New furniture additions featuring Cult Furniture

It has been few weeks since I moved in to our new house and I love it. I am constantly working on improving it and making it look homely. We have had quite a bit of furniture from our previous apartment but this place is much bigger and needs some new additions.

I was looking for those items that can add luxury touches to my new home but can be versatile and I can move them around if needed. I wanted pieces that can be used in the living room as well as the bedrooms or I could use them for filming background for my videos. I knew I wanted to buy a lovely floor lamp as that was one item that we could not fit in to our old apartment. Although it was big enough we just had too many things already and it would not fit anywhere. I chose this Mala Harpin Tripod Floor Lamp from Cult Furniture. I feel its modern yet chic design will fit our existing furniture and I can use it in any of the rooms. At the moment it is that great feature item for our living room and I love how it looks there. I picked neutral tones as that is simply safe option for my taste and my current decor.

I was also after a chair or armchair that would feel more classic and I could use it again in any of the rooms. If we had more guests and our sofas would not be enough this could be used or I can simply use it in one of the bedrooms for more decoration purposes. It can also be that item that makes your empty corner more homely and you can enjoy cup of tea and favourite book in it. I was deciding in between two models but in the end opted for Keaton Armchair in grey. I love the fact it is velvet fabric which I feel is very trendy in home decor at the moment but the fact the armchair has got wheels was a great feature for us. It enables me to move it around and suit our needs. So this item is simply a winner and it already fits our home in the best possible way.

I am so delighted with both items from Cult Furniture and cannot wait to keep improving our new home even more.

Uz je to par tydnu co jsme se prestehovali do noveho domu a mam opravdu velkou radost. Pomalu upravujeme co je treba a snazime se vytvorit prijemny domov pro nas vsechny. Z predchoziho bytu jsme meli docela dost nabytku, ale tim, ze dum je vetsi, je treba par novych veci a to bude asi postupny proces.

Chtela jsem si poridit par veci, ktere budou fungovat ve vsech mistnostech a budu je treba moci pouzit k toceni na youtube. Velmi casto vyhledavam veci, ktere budou vypadat dobre ve vsech nasich mistnostech, protoze me zkratka bavi veci menit podle potreby ci chuti. Jednou z veci kterou jsem vzdy chtela, ale v nasem predchozim byte na ni nebylo misto, byla velka lampa. Jelikoz mam rada spise neutralnejsi veci ( i kdyz to se take casem muze zmenit) vybrala jsem si tuhle krasnou Mala Hairpin lampu. Prijde mi velmi sik a zaroven moderni a velmi se nam hodi do obyvaciho pokoje. 

Dale jsem si prala novou zidli nebo kreslo, ktere by se hodilo kamkoli, at jej muzu pouzivat dle potreby. Pokud napriklad prijde navsteva a nebudou stacit nase pohovky je dobre mit alternativni sezeni. Zaroven jsem chtela, aby kreslo mohlo byt pouzito treba k toceni a mohla ho pouzivat dle svych potreb. Rozhodovala jsem mezi dve modely, ale nakonec vyhralo tohle kreslo Keaton v sede barve. Libi se mi, ze je ze sametu, coz je momentalne v oblasti dekoru velky hit. Navic ma tohle kreslo kolecka, coz mi usnadnuje premistovani z mista na misto a to je presne co jsem si prala. 

Jsem rada, ze jsem tyhle kousky do domu poridila a tesim se na dalsi vylepsovani. 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Tip of the week: ESKA PRAGUE

Eska is a hot spot in Karlin Prague which I have heard so much about from my two friends Katerina and Iva. So I knew I had to try this place as soon as I arrive in Prague.

Eska was exactly what I expected and the whole atmosphere reminds me many places you find in East London. It has got cool vibes of Shoreditch and delicious food. The business sources good quality ingredients and also offers their customers to buy fresh products like bread and pastry in the downstairs bakery. You can also get hands on many organic products and those are honestly top quality. Yes I had to try it myself.

I feel the deco and the menu as well are such a fabulous combinations of traditional and new and they create a great whole. I heard it can get very busy during weekend brunch so we decided to book a table for something smaller around 3 pm and the restaurant wasn’t that busy which was great for a nice chat, glass of their organic wine and one of their open sandwiches. What a great afternoon siesta with friend.

The menu really has got interesting dishes to offer and the bread is to die for. I love Czech bread and really miss it in London but this one is on another level. I wish I could bring at least three loafs to London with me. I ordered beef on their delicious bread and it had such great flavour combinations that I can highly recommend it. What I also loved was their open kitchen as I firmly believe it is a good sign of any restaurant when you can see in the kitchen. Nobody or nothing can hide behind closed doors. LOL

And I could not leave without something sweet from their downstairs bakery which was super delicious. If you ever get a chance to visit I can highly recommend.

Eska v Karline v Praze je misto o kterem jsem slysela hodne od svych kamaradek Ivus a Katky. A tak pri me posledni navsteve v Praze byl vyber mista, kde si urcite musime neco dat jasny.

