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Outfit: Vinyl Trousers and Manolos

Wearing: Trouser: River Island, Bag: Chanel, Blazer: Shein, T-shirt: Zara, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Earrings: Soru

It is 7 am Saturday morning when I am writing this article and I am putting this post together whilst in a super comfortable bed in Nobu Shoreditch. And why am I even mentioning it in an outfit post? It was my first night without Liam. I was not definitely emotional like I hear from girls and women around me and actually it was so nice to feel like the “old days”. Having said that I know when I come back home I will kiss him all over (trust me I always play these scenarios in my head). I miss his little face and cheeky grins.

And what makes me laugh looking at these pictures is I know how much he loves these trousers. I have this theory he likes “kinky stuff”. When I wear these he keeps touching them and looks amazed. And he is not the only one.

I got such an amazing responses from other people and followers on my social media. Well, it is a trend at the end of the day and not for everybody but sometimes it is good to take more risks even if it is just with fashion.

Je Sobota 7 hodin rano a ja pisu tento clanek z pohodlne postele v Nobu Shoreditch. A proc to vubec zminuju v outfitovem prispevku? Byla to moje prvni noc bez Liamka. Uprimne jsem to nebrala tak emocionalne jak znam z vypraveni kamaradek, ale vim, ze az prijdu domu, ze ho opusinkuju a umackam (verte mi prehravam si od vcera ruzne roztomile scenare), ale hrozne jsem si to uzila. Bylo to jako za ‘starych casu”. Ale i presto mi chybi ta jeho roztomila tvaricka a lisacky usmev. Uz se v duchu smeju na to nase “mackaci” setkani za par hodin. 

Mam chut se smat, kdyz se divam na tyhle fotky, protoze si vzdy vzpomenu na Liamka, jak ho tyhle kalhoty fascinuji. Porad je ochmatava a kouka na ne, mam takovu teorii, ze se mu libi takove veci a treba i cervene kozacky nad kolena. LOL

No a vlastne neni sam. Na Instagramu mely tyhle kalhoty velky uspech a take okoli se vyjadrilo pozitivne. Ano je to trend, ktery neni uplne pro kazdeho, ale obcas se vyplati riskovat. I kdyz jenom v mode. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Midi skirts and Indian Summer

Wearing: Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Gucci, Skirt: H&M, Jumper: H&M, Earrings: Soru Jewellery, Sunglasses: Rayban

If you read this blog and follow me on my social media it will not surprise you when I say I love autumn. It is such a beautiful season, the colours of the trees and there is something charming about streets of London covered with leaves. It is simply magical.

However I still love when September and October brings those unexpected warm days. Those days are sunny but it is a different kind of sun. I no longer want to wear flowery summer dresses as the heat is not strong but it is good enough to wear midi skirts and bare legs. You can sit outside your favourite cafe, sip your coffee and read your book (if your child lets you or if you do not have one LOL). I love autumn evenings with candles, books and cup of tea (or glass of wine LOL)  and you just let your mind go and enjoy every second of this time.

Fashion is just great during this season and thanks to weather being one day sunny and the other more rainy you get to wear some fabulous combinations.

Pokud pravidelne ctete muj blog a sledujete i me jine socialni platformy, asi vas neprekvapi, ze mam moc rada podzim. Je to krasne obdobi, kdy priroda zbarvi stromy a pocasi se meni, ze si muzete uzivat jak dny slunecne tak ty destive s dobrou knizkou v ruce.

Miluju dny, kdy je krasne a sviti slunicko. Jenom s tim rozdilem, ze slunicko uz neni tak silne a nechcete uz nosit letni kousky, spis  tak krasne hreje a muzete vyrazit treba ve svetriku a trictvrtecni sukni. Takove dny mam rada, muzu nosit hole nohy, sedet v kavarne a popijet kavu. A kdyz se zadari a dite usne, mozna si precist i kousek knizky nebo jenom tak pozorovat chod kolem.

