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Outfit: You do not have to put your dreams on hold….

Pictures: Andreea (Launeden)

Wearing: Trousers: Zara similar , Shoes: Gucci, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Le Specs, T-Shirt: River Island, Jacket: AllSaints, Bracelet: Monica Vinader

It got very quiet here on the site and my social media platforms and the reason for that is me catching some nasty flu that turned into something much worse than expected. More than two weeks later I am still in bed and on second sets of antibiotics and very weak. However, brighter days are coming and this is a first time I have a bit of strength to write. Until now I had to put my goals and dreams on hold and fight to get better.

But it does not mean you have to put your goals and dreams on hold. I wanted to share with you a bit more about an amazing online place Sewport. There has been a lot recently about influencers and people setting up their brands and these guys are exactly what you need. They connect brands and clothing manufacturers and help you to turn any idea to a product. And you have everything in one place and you probably know that the path from idea to a products has got lot of layers and steps. You do not have to source elsewhere or find more people to help you as this is what you can do at one online destination. It is such an amazing idea for eager entrepreneurs that are not even sure where to start.

I hope whatever your goals are that you will go after them. My short term is to get well and better and then be back on track. And if you haven’t seen my latest video you can catch up here and find out how to look more expensive.

Pekne to tady utichlo a nejen tady. Hlavnim duvodem je silena chripka, ktera me skolila tak jak nikdy predtim. A ted cekam na krevni testy, protoze je za tim mozna i neco vic. Mam uz druhe antibiotika a v posteli jsem uz vic nez dva tydny. Musim rict, ze jsem se necitila snad jeste nikdy takto slaba a vysilena. A tak jsem vlastne vsechny sve plany a sny musela na chvili odlozit a soustredit se na uzdraveni. 

Kazdopadne pokud vy snite o necem a treba zrovna o tom mit svuj produkt, svoji firmu, tak jsem objevila super online firmu Sewport, ktera pomaha prave takove sny uskutecnit. Spoji vas se vsema s kym je treba a z vaseho napadu tak bude moci konecne vzniknout finalni produkt. Myslim, ze napad je to skvely a stoji za zminku.

No nic, vy si dal plnte sve sny a ja se jdu opet lecit, protoze to lezeni me uz opravdu ale opravdu nebavi.  A nezapomente, ze na mem kanale je nove video

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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It’s my birthday

Wearing: Jumpsuit: Storets, Belt Bag: Gucci, Shoes: Castaner, Sunglasses: Rayban, Necklace: Pandora, Earrings: Mango

Here it is again 24th May and I am one year older, hopefully wiser and more mature. Time flies but it goes the same pace for all of us so shouldn’t really complain too much.

I actually do love this time of the year. I always call the week of my birthday MY BIRTHDAY WEEK and it is that period where I love to treat myself. Firstly, this Gucci belt bag is a present to myself. I am not going to lie but I am a bit over Gucci but this one has a lovely vintage feel and I can also take it off and use it as a clutch so works for me.

I also love to surround myself with people I love including my family and friends so hopefully I can see my favourite people this weekend and have a glass of two together. No present is better and nicer than having fun with your favourites.

And last but not least my birthday week is a huge pamper week for me. I love a bit of facial, massage, pedicure and anything beauty related. And if there are some people out there thinking or saying out loud that there is no need to spend so much on bag, celebrations or beauty treatments I will stop you right there. There are lot of ways how you can treat yourself for less perhaps with Groupon’s Top spa deals. You can still relax and not spend fortune. I deserve it and so do you.

My favourite idea of fun is definitely spa day with my girlfriend accompanied by a glass of bubbles.

So let’s the fun begin. And make sure you are subscribed to my channel as I am planning to vlog what I am up to.

A je to tady znova 24. Kvetna a ja jsem zase o rok starsi, snad chytrejsi a vyzralejsi. Cas leti jako blazen, ale vzdy kdyz zacnu panikarit, tak si reknu, ze leti stejne rychle pro nas vsechny a proc si tedy stezovat.

