Tip of the week: Afternoon Tea in Ceru

It is not a secret that I am a hugely into Lebanese, Turkish cuisine and similar to these. And you may also remember my previous post about incredible CERU restaurant that have previously been open more as a pop up spot. They finally found their home and it is such a stunning place that is only few minutes away from the South Kensington tube station. The deco took my breath away as it is a perfect blend of traditional and modern and has got that touch of Arabic countries. I really love what they have done with the place (perhaps you saw my Insta Stories last week as I could not resist to film their stunning toilets LOL).

I was lucky enough last week that my husband had few days off and I could visit this marvellous restaurant with my friend Helena for their afternoon tea. I love good afternoon tea and it is such a good way how to catch up with friends. Ceru definitely adds their own touches to it so do not expect traditional cakes and sandwiches. Imagine sandwiches and cakes with that levant touch and delicious spices. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

My favourite sandwich was definitely creamed feta, lemon and pickled cucumber but cannot really decide on the top choice from the sweet selection. They all had something surprising. You can chose tea with or without champagne and guess what I went for? Yes with LOL. It would not be me otherwise. As I have been in the restaurant few times previously I wanted my friend Helena to try some of the stuff I liked previously like their signature lamb (OMG what a dish) or other things. So we ordered few bits after the tea.

It was honestly such a lovely afternoon and I am definitely coming back. If you are around West London and you want to try something different definitely stop by as Ceru will take you on a lovely journey of tastes and great food.

Neni zadnym tajemstvim, ze miluju kuchyne jako Tureckou, Arabskou ci dobroty z Libanonu. Zkratka kuchyne Levantu. A mozna si i pamatujete nektere predchozi clanky o vyborne restauraci Ceru, ktera drive pusobila spise jako Pop up. To uz je ale minulosti a konecne jeji majitele nasli domov a otevreli si prekrasnou restauraci jenom par minut od zastavky South Kensington. Uz po prichodu se mi libilo jak si majitele poradili s interierem, ktery je uzasnym balancem moderniho a tradicniho. Najdete tam kusy dovezene primo z Maroka, ale i moderni navrhy, ktere do restaurace krasne zapadaji (mozna jste zrovna vy videli moje insta stories z jejich prekrasnych toalet – opravdu jsem si nemohla pomoci haha). 

Minuly tyden jsem mela zrovna stesti, ze muj manzel mel volno a tak jsem mohla jit do Ceru se svou kamaradkou Helenou na jejich Afternoon tea. Ja osobne mam Afternoon tea (neboli caj o pate) moc rada a je to super zpusob jak si pokecat s kamaradkou a dat si neco dobreho. Necekejte samozrejme tradicni Britsky caj, ale spise sandwiche a zakusky s chuti Levantu a vyborneho koreni. 

Nejvice mi chutnal sandwich s kremovou fetou, citronem a nakladanou okurkou, ale uprimne se nemuzu rozhodnout, ktery zakusek byl nejlepsi. Muzete si vybrat verzi bud s sampanskym ci bez a take si muzete vybrat i caj podle svych chuti. Ja jsem hrozne Helene chtela predstavit par jinych specialit a navic jsem mela sileny hlad (klasika co), takz jsme si jeste objednali jehneci a par jinych lahudek. 

Pokud  budete v okoli South Kensington, urcite se sem zastavte treba zrovna na jejich Aftenoon tea. Ja jsem si to moc uzila a snad se v Ceru bude libit i Vam.

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Orange is the new black ?

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy via Luisa Via Roma, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Nelly, Top: COS, Jeans: Zara, Sleeveless Jacket: PINKO 

Orange is the new black is favourite series of many people – NOT mine! However this orange top with great details on the sleeve really got my attention when I saw it and I love it. The colour is not something I would go for often however it is a great change.

And as you can see on my social media I have been wearing my new Givenchy boots a lot. However, there is always a but…now I feel I need more handbags to go with them. What do we think of this Valentino bag?

Last night I went to an amazing dinner with Google and had such a good time. They were introducing new product – Google Home and I am over the moon as I will be gifted one as well as I got invited to Google offices here in London. How amazing is that? Well, maybe not for everybody but I am delighted and cannot wait to show you more. I will definitely share more on my social channels and Insta stories. If you do not follow me, you can find me as evglamazon.

Orange is the new black neni muj oblibeny serial, ale kdyz jsem uvidela tento uzasny oranzovy top, okamzite me zaujal. Neni to barva pro kterou bych mela slabost, ale obcas se hodi si poridit neco trosku jineho, ze? 

