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The ultimate girly day at St Martin’s Courtyard

If a massage appointment pops up on my phone calendar I am the happiest person in the world. So imagine full day of pampering, good food, shopping and great wine. I am beyond happy and more than that (simply find it hard to describe it with words). So let me take you on the journey of a day like that and introduce this nirvana for Londoners – St Martin’s Court Yard.

There is nothing better than an ultimate girly day packed with things most girls like. Whether you decide to take your sister, best friend or treat your dearest mum for upcoming Mother’s day this is the place to do it. I have never realised how handy it is to have all these facilities nearby each other and how easy it is to create a perfect day. If my mummy lived in London this is where we would be hanging around on 26th March for sure.

So let me take you with me on a little tour around St Martin’s Court Yard and make you forget that it is Monday today. I had the best time yesterday with my friend Joanne and as we are both mums this was an incredible treat. It has been the longest time I have been separated from Liam but it was so worth it.

Kdyz mi v kalendari na telefonu naskoci upozorneni, ze mam dneska masaz, tak me zaplavi pocit stesti. Takze si predstavte, ze zjistite, ze vas ceka cely den plny uzasnych veci jako kadernik, masaze, nakupy a dobra snidane a obed. Nikdy jsem si neuvedomila, jak jednoduche je zvladnout vse v jeden den, pokud se rozhodnete tento den stravit v St. Martin’s Courtyard na Covent Garden. 

Miluju takove holcici dny a tohle bylo asi nejdele, kdy jsem byla oddelena od Liamka. I kdyz se mi styskalo, tak jsem si vcerejsi nedeli opravdu uzila. Vydala jsem se na den plny zazitku s kamaradkou Joanne, ktera ma dve deti a vubec se nam nechtelo domu. Brzy nas ceka svatek matek a takovy den by byl uzasny darek pro maminku, ale treba i pro kamaradku k narozeninam ci si uzit den jenom se svoji sestrou. To uz je na kazdem.

A v dnesnim postu vas chci vzit na takovou mensi vypravu, kterou jsem si vcera vyzkousela ja. 

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My Favourite Lip Balms Guide

In the winter I use lip balms more then ever. My lips can get very dry. I know girls that said they stopped using lip balms as the lips get used to it and then get even more dry. Well, I am not planning to quit as there is just something so lovely and luxurious when you retouch your lips with a good balm.

At the moment I am using this Chanel lip balm (I am a sucker for a nice packaging) and also Dior Lip balm which you cannot apparently get in UK which I mentioned in my last video. However, I put together a small guide of products I have tried and have been using. I like to mix things up a lot as there are so many wonderful products.

So any of these are your favourites? Or are you using anything I should know about?

V zime pouzivam balzamy na rty v obrovskem mnozstvi. Moje rty jsou nekdy tak suche, ze se mi bohuzel loupe kuzicka. Sice mam kamaradky, ktere tvrdi, ze nejlepsi je s balzamy prestat a rty se zacnou hydratovat samy, ale me na balzamech bavi to, ze jsou prijemne a je to takovy mini ritual, kdyz vytahnete pekne baleni z kabelky a hydratujete si rty. Ja jsem proste na rtenky a balzamy. Nemusim mit ani rasenku, hlavne, ze mam nejaky produkt na rtech.

Momentalne nejvice pouzivam klasicky balzam od Chanelu. Nebudu vam lhat, miluju jejich baleni. A take pouzivam uzasny balzam od Diora, ktery se pry neda koupit v Britanii, jak jsem zminovala v mem poslednim videu. Zajimalo by me, zda ho Dior v CR prodava. Nevite nekdo? Kazdopadne jsem dala dohromady mensiho pruvodce oblibenymi balzamy a produkty na rty, ktere jsem vyzkousela. Rada veci menim a zkousim novinky i stare klasiky.

A jaky mate v oblibe vy?

Love Glamazon xoxo 


Beauty: Current Favourites January 2017


January can be quite dull month. People indulged over holidays, spent lot of money during party season and Christmas and of course New Years celebrations. And January is the type of the month when people try to start eating healthy, gyms are packed with newcomers and then there is January drinking detox. Well, that all is great but may not be as much fun so I use January for trying new products and pampering. It is a great way how to brighten up otherwise grey and cold days.

So here are my current favourites. During winter months I am all about hydrating my skin. The weather can be quite harsh and skin can get really dry. I am huge fan of face masks as January is a perfect month for Netflix and your favourite face masks. This month I have been all about this soothing and hydrating mask from Nuxe, this amazing white oil miracle from Gazelli that really brings results instantly and last but not least I fell in love with everything from Skin Laundry. As a daily moisturiser I am currently using a face cream by Younom that has been tailored to my needs based on my DNA. In the evenings I have been all about this Estee Lauder serum that really helped to get rid of some dark spots on my skin. If I am in a rush and really need a quick way to hydrate my skin I reach for this Rodial hyaluronic tonic from their Blood range. And I do not leave house without my latest crush by Dior. I madly fell in love with this plumping lip balm. And it gets bonus points for the most chic packaging.

As you can see there is no chance for my skin to feel dry in January. So what your current favourites? Anything I should try?

Leden muze byt docela depresivni mesic. Vetsina lidi utratila spoustu penez pres svatky a v lednu se vsichni snazi setrit. A nejenom to. Spousta lidi se rozhodne najednou jist zdrave, zacit cvicit a prestat pit. A tak vsechna ta predchozi zabava konci jako kdyz utne. Ja se snazim ponure lednove dny zpestrit zkousenim novych produktu, casto si delam pletove masky a snazim se uzivat si dny doma u dobreho filmu. A proc ne? Je to prijemny zpusob jak zpestrit tu lednovou nudu a sed. 

