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5 Steps I have been doing to lose weight

I learnt over the years how to love my body. I went from somebody that controlled every calorie and worked out constantly until reaching burning out syndrome to  somebody that is all about balance and small steps.

However with age things are not going as easy as it was before and especially after I had a child. Certain parts are less toned than others so I decided to push a little bit harder before summer. And of course it is natural to fail here and there however as I said balance is a key. I have been focusing on 5 simple steps that are helping me to get that bikini body.

  1. Hot water with Lemon – This is an old trick that always makes a difference. I have always been doing it however in the last few weeks I have increased the amount and I also drink few cups a day. It helps to detoxify your body and speeds up metabolism. Very cheap and simple step how to get flatter tummy.
  2. Weight and Fitness Vitamins – I used to be a huge fan of food supplements and then I had a long break until now. This is the easiest thing you can do for yourself is to get some good food supplement that will intensify your workouts and diet. I have been using Fat and Carb blocker from Super Smart. And I have also been using Appetite Control Formula. Now is the best time ever as they will really make a difference before holiday. I eat one pill of each with breakfast and then lunch. I have noticed results already during 3rd week of using them. The Appetite Control vitamin is brilliant and my cravings have been reduced massively especially in the evenings. You can get these 15 % off with a discount code GLAM1805 (not valid on products that are already in some promotion offer).
  3. Dry body brushing – If you want to minimise cellulite to create more toned image of yourself body brushing is the way. I have been always quite lazy to do this but again it is the easiest and cheapest method however with summer approaching fast I have been doing this daily before bath or shower. The skin definitely feels softer and I know that increasing blood circulation can only benefit me. And you can also start to use body peelings regularly.
  4. Working out – I used to be an absolute workout freak. I used to teach spinning and on some weeks that would mean 8 classes in 7 days. Wow. Now with a child things are little bit more tricky however I have been working out at home or running with a buggy. I can highly recommend Kayla Itsines workouts that are short and effective. If you have not tried Jillian Michaels 30 day shred that is also life changer if you want to lose weight urgently before holidays. I also go running with a buggy or take long walks and added weekly challenges e.g. squat challenge, pelvic workouts etc. It is about doing that extra to push yourself a bit more.
  5. Get enough sleep, do not think about losing weight too much and eat clean – Another quite tricky thing if you have a child is to get enough sleep. I used to use Liam’s naps purely for work and now in the last few weeks I have been trying to nap with him a bit more. He is an early riser and I am talking 5 am sometimes even earlier so if I want to make sure I sleep the naps are required. And remember do not feel guilty if you slip or have a big dinner here and there, bit of ice cream or lot of wine. The guilt is the worse and it is key that you feel good about yourself. The cleaner you eat the better. Just try to cut processed food and eat fresh. You will achieve results much faster than just counting calories and they will also be more permanent.

So please join me on my little fitness journey and let me know how you get on. The discount offer on the Super Smart supplements is valid until end of June 2018. Good luck everybody.

If you want to see more about my journey watch my video here.

Po letech muzu rict, ze jsem zacala mit rada svoje telo. To je pro nekoho, kdo mel posedlost vahou a hubnutim opravdu velky zlom. To vite, ze to obcas resim, ale kdo me zna pred par lety pochopi. Nemluvila jsem o nicem jinem a cvicila jako silena. Byla jsem takova dietova kralovna, ktera stejne koncila tak, ze nebyla az tak hubena a mrzuta z hladu. LOL 

Kazdopadne ted uz vim, ze je vse o balancu a ze nic se nema prehanet. Je dulezite byt spokojeny a stastny. Ted po diteti jsem se pred dovolenou rozhodla trosku zabrat, i kdyz se mi uprimne moc nechce. Radsi bych si sedla kazdy vecer ke sklence vina a dala si hamburger LOL. Ale techto par kroku a zmen me nezabije a jsou vlastne uplne jednoduche. Jak rikam, balanc je dulezity. 

