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5 not that glamorous habits I have … ooops!!

I used to work with a girl that always said that in her head she can run miles and she looks so good whilst doing it. She can almost feel how fit she is and see her toned muscles in motion. Well the reality was different and we always laughed together. To be fair she was saying it quite a lot and I could see where she was coming from.

Then I was thinking do we sometimes picture ourselves being amazing, looking amazing and other day dreaming “important” stuff? I am sure we are all a bit guilty. The reality is that I do so many things that are not glamorous and it is time to admit those. LOL

They are the small things I wish I wasn’t doing but when the time is precious or I just get lazy I slip back and just keep repeating these things over and over again. And I hope I am not the only on this boat.

  1. Wearing a hairband on my wrist – Yes guilty….I know it is very practical as you always have hair band when you need it but then I end up with so many images even for my website and my socials with it. It drives me mad when I see that silly hairband on my images and it is too late to take off. It is that small detail that can ruin the whole look but I guess it is that bad habit…and very hard to stop. LOL
  2. Drinking water from a mug – It can be seen as it is not a big deal but in my mind I am that glam and chic girl that drinks her water from a nice glass or cool water bottle. However I so often grab a mug at home and guess why? It is easier to wash it than a glass. LOL
  3. Paint over chipped nail varnish – I cannot stand this one but I keep doing it. I love women with lovely manicure and it almost gives me anxiety if I have chipped nail varnish but with busy lifestyle you have times when you simply do not look perfect. Sadly I am often tempted especially in a rush that I just quickly paint over the chipped nails and hope for the best.
  4. Messy handbag – Oh well, I always love to watch those what’s my handbag videos and man I feel bad afterwards….If you look at mine on a good day it is getting closer to those amazing videos but on most days you find the most random stuff from receipts, lot of lipsticks, dummy, snack for Liam and everything is just a big mess.
  5. Not wearing matching underwear – Please tell me I am not alone. I have so many lovely sets and there is no excuse to do this but I keep wearing non matching underwear most time. I always hope that when the colour is close enough it is ok…haha And then when I see in a movie a chic lady with matching underwear I just feel so guilty. LOL

Pred par lety jsem pracovala s holkou, ktera pokazde rikala, ze ve sve hlave umi hrozne dobre behat a strasne ji to jde. Popisovala mi jak se vidi jak bezi strasne daleko a navic u toho vypada naprosto fantasticky, svaly se ji rysuji v pohybu a deset mil je pro ni jako nic. Samozrejme opak byl pravdou a vzdy jsem se s nim smala, rikala to totiz velmi casto. 

A tak jsem se zamyslela a rekla si, ze ja si taky obcas ve sve mysli pripadam skvele a vse mi jde tak dobre. Jsem zkratka denni snilek….jenomze opak je realitou a je treba jit s kuzi na trh. Delam tolik veci, ktere bych nemela verejne priznavat, ale pak se vzdy zastavim a reknu si, ze tyhle zlozvyky bych mela prestat delat.  A tady jsou….

  1. Nosim gumicky do vlasu na zapesti – No ono by to nebyla az takova hruza, jenze ja vzdy zapomenu, ze ji tam mam a pak se hrozim, ze mi to nici fotky. Zadny modni zazrak to totiz neni, ale zase je to prakticke….gumicka je stale po ruce, kdyz je treba.
  2. Piju vodu z hrnku – Ve svych predstavach jsem 24/7 ta elegatni zenska, co si vodu naleva do nejake hezke a chic sklenice, opak je bohuzel pravdou a casto se nachytam, ze zase piju z hrnku. A vite proc? Protoze hrnek se jednoduseji umyva. LOL
  3. Premalovavani nehtu – Jejej…Mam hrozne rada upravene nehty a oloupany lak me desi, bohuzel ne vzdy mam cas vse cele odlakovat a prelakovat a tak casto v casovem skluzu proste chytnu lak a udelam co se nema, prelakuju ty oloupane. Ja vim…zadna bomba to neni, ale co uz nadelam :) 
  4. Neporadek v kabelce – Rada koukam na what’s in my handbag videa a vzdy si rikam, ze do idealu mam hodne daleko. Kdyz me to chytne a vse protridim a uklidim, tak se to da, ale vetsinu dni je to trosku horsi. Rada bych rekla, ze tam nosim sik diare a vse je uhledne, ale vetsinou je to tak 6 rtenek, uctenky, dudlik, svacinka pro Liamka, prazdy papir od nejake raw bar apod. 
  5. Nosim pradlo, ktere neladi – Doufam, ze v tomto nejsem sama. A vlastne na tohle neni v mem pripade ani omluva, protoze mam spoustu peknych souprav a mam jich dost na to, aby mi pradlo vzdy ladilo a presto casto sahnu po tech svych oblibenych a pohodlnych a casto je podprsenka i kalhotky uplne mimo. A pak kdyz koukam na film, kde ma zena krasne ladici pradlo tak me zase hryze svedomi. haha 

