Outfit: Dubarry of Ireland Boots

Wearing: Boots: Dubarry of Ireland, Coat: Boden, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Gucci, Hat: Asos, Necklaces: River Island, Top: Zara

When I was packing for my trip to Florence I had a big question in mind. What footwear do I wear for truffle hunting? When I go to Ireland we spend so much time in the countryside and I always ask myself what shoes to take to use in the country and the city as well? The same when we are visiting my husband’s cousin in Cotswolds. And I actually found a perfect pair by Dubarry of Ireland. A brand my husband knew more about than me as they have so much history in Ireland. I also visited their flagship store in London which is stunning and hopefully you have seen a bit on my Instagram stories (evglamazon). And when I am in Cheltenham next time I will definitely pop in there to check it out. I fell in love with some of their knitwear and jackets too. Perfect for lovers of countryside strolls.

These Chelsea style boots I have been wearing a lot recently are a perfection option for country and the city with lot of perks. They have Dubarry and Goretex branding, are waterproof, they look great, they are comfortable. And I know that lot of boots are comfortable but these were from day one. No blisters or pain. So if you love these kind of boots and you want to that one pair that fits all you know Christmas is coming.

And I simply love this outfit. It is so city chic but so comfortable for running around with a buggy in a busy pre-Christmas London. Just right up my street.

Kdyz jsem se balila do Florencie, nebyla jsem si jista, jake boty si sebou vzit na hledani lanyzu. A pokazde kdyz se chystam do Irska, mam ten samy problem. A to stejne, kdyz jedeme do Cottswolds na navstevu k manzelove rodine. Mam takovy pocit, ze je tezke najit boty vhodne do mesta a na venkov treba do lesa. Ale diky teto spolupraci jsem objevila znacku Dubarry of Ireland, kterou muj manzel zna velmi dobre. Ma velkou tradici a dobrou reputaci hlavne v Irsku, ale take v Britanii. Navstivila jsem akci i v jejich obchode v Londyne, ktery na vas dychne venkovem. Snad jste videli akci na mych Insta stories (evglamazon).

Tyhle kotnickove kozacky ve stylu Chelsea boots jsem si opravdu oblibila a myslim, ze jsou idealni botou jak do mesta, tak na venkov a maji spoustu vyhod. Tou nejvetsi, ze jsou opravdu vodeodolne a pohodlne. A kdyz rikam, ze pohodlne, tak to myslim vazne a to hlavne uz od prvniho noseni. Nemela jsem zadne puchyrky a odreniny. Takze pokud hledate boty na “vsechno” jsou opravdu idelani. 

A tohle je presne outfit, ktery ted nosim casto. Jednoduchy, teply a dostatecne sik na pobihani po predvanocnim Londyne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

In collaboration with Dubarry of Ireland. 

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