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Outfit: Ego vs Intuition

Pictures by Iva 

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Blouse: Amo Couture, Jeans: Revolve, Bag: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban, Earrings: Astley Clarke

I could not count how many times I have read about ego, intuition and how many times we discussed this even at school, with friends, reading about in on all sorts of books. And ego and intuition inner battle comes to us daily. It is that constant fight in between what your head says and what you actually feel is right and what your path is.

When I was setting up my youtube channel I knew it was going to be in English. I lived here for almost 14 years and although I am a proud Czech and I know I have a good size community in Czech that like reading my posts and follow my content, I knew youtube should be in English. I got to a point that few people suggested I should try to film in Czech and yay the views went up however my intuition was telling me it is not the right direction. I was not feeling the same when creating Czech content and firmly believe it was confusing a lot of people. Whilst ego was happy with views going up, my heart was on a different frequency. When I create I want to create things with joy, smile and love it. Only then the things can bring joy and love to other people. I was living in  constant doubt, I kept coming across signs that this is not the way to go. And that is why I stopped.

I have never given any explanation and I just mentioned it to the closest friends and most said go where your heart takes you as that is the most important thing. So I said bye to my Ego on this occasion, no matter what it costs me.

Nedokazu ani spocitac kolikrat jsem cetla o egu, intuici a kolikrat jsem to rozebirala s prateli, cetla o tom v dalsi knize, ci procitala, co o egu tvrdili nasi nejvetsi myslitele jeste ve skole. Volit mezi egem a intuici je nasi kazdodenni soucasti. Je to takove to neustale rozhodovani, zda se ridit hlavou nebo tim, co nam naseptava neco hluboko uvnitr.

Kdyz jsem zakladala svuj youtube kanal, tak jsem vedela, ze chci vse vest v Anglickem jazyce. Muj blog tak byl vedeny temer od zacatku, ziju v Britanii opravdu radku let, ale vedela jsem, ze mam i Ceskou komunitu, ktera cte me prispevky a sleduje me na ruznych platformach. Ale tajne jsem doufala, ze ta moje komunita si me nasla prave protoze umi Anglicky a pevne verim, ze ti spravni, kteri si vas maji najit, si vas vzdycky najdou. No a pred nedavnem jsem se na popud par lidi rozhodla zkusit nekolik vlogu v Ceskem jazyce. A svete div se, zvedla se sledovanost, ale moje intuince mi naseptavala, ze to neni moje cesta. Navic jsem neustalne narazela na znameni, ktera me v tom utvrzovala a tak jsem postupne od Ceskych vlogu ustoupila. A v teto situaci citim, ze je to tak spravne. Jsem spokojenejsi a citim, ze toto je moje cesta i prestoze ty v AJ maji mene shlednuti. Chci delat to co delam s usmevem, chci citit radost pri kazde tvorbe, kazde fotografii, videu, postu. Kdyz citim radost ja, predavam ji dal a to je to nejdulezitejsi. A tak jsem tentokrat zamavalu egu na rozloucenou, i prestoze me to neco stoji, ale jsem tak spokojenejsi.

Myslim, ze ti kteri si me Ceske vlogy oblibili si zaslouzi vysvetleni a jak rikam, ti co si me maji najit si me najdou tak i tak. Ja chci jit svoji cestou a ridit se srdcem.



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Pictures: Eva

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Jeans: Revolve, Top: Revolve, Blazer: River Island, Bag: Aspinal

I am the type of person that has got huge inner drive to be constantly doing something. I am always on the go, always filling free time with some activity and I find it very difficult to just switch off. I almost feel guilt if my day isn’t productive. I can say I rarely have days when I can say I did nothing. To me doing nothing is really is doing nothing…reading books, watching favourite TV show, having bath, pamper day and so on. However even on those days I always realise I did a lot whether that is work around the house or anything blog related. And I need to constantly find ways to justify why is it ok to have a lazy day and here is why…

  1. Balance is important – Keeping things in balance is important in most areas of our lives. You know it – balance, jing & jang, extremes are not good. So keep balance in between relaxation and work.
  2. Other people do that so can you – Every time I feel guilty again about taking things easy I think about other people and that we all do it sometimes.
  3. Do not force it – Yes sometimes we need to push ourselves for example when going to gym however from my experience if I am tired or not motivated forcing it does not end up well. You do not work as well and the result is not great either.
  4. Tomorrow is another day – If I decide to rest one day I have so much more energy following day that I manage huge amount of work and the quality is great.
  5. Love yourself – Loving yourself means also listening to your body and taking time off.

