Scalp treatment for dry scalp

Scalp treatment for dry scalp - picture of Eva Mcmahon wearing jeans and her healthy scalp

Scalp treatment for dry scalp

I am somebody that started to experience dry scalp at around the time I was at university and it always got worse during the exam period and we know why. Stress is a huge trigger when it comes to my psoriasis.

And and off it has been coming and going but it is fair to say it impacts so many of us. However, this winter I suffered extensively. I just moved my head and tons of flakes would fall out and I was in pain. The itching and almost bumpy scalp was just not something I wanted to experience at all. However, we also know winter can be worse when it comes to psoriasis and also I was sick for weeks and I believe the immune system that was weak was connected to my skin flaring up.

So there I was on the hunt for cure and read so many articles, spent so much money on products that made it worse and came back to my trusted Kerastase shampoo. No matter how many things I have tried I always have to come back to this particular one but this time the mask from the range really helped even more and I am still using this duo. I am also using massage brush to help my scalp and use this affordable one to make sure the products is evenly spread on my scalp.

And the last product I have added recently but love is something my hairdresser recommend and I have been loving it. I use it to hydrate my scalp on wet or dry hair almost every day. It is this Revlon hydrating lotion.

These things are also connected to diet however once you have this I feel it just comes and goes. So yes drinking alcohol and not eating well isn’t gonna help but we can only do our best to keep it under control.

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