Eva xoxo 

5 things that motherhood taught me

Motherood is something so natural to human kind and yet it can shake us in many shapes and forms. It is something that comes and we just learn on the way as we go with support and help with those around us.

Well, if it is natural why can it be so hard to figure out what to do? Why some of us can struggle at the start or even later when our little ones are no longer that little? Why aren’t we sometimes sure about what to do even there are so many books, articles and we are being bombarded with information? Well the thing is it is never black and white and there are tons of opinions out there.

However as you go and your baby is growing, you learn and you find a way. There are many lessons that you will come across and you will find out some incredible and some less incredible things about yourself. So here is more about what motherhood taught me and showed me.

  1. Love – I heard that before so many times from people around us, from my own mother … the love for your child is unconditional and the type of love you can only experience  once you are a parent. It is that sort of love that even if you get few hours for yourself you keep scrolling through pictures of your child when they aren’t with you (Yep and never thought I would be that person). However, it does not mean you will click with your baby straight away. I heard so many stories when women felt the bond right after the birth but I didn’t. It took me few weeks so it is ok when you do not feel exactly how the world expects you to.
  2. Strenght – You will find out you are much stronger than you ever knew. Before I had Liam I thought I am tough and I can work hard however motherhood is a new level of everything. It is not just having two jobs and work 14 hours a day. It is non stop and different level of responsibility. There were times when I had 2 hours of sleep few days in a row, I had probably poo in my hair and on my face and I was trying to write and create content and also cook dinner for my husband and I was on the edge of losing it. There were times when I thought if somebody isn’t gonna come through the door and help me I will faint but I made it. I always made it and I am proud of it.
  3. Looking after yourself is more important than ever – You honestly will have the most surprising moments that will be nasty, filthy and can come out of nowhere. I had that just yesterday walking from a meeting wearing Gucci tights, cute designer bag and feeling good and then your child gets sick and it is everywhere his clothes, your clothes, buggy but then I was like at least I look good and he is ok. I laughed it off. However, it really has been researched that how you look really affects how you feel. If you workout, look after your skin and wear nice clothes it increases your confidence and everything around that. World just seems nicer with a cute lipstick on.
  4. It is Ok to ask for help – It is normal that you need time off, you need another pair of hands and it is fine to ask for help. To be fair I still work on this. Partially I feel guilt and I feel obliged to a person that helps me and partially I am a control freak. I have always felt I prefer to do things on my own. I know this is wrong as we all need help but that is my own personal issue to be fair. However, just because I have issues with it doesn’t mean you should have so accept help that is offered by family or friends. You need  it and you need time off as we rarely get that.
  5. Everything is just a phase – I cannot count how many times I have heard this and it is true. It helps so much to get through the tough times whether that is issues with breastfeeding, first illness, colic, tantrums and every other issue you will probably have to face. You will always get through it and then find a way and then just when you feel you have mastered it something new appears. However, it is all ok as it just a phase. Even when Liam will have girlfriend issues I will have to accept it as a phase LOL.

Motherhood is hard but wonderful and it will teach us many things along the way but remember you are strong, stay away from discussion forums or asking too many people for advice as it can get very confusing. You just have to listen to your intuition and go with the flow. You got this one.

