Outfit: Sequins and Flares at LFW

Pictures: Comb 

Wearing: Bag: Stella McCartney, Shoes: Zara, Dress: Zara, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Sunglasses: Rayban, Jeans: Mango

Looking back at this outfit I feel Rachel Zoe vibes. Flares, sequins, leather jacket however when I was dressing I did not think of that all. I simply liked the sequin dress and as it is quite short I opted for comfort over fashion week and decided to layer it over white flared jeans.

It may look brave that I only wore leather jacket in the winter however it is not as cold and I was also taking taxis everywhere. I cannot believe that Monday has come so fast. I am in charge of the baby again so today is probably going to be the last I am doing something around LFW. I am going to pop in to an event with Tom Ford and that will be then end for me for this season.

Yay. Another season and lot of great fashion. Although this time a bit different as I a mum. A bit harder I am not going to lie but still amazing.

Kdyz se tak divam na tento outfit, okamzite se mi vybavi Rachel Zoe, ale pritom kdyz jsem se oblekala, tak me to ani nenapadlo a nebyl to ani zamer. Zkratka se mi libily tyhle saty a protoze je fashion week a zaroven jsem chtela pohodli a nemyslet na to, zda jsou saty dostatecne dlouhe, hodila jsem si je pres kalhoty. 

Myslim, ze jsem byla odvazna si dat jenom kozenou bundu, ale uz jsem byla po par dnech (plus nocich, kdy vstavam k malemu) tak unavena, ze jsem se rozsoupla a vsude jezdila taxikem. Marniva zena co? A bylo asi 13 stupnu, takze se to docela dalo. LOL 

Jsme v udivu, ze je opet pondeli. Uz mam zase Liamka na starosti ja, takze se mnou jeste dneska zajde na akci Tom Ford a timto dnem asi fashion week zabalime. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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