A moda v toto rocni obdobi je proste nejlepsi, protoze mate presne takove dny, ktere jsou teplejsi a na druhou stranu chladnejsi, kdy se muzete vyradit s vrstvenim.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Love at first sight

Wearing: Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Chanel, Hoodie: H&M, Sunglasses: Nelly, Shoes: River Island, Blazer: Zara, Earrings: Soru Jewellery

I am definitely getting better when it comes to shopping. I think more about investing, I think about what I will wear the item with and I wait if I really love the item. I am lucky as I get lot of items gifted and some of them are stunning beautiful designer pieces from expensive shoes to bags. Although for normal people it may seem crazy the amount of clothes I have or that I am selling items after wearing them once on my depop (evaglamazon) you have to realise it is my job. And also we are living at the times of fast fashion. The way brands turn around their collection is incredible. We can wear latest trends that are affordable instantly.

However then there are items I totally fall in love with and I know I have to have them. When I saw these stunning earrings on lovely Tijane I knew they have to be mine. She told me about the brand. What an incredible piece and not just this one!!! I totally love the other designs and to be quite frank I want them all.  The one thing that totally got me is the significance of the onyx stones. You know how much I love meditation, keeping good energy and this stone protects you from negative energy. I could not ask for more. It was mean to be and I cannot wait to wear them as much as possible. It was simply love at first sight.

Myslim, ze jsem se zlepsila v nakupovani. Zacala jsem vice premyslet s cim budu veci nosit, investovat do kousku, ktere se hodi k hodne vecem a zkratka si nakup rozmyslet. Mam to stesti, ze hrozne moc krasnych kousku dostavam a take to, ze zijeme v dobe fast fashion. Moda se toci a trendy jsou rychle dostupne a jsou levne. Asi si reknete, ze jsem blazen, ze prodavam veci na depopu (evaglamazon) po jednom noseni, ale musim to uprimne nejak tridit. Navic je tohle moje prace, je vam jasne, ze nebudu mit jenom dvoje dziny. 

Kazdopadne v tomto kolotoci se mi stava casto, ze si urcitou vec zamiluju na prvni pohled. A moje myslenky se k veci porad vraci, to vim, ze ji proste musim mit. A to bylo i v pripade techto nausnic, ktere jsem poprve videla na sve kamaradce Tijane. Nemohla jsem na prestat myslet, Tijane mi vlastne znacku Soru poprve predstavila a ja jsem se zblaznila do vetsiny, ale k temto nausnicim me neco tahlo. A pak jsem zjistila, ze onyx kamen, ktery je soucasti tohoto modelu ma uzasny vyznam. Ochranuje od negativni energie. V ten moment jsem vedela, ze ke me patri. Zkratka to byla laska na prvni pohled.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Feel Powerful in Gingham Ruffle Shirt

Wearing: Shirt: Asos, Bag: Chanel, Belt: Gucci, Shoes: Gucci, Skirt: River Island, Sunglasses: Rayban

I feel that ruffle shirts feel somehow powerful. They give your body some hidden confidence and it is always about the feeling isn’t it?  The right blazer or right shirt can change how you feel when you walk in to a meeting. I remember that ages ago my friend Caroline bought well fitted Hugo Boss blazer and she said she named it her “power blazer” and took it to all important meetings at work. LOL

And well placed ruffles on a shirt can have the same impact. I really feel this shirt gives me that. And how you feel in clothes can impact results of anything you do. You hold yourself differently and that always help, doesn’t it? Isn’t it great when you discover that certain trend also gives you secretly another level of confidence. Hehe

Mam pocit, ze bluzy a kosile s volany maji takovou skrytou silu. Neco co vam doda trosku sebevedomi a postoj. A vubec obecne mam pocit, ze veci urciteho strihu mohou mit podobnou moc. Pamatuju si, kdyz si moje kamaradka Caroline koupila sako s vyraznymi rameny na sample sale Hugo Boss a nosila sako na vsechny dulezite pracovni schuzky. Mela pocit, ze ji dava sebevedomi a nazvala ho “power jacket”. Haha 

A tak se mi zkratka zda, ze spravne strizene veci s volany maji takovou skrytou moc. A to jak se ve vecech citime ma pak za nasledek to jak se citime i navenek. Je skvele zjistit, ze urcity trend vam muze dat i velkou davku sebeduvery. Hehe 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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