Strasne se mi libi detaily na rukavech. No a jak jste si asi vsimly na mych socialnich siti, nemuzu se nabazit techto kozacek Givenchy. Ted mam ale porad pocit, ze k nim potrebuju vice kabelek. Co rikate na tuhle

Vcera jste mozna videli na mych Insta stories, ze jsem byla na veceri s Google. Google predstavoval jejich novinku Google Home, ktery se mi teda hrozne moc libi. A sama tomu nemuzu verit, ale Google me pozval do jejich kancelari tady v Londyne a dokonce mi Google Home daruje. Mozna je to pro nekoho normalni, ale me to teda dostalo a mam opravdu silenou radost. A urcite vam potom vse ukazu alespon an Insta stories. Takze pokud me nesledujete, najdete me tam jako evglamazon. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Blazer Addict

Wearing: Bag: Valentino, Shoes: Valentino, Jeans: Zara, Jacket: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban, T-shirt: Gap

Blazers have always been a big part of my wardrobe. They can change any outfit within a second. This time I opted for a slightly different design. You may have seen this blazer in a different outfit.

When the weather gets warmer it is my go to thing and I start to become a bit of a blazer addict. Not that I would have huge collection of blazers but I think that women should have nice blazers at least in basic colours like black, nude, white or navy blue. At the moment I am really thinking about purchasing a classic Balmain blazer but still not sure. The price isn’t that easy to justify so lets see.

And definitely let me know what is on your wish list these days?

Saka vzdy mely cestne misto v mem satniku. Je to urcite jeden ze zakladnich kousku satniku a dokazou zmenit outfit behem vteriny. Tentokrat jsem zvolila trosku vyraznejsi design, ktery jste mohli videt v predchozim postu. 

S prichodem teplejsiho pocasi se ze me stava trosku zavislak a mam chut si porad kupovat nova a nova saka, ktere stejne nemam moznost vynosit. LOL Ale zakladni barvy jako cerna, namornicka modra, bila ci kremova se vzdy hodi a je dobre par hezkych sacek v satniku mit. Momentalne jsem zamilovana do sak Balmain a prestoze jsou opravdu drahe, myslim, ze by to byla dobra investice. No uvidime. 

Muj whishlist je jako vzdy nekonecny.  

A co vy? Co je na vasem wishlistu? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Givenchy Biker Boots

Boots: Givenchy via Luisa Via Roma, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Lulu Guinness, Top: H&M, Necklace: Pandora, Cardigan: Shein

For those who follow my new Youtube channel it is not going to be surprise I finally got my hands on these stunning Givenchy boots. I have revealed these in my latest unboxing video.

And I will not going to lie and say that I instantly fell in love. They are cool, edgy, timeless and super comfortable. I was quite worried as they do not seem to be a soft type of boot that will adapt however they took me by surprise. And they were comfortable even when I wore them first time. It is not the case that I just jump in the cab and walk in to a coffee shop and that’s it. I actually walk around while pushing the pram. Just a dream pair of boots.

I ordered these at one of my favourite online shopping destinations Luisa Via Roma. They must have fantastic buyers as the selection of brands is really varied but at the same time very often you can buy the latest IT items that are sold everywhere else.

I know I will wear these to death and especially with London weather … you may wear these all summer no problem. They also do have other colours so definitely check them out.

Pro ty, kteri sleduji ma videa na youtube nebude prekvapenim, ze jsem si konecne poridila tyhle uzasne kotnickove kozacky od Givenchy. Ty jsem nedavno odhalila v tomto videu.

Nebudu vam lhat a musim prohlasit, ze to byla laska na prvni pohled. Jsou cool, nadcasove a navic (to je priorita) strasne pohodlne. Kdyz jsem je poprve vyzkousela, trosku jsem se bala. Je to takova ta pevna bota, co pusobi trvde, ale byla jsem prijemne prekvapena, protoze i pri prvnim noseni byly extremne pohodlne a chodim v nich docela daleko. Neni to tak, ze skocim do taxiku, projdu se do restaurace a tim to padne. Mam je na nohou treba cely den. 

Ja jsem si tyhle poridila na e-shopu Luisa Via Roma, coz je jedna z mych oblibenych nakupnich destinaci online. Jejich buyers maji uzasny vkus a najdete tam jak mene proflaknute znacky, tak i casto IT kousky, ktere jsou kdekoli jinde vyprodane. 

Opravdu se vidim, ze tyhle boty budu nosit se vsim moznym a hlavne tady v Londyne, kde pocasi nekdy prekvapi i v lete. Navic jsou dostani i v jinych barvach, takze se urcite podivejte.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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