  1. Tepla voda s citronem – Tento stary trik zminuju snad v kazdem videu. Teplou vodu s citronem piju rano na lacno. Je to super vec a pomaha se zbavit spatneho v tele a nastartuje metabolismus. Ted pred dovolenou jsem se rozhodla zvysit davky a davam si dalsi alespon jeden salek behem dne. Je to skvely zpusob jak se take zbavit tuku na brise. Coz je po diteti moje kriticka partie.
  2. Potravinove doplnky podporujici hubnuti – Drive jsem uzivala potravinove doplnky ve velkem. Pak jsem prestala a rikala jsem si, ze si telo necham radit samo a spolu s vyvazenou stravou to pujde. Ale ted kdyz jsem se rozhodla zabrat a zacala pouzivat tyto produkty ze Super Smart Vitamins a jsou oba skvele. Pouzivam Fat and Carb Blocker, ktery zabranuje vstrebavani tuku. A takhle kdyz chcete urgentne zhubnout je to opravdu neco, co vam pomuze rychleji dosahnout vysledku. A dalsi vyborna vec je Appetite Control Vitamin, ktery snizuje chute a to hlavne vecer. Davam si jednu tabletu s snidani a druhou na obed a uz treti tyden jsem videla prvni vysledky. Momentalne muzete pouzit slevovy kod na jakekoli vitaminy ze Super Smart a to 15 % – GLAM1805. Tento kod plati jenom na produkty, ktere nejsou jiz ve sleve a je platny do konce Cervna 2018. 
  3. Kartacovani problemovych partii – Dalsi stary a levny trik, ktery zlepsuje krevni obeh a take pusobi dobre na celulitidu. Pokud zlepsite stav sve celulitidy, tak telo pak vypada hned jinak. Je dulezite nechat krev proudit a k tomu staci se na sucho kartacovat treba pred sprchou. Ted uz to delam nekolikaty tyden a uprimne vam reknu, ze jsem nekdy pekne lina, ale vzdy se presvedcim, ze tech par minut me nezabije .
  4. Hybejte se – Ja jsem driv cvicila opravdu hodne a ted s Liamkem je to horsi, protoze nemam hlidani a manzel se vraci z prace opravdu pozde, takze cvicim doma a chodim behat s kocarem. Hrozne se mi osvedcily treninky s Kaylou Itsines, jsou kratke a efektivni. Dale muzu doporucit 30 day Shred s Jillian Michaels, za 4 tydny se vam hodne upravi postava. Ale ted jsem zabrala jeste vic a pridavam si ruzne tzv “weekly challenges” napriklad 100 leh sedu denne apod. Jak rikam je treba trosku pridat, pokud chcete videt vysledky za par tydnu. 
  5. Spanek, nevycitat si nic a jist “ciste” – Spanek je dulezity a to i kdyz chcete hubnout. Liam se budi hodne brzo a driv jsem pokazde kdyz sel spat pres den pracovala, ted se snazim si jit lehnout s nim a je to super. Citim se lip. Dulezite je take nevycitat si kazde sousto a kdyz ujedete nechat to jit. Ja treba mela ted sileny vikend – vecere, vino, dorty LOL ale co, dalsi den muzu zacit zase spravne. A snazte se jist cerstve potraviny, co nejmene zpracovanych produktu. To zabira nejvice a hlavne si vahu udrzite. 

Takze do toho pojdte klidne se mnou, mame jeste par tydnu do prazdnin a to se da hodne zmenit. Slevovy kod na vitaminy plati do konce cervna 2018. Preji hodne uspechu a hodne sil. 