Materstvi je neco, co je nam prirorezeneho a presto muze otrast v zakladech kazdou z nas. Je to zkratka neco, co se ucime behem celeho procesu za podpory naseho okoli, rodiny a kamaradu. Dostavame lekce za pochodu a nekdy jsou velmi necekane. 

A tak se sama sebe obcas ptam, kdyz by to pro nas melo byt vse tak prirozene, proc se tak casto ztracime a nevime jak na urcite veci? Ja jsem treba mela krusnejsi zacatky a nevedela si rady a vsechny ty informace kolem mi akorat davaly zabrat. Problem je v tom, ze to nikdy neni cerne a bile a nikdy nic neni spravne a spatne a clovek se v te zaplave informaci proste ztrati. 

Pozdeji vsak zjistite, ze nejlepsi je spolehat se na vasi intuici a ze jak dite roste, ucite se svym zpusobem. Ceka vas tolik lekci a postupne se o sobe dozvite nove a nove veci. Nektere jsou super a jine uz mene. A tak se s vama podelim o to. co jsem se zatim v materstvi naucila a zjistila ja. 

  1. Novy typ lasky – To ze materska laska je uplne neco jineho a nepopsatelneho jsem slysela tolikrat, ale clovek na to opravdu prijde az se stane rodicem. Je to nepodminena laska, ktera nema hranice a pro sve dite bude kazda mama dychat do posledniho konce. Je to takovy typ lasky, ze i v momente, kdy vite, ze potrebujete byt sama a podari se vam to, tak si prohlizite roztomile fotky sveho ditka (a nikdy bych nerekla, ze budu patrit do teto skupiny). Neznamena to, ze tyto pocity vam naskoci od prvniho momentu. Ja to tak nemela a nechapala jsem co je se mnou spatne, ze necitim materske pouto od prvniho dotyku hned po porodu. Hormony se mnou cloumaly jako silene a prestoze spousta zen o tom asi moc nemluvi, ja jsem zacala materske pouto citit asi az od tretiho mesice. Od te doby se hodne zmenilo a moje laska k Liamovi roste a roste kazdym dnem. 
  2. Mam obrovskou silu – Diky materstvi jsem zjistila, ze jsem strasne silna. Vzdy jsem o sobe vedela, ze jsem dric, ze hodne vydrzim, ale byt mamou je uplne neco jineho. Mela jsem stavy, kdy jsem mela pravdepodobne hovinka ve vlasech I na obliceji a prezivala asi na dvou hodinach spanku denne a do toho jsem se snazila psat, vydavat nejaky obsah, varit veceri, prat a vse kolem a presto jsem to vzdy vydrzela. Obcas jsem citila, ze jestli nekdo nevkroci do naseho domu a nepomuze mi, ze se sesypu a vzdy jsem to vydrzela. Je to uplne jina zatez nez mit dve prace a delat treba 14 az 15 hodin denne a presto to vzdy vydrzite. A jsem na sebe za to pysna. 
  3. Je dulezite se o sobe starat – V materstvi vas cekaji prekvapeni a velmi casto ne moc vonave. Prekvapi vas tak, ze nestacite rict svec. A zrovna to jsem zazila vcera. Sla jsem si ze schuzky, ktera dopadla dobre, citila jsem se skvele na sobe puncochy od Gucciho a hezkou designerskou kabelku a v tom hodil Liam takovou savli a ze to bylo vsude…moje obleceni, jeho obleceni kocarek, ale byl v poradku a to je hlavni. A tak jsem si dal kracela ve svych pozvracenych Gucci puncochacich a vlastne se i zasmala, ze se ani nic nestalo. Takove momenty by nemely zadnou z nas zastavit a rict si, ze stejne mi to dite zaspini, pozvraci, pokadi. Opravdu je dokazane, ze kdyz je clovek upraveny, vse se v jeho mysli meni, zvysuje se sebevedomi a citite se lepe. Ja to rikam porad, ze vse jde lepe s hezkou rtenkou.
  4. Je to v poradku, kdyz mate pomoc – Vsichni potrebujeme obcas pomoc a v dobe, kdy mate male dite tak asi vic nez kdy predtim. Ja mam trosku takovy problem, ze  kdyz mam pomoc, citim se provinile. Pokazde se ptam, zda to tomu cloveku nevadi a tak nejak s tim bojuju. Ale obcas je to treba, takze pomoc  neodmitejte a neuzirejte se jako ja. Je to normalni, ze chcete mit cas na sebe a treba si cist, zajit si zacvicit nebo proste vypnout.  
  5. Vsechno je jenom obdobi/faze – Nedokazala bych ani spocitat kolikrat jsem tohle slysela a ono je to skutecne tak. At uz je to kojeni, kolika, prvni nemoc, obdobi vzdoru vse je jenom faze. A az se s tim srovnate, prijde neco noveho. Musime se zkratka porad adaptovat a neco menit. A myslim, ze takovych obdobi jeste bude. Ale clovek si musi vzdy rict, ze je to dalsi etapa a ta prejde. Treba az bude Liam resit holky, budu se tim zase muset utesovat. LOL

