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How to create vision board 2024 on Pinterest/Guide how to use it

Source: Pinterest however Image of Ivana Mentlova

How I create my vision board? As somebody who discovered law of attraction circa year 2008 I am a huge believer in energies, visual support to achieve your goals and also attracting things, people, circumstances and much more to your life.

People want different things in life. Some people looking for finding love, improving health or smile which you can simply improving with composite bonding (I did in the past) or you want save up money for holiday or perhaps owning your dream property.

However, nothing is black and white so also I have to say I have read tons of books since about this topic and also books about how subconscious mind affects us, our childhood, our old patterns and beliefs that are rooted so deeply inside that you can only work on them by specific therapies and techniques. So simply these things unless you work on them can subconsciously stop you from attracting what you want and it does not matter how many vision boards you surround yourself with and how many times you write in your diary certain affirmation.

Source: Pinterest

Over the years I have changed slightly how I do my vision board and last year was the first year when I did it this way. I create something more like a mood board and collect images on my Pinterest that resonate with me and have some meaning for me. So this mood board is more generic and more about your energy and frequency rather than specific goals. However when I look at it I feel really good. Each image moves me, makes me happy and makes me feel really content. I resonate with what I am looking it.

As an example a woman on reformer pilates can have different meaning for me – workout more, eat better, self-care, more time for myself. However, this image supports my more detailed goal – e.g. tone up muscles and lose weight. Many people say vision boards are there to be seen daily so you attract what you see but after the years I feel it is slightly against one of the law of attraction rules – Let it go. So to explain simply if you want to attract something to your life you should do following…when your energy is high send a wish, feel the energy of what you are wishing for, imagine you have it already, act like you have it but then let it go. Do not dwell on it. And from my experience that is why sometimes you think of something one minute and when you really let it go it can manifest an hour later.

I am not saying this is right way to do it however I feel in our busy lives it is an easy way to do it. We have our phones with us all the time and use it daily so that means these set of images that you love and represent something you want are there. So create your mood board with different layouts and then write down specific goals that are somehow linked with your mood board and once you write it down go through the “order” process. Basically what I mentioned above – wish, feel, act like you have it and let it go. Then put this piece of paper away and look at it end of the year or later you can even write down specific date. Perhaps you can look at it mid year in order to see how you are getting on with your goals. Person has to feel with their own intuition what works the best for them.

And your beautiful mood board can be your screensaver. I honestly loved my 2023 so much I did not change my screensaver as it really resonated me and I feel like that about my 2024 one as well.

Source: Pinterest

Here are the steps you can do to create yours:

  1. Sit down and think of what you want in your life to happen in 2024 and it can be even things like giving up smoking, invest more in your skin and well-being, run a marathon or simply relax more.
  2. Create a board on Pinterest – I keep mine one private and start to gather images. Make sure the image really moves you somehow and you feel this is really really good.
  3. Chose the images that are the key ones for your from your shortlist. Last year I had almost 100 images on my Pinterest board but when I was selecting the 12 for my board it went very quickly. Simply some talked to me more than others.
  4. For the mood board you can use app Canva or Moldiv. I find these two very easy.
  5. Write down specific goals on a piece of paper – if it makes it easier you can first do section personal, career, money, love and then this could help you to break it down.
  6. Before you put it away try to really feel each point and send a wish but then let it go. Exactly as I mentioned above (if that is what you struggle with – for me this is the hardest part perhaps read some books that help you to understand this and how to do it)
  7. Now you are all set for 2024

I decided to share some of images from my ‘mood’ board however this really can mean different things to others. In general I want more time for myself, more self-care, meditate more, have happy and healthy family, travel and also live in the moment. I am also looking for abundance in life, financial matters, love and health.

Happy New Year and may your 2024 be fantastic.


Gift Guide 2023 my wish list


Gifts can be easy when you are prepared. To be honest by now I am usually prepared but so far I do not have a single gift but want to perhaps help others with some ideas.

I created selection of gift ideas for women and these are personally things I love. I already have the Led mask and it is one of my favourite things I own (you can use code EVA15 for 15 % off and I have Black friday offer code starting 20th Nov ends 1st Dec EVA20). However the rest are amazing items from more affordable to luxury that I keep dreaming off. That YSL bag has been on my mind since last year and when they brought it in this colour I was sold.

Diptyque candles are the the ultimate luxury gift and the bigger the better and I adore coffee table books yet nobody ever gifts me one (perhaps my friends do not know me that well LOL).

And lastly I love getting vouchers (I know for so many so boring) so I can get some of these items myself or perhaps a treatment voucher. Nothing beats a good facial.

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Visit Ireland – Things to do

I recently came back from our trip to Ireland and despite being so many times before I fell in love with this place all over again. I wanted to share what we have been up to and perhaps give you some inspiration for your visit. It was our half-term holiday and we had a toddler and 7 years old so that can limit us in certain way but we managed to see quite a lot and came back with lot of experiences.


