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Outfit: Another reason why you should do what you love

Pictures by Hazel Hurley 

Wearing: Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Bag: Stella McCartney, Shirt: System of Motion, Skirt: River Island, Sunglasses: Celine, Earrings: Lipsy via Asos

I go through phases when I am shopping like crazy and then through phases when I do not. My intuition (that is actually very good) tells me that this year I will be shopping a lot. (haha) Good news for the economy right and actually good news for me as I will just ticking of items from my wish list that gives me lot of satisfaction.

Of course I am also very lucky that thanks to this job I get gifted lot of amazing items from the most amazing brands. I have go the best clothes, skincare, designer items and that it thanks to this wonderful job I do. It is just such a dream.

Looking back at those years when I blogged and also had a full time office job I must admit I shopped a lot a lot just to compensate how stressed and overworked I was in my old job. It was getting something to cheer myself up because I had a hard week or conflict with clients. A bit like when people compensate troubles with drinking or food. Well, last year when I went full time blogging I really felt that I was thinking more about spending money as I did not have the inner pressure or something that was pushing me to do it. I just enjoyed days and what I do for living.

So my message to you is that you should do what you love as it can really make a difference in the areas of your life you would not even expect.

And also if you feel like it you can watch my latest Get unready with me video. 

Casto si prochazim obdobim, kdy mam obrovskou chut nakupovat a pak treba zase ne. Minuly rok to nebylo s tim nakupovanim az tak hrozne, ale moje intuice (a tu mam hodne vyvinutou) mi rika, ze letos to rozjedu asi vic. (haha) No pro ekonomiku je to dobra zprava a pro me asi taky, protoze miluju hrozne moc, kdyz si muzu z mych wish listu odskrtavat.

Samozrejme tady nebudu psat, ze si kupuju naprosto vse. Dostavam od firem, se kteryma spolupracuji diky teto praci naproste uzasne veci. Mam opravdu stesti, ze delam, co me bavi a diky tomu dostavam luxusni kosmetiku, obleceni a dokonce uz i designerske kousky. Je to zkratka sen. 

Kazdopadne mam pocit, ze jsem casto nakupovala hlavne v dobe, kdy jsem jeste pracovala v kancelari a vedla tento blog a nakupovala hlavne v dobe, kdy jsem mela tezky tyden ci den ci se citila prepracovana. Jakobych si kompenzovala stresove situaci novym trickem ci kosmetikou. A to se opravdu zmenilo v dobe, kdy jsem zacala blogovat na plny uvazek. Nebyla uz potreba, protoze jsem delala denne to, co me bavi. Ted urcite pracuju vice a stale mi nestaci cas na vse, co bych chtela, ale i tak nemusim zahanet konflitky v praci nakupovanim. Delam zkratka to co me bavi. 

A tak vam chci rict, ze pokud je to mozne, zkuste delat praci co vas bavi, protoze nikdy nevite, jake jine zivotni sfery vam to obohati a vylepsi. 

A taky kdyz se vam bude chtit, muzete se mrknout na me posledni video a vecerni rutinu tady v CR. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Bring on the knits

Pictures: Natasha Ndlovu

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy, Sweater: Shein, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Dior

Weekend is here so three times hooray. This has been another week full of exciting things happening. On Tuesday when I wore this gorgeous knit and leather skirt I was going on a lovely tour alongside other bloggers at Sloane Street. We started our day in April’s Cafe at Boutique one and continued to stores like Chloe or Hermes. We also had the privilege to explore private Cadogan Gardens. It was a lovely day although tiring. I had Liam with me and it was perhaps a bit too long for him and too boring. Good news is we managed and at least now I appreciate Liam’s baby sitter even more than before. She just could not help on this occasion.

Well, these things make you stronger I guess. The more I am looking into things I firmly believe things happen for a reason and they bring you some sort of knowledge or message. And the people you meet are there from some reason too. Nothing is a coincidence in life.

Tak a mame tady opet vikend a za sebou dalsi tyden plny skvelych veci. V utery, kdy jsem mela na sobe tento outfit jsem absolvovala takovou navstevu Sloane Street. Po boku dalsich blogeru jsem byla pozvana do nekolika butiku a take privatnich zahrad Cadogan. Byl to opravdu prijemny den, ktery zacal v kavarne April’s, ktera je soucasti Boutique one a pokracovali jsem do obchodu jako Chloe ci Hermes. Nebudu lhat, ze to bylo narocne. Mela jsem sebou Liamka a predstavte si rocniho prcka v obchodech nekolik hodin v kocarku. Ale zvladli jsme to. 

Ja ted pevne verim, ze tyhle veci me ale maji posilit. Vsechno co se v zivote deje, je z nejake duvodu a my si z toho mame neco odnest. A lide, kteri nam prijdou do cesty nas maji neco naucit nebo pomoci nas dovest na spravnou cestu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Maje Lace Dress

Pictures: Iva

Wearing: Dress: Maje, Shoes: River Island, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Celine

This Maje dress totally stole my heart when I saw it. What a beautiful mixture of all things that I like – bit of boho, feminine, lace and flattering. I knew I had to bring it with me to Greece as it is a perfect holiday piece but I can totally see myself to wear it in the city too. It is one of those good universal dresses that work for many places and occasions.

I am still on holidays and enjoying it to maximum. I am doing things I love and enjoying the nicest things ever. I love morning runs on the beach, light breeze, sun, warm air, lot of good food and wine and just the summer vibes. I think life should just be one long and never ending holiday right?

Tyhle Maje saty me totalne dostaly na kolena. Kloubi se v nich tolik prvku ktere mam rada – zenskost, krajka, trosku boho a take lichotive. Kdyz jsem se balila do Recka,vedela jsem, ze je nesmim doma nechat. Na druhou stranu si je dovedu predstavit i ve meste. Je to zkratka takovy skvely kousek, ktery si najde sve misto. 

Ja jsem jeste stale na dovolene a uzivam si to na maximum a kdo by ne. Na dovolene se mi dostava samych veci, ktere mam rada – slunicko, morsky vanek, ranni beh na plazi, hodne dobreho jidla a vina a vubec letni atmosfera. Myslim, ze zivot by vlastne mel byt jedna velka dovolena ne? 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Maxi Floral Dress

Wearing: Shoes: Ellie Goulding for Deichmann, Bag: Stella McCartney, Dress: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban

Gosh, I cannot describe how grateful I was to wear this dress on one hot day in London. Maxi dresses made of light material are such a good option even for the city girl not just to be worn by the seaside. Ok let’s just say how nice it is to feel light air under the skirt or how great it is that you do not feel sticky when you sit on a public transport seat. Yes, it ticks all the boxes.

I snapped these shots on my way from the beloved Columbia road flower market that is on every Sunday and could not leave without those beautiful peonies. Who would anyway? Hehe

Ani nevite, jak jsem byla stastna, ze jsem mela tyhle maxi saty na sobe minuly tyden o vikendu, kdyz bylo hrozne horko. Dlouhe saty z lehkych materialu jsou vubec super volbou i do mesta. Myslim, ze nepatri jenom do primorskych letovisek a na plaz. Ja ocenim hlavne lehky vanek pod sukni a take, ze se vam nelepi nohy na sedadla v doprave. Vetsina linek metra v Londyne nema totiz klimatizaci a byva to docela narez jakmile je teplota pres dvacet. 

Tyhle fotografie jsem fotila v nedeli, kdy jsem se vydala na kvetinovy trh na Columbia road, ktery je mimochodem uzasny. Zminovala jsem to nekolikrat. A nemohla jsem tam samozrejme nechat tyhle krasne pivonky.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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