Materstvi je narocne, ale zaroven je uzasne a naucite se tolik veci, ktere by vam zivot mozna nikdy neukazal. Idealni je se drzet daleko od skupin pro matky, diskuznich for a take se ptat hodne lidi na nazor. Vsechno toto akorat mate mamam hlavy. Nejlepe je poslouchat svou intuici a ridit se pocitem. Proste to vzdy vsechno zvladneme.

Eva x

The real reason behind negativity on Social media

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Social media is quite new world. Yes it has been around for several years but it is not something people had centuries before. And that means spreading news and information is going faster than before. What people have always had was variety of behaviours, certain type of characters and understanding of good and bad. And even hundreds years ago we had wonderful leaders and philosophers that inspire the world even in these days. Thanks to them we now have incredible knowledge about balance of life, law of attraction, how to find what our purpose of life is.  Those amazing quotes are now so much easier to spread thanks to media and social media and these days we are surrounded by knowledge gathered over many years. There are so many amazing books about things like law of attraction or about the path of your life.

And we are lucky and I am lucky as we now understand so much more about certain behaviour and why people act in a certain way whether that is a negative comment or their actions. As we come to this world and we grow up until early teen years we absorb everything that is being said, we absorb patterns from parents and close family, we create our own image of the world. Unfortunately during this period we create blocks that influence how we react to certain things for the rest of our lives and we can also subconsciously attract these things repetitively. And from a pure person that came to this world is now a brand new person full of prejudices and ideas that they gained based on their environment.

And that leads me to explaining why people would be negative in life or on social media. That explains those negative comments. It is people that absorbed certain patterns and created blocks during early years of their lives. The thing is it does not have to be just a negative comment but it can simply be an opinion. If you hear a lot as a child that rich people only got to their wealth by fraud you will assume that about most rich people, if you hear that age should define what you wear that is what you believe. We have ideas about money, looks, behaviours, food and everything you can think of. However, it does not mean that what was passed on to you is right. Somebody gave you that idea and it stuck and now millions of opinions and different points of view are circulating around social media and turning into negative comments, hate and more. Instead of spreading love, positive energy and joy we see total opposites.

What it means is that it is only somebody’s point of view and their beliefs and it has got nothing to do with you. It is that person’s personal view and there is not much they can do about that until they decided to change it themselves. We all can work on balancing our lives, spread only the good, stop being judgmental and trust me it is hard work. No matter how many books I read about this topic even I am influenced so much by things I was being told for years. Whatever somebody says about you or does to you has got nothing to do with you at all. It is them and their inner believes. So next time somebody tells you you are materialistic, stupid, ugly, fat, old or whatever it is. Remember, it is not you…it is them. You are only a mirror to them and that triggers their behaviour. If somebody has got an issue that some Youtuber bought another expensive bag it only shows something about that person commenting. It can be anything that they believe in and picked up during the years whether a thought that expensive bags are not achievable, that expensive things ruin character….whatever it is. You are the mirror and the comment is the reflection.