A pokud chcete videt vic, mrknete na moje video na tohle tema. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Fighting post baby issues with GP Nutrition

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those women that said they fit in their jeans two weeks after having a baby and left the hospital lighter than before getting pregnant. Or one of those women who say their baby slept through the night at 12 weeks. And trust me there are lot of people I know that had it this way. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Six months later I can finally fit in my jeans but I am still not there and I am up 10 times a night whilst I need to look after a child and run fully this blog. I need a fully functional body, I need energy and I need to lose weight. Who doesn’t?  As these are typical post baby issues most women have to deal with. Well, I cannot get more sleep as there is nobody to look after my child. I have no family here or nanny and my husband leaves 6:30 in the morning for work and comes back at 7 the earliest.

There is a next option that would definitely help and that is to eat clean food. As you can see I have gathered few books over the time and I know exactly how body works. It is about giving your body the right nutrition and balance everything out. It is a longterm solution for healthy body, great skin and sufficient amount of energy. However, these things can be so hard to maintain especially with lack of time. And then there is the other option to try to help and support your clean eating with supplements of different types. So I have partnered with GP Nutrition to try their offering to help me to fight all my post baby issues.

If you go on their site you have the option to do a test what programmes are the most suited to your needs. After doing the test I discovered (which is not a surprise at all) that my top ones are programmes SLIM Me, RESTORE Me and BOOST Me. These should really help to bring the best to my body and help to increase endurance, restore vitality, stabilise sleep patters and also balance my nutrition.

It is honestly perfect solution for busy lifestyle. Yes in my head I am always about cooking super clean dinners but the time does not let me to do it. Also on the days when I had an awful night with the baby I tend to eat badly and grab pizza instead of beetroot salad. I am sure you know the story.

What I loved about the package when it arrived was that the brand enclosed very clear intro about each programme but also easy instruction of how to use them. I am the laziest person when it comes to reading about these things so it was very handy. Second great thing is the packaging. No more excuses that the box is too big as everything is split into smaller sachets so you can take these with you. It is perfect even for a small bag or travelling. Very smart right?

And if you ask me if all this works? Yes, I have definitely seen some improvements and I have only been using these for two weeks or so. The biggest different I have noticed is when I used My Gel from the SLIM Me programme I feel my cravings are gone and also I am not that hungry. Isn’t that what we need after all?


Nekdy si preju, abych mohla rict, ze jsem jedna z tech zen, co se dva tydny po porodu vlezla do starych dzinu a odchazela z nemocnice s min kily nez pred otehotentnim. A nebo jedna z tech, kterym miminko spi celou noc uz od dvanacti tydnu. A sama mam ve svem okoli nekolik takovych zenskych. Ja to  bohuzel nejsem. 

A o sest mesicu pozdeji konecne muzu prohlasit, ze se vlezu do starych dzinu (i kdyz to jeste zdaleka neni ono) a hlavne jsem vzhuru v prumeru tak sestkrat za noc. O to je to tezsi, kdyz prakticky nemate materskou, protoze uz po dvou tydnech jsem jela naplno s timto blogem. A verte mi, ze je to prace na plny uvazek. Spanek nespanek telo musi fungovat. Jako kazda mama musim rano vstat (nekdy i ve ctyri) a uz jede klasicky kolotoc – dite, jidlo, pleny a to vse bez chuvy, babicky, sestry a jedinou oporou je muz, ktery vyrazi do prace 6:30 a vraci se nejdrive 7. 

Jak vidite za nejakou dobu jsem shromazdila nejakou literaturu o vyzvive, jidelnicku apod. A presne vim jak telo funguje. Princip je jednoduchy a da se rici, ze dosahnout idealni vahy, dostatku energie, krasne pleti a zdravi je hlavne o jidle. Jde o to se vyhybat polotovarum a jist nutricne vyvazena jidla v nich je jenom to co si telo dokaze opravdu odebrat a vzit to nejlepsi. Je to trosku slozitejsi, ale to si samy muzete precist a zjistit. Kazdopadne tyto veci muzou byt slozite, pokud mate uspechany zivotni styl jako ja. A pak existuje druha moznost a to podporit vase “zdrave” stravovani vyzivovymi doplnky. A to hlavne pokud jsou vytvoreny na presne podobnem principu jako “clean eating”. A proto jsem se spojila s GP Nutrition, ktera nabizi nekolik ruznych programu. A spousta z nich vam pomuze se zbavit presne takovych problemu jako mam ja po diteti. 

