drazsi, musim rict, ze stoji za to, protoze krasne hydratuji a maji nadherne odstiny. Ted si take hodne pohravam s linkama na rty a dneska jsem pouzila tuto krasku od Nars. A nesmim zapomet na oblibenou rasenku od Guerlain. 

Krasny makeup v teplejsich tonech na krasny, chladny, ale slunecny den jaky mame prave dneska v Londyne.



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How to afford luxury for less?

Wearing: Bag: YSL, Boots: Oliver Sweeney via Brand Alley, Dress: Alexa Chung via Brand Alley, Jacket: Zara, Sunglasses: Dior

Perhaps you are one of those people that is sometimes wondering how do other people afford luxury and premium high-street clothes? Well, not everybody shops latest collections for full prices. Trust me. People have their own tricks how to snap great and good quality items for much less.

You have several options…firstly you can shop in the sales which is the obvious tip. Secondly you can shop at sample sales which can be tricky unless you become a sample sale pro and you have the patience for it. You can also snap your dream items in pre-loved shops or you can make things easy for yourself and you can shop in outlet stores or online shopping destinations that offer things on constant sale. That is how I got this gorgeous Alexa Chung dress and my new boots. Both come from Brand Alley which is a fantastic shopping destination and you can even get brands like Balenciaga, Stella McCartney or Chloe.

It is a great way how to build up good quality wardrobe and it will not affect your bank balance as much. And we all want that, don’t we?

Mozna se obcas ptate, jak je mozne, ze si nekdo muze dovolit designerske kousky a nebo drazsi retezce? Ne vsichni nakupuji za plnou cenu a nejnovejsi kolekce. Je spousta lidi, kteri maji ruzne triky na to jak si dovolit drazsi kousky. Ja si za plnou cenu kupuju hlavne veci, ktere casto nejdou koupit jinak a nebo taky veci, ktere me chytly za srdce tak, ze nemam vychodisko. LOL 

Pri nakupovani vyhodne mate nekolik moznosti. Ta prvni je jasna a to nakupovat ve slevach. Dalsi moznosti jsou sample sales. Na ty je treba trosku praxe a hlavne trpelivost. Dalsi zpusob je urcite nakupovat veci z druhe ruky. Uz i v Cesku se nachazi spousta obchodu, kde se daji poridit nosene designerske kousky. A jednou z moznosti jsou ruzne outlety jako napriklad Brand Alley tady v Britanii. Odtud mam nove saty Alexa Chung a tyhle nove boty.  Oboji by dohromady za plnou cenu vysly asi na 500 -600 £, ale tady je najdete za zlomek puvodni ceny. Coz je vzdy dobra zprava. 

V dnesni dobe je uz opravdu spousta moznosti a tak i vy si muzete poridit kvalitni kousky za mnohem mene a postupne si obohacovat satnik.


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