I am very lucky that when I forget this and a bad comment appears I discuss this with my best friend. She is such a smart person that she always reminds me of this and says always something so relevant that I cannot argue and always admit it has got nothing to do with me. The main thing is that negativity on social media has got nothing to do with you.

We all have the right to express and opinion but this is more message for those who receive or encounter negative situations, comments that it is has nothing to do with them.

Svet socialnich medii je docela nova zalezitost, ano uz par let je nasi soucasti, ale jako takovy neexistoval pred stovkami let. A diky tomuto svetu se dneska informace siri mnohem rychleji. Co tu ale bylo vzdy jsou lide ruzneho charakteru, ruzna chovani, ruzne nazory a take schopnost vnimat dobro a zlo. A kdyz se na to tak podivam tak po celou dobu pokazde existovali velmi chytri filozofove a vudci, kteri dokazali inspirovat a predavat svetu jejich znalost. Dnes kdyz ctu knizky o vecech jak najit sam sebe, jake je moje poslani, zakon pritazlivosti, tak je ve vetsine z nich pouzito tolik starych mot a hlasek. A vlastne i ty se siri diky socialnim mediim obrovskou rychlosti a muzou nam pomoci v kazde zivotni situaci. 

Ja mam to stesti a vy take, ze dneska uz muzeme konecne pochopit, proc se urciti lide chovaji jistym zpusobem, proc se nekdo chova spatne, slovne ublizuje nebo treba necha nekde na Instagramu negativni komentar. Kdyz se clovek narodi, narodi se cisty, bez predsudku nazoru ci strachu. To se bohuzel meni a jak deti rostou tak do urciteho veku, dejme tomu do nejakeho obdobi puberty nas opravdu hodne ovlivnuje nase blizke okoli, ktere nam predava sve predsudky, nazory a vzorce. A tak vznika uplne jina osoba, ktera si sebou nese ruzne bloky ulozene nekde v podvedomi, ktere ovlivni dalsi chod zivota a take to jak na urcite veci reaguje. A dalsi veci, kterou si clovek odnese jsou ruzne “mylne” nazory. To co je nam opakovano a vkladano, tomu jednoho dne zacneme verit a to pro nas bude ta nase pravda. A to ze o tom pisu neznamena, ze ja jsem perfektni. Jako kazdy mam sama co delat, ma spoustu bloku a take opakujicich se veci, ktere se mi budou porad dit, dokud neprijdu na to proc. 

A to me vede k tomu vysvetlit proc je tolik lidi na socialnich mediich negativni a proc nekdo zanechava takovy a takovy komentar. Kazdy z nich vlastne ukazuje sam sebe, predstavuje jejich prebrane nazory a stare vzorce a neni to nic jineho. Vy jim pouze nastavujete zrcadlo. Takze to co nekdo napise se vas vubec netyka. Jenom to vypovida o dane osobe a co si sebou z rannych let vzal. Kdyz vam jako diteti nekdo bude porad opakovat, ze kazdy bohac zbohatl zlodejinou a podvodem, tak uz tomu budete verit cely zivot. Kdyz vyrostete v prostredi, ze vek ma definovat to co nosite, tak tomu budete i verit. A tak na socialnich siti cirkuluje tolik ruznych nazoru, komentaru at uz pozitivnich ci negativnich, ale cokoli je vysloveno ci napsano vzdy jenom odrazi osobu, ktera to pise. Jak rika pan Jaroslav Dusek – Mne se to netyka. Sama s tim obcas bojuju a neni to jednoduche si to rict ve vsem pripadech, ale kdyz se opravdu zklidnite a zapremyslite o tom, zjistite, ze to tak opravdu je. A to je takova zprava pro ty, kterych se to tyka. Kdyz ma nekdo problem s tim, ze mate dalsi novou designerskou kabelku, neni to vas problem. Vy jste obraz v zrcadle a onen komentar je jenom odraz a tento odraz ma toho cloveka vest dal. Ma se zeptat sam sebe, proc mi to vadi, proc me toto chovani vyvadi z miry a neco s tim delat. 

