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Net-a-Porter Spring under 150 £

Waiting for spring in this stunning coat by Isabel Marant with micro red bag

Net-a-Porter Spring under 150 £

Net-a-Porter is one of those shopping destination where shoppers may think they cannot afford even pair of socks. However the website stocks so many great pieces even as low as 50 £. You can really upgrade your wardobe and get the luxury shopping experience.

Another thing I love about them is that in some locations like London for example you can get the items on the same day which is amazing. Their return process is also fantastic.


You can shop more affordable of course when the sales hit but also so many of their New IN are well priced. Their buyers are fantastic as they really hit the nail when it comes to the stock. If you are looking to upgrade your capsule wardrobe you can do that and if you want trendy you can also find incredible items.

If you are thinking also to invest in a new bag but do not want to spend much I have great tips for you. Some of the bags would work incredible well with these picks.

I personally would love to get more of the capsule wardrobe items that are good for every day. If I think about it I do school runs the most and usually opt for very low key outfits like t-shirts and leggings with trainers or cosy tracksuits.

However, I love the idea of dressing up for events, lunches with friends or perhaps dinners so I wanted to include few more dress up items.

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Fashion: Teddy Coats You will Love


Teddy coats are definitely not a new thing in fashion but they are still very big. It is that trend that managed to stick and there are so many fabulous pieces on high-street as well as amongst designers. Max Mara really started something few seasons ago. They created the cosiest coat and the first season it was sold out in a second.

I will not lie and openly say I really want the Max Mara teddy coat as simply they look fantastic and I know it is a great investment. Having said that there are so many great ones starting on around 50 £. And some of the mid-range priced teddy coats from brands like Stand are equally fabulous.

So here is a small selection of some stunning and currently available models.

Chlupate Kozisky ve stylu Teddy Coat nejsou v mode zadnou novinkou, ale porad se silne drzi. A ja se ani nedivim, jsou teple, dobre vypadaji a clovek si opravdu prijde zachumlany jako medvidek. 

Nebudu vam lhat, ze mym vysnenym je prave ten od Max Mary, kde to vse zacalo, ale na trhu je jich spousta. At uz je libo kratsi, delsi nebo barevny, je z ceho vybirat. Nektere zajimave kousky zacinaji uz na padesati librach, ale nektere ve stredni cenove relaci okolo 300 £ mi take berou dech. Jedna ze znacek, ktera vypada skvele a je takovou zlatou stredni cestou je urcite Stand. 

Tak jsem udelala mensi vyber krasnych kousku ve vsech moznych cenovych relacich.



    1. Zimmerman, 2. Love Shack Fancy, 3. Saint Laurent, 4. Balmain, 5. Self Portrait, 6. Saint Laurent, 7. Balmain, 8. Self Portrait

One of the best sales of the year is here and Net-A-Porter has brought again fabulous items including classics and trends on huge discount. It is the best time to grab a bargain and perhaps you will be lucky and your item from this year’s wish-list will be 50 % off. As always I have put together little edit of some fabulous items.

Beauty of the sale is that you can buy warmer items and keep them for autumn and winter so I have included some great blazers and knits. However lot of us still has got holidays ahead and you can shop beautiful dress and swimwear.

Jako kazdy rok prinasi Net-a-Porter jeden z nejlepsich vyprodeju. Kazdy rok zaradi do svych slev jak nadcasove tak trendove kousky a je to skvela doba na to si poridit kvalitni kousky za mnohem mene. A mozna se vam postesti a poridite si vas vysneny kousek. Jako kazdy rok jsem vybrala par veci, ktere by se vam mohly libit. 

Je skvele, ze do vyprodeju jsou zarazeny teplejsi kousky a tak si muzete schovat na zimu a podzim pleteniny od Saint Laurent ci krasny blazer od Chloe. Ale vetsina z nas mozna stale mysli na leto, vzdyt mame pred sebou prazdniny a tak jsem zaradila do vyberu krasne saty a ve slevach najdete i skvele plavky. 


    1. Chloe, 2. Saint Laurent, 3. Balenciaga, 4. Rosantica, 5. Staud

Bags are always going very fast. Some of the classics I was eyeing are gone already and in general this is such a good time to buy a new model to your collection. I have picked some neutral colours and few trends you may love.

Kabelky se prodavaji rychle. Nektere z tech klasictejsich kousku uz jsou davno fuc, ale obecne plati, ze v dobe slev muzete ukoristit skutecne poklady. Vybrala jsem par neutralnich kusu a par trendovych. Jako vzdy je to u me o balancu. 

  1. Saint Laurent, 2. Ganni, 3. Jimmy Choo, 4. Saint Laurent, 5. Gianvito Rossi

Shoes are also such a good investment and this year it was so hard to pick. There are so many fantastic designers and lot of gorgeous models from Saint Laurent or Jimmy Choo. So get yourself a new pair so you do not regret.

Boty jsou skvela investice a tento rok bylo tezke vybrat, ktere sem vubec zaradit. Tolik uzasnych navrharu jako Saint Laurent ci Jimmy Choo najdete ve slevach. A tak si muzete udelat radost novym parem a nebude vas to ani tolik stat.


Dresses and Biker Jackets in the Autumn

Pictures via Pinterest

There are many great “autumn uniforms” however dresses with biker leather jackets must be one of my favourite. Simply it means that I can keep that feminine side whilst staying classic and true to my style.

It is also that safe option and when you are not sure what to wear…you just cannot go wrong.

Existuje mnoho “podzimnich uniform”, ale jedna z mych nejoblibenejsich je urcite kombinace satu a kozene bundicky. Pro me to znamena, ze si muzu zachovat zenskost, ale zaroven neodbocovat od sveho stylu.  

A take je to sazka na jistotu, kdyz nevite co na sebe. 

Love Glamazon xoxo