Outfit: DIOR Dioramaclub Sunglasses

Wearing: Sunglasses: Dior via Withsunglasses, Boots: Givenchy via Luisa Via Roma, Dress: Maje via Netaporter, Bag: Buglari

You know I am a huge sunglasses lover and I have a decent size collection.  I believe it is a fantastic accessory in to what everybody should invest.  I want to officially welcome my latest addition Dior Dioramaclub. This is my third pair of Dior sunglasses and I got this fabulous pair on Withsunglasses onlineshop. I bought another pair on this site and that one are my hexagonal Raybans which you see me wear a lot. I actually love shopping for sunglasses online as it hassle free, quick and you can get fantastic deals. And that is what we all want, isn’t it?

And can I just say that I totally love the combo of this super cute gingham dress, biker boots and my beloved Bulgari bag. This only shows that classic pieces always look good.

Jak vite, jsem velka milovnice slunecnich bryli. Je to podle me velmi dulezity modni doplnek a je to take vec, do ktere dost investuju. Mam docela slusnou sbirku a tohle je muj nejnovejsi ulovek – Dior Dioramaclub z e-shopu Withsunglasses. Z tohoto e-shopu jsem si poridila i moje sestiuhelne raybany, ktere na me casto vidite. Ja osobne nakupuju bryle velmi casto online a to uz protoze je to rychle a take najdete online super akce. 

Muj novy ulovek nosim opravdu hodne a jsem nadsena, ze muzu privitat dalsi klasicke a nadcasove cerne bryle. A navic se hodi k tolika vecem. Myslim, ze tento outfit, kde jsem zkombinovala roztomile saty, biker kozacky a oblibenou Bulgari kabelku jsou dukazem, ze nadcasove kousky se opravdu vyplati. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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