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Outfit: Bye Bye Summer

Wearing: Dress: Pampelone, Shoes: Emu Australia, Sunglasses: Longchamp via Sunglasses shop , Bag: Gift from Loccitane team

So as it happens I got back from French Riviera and got right into autumn mode. It has been very hectic return after tiring journey and lot of changes are coming. Liam started nursery a day after we returned and man that is hard. I would not expect to find it this stressful and emotional but when you see the children upset and asking for mummy it is a sad sight. Hopefully they will all settle in soon.

I would not mind to be taken back to Saint Tropez and Antibes and escape reality but things like this have to be done sadly. We had the most amazing times and it was the nicest way how to say good bye to summer. I also published first video which you can watch here.

This will be probably last very summery looking outfit unless I get myself somewhere to chase winter sun :) Anyway loving this look and it is spot on model for South France. The Longchamp sunglasses have been one of my favourites this summer and honestly cannot recommend them enough. I wear sunglasses all year long so I am sure you will see them with all my autumn and wintery outfits too.

But I am now ready for autumn fun and this is the time to say bye bye summer. But just for a while.

A je to tady a jsem zpatky s rodinou z dovolene ve Francii. Pomalu se ladim do podzimni nalady a nebudu lhat, ale navrat byl hekticky a hlavne prichazi velka zmena v nasem rezimu, protoze Liam zacina predskolni dochazku. A abych byla uprimna, je to tezke. Jsem plna emoci, vystresovana a nepreju si nic jineho, nez aby se mu tam libilo. Pak se mi teprve ulevi.

Kazdopadne by mi nevadilo opet uniknout realite a vratit se za slunickem na Francouzsky jih. Opravdu jsem si to uzila a take jsem uz stihla vydat prvni video z nasi dovolene, tak se muzete podivat tady na mem youtube kanale.  

Tohle je asi posledni vyletneny outfit, ktery tady uvidite a jsem pripravena se rozloucit s letem a uzivat si podzimnich radosti. Liam miluje Halloween tak uz premyslim, co podnikneme, jestli usporadam u nas party a tesim se samozrejme na dynovou farmu, kam ho letos urcite opet vezmeme. 

Ale je na case se na chvili rozloucit s letem a uz se tesim na dalsi. 



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Outfit: Bring on the knits

Pictures: Natasha Ndlovu

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy, Sweater: Shein, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Dior

Weekend is here so three times hooray. This has been another week full of exciting things happening. On Tuesday when I wore this gorgeous knit and leather skirt I was going on a lovely tour alongside other bloggers at Sloane Street. We started our day in April’s Cafe at Boutique one and continued to stores like Chloe or Hermes. We also had the privilege to explore private Cadogan Gardens. It was a lovely day although tiring. I had Liam with me and it was perhaps a bit too long for him and too boring. Good news is we managed and at least now I appreciate Liam’s baby sitter even more than before. She just could not help on this occasion.

Well, these things make you stronger I guess. The more I am looking into things I firmly believe things happen for a reason and they bring you some sort of knowledge or message. And the people you meet are there from some reason too. Nothing is a coincidence in life.

Tak a mame tady opet vikend a za sebou dalsi tyden plny skvelych veci. V utery, kdy jsem mela na sobe tento outfit jsem absolvovala takovou navstevu Sloane Street. Po boku dalsich blogeru jsem byla pozvana do nekolika butiku a take privatnich zahrad Cadogan. Byl to opravdu prijemny den, ktery zacal v kavarne April’s, ktera je soucasti Boutique one a pokracovali jsem do obchodu jako Chloe ci Hermes. Nebudu lhat, ze to bylo narocne. Mela jsem sebou Liamka a predstavte si rocniho prcka v obchodech nekolik hodin v kocarku. Ale zvladli jsme to. 

Ja ted pevne verim, ze tyhle veci me ale maji posilit. Vsechno co se v zivote deje, je z nejake duvodu a my si z toho mame neco odnest. A lide, kteri nam prijdou do cesty nas maji neco naucit nebo pomoci nas dovest na spravnou cestu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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