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Outfit: Boho Jacket

Wearing: Jacket: River Island, Top and Earrings: H&M, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Rayban

I am in full preparations for my trip to Mallorca next week and also kind of thinking what am I going to do for my birthday there. With all the preps I did not plan any party so far or even dinner with my other half so need to step up the game. And next Wednesday is coming faster than expected. Well, but I have my outfits ready. LOL

Well, can we stop and appreciate how gorgeous is this boho jacket? It is such a great holiday piece however as you can see nothing stops you wear it in the city. I am so over the moon I can finally start to travel as I have been waiting for Liam’s passport forever. So, we are ready to become cool jet setters. Yay

Pomalu planuju vylet na Malorku a premyslim, ze vlastne nemam nic naplanovano na sve narozeniny pristi stredu a v tom shonu jsem ani nic nestihla vymyslet. Vetsinou to nejak oslavim s kamaradkama, takze mozna nejakou veceri budu muset opozdene vymyslet. Hlavne, ze mam outfity na svuj vylet. LOL To je prece dulezitejsi. haha. 

No ale kazdopadne jak se vam libi tato boho bundicka? Prijde mi jako idealni kousek prave na dovolenou, ale jak vidite, da se nosit i ve meste. Vubec nevadi, ze nejblizsi plaz je v Brightonu. LOL 

Ja se obecne tesim, ze uz muzu cestovat. Liam ma konecne pas a tak nam nic nebrani. Hura za slunickem. 

Love Glamazon x


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Outfit: Red Patent and Pink at LFW

Wearing: Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Skirt: Stradivarius, Top: Zara, Coat: H&M, Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Celine

Patent everything has been big for some time and I have been wearing my patent black trousers non stop. However, I decided to spice things up and get this skirt. And I was not the only one in a bold piece like that during LFW. I have seen cool red trousers and so much more.

And Bulgari bags were another hit of this season in London. Bloggers naturally turned the serpenti bags into IT bags and people are going crazy about them. No wonder as they are simply stunning. I love my red one to bits and I always get so many compliments. It is a real beauty!

Lakovana kuze a latex se v posledni dobe rozmohly. Jdou videt absolutne vsude a ja sama jsem sve cerne kalhoty nosila v posledni dobe non stop. Na fashion week jsem se rozhodla trosku pritvrdit a poridila si za hubicku tuhle cervenou sukni. A nebyla jsem jedina, kdo se do tohoto trendu osatil. 

A kabelky Bulgari se take objevovaly na kazdem rohu a neni se cemu divit. Blogeri z klasicke Serpenti kabelky udelaly novou IT kabelku. Bulgari zkratka vsadily na marketingovou silu blogeru a vyplatilo se jim to. Ja na svou cervenou krasku nedam dopustit a vzdy dostanu nespocet komplimentu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Lace Bell Sleeves Jumper

7 Pictures by Rebbeca Spencer
Wearing: Jumper: Asos, Boots: Mango, Belt: Mango, Skirt: H&M, Bag: Bulgari, Sunglasses: Celine

Lace Bell sleeves jumper! What a dream. It meets so many requirements – trendy, warm and being black it suits anything and everything. I am now obsessed with pleated skirts more than ever. Firstly great way how to hide a bit of baby weight (I was told a big lie that breastfeeding will make me skinny) and it looks great. So I wear my pleats in all possible ways – chic, elegant or even more edgy with sneakers.

And I am still madly in love with Bulgari bags. This red baby just pops out so much. It always makes the outfit. And with party season coming I know it will be the IT bag of many parties. Touch of luxury is always needed right?

Svetr s krajkovymi zvonovymi rukavy je proste sen! Splnuje tolik pozadavku – trendy, zahreje a navic je cerny takze se bude hodit ke spouste vecem. Ja jsem ted docela posedla skladanyma suknema. Castecne je to tim, ze vyborne schovavaji kila po porodu (ten kdo tvrdil, ze kojenim zhubnu pekne lhal), ale i tim, ze vypadaji skvele. Nosila jsem je vzdy, ale ted snad uplne nejvic. Styluju je do chic stylu, elegatniho, ale taky vice cool treba s teniskama jako tady.

A taky me jeste neomrzela moje nova laska k Bulgari kabelkam. Tahle cervena je tak vyrazna a vzdy je stredem pozornosti kazdeho outfitu. Myslim, ze to bude oblibena kabelka v nadchazejici party sezone. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Bvlgari Serpenti Bag at LFW


Pictures: Joincomb

Wearing: Bag: Bvlgari, Shoes: Zara, Trousers: H&M, Waistcoat: Pinko, Shirt: H&M, Rings: Astrid & Miyu

When I was pregnant I was thinking back then yes I will be able to go to LFW after giving birth but most people told me there is no way as you will be barely able to brush your hair. So it would not even come to my mind that I could leave the house. And base on that I did not organise anything and not even any invites for the shows. And then the unexpected happened.

Well, Liam is three weeks now and my husband told me he is happy to mind him if I want to have a bit of fashion fun. You know I would not say no to that. LOL I did not have even any new cool clothes to wear so I went for simple black and white combo. And you know outfit like that requires a proper gem. And mine is this new Bvlgari Serpenti bag in the most stunning shade of red. I totally fell in love with this piece and it is quickly becoming new IT bag. And who can blame the industry as it is such a unique piece. I love the snake clasp and the top quality in particular. And as you can see it is the main feature of my last minute outfit.

I did not want to leave Liam just with hubby for too long so I only popped in to an event organised by Pandora and then went to say hello to few friends in The Apartment. Even those few hours felt fantastic. Just what I needed after so many days at home and just coffee shops visits. Well, you cannot blame me I am a fashion mummy after all.

Kdyz jsem byla tehotna tak jsem si naivne myslela, ze zvladnu cely LFW i po tom, co porodim. Az do te doby, kdy mi nekdo rekl, ze jsem blazen, ze budu rada, kdyz si ucesu vlasy. A tak jsem sve nerealne plany hodila za hlavu a vubec se nesnazila ani nic zorganizovat ci zajistit pozvanky na prehlidky.

A pak se stalo necekane a manzel mi rekl, jestli se nechci jit alespon na chvili.  A rekl, ze si s Liamem udela “klucici odpoledne” LOL. To jsem prece nemohla odmitnout. A protoze jsem nemela nachystane ani zadne cool obleceni, tak jsem se rozhodla pro cernobilou klasiku, ktera sice nenadchne, ale ani neurazi. A prave outfit jako tento si primo zada o nejaky drahokam. A proto jsem si k teto klasice dala prave novou Bvlgari Serpenti kabelku, ktera ma uzasny odstin cervene barvy. Tento model se pomalu stava novou IT bag a neni se cemu divit. Je nadherne zpracovana a spona v podobe hada je skutecne napadita. Jak vidite kabelka je hlavnim vyraznym detailem outfitu coz byl vlastne zamer. 

Nechtela jsem nechavat doma Liama s manzelem dlouho a tak jsem se stavila jenom na akci poradane Pandorou a pak take pozdravit par lidi do The Apartment. The Aparment jak mozna vite je misto, kde se schazi blogeri behem fashion weeku. Nejlepsi na tomto dni je, ze jsem odesla z domu s prazdnou a prisla zpatky  se spoustou novych veci, ktere vam mozna ukazu na snapchatu ci na Instagramu. No vidite nektere necekane akce se zkratka vyplati. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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