Na zaklade testu, ktery si muzete udelat na jejich strankach, jsem zjistila, ze nejvhodnejsi programy pro me budou SLIM Me, RESTORE Me a BOOST Me. A neni to snad ani prekvapeni. Diky neprospanym nocim potrebuju vytrvalost, zvyseni energie, zvysit kvalitu spanku a take upravit svoji zivotospravu. Nemyslim si, ze jim uplne spatne, ale napriklad v ty dny, kdy mam za sebou krusnou noc a ceka me spousta prace a schuzek a to jeste s ditetem velmi casto sklouznu k zabijakum jako je pizza, kava, vino apod. Bohuzel. 

Po vybrani nejvhodnejsi programu pro vas vam bude balicek dorucen a k nemu jsou prilozeny take instrukce a benefity vaseho programu. To se mi strasne libilo, protoze vse vypada prehledne a strucne a ja jsem ten nejhorsi clovek co se tyce procitani si nejakych letaku a vyhledavani toho, jak se vyrobek pouziva. Dalsi vec, ktera me nadchla je tak baleni. Nemusite se vymlouvat na to, ze vam produkt prisel ve velke krabici, kterou nechce tahat sebou. Vse je rozdeleno do mensich baleni, ktere si muzete vzit kazde rano ci do letadla. Jsou tak kompaktni, ze se jednoduse vlezou i do male kabelky. 

A po vyzkouseni techto programu musim prohlasit, ze jsem spokojena. Nejvice jsem si vsimla toho, ze kdyz opravdu pravidelne pouzivam My gel z programu SLIM Me, ze mam mensi zavaly chuti na sladke a vubec mensi hlad. A o tom prave je vyvazena strava a dulezite veci jako vyvazeni hladiny cukru v krvi. Vsechny tyto produkty jsou navrhnuty tak, aby vase telo bylo vyvazene a pokud jste jako, ze nemate cas si pokazde pripravit super zdrave jidlo, GP Nutrition je skvele reseni jak do tela dostat dulezite prvky a zbavit se ruznych problemu a to nejen tech po porodu. 

Pokud vas produkty zaujaly, muzete je poridit se slevou 10 %, kdyz zadate kod Glamazon1.

LOVE Glamazon xoxo 

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Top 5 Tips to Make your Mornings Nicer

10 (Image via Pinterest)

I am a morning person in general. I have usually lot of energy and always prefer to do work in the morning whether that is to create content for my blog, meet people, go to the gym or any other activity. However, some people are the total opposite and they absolutely hate mornings. Whether you are like me or the others I believe it is about positive attitude and bringing lovely routines to make your mornings better.

So I decided to put together few tips and suggestion of things you can try to make your mornings nicer. Obviously you may not be able to fit all of this in on a weekday but you may pick one to try and do the rest on Saturday or Sunday.

  1. Move your body – It can be a morning walk or a run or any other sort of exercise. I guarantee that if you do this first thing in the morning you will feel so much better.
  2. Try new methods like Hayo’u Method – A while back I wrote this article about this fab way how to start your day and shake the stress off your shoulders.
  3. It is all about the small things – Whether you like a nice cup of coffee or a hot shower do it. Whatever makes you happy. I love having a nice cup of coffee. It seems to trigger some sort of satisfaction and happiness.
  4. Plan the night before – I am a typical planner and it does help in life a lot. I set targets, goals and prepare strategy to achieve things. It is so much easier to know what you need to do that day rather than having chaos in your head already.
  5. Healthy touch – Ok, I mentioned coffee in a point three and that is not the healthiest thing on the planet. However, another thing I love is to start to healthy. I love to have a warm water with lemon or a nice green juice. There is just something about starting your day like this.

