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The ultimate girly day at St Martin’s Courtyard

If a massage appointment pops up on my phone calendar I am the happiest person in the world. So imagine full day of pampering, good food, shopping and great wine. I am beyond happy and more than that (simply find it hard to describe it with words). So let me take you on the journey of a day like that and introduce this nirvana for Londoners – St Martin’s Court Yard.

There is nothing better than an ultimate girly day packed with things most girls like. Whether you decide to take your sister, best friend or treat your dearest mum for upcoming Mother’s day this is the place to do it. I have never realised how handy it is to have all these facilities nearby each other and how easy it is to create a perfect day. If my mummy lived in London this is where we would be hanging around on 26th March for sure.

So let me take you with me on a little tour around St Martin’s Court Yard and make you forget that it is Monday today. I had the best time yesterday with my friend Joanne and as we are both mums this was an incredible treat. It has been the longest time I have been separated from Liam but it was so worth it.

Kdyz mi v kalendari na telefonu naskoci upozorneni, ze mam dneska masaz, tak me zaplavi pocit stesti. Takze si predstavte, ze zjistite, ze vas ceka cely den plny uzasnych veci jako kadernik, masaze, nakupy a dobra snidane a obed. Nikdy jsem si neuvedomila, jak jednoduche je zvladnout vse v jeden den, pokud se rozhodnete tento den stravit v St. Martin’s Courtyard na Covent Garden. 

Miluju takove holcici dny a tohle bylo asi nejdele, kdy jsem byla oddelena od Liamka. I kdyz se mi styskalo, tak jsem si vcerejsi nedeli opravdu uzila. Vydala jsem se na den plny zazitku s kamaradkou Joanne, ktera ma dve deti a vubec se nam nechtelo domu. Brzy nas ceka svatek matek a takovy den by byl uzasny darek pro maminku, ale treba i pro kamaradku k narozeninam ci si uzit den jenom se svoji sestrou. To uz je na kazdem.

A v dnesnim postu vas chci vzit na takovou mensi vypravu, kterou jsem si vcera vyzkousela ja. 

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Oversized Denim Jacket Styling Tips

Denim jacket is one of the most classic pieces you should have in your wardrobe. It is gorgeous, timeless, easy to wear, practical and you can create endless combination. I think people underestimate the power of a good denim jacket.

I sometimes forget what a great piece it is and so easy to wear. I loved to wear when I was pregnant and actually bought several additions to my wardrobe. I am mainly huge fan of oversized styling and that is why I picked these pictures above as an inspiration. So if you do not have one and you like this idea I recommend classic pieces by Levis and if you feel you are more of a high-street person I can recommend few pieces from Esprit. This one if you like lighter option and this one if you want something more trendy and seasonal.

My biggest tips are to go for a size or two bigger. Second tip is to go outside of the box and out of your boundaries as you can wear it with a more feminine pieces like romantic dresses, lace etc. You can layer it with chunky knit and you do not have to be afraid to look huge. Or you can simple just through it over your shoulders. It honestly is a great piece to play with.

Dzinova bunda je jeden z nejklasictejsich kousku, ktere je dobre mit v satniku. Jsou krasne, nadcasove, jednoduse se nosi, jsou prakticke a daji se nosit v obrovskem spektru kombinaci. Obavam se, ze lide trosku podcenuji silu klasicke dzinove bundy. 

I ja sama obcas zapominam, ze vypada skvele v tolika outfitech a da se nosit i v zime a skvele vrstvit. Sama jich mam nekolik a velmi casto jsem je nosila v tehotenstvi. Oblibeny zpusob jak nosit dzinovou bundu je ji mit treba o cislo i dve vetsi. Ma to zkratka neco do sebe a vypada to hrozne chic a trendy zaroven. Vybrala jsem par fotografii, at asi vite co mam na mysli. Pokud jeste nemate nejakou v satniku, tak doporucuji klasiku od Levisu a pokud si chcete koupit treba nejakou z tradicniho retezcoveho obchodu tak se mi libi napriklad tyto dve od Espritu. Tato ve svetlejsi barve a tato pokud vas bavi vice sezonni trendy. 

Mym prvnim tipem je asi ten, ze si kupte bundu ktera je o cislo ci dve vetsi. Pokud se rozhodnote si trosku pohrat nebojte se mene obvyklych kombinaci jako napriklad dat si ji s krajkou, romatickym potiskem a vice zenskymi kousky. Nezapominejte, ze diky vetsi velikosti bude vypadat dobre i s pleteninama. A pokud chcete docilit vice sik stylingu, staci si ji prehodit pres ramena. Vymyslet nove kombinace je proste zabava.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Inspriation: Valentines date night

Valentines day can be a day loved or hated. Some people cannot be bothered and some loved up couples cannot wait. Either or I wanted to share some inspiration what to wear for a lovely date night with your partner. For me evenings like this have always been about staying sexy and glam. I also tend to wear colours like reds, black and nudes however never say never.

Valentyn je pro nekoho milovany a pro nekoho az tak moc ne. Myslim, ze v Cesku se tradice Valentyna rozmohla az v poslednich letech. Kazdopadne at uz patrite do kterekoli skupiny, chtela jsem prinest trosku inspirace, co na takove Valentynske rande. Ja se v tomto pripade zastavem klasiky a to glamour, sex appeal a barvy jako telova, cervena a cerna. 

Love Glamazon 

NY resolution wishlist


Resolutions do not have to be only about eating healthy, losing weight and the other so common resolutions. It can also be about spending money on timeless and good quality things.

I have put together a wishlist of great items that would be a great buy and good investment. My absolute favourite are these pumps from the latest capsule collection Aquzzura x Farfetch. Yes, some are items with a twist or a bit more trendy but if you can splurge on those thumbs up. And ideally if you could wear all these together. Great heels with classic camel coat, great bag and cool earrings will never get out of fashion.

And I cannot forget to mention classy Chloe sunnies and gorgeous nude lipstick! I am in!

Novorocni predsevzeti nemusi byt jenom klasicke jako treba, ze clovek chce zhubnout, jist vice zdrave, ale treba i tom, ze bude investovat do vice nadcasovych a kvalitnich veci. A tak jsem dala dohromady takovy wishlist, kde jsou krasne kousky, ktere se v satniku neztrati. 

Strasne se mi libi boty z posledni kolaborace Farfetch a Aquzzura a vubec tyhle vybrane kousky se k sobe vsechny krasne hodi. Dziny, kosile, velbloudi kabaty, leopardi lodicky a krasne nausnice se proste nikdy neztrati. 

Love Glamazon xoxo