Ja narozeniny mam vlastne rada, rada se hyckam, rada si koupim neco sama pro sebe, dam si dobre jidlo, obklopim se lidma co mam rada a vetsinou se nejak odmenim. Takze za prvni tohle je moje nova Gucci ledvinka, kterou jsem se letos k narozeninam odmenila. Mezi nama…Gucci uz ma docela za zenitem, ale zrovna tato se mi libila, ma takovy vintage feel a to me ted bavi nejen u teto znacky. Navic ji muzu nosit i jako psanicko ci penezenku zvlast.

Hlavne pokazde kdyz mam narozeniny, vsem rikam, ze je to muj narozeninovy tyden. Jeden den mi zkratka nestaci. Haha. Rada mam kolem sebe kamarady, rodinu a snad se mi podari i letos si pripit na ten dalsi novy rok, ktery snad bude plny radosti.

A co naprosto miluju je se hyckat. Vetsinou si zajdu na masaz ci kosmetiku, cokoli spojene se skraslovanim a relaxaci mi staci. A pokud jsou takovy, co reknou, ze cloveku staci to ci ono, tak se daji najit i osetreni, ktere jsou levnejsi treba na Grouponu. Takze vlastne ve finale nemusime utratit majlant.

Tak snad si tento tyden uzijete jako ja a nezapomente se prihlasit k odberu na mem kanale. Zacala jsem pridavat i videa v Cestine.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Chloe Carlina

Wearing: Sunglasses: Chloe via Sunglasses shop, Bag: Gucci, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Shirt: Storets, Trousers: Zara

Chloe is a brand that has always been close to my heart. They work with beautiful fabrics, create stunning boho pieces as well as chic clothing and have a strong presence amongst A-listers. I owe three Chloe bags and wanted to share with you my latest obsession. I have been eyeing these oversized round sunglasses for a while. Chloe Carlina is an absolutely stunning model of sunnies that are going to stay around for a while. I love the simplistic light lenses and the chic effect they have on each outfit. And they really evoke 70’s fashion which is one of my favourite fashion eras.

Anyway as you can see they work well with more tailored outfit as well. One would expect me to style them with gorgeous floaty dresses and white lace however I feel they are quite versatile. And although you may say there is now huge trend of micro sunglasses I feel this model is going strong and will stay around as an ultimate classic piece.

I am sure I am taking these with me on holidays in Montenegro. The rustic Montenegro villages will go hand in hand with my Chloe sunnies :)

Chloe je znacka, ktera mi byla vzdy blizka. Mam od nich tri kabelky a jejich navrhy jsou muj salek caje. Je to znacka, ktera tvori nadherne kolekce casto s nadechem boho, ale i sik kousky. My poslednim ulovkem jsou tyhle bryle, ktere jsou ted momentalne ve sleve. Uz jsem si je zkousela loni na letisti a nemohla jsem se rozhodnout a tentokrat jsem konecne udelala rozhodnuti, ze musi byt moje. Prestoze momentalni trend jsou spise micro bryle, tak mam pocit, ze tyhle velke bryle jsou a budou takovou tou stalou klasikou.

Hrozne me na nich velikost a take jen jemne zabarvene skla. Evokuji ve me 70. leta, coz je jedna z mych nejoblibenjsich er, co se mody tyce. Jak vidite, pusobi hezky i s elegantnejsim outfit, i kdyz si je vetsina z vas predstavuje asi s maxi saty. Urcite je na me uvidite casto a ti co me sledujete na Instagramu (evglamazon) vite, ze jsem je mela na sobe ted prakticky kazdy den.

A musi se mnou jet i na dovolenou do Cerne Hory :) 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Are influencers really broke?

Pictures: Dela Fard

Wearing: Shoes: Dior, Jeans: Topshop, Top: Shein, Bag: Sophie Hulme, Sunglasses: Le Specs, Belt: Gucci

So I came across randomly this video on youtube called why influencers are broke. I am a huge fan of talking positively in life so this article will have rather positive spin. I do not want to talk about people not investing their money right as there is no right or wrong. Some girls are smart and they buy houses and flats with their money earned as bloggers and some rather invest it in their bags. I am not here to judge. I can just simply chose which type I am going to be. And I can say one thing I wish I knew better when I was younger I would get on that property ladder much faster as no Chanel bag will be your roof.

