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Transfer the basket bag trend to fall and winter

Picture source : Pinterest

Basket bags have exploded and they are everywhere I go. Try to scroll down your Instagram feed without finding at least one cute basket bag…hard task. And as a lot of people I fell in love with this trend. It is somehow that old but new trend that will never go out of fashion. These bags have been around forever but this season there is a huge hype about them. I mean what a good move from Prada made to include them in their collection.

Anyway, if you like me fell in love with this trend you do not have to cry the summer will be over in few weeks as they look cute with warmer outfits too. Imagine chunky knits, coats all kind of colours and materials, fur and cool sneakers or boots. You can even bring to live that cute summer white dress as with basket bag and cute knitted long cardigan you will bring it all back to live.

So it is never too late to get your basket bag and rock it all year round.

Kosiky jsou mega hitem sezony. Prakticky je to takovy ten nestarnouci kousek. No vzpomente si, ze kdyz jezdite na dovolenou at uz letos ci pred deseti lety. Vzdy najdete nejaky ten stanek, ktery tyhle kabelky prodava. Ale jak uz to tak v mode byva, tyhle veci jsou jednou na vrcholu a pak to zase odezni. Tohle leto na me na Instagramu vyskoci kosiky snad kazdych pet minut. A jako spousta lidi jsem se i ja do tohoto trendu zamilovala. 

A pokud jste na tom stejne, nemusite plakat, protoze jak koukam, daji se nosit i na podzim a v zime. Ja jsem na Pinterestu nasla spoustu inspirace. A uz me honi jako pokazde ruzne vize …. hunate svetry, kabaty, kozacky ci tenisky a vysneny kosicek. Myslim, ze Prada to docela vychytala zaradit podobny kosik do sveho repertoaru. 

A tak neni nikdy pozde si poridit dalsi kosicek.

Love Glamazon xoxo