Capital of each country is probably always the obvious however Dublin is so worth it and has an incredible charm. You pretty much can manage to see a lot in 24 hours as in the town center you can get everywhere on foot. My favourite spot is Trinity College that has incredible character and the library is something like from Harry Potter movie. I also adore Irish gift shops and they are so fun to browse. Perhaps grab yourself a treat from Aran sweater shop or the University gift shop. And I would suggest a little walk around Temple bar area and snap a cute shot with the views of river Liffey. If you love shopping then Grafton Street is probably the best option as I know so many people love to splurge on different things when travelling. And Brown Thomas even has really good luxury stores if that is your thing. We were so lucky with the weather as it was perfect sunny but crispy day and I felt a bit like in Gilmore Girls especially at the campus.

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First half of 2021 is done..let’s look back

Wearing: Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood, Dress: River Island, Earrings: Celeste Starre, Blazer: Vintage


We are approaching end of July and I am sitting here and thinking how fast the first half of 2021 went. I thought it would be a good time to reflect what has happened so far and how is life during pandemic. As let’s face it covid is still here with us and does not look like it will be taking Virgin rocket to the moon. Although things seem somewhat normal here in UK I am still worried that autumn may bring another lockdown however, I am staying positive and hope that the government know what they are doing?!

I actually slowed down a lot when it comes to content creation and it feels great. At this point I am getting back. You can watch one video a week on my youtube so hurry up and hit that subscribe button. I also had several campaigns mainly on TikTok and I cannot wait to get back to it. I slowed down a lot when it comes to filming Tiktok videos. Truth be told I did not feel inspired or motivated due to changing algorithm. It is so much fun to create content in the summer as you are busy with social life, you have holidays and you travel. That gives you fun opportunities to create and you are inspired. On the other hand other people do it too and that means engagement goes down :)

I am so grateful that I managed to travel to Czech this summer and I could enjoy great weather and time with my family. That has been one of the best experiences this year. It was worth all the 15 tests we had to do as a family. However this also put me off travelling abroad so we decided to spend another holiday here in UK. We recently came back from Cornwall and had such a wonderful time. I am planning to share some content with you from there. Weather was on our side so it really felt like being at our beloved South France. We just ate more pasties LOL.

I am now obviously spending summer with Liam who is off school and let me tell you content creating with him constantly home is not as easy. I am determined to find a way as always and bring you as many videos, images and articles as possible.

Let me know how has your year been so far? I am curious to know :)


Mame za sebou prvni pulku roku 2021 a cervenec je skoro u konce a tak jsem si rikala, ze neni spatne se ohlednout, jaky ten prvni pul rok byl. Nebudu vam lhat, spoustu mesicu vetsina z nas prozila v lockdownu a je tak tezke rict, ze se delo neco noveho :) Bohuzel take vsichni vime, ze covid nikam neodesel a tak prestoze v Anglii nam vlada vse plne rozvolnila, tak mam obavy, jake nasledky tohle bude mit na podzim. Nejak jsem si zvykla, ze zivot je skoro normalni. A uprimne se mi nechce moc vracet k tomu, ze se nemuzu schazet s lidmi ci si zajit do restaurace.

Ja jsem na par mesicu dost zpomalila, co se tyce tvorby obsahu a prace a citim se skvele. Pomalu se vracim k toceni a tvorbe, na youtube vas ceka jedno video tydne a urcite i vice clanku tady na blogu. Hodne jsem ubrala u tvorby na TikToku, jelikoz jsem necitila inspiraci a taky me prestaval motivovat menici se algoritmus:) Na druhou stranu vetsina spolupraci, ktere jsem letos mela, byla prave na Tiktoku. Firmy opravdu investuji do propagace prave na teto platforme. A paradoxem je, ze behem leta se mi tvori obsah asi nejlepe. Cestovani, pocasi a dobrodruzstvi nam dava spoustu moznosti pro tvorbu a inspiraci. Bohuzel na druhou stranu je engagement vzdy nejslabsi, protoze si leto uzivaji vsichni.

Jsem tak vdecna, ze pres vsechna uskali se mi podarilo navstivit rodinu v Cesku a uzit si tam krasne pocasi a take kulatiny meho taty. Stalo to za vsechny ty testy a ze jich nebylo malo. Pro nas tri to bylo celkove patnact testu a to me opravdu odradilo od dalsich zahranicnich cest. A tak nase dalsi dovolena byla v Cornwallu. Pocasi nam opravdu pralo a prisla jsem si spise jako v Jizni Francii, jenom s tim, ze jsem jedla vice Pasties :)

A ted me ceka leto v Londyne. Urcite jeste neco podnikneme o vikendech jako rodina a chci si leto uzit co nejvice. Jelikoz jsou ale letni prazdniny, Liam nechodi do skoly a tak jsou veci jako tvorba a prace trosku slozitejsi. Budu se ale snazit tvorit pro vas co nejvice, at uz jsou to vlogy, videa ci clanky.

Dejte mi vedet jaka byla vase prvni pulka tohoto roku a co mate v planu? Mejte se hezky.