You all may have different ideas and routines however the point was to share mine. Hopefully we all get to the point when we love to wake up each day and with a big smile.

Jsem typicke ranni ptace. Rano mam vzdy nejvice energie, vstavam brzo a rana mam k vsemoznym aktivitam. Jsem schopna se v nedeli brzy vzbudit a napsat hned za sebou nekolik clanku na blog, jit cvicit, jit s nekym na snidani a mnohem vice. Ale na druhe strane jsou lide, kteri rana nesnasi a dela jim problem se vyhrabat z postele. At uz patrite do prvni ci druhe skupiny je dulezite si rana zprijemnit a prinest trosku rutiny, at vkrocite do kazdeho dne tou spravnou nohou.

Samozrejme kazdy je uplne jiny a ne vsechny nas bavi stejne veci a tak mozna v tydnu si muzete vybrat jednu z techto veci. Ale o vikendech urcite zvladnete i vice.

  1. Hybejte se – Miluju ranni pohyb a je uplne jedno, co delate. Nekdo rad plave, nekdo si jen radsi zajde na prochazku ci behat. Ten pocit kdyz skoncim nejakou aktivitu je k nezaplaceni.
  2. Zkuste nove metody jako napriklad Hayo’u – Nedavno jsem napsala clanek o nove metode, ktera trva par minut a pomuze vam zbavit se stresu.
  3. Male veci, ktere udelaji radost – Ranni kava, dobra snidane ci sprcha. Muzou to byt male ritualy, ktere vam zprijemni rano. Ja mam pocit, ze dobry salek kavy mi dodava takovy prijemny pocit radosti.
  4. Naplanujte si den predem – Ja jsem typicky planovac. Stanovuju si cile, strategie a vetsinou vim uz rano, co musim udelat. Je urcite lepsi vstat z postela a mit pevnejsi plan nez chaoticke myslenky a nevedet, co musite udelat prvni. 
  5. Zacnete zdrave – Vim, ze jsem v bode 3 zminila kavu a to asi neni ta nejzdravejsi vec na svete, ale rada zacinam den zdrave napriklad teplou vodou s citronem ci cerstvym dzusem. Neco na tom zkratka je, kdyz si prvni rano vypiju neco zdraveho. Mam pocit, ze jsem pro sebe neco udelala a den je pak zkratka jiny.

Mozna mate jine male ranni radosti a ritualy, ale chtela jsem sdilet ty me. Snad se jednou dopracujeme k tomu, ze kazde rano bude prijemne a vykouzli nam usmev na tvari. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Happy and Healthy with HAYO’U Method

Hands up for those who can say they never feel stressed? Not many of you right? We all handle things differently. Somebody gets stressed just by missing a train and somebody gets stressed only when major issues appear in their life. However, as we go day after day these small things pile up and one day they have an impact somewhere. Whether that is back pain, skin issues or much more serious and difficult illnesses. My mum always says that all illnesses are caused originally by stress.

And what do you think at those moments when you are felling under pressure? My first thoughts are always like I wish I could be on a relaxing beach and this all would go away? Well, that is one way to do that and probably pretty expensive way. Or you can start to meditate but the question is how many of us has got that luxury of spare time for doing this? Some people to chose to go to GP and get some medication but that is definitely my least favourite choice as I believe there are no pills that make this go away.

Well, I have a solution for you. You may or may not have seen on my snapchat (evaglamazon) last week that I had a meeting in Notting Hill. I did not tell you much about it but it was my consultation with lovely Katie Brindle. She is a Chinese Physician and one of the most passionate people I met. She loves Chinese medicine and her job and it is so refreshing to meet somebody with that sort of attitude and love for something.