There are many valid points in this video and one of them is knowing your own value. You may remember one of my older articles where I talked about it. Knowing your value is important so do not let others to set your own value. However, I still judge this case by case basis. If I know a brand X is offering me something I need lets say new ski and I would go and spends few hundreds pounds on new  ski out of my own pocket I may still do this as a part of barter collaboration. However, the best case scenario is to get paid and get the product too. I also see it from a business perspective. My dream is to grow my business and hire people and be able to reward them well. I want to be able to say to photographer here is this amount of money and thank you for your hard work. And I am afraid he or she also has to pay their bills and no ski or t-shirt will pay for their mortgage either.

To gift a blogger product is probably the cheapest way of advertising for any brand. It is up to you to set your standards. This article could go on for ages but one thing this video is 100 % right about that if people undervalue their own work they set the market for others in a wrong direction. So please do your research and there are few existing articles you can find online about how to calculate the fee.

I feel that I am surrounded by influencers that are not broke at all. It may be because that those are few people that do really well or know their value or they can handle the money really well. Who knows. Or it may be because I like to surround myself with successful  people.

There are so many other topics from the video I could talk about however I felt the matter of value is again the most important thing in life and in business and that is the message I want to bring to you.

Uplne nahodne na me dneska vyskocilo na youtube tohle video s nazvem proc jsou influnceri na mizine? Ci jinymi slovy proc nemaji influenceri penize. Ja jsem clovek, ktery se snazi drzet pozitivniho pristupu v zivote a proto i tento clanek chci vest v podobnem duchu. Nejsem tady, abych ostatni soudila a nemeli by to delat ani ostatni. Nektere holky jsou chytre a investuji vydelane penize do nemovitosti a nektere bydli v najmu a nakupuji si drahe kabelky. Ty uspesnejsi zvladnou oboji. Ale o tomto tento clanek neni. Kazdy ma pravo si s penezi nakladat jak chce.

V tomhle videu je spousta bodu, se kteryma ja osobne souhlasim a jeden z hlavnich je znat svou cenu. Uz jsem o tom drive napsala clanek, ktery si muzete precist tady. Je dulezite znat svou hodnotu a to myslim uplne vazne. Uprimne vam muzu rict, ze vetsina spolupraci, ktera mi chodi k nabidce z Ceska je pro influencery totalne nevyhodna. Ja o ceskem blogerskem trhu vim docela malo, ale prekvapuje me, ze firmy jeste stale trvrdi, ze nemaji rozpocet. Darovat nekomu produkt je sice hezke, ale influencer si s tim hypoteku nezaplati ze? Ja se snazim na kazdou nabidku divat individualne. Kdyz napriklad vim, ze potrebuju nove lyze, ktere stoji X a nekdo mi nabidne nove lyze, tak na spolupraci ve forme barteru asi kyvnu. Idealni a zcela bezne je samozrejme oboji a to dostat nove lyze a take zaplaceno. Ale je to na vsech, aby si urcili svou hodnotu. V jednom ma video pravdu, ze influnceri, kteri se podcenuji tak znehodnocuji praci a hodnotu ostatnim. Kazdopadne muj cil je rust a platit lidem, ktere si najim napriklad fotografy za jejich dobrou praci. Oni si stejne jako ja nezaplati hypoteku trickem ci novou rtenkou ze? 

Ja si nemyslim, ze influenceri jsou na mizine, naopak lidi se kteryma se bavim ja jsou velmi uspesni a zvladaji tuto praci na plny uvazek velmi dobre. Jsou schopni si bud platit najem ci hypoteku, plati vsechny ucty a uzivat si zivota jakoby by pracovali v relativne dobre placenem zamestnani. Jenom clovek musi lepe hospodarit s penezi, protoze muzete mit mesic bez velke zakazky a z toho vam dalsi mesic prijdou do cesty treba ctyri. 

V tomto clanku bych mohla navazat i na dalsi body ve videu, ale hodnota a vase cena je to hlavni na ktere jsem se chtela zamerit, at uz si z toho kazdy odnesete neco jineho. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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