A tady je par z mych oblibenych lednovych produktu. Uz v prosinci jsem ve velkem pouzivala tohle serum od Estee Lauder a take hydratacni masku od Nuxe, ktera je opravdu vyborna. Krasne vam hydratuje plet a zklidni ji a to hlavne v chladnem pocasi. A vubec celkove se v zimnich dnech venuju hydrataci. Dalsim oblibencem je maska od Skin Laundry a take maska Gazelli, ktera prinasi vysledky temer ihned. Jako denni krem momentalne pouzivam krem Younom, ktery mi byl vytvoren na miru na zaklade meho testu DNA. A kdyz potrebuju rychleho zachrance behem par vterin, tak si plet prestrikam touhle vodou od znacky Rodial. A jelikoz nesmime zapominat na rty, tak u sebe mam v kabelce tento uzasny balzam na rty od Diora. Jak vidite v lednu opravdu hydratuju. A jak vidim v Cesku je opravdu velka zima a kdybych byla u nas tak tu hydrataci jeste zdvounasobim. 

Urcite se rada doctu, jestli mate nejake momentalni oblibene produkty. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Hey skin laundry I am glowing


It was now over a year ago when I was in Hong Kong for New Years celebrations and stayed at one of my best friends’ house when she just returned from holidays and was just glowing. You know that type of glow when your skin looks fresh, tight and so healthy. Well, we kind of all glow after being relaxed however when I told her she said she is just back from Skin Laundry. That got me curious.

We did not discuss much about it but I was told it is the best thing ever if you want great results in short amount of time. Over the course of year she mentioned the treatment several times and one day I got a message from her Skin Laundry is now available in London at Liberty department store. Big fat yes from me! I knew I had to try it.

I have always had skin issues since I was a teenager. I suffered from severe acne and later from hyper-pigmentation and now when I am getting older there is a new issue called wrinkles. Well, does it ever stop? So when I got the opportunity to partner up with Skin Laundry and try the course of treatments I did not hesitate. The founder Yen Reis who had skin issues herself came up with a great concept of light laser and light therapy treatment that really delivers. It is great for everything – acne scars, wrinkles, clogged pores, pigmentation or even just tired looking complexion. Some of you may have tried traditional laser however this is more mild version that needs to be done frequently in order to achieve great results. And why would you do it this way rather then go once or twice for a traditional laser treatment?

Firstly, it is quick, secondly it is affordable (50 £ per treatment), thirdly you do not leave the salon red or irritated and plus it does not hurt. Even after the first treatment your skin is glowing, fresh and looks fantastic and that all just after 15 minutes. I have just finished the intensive course of 5 treatments and I am beyond happy. It works wonder on tired skin too. Now when I am a new mum that is also a huge concern. I am so impressed that I bought one of their bundles and I will be going for more (it kind of becomes an addiction). What I find fantastic that they offer first treatment free of charge for everybody. So you can go an try and see if you like it! I guarantee you will.

So who is going to get laundered with me? I think your lunch breaks are now sorted right?

Kdyz jsem byla pred vice nez rokem v Hong Kongu oslavit prichod Noveho Roku, bydlela jsem u jedne ze svych nejlepsich kamaradek. Ta se prave vratila z dovolene a jeji plet byla proste nadherna. Je mi jasne, ze slunicko a odpocinek pomaha nam vsem, ale trosku me vyvedla z omylu, protoze rekla, ze se prave vratila ze salonu Skin Laundry

Tenkrat jsme to az tak nerozebiraly, ale pochopila jsem, ze se jedna o rychly a slaby laserovy zasach, ktery pokozku behem patnacti minut napne, procisti a zkratka ji obnovi. A pokud budete chodit pravidelne, tak dokaze zamest s problemy jako pigmentace, jizvicky po akne apod. Jenomze co mi to bylo platne, kdyz Skin Laundry salon byl bud v LA ci v Hong Kongu. 

A prave neco takoveho by pro me bylo idealni. Vzdy jsem trpela na silne akne, ktere se upravilo az kdyz jsem byla starsi a pak prisla pigmentace, ktera me trapi doposud. No a ted po tricitce prisly vrasky. Ono je to zkratka porad neco. Takze kdyz mi jednoho dne prisla smska, ze Skin Laundry otevreli salon v Liberty obchodnim dome v Londyne, vedela jsem, ze to musim vyzkouset. 

Mela jsem to stesti, ze jsem se Skin Laundry mohla spolupracovat a zkusila intensivni kurz peti osetreni. Vcera jsem ho dokoncila a vysledky jsou tak skvele, ze jsem si koupila dalsi osetreni. A proc taky ne? Jedna se prakticky o velmi lehke osetreni laserem a take svetlem IPL, ktere trva pouze patnact minut. Neodchazite ze salonu cerveni, nybrz je vase pokozka krasne napnuta a svezi. A co je na tom nejlepsi, majitelka Yen Reis nabizi vsem prvni osetreni zdarma. Takze si to kazdy muze vyzkouset zdarma a rozhodnout se, zda tech 50 £ za osetreni stoji.

Ja si Skin Laundry nemuzu opravdu vynachvalit, takze pokud mate tu moznost, urcite to zkuste a uvidite.

Love Glamazon xoxo