Vsechno je proste jenom neci nazor, jejich vira a presvedceni a s vama to nema nic spolecneho. Kdyz vam nekdo rekne, ze jste hlupak, tak to svedci jenom neco o te dane osobne a vas se to netyka. Je to jenom nazor a vlastne pokud se dany clovek nerozhodne sam s tim neco udelat, vy moc nezmenite. Kazdy se musi rozhodnout sam. Je to o tom zit zivot v balancu, sirit dobro a lasku a prestat soudit ostatni. Verte mi, ze je to obrovska prace a takova nekonecna cesta. Ja mam treba tyden, kdy si vedu dobre a pak se mi stane neco a mam treba hodne negativni den, ktery me strhne zpet na spatnou cestu. A prestoze ctu knihy na toto tema, i ja jsem ovlivena vzorci z detstvi. Jedno je ale jasne, ze to co o vas nekdo rika s vama nema co delat. Takze kdyz vam nekdo rekne ci napise, ze jste materialista, hlupak, tlusty, stari nebo cokoli je to jejich vnimani sveta. Nejste to vy, ale oni…..

Obcas se taky zaseknu a kdyz mi nekdo napise nazor, ktery treba nevnimam podobne, ci mi nekdo zanecha negativni komentar. Ale nastesti mam svou nejlepsi kamaradku a ta mi vzdy pripomene jak to vlastne je. Pokazdne mi rekne neco tak trefneho, ze musim ten komentar hodit za hlavu i kdybych nechtela. Hlavni veci je, ze vam predhazovana negativita na internetu se vas proste netyka. 


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5 Ways how to get over January Blues


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January can be one of the most depressing month. I remember those times when I had to return to the office after Christmas and everybody around was miserable. You just keep bumping into grumpy people in the streets and everybody on the morning train has a sour face on. People used to talk about how much they have to save in January as they splurged on Christmas fun. Nobody was really going out, drinking or doing anything interesting. Well, let’s face it the holiday eating habits are really out of order so it is probably natural that people want to have fresh start and detox a bit. And they also have to watch their spending.

And all of this in a combination with cold weather can result in a very dull month. It is a very long month, holiday fun is over and spring is still far away. I really get all of this however it does  not have to be like that even if your budget is small. So I thought we all need a bit of motivation and few tips how to survive January blues.

Dress Well

There has been a lot of research done how clothes and what you wear is connected to your confidence and your emotions. Just imagine yourself even now wearing a well fitted suit or pyjamas and doing a pitch to somebody. Two different outfits can change everything but mainly your confidence and how you feel. It is ok to wear comfortable clothes but if you slip too often and just say you stay in pyjamas because you feel rubbish it is not leading anywhere. So each time you want to grab that oversized jumper and leggings maybe think twice and pick that glamorous blouse instead.

Look after your body 

If you look after your body it will thank you sooner or later. The first thing most of us tend to do when we do not feel great is to grab a bar of chocolate or another type of comfort food. However, if you eat nutritious food and keep up with the balanced diet you can even manage your moods. And if you add bit of exercise that is even better. And looking after yourself also means to get good night sleep and meditate. Everything works well in moderation so even if you are motivated to lose few pounds do not overdo it.

Do things you love

I know it is January but there has to be at least one thing you can do even on a small budget. You can go for a long walk with a friend and make a cup of coffee at home, you can watch great TV series, finally get that book you wanted to read, go swimming, meet other people or treat yourself to a manicure. I have always loved the idea of having my girlfriends over and do a beauty night in with some pop corn, Neflix and face masks. It is a great way how to keep some social life going even if you overspend during December.

Make plans

January is a great month to plan the whole year, set goals, book holidays and write down your dreams that with a bit of work and luck and planning can come true. Imagine if you actually do book your holidays during this super long winter month. That must cheer up even the most miserable person. Or at least I hope so.

Organise your home/Change decor

If you like to feel productive you can always work on your interior at home. How about to update decor in the living room or bedroom. Your surroundings should make you feel good when you spend lot of time there especially during winter months. There are still lot of sales around so if you grab a different paint or a nice throw with cushions that are on sale you can easily bring a bit of glamour to your house too.

So let’s try this and make sure we feel great even in January. No point to cry, moan and feel bad just because it is winter month and not much is going on. It is about what we do and how we make it.