Eska byla presne podle mych predstav a pusobila na me jako mista, ktera najdete v Londyne spise ve vychodni casti v oblasti Shoreditch apod. Industrialni a zajimavy interier a kvalitni suroviny tvori vyborny celek a tak i lakaji mnohe milovniky dobreho jidla. Jak menu tak i vnitrek restaurace je pro me spojenim tradicniho a moderniho. Menu nabizi klasiky, ktere maji vzdy neco navic a take chleba, ktery tato restaurace serviruje je bezkonkurencni. Mam chut si tam zajet ho koupit a zmrazit si alespon tri bochniky a odvezt si je sebou do Londyna. Cesky chleba mi v Londyne hodne chybi, ale ten jejich je opravdu o level vys. 

Jelikoz jsem slysela, ze napriklad v dobe brunche a obeda muze byt restaurace plna, rozhodla jsem se jit do Esky asi kolem treti, kde nas cekala prijemna atmosfera, zadny hluk a vubec jsem si to uzila. Byla to idealni doba na to si dat jeden z jejich oblozenych chlebu a pokecat nad vinem. Serviruji organicka vina, ktera ja osobne moc nemusim, ale nebylo vubec spatne, takze se nebojte. Menu je opravdu zajimave a prestoze pusobi tradicne, cekaji na vas zajimave chute a take prekvapive kombinace. Ja jsem si dala chleba s hovezim, krenem a jablky a muzu jenom doporucit.

Jestli budete moznost si sem zajit, tak urcite bezte. A jak se dalo cekat, musela jsem si koupit i neco sladkeho na zub v jejich pekarne.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Christmas is round the corner and with that in mind my 2018 Gift Guide is here. This year I have included more fashion and beauty items and less technology as I thought after a long year women should treat themselves to something beautiful and you should treat others the same way. Let’s bring beautiful things to us and feel the luxury. I have tried to include smaller items that could make a great stocking filler as well as gorgeous fashion and beauty items.

This stunning pink blouse would make a great gift as it is something you can wear dress down or dress up. I am also loving the Marc Jacobs Luminizer as it is such a luxurious gift and the packaging and the mirror are simply perfection. What a brilliant product to be found in the stocking.

Vanoce jsou za rohem a proto prinasim i tento rok tipy na darky. Tento rok jsem zahrnula spise kosmetiku a obleceni a mene technologie, protoze jsem si rikala, ze kazda zena si zaslouzi neco krasneho, aby se mohla hyckat a udelat si radost. A tu radost muzete udelat i vy ostatnim zenam, ktere mate radi.

Snazila jsem se zahrnout i drobnejsi darky, ktere by se vlezli do Vanocni ponozky, protoze ty jsou tady v Britanii tradici. Kazdopadne tato ruzova bluzka me hodne zaujala a myslim, ze se da vyuzit jak na den tak na vecer. A vybornym mensim darkem, ale velmi praktickym diky velkemu zrcatku je tento Luminizer od Marca Jacobse.

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Outfit: Let’s Switch to Burgundy

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik via Luisa via Roma, Trousers: All Saints, Bag: Liberty, Scarf: Liberty, T-Shirt: Asos, Jumper: H&M, Sunglasses: RayBan

As soon as the leaves cover the ground I start to change the mood and want to switch my colour scheme, get cosy and just feel the autumn and winter atmosphere. In my mind I am snuggled up with the blanket, glass of red and Netlix but in reality it is often just changing colours I wear and keeping warm.

When it gets colder I love tones like burgundy, camel, neutral tones and more brown shades. As you can see when it comes to burgundy I really went big this time. I am absolutely in love with these velvet Manolos. And I hope they will dress up many pair of jeans as well as will be a perfect December parties option. And I cannot forget my new Liberty of London bag that has got the most stunning print. They are both simply timeless, luxury and beautiful.

I just love the ability of the these items to dress up even simple jumpers like that  burgundy one and leather leggings. Two things that couldn’t be more far away from the luxury sparkly flats and yet they create a perfect look. At least for me.

Jakmile vidim napade listi na podzim, je to jako bych prepnula a zacnou me bavit jine barvy, chci se zahrabat pod deku u Netflixu a uzivat si podzimni a zimni atmosferu. S prichodem podzimniho pocasi velmi casto tihnu k barvam jako vinova, velbloudi a prirodni odstiny. A jak vidite co se tyce vinove v tomto pripade to jedu ve velkem. 

Jsem silene zamilovana do svych novych nizkych boticek od Manola, ktere jsou ze sametu a tak pevne verim, ze budou skvelym spolecnikem na nadchazejici spolecenskou sezonu. Nemuzu zapomenout take na novou kabelku Liberty of London, ktera ma naprosto fantasticky a ikonicky potisk.  Oba kousky jsou nadcasove, krasne a luxusni. 

A bavi me je kombinovat prave s obycejnyma vecma jako tento jednoduchy svetr a treba kozene leginy.  Jsou to vlastne naprosto rozlisne veci a ve finale spolu tvori hezky celek. Alespon tedy pro me. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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