Katie put together her knowledge of eastern world medicine and designed HAYO’U method. Now that is perfect for somebody with two jobs, social life and busy lifestyle like myself. All you need is few minutes a day to get rid of the stress that has piled up inside your body. And you can do this thanks to one minute rituals. They are so quick and easy to do and you will find short videos and demonstrations on Katie’s website. It is set of drumming, shaking and breathing techniques to help you literally to shake the stress out of your body.

I have been doing this now for few days and what a great way to start a day! You can do it whilst your coffee machine is on or even when you are getting ready in the bathroom. It is very easy to fit it even in a busy day. My favourite technique is the breathing. I feel people underestimate the power of correct breathing and Katie advised me to try big deep breaths and when you breathe out just imagine big smile across your abdomen. I would never think something this small could have such a huge impact. Now this is something you can practice even on the way to work. You will feel energised, fresh and ready to go.

You can find all the information here where Katie explains the benefits and what is hidden behind each technique. And if there are non-believers in Chinese medicine just think about how many years this has been practiced and the results. Katie will be also launching soon range of products that can help you to improve your health even more so keep an eye on it.

It will not kill anybody to at least try. I will definitely include these short rituals in my morning routine as it makes me feel good. And isn’t that what we all want after all?

Ruce na horu ti, kteri mohou rict, ze nikdy neciti zadny stres? Moc vas neni, ze? Kazdy reaguje na problemy jinak. Nekdo nevydrzi napriklad fakt, ze mu ujel vlak a druhy se stresuje, az jsou problem mnohem vetsi. Kazdopadne jak dny ubihaji, tak nase telo a mysl je neustale vystaveno problemum, stresu apod. A za nejaky cas se tyhle momenty bohuzel nekde musi objevit. Ja napriklad hned pocitim tezky tyden ve svych zadech, ktere zacnou neskutecne bolet. Obcas je to neprijemna unavana, ale nekteri z vas urcite znaji lidi kolem sebe, kteri trpi zavaznejsimi problemy. Jak rika moje maminka…vsechny nemoci zacinaji hlavne kvuli stresu a myslim, ze na tom bude neco pravdy.

No a co si v takove momenty prejete? Mate predstavu jak se stresu zbavit? Ja se vzdy snazim myslenkama utect na krasnou plaz, predstavit si zapadajici slunce a zkratka krasne uklidnijici momenty. Ale to je ve vetsine pripadu nemozne. Nejde se jenom tak sbalit, odejit z prace a vyhodit problemy oknem.  A co treba meditace? Ale kdo ma dneska tolik casu? 

No myslim, ze mam pro vas reseni. Nekteri vas, co me sleduji na snapchatu mozna vite, ze jsem mela nedavno schuzku v Notting Hill. Mela jsem konzultaci s uzasnou Katie Brindle. Katie se venuje uz patnact let Cinske medicine a je opravdu nadherne se potkat s nekym, ktery ma v sobe tolik vasne a lasky pro to, co dela. 

Katie prisla na trh s metodou Hayo’u. Spojila sve znalosti vychodni mediciny a vytvorila minutove ritualy, ktere pomahaji se zbavit stresu. Na svych strankach demostruje v kratkem videu jak tyhle ritualy provadet. Jedna se opravdu o par minut denne, ktere vam pomohou nastartovat den pozitivne a citit se lepe. Muj nejoblibenejsi ritual je dychani. Priznavam se, ze obcas zapominam na to jak napriklad spravne dychani muze cloveku ulevit. Je opravdu jednoduche tyto ritualy zaradit i do takoveho dne, ktere mam ja.

Staci praktikovat dychani a ostatni ritualy pri ranni hygiene, ci kdyz cekate nez se vam uvari kava. A v tom je to kouzlo. V dnesni uspechane dobe je cas jedna z nejcenejsich veci. Ja ritualy provadim uz nekolik dni a muj den hned zacina lepe. Za zkousku prece nic nedate.

Love Glamazon xoxo