Leden byva casto jeden z nejvic depresivnich mesicu. Moc dobre si pamatuju, kdyz jsem jeste pracovala v kancelari jak byli lidi mrzuti, unaveni a porad si jenom stezovali. Kazdy musel setrit, protoze utratil vse na Vanoce a Novorocnich oslavach. A kazdy se rozhodl hubnout, zahajit detox a cvicit. A tak nikdo nechtel nic podnikat, nic delat a vubec nalada byla kazdy rok pod psa. Ranni cesta metrem byla prehlidka kyselych obliceju a prichod do prace nebyval o moc lepsi. 

A tohle vse spolu s pocasim ma za to, ze Leden byva povazovany za takovy ponury a nudny mesic. Ale ono to tak nemusi byt a to i presto, ze chcete opravdu setrit. A tak jsem se rozhodla sepsat par tipu jak s touto mrzutou naladou zatocit. 

Hezky se oblecte

Ne nadarmo se rika, ze obleceni dela cloveka. Cetla jsem uz nekolik clanku, ktere tvrdi, ze pruzkumy dokazuji, ze spravne zvolene obleceni muze zvysit vykonost cloveka a take jeho sebevedomi. A neco na tom bude, protoze si treba predstavte, ze delate pohovor po telefonu a jeden v obleku a druhy v pyzamu. Ja si teda myslim, ze ten v obleku by asi dopadl lepe. Neni samozrejme nic spatneho na tom si dat pohodlne obleceni a leden provalet na gauci u televize, ale pokud chcete opravdu zatocit s depresemi, mozna zacnete tim, ze se hezky oblecete a treba nalicite.

Starejte se o sve telo a mysl

Vetsina z nas sahne po necem sladkem prave v tom momentu, kdy nam neni hej. To asi neni to nejlepsi reseni ( i kdyz to sama nechci slyset), protoze je to prave vyvazena strava, ktera nas dokaze ovlivnit a ma za to, ze se citime lepe. A kdyz si k tomu jeste alespon trosku zacvicite, budete meditovat, vase telo vam urcite podekuje. Mezi starani se o sebe take patri kvalitni spanek a proto to nemusite prehanet a nutit se do neceho extremniho. Jak se rika vseho s mirou.

Delejte veci, co mate radi

Existuje tolik veci, ktere muze clovek podniknout a nebude ho to stat majlant. Co treba prochazka s kamaradkou a misto kavy nekde v kavarne si ji muzete udelat doma? Muzete si udelat zkraslovaci den v pohodli domova, sledovat oblibene filmy ci serialy, konecne si precist nejakou skvelou knizku  a nebo usporadat takovy vecer s kamaradkama, kdy si udelate pletove masky, nalakujete si nehty a pustite si prijemnou hudbu. A pokud nechcete opravdu v lednu pit, muzete vino nahradit vyzivnou smoothie a udelat si treba takovy wellness zkraslovaci vecer.


Zacatek noveho roku je nejlepsi doba na to si planovat, stanovit si cile a nebo treba zrovna objednat dovolenou. Je to cerstvy start pro vsechny z nas a takova pomyslna doba na to si planovat sve sny na dalsi rok. A kdyz treba ulovite ve sleve dobrou dovolenou, tak to snad potesi i toho nejvetsiho mrzouta. Ma se totiz pak na co tesit. A depresivni mesic leden pak s vama nemuze zamavat.

Zorganizujte si domov a venujte se interieru

Mit pekny a pohodlny domov je take klicem ke spokojenosti. Ja osobne miluju odpoledne po velkem uklidu, protoze se ve svem dome citim zkratka lepe. Co tak vyuzit zimnich slev a treba si vase bydleni trosku zutulnit. A nemusite se poustet do velkych projektu. Staci treba vybrat novou barvu, koupit pekny prehoz a polstare nebo preorganizovat nabytek. Ja take miluju udelat ocistu ve skrini a ve vecech vubec.

Takze hlavu vzhuru a preju vam co nejprijemnejsi mesic. Je to asi vse o tom jak si to zaridime a nastavime.