Jsem typ clovek, ktery ma vnitrni motivaci a nedokazu vetsinu dni zastavit. Musim porad neco delat, jsem rada produktivni a dokonce citim pocit viny, kdyz mam takovy uvolnenejsi a liny den. Nedokazu si pomoci, ale vycitky se casto dostavi. Jsem ten typ, ktery si pise seznam kazde rano s tim, co chci udelat a kdyz nezvladnu vsechno na na seznamu, docela tezce se s tim vyrovnanam. A tak take casto hledam ruzne duvody, abych se presvedcila, ze i takove dny jsou treba a klidne jich muze byt vic po sobe. A prisla jsem na tohle. Priste az si to budu vycitat, tak si prectu tento clanek :) 

  1. Balanc je dulezity – Balanc je dulezity ve vsech oblastech nasich zivotu a tak i balanc mezi odpocinkem a praci! Vyvazenost je tou nejlepsi cestou. Znate to jing a jang, vseho s mirou, rovnovaha….
  2. Delaji to ostatni tak proc ne vy – Tolik lidi v mem okoli ma dny, kdy zkratka vypnou. I prolezeny den u knizky a prochazky v prirode jsou treba.
  3. Neni dobre se nutit silou – obcas je dobre prekonat lenost, ale kdyz vam telo rika stop, musite poslechnout. Rika se, ze kazdy den se ma zit tak jako by byl ten posledni, tak proc se hnat neustale, aby bylo udelano to ci ono. A uz se vam nekdy stalo, ze kdyz se opravdu nutite, tak vysledek neni moc dobry? LOL urcite to znate. 
  4. Zitra je taky den – Moje zkusenost je, ze kdyz si opravdu lenosim, tak dalsi den mam tolik energie, ze stihnu dvojnasobek a ve velke kvalite. 
  5. Sebelaska je dulezita – Sebelaska je dulezita a to znamena, ze budete poslouchat sve telo a date mu vse co je treba a to i den volna.   


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Are there real friendships in blogging industry?

Pictures by Eva 

Wearing: Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Bag: Chloe, Sunglasses: Celine, Top: Revolve, Trousers: River Island, Coat: Missguided, Earrings: Chanel

Growing up I remember stories about models and about how they are trying to harm each other and put nails in other girls shoes? And I thought is that really true? Are they so blinded with competition they would hurt others in such pathetic way? I have never been a high fashion constantly booked out model but I have done commercial work, was going round castings in London too and the truth is I never came across anything like that. Lot of my friends  are still in modelling industry and although you hear some stories you also see friendships…I am talking strong friendships for life. These girls support each other, they are now married and some sadly divorced and some with children and they help each other in tough times but still share the happy moments in their life. They are true friends and that is not on the merit of number of likes, type of jobs they were working but based purely on their qualities, what they love and how they are.

In lot of ways I always compare modelling to blogging. There are so many similarities I can think of but is it similar with friendships? I personally love hanging out with other bloggers, I love to chat about what we have in common and that is fashion and beauty. I have met some amazing people thanks to what I do and I am grateful for that. Do I have friends in blogging? Yes. However from some strange reason some friendships in this industry come and go which also can be natural in life too. I believe people come to your life for a specific reason. You are meant to teach them something or they teach you something. Some friends can come for short periods and some stay your friend for years. I simply believe once the lesson is over the friendship can naturally goes away. And there is nothing wrong with that it is a natural way of life and karma.

I heard some awful stories about friendships in blogging however I want to stick to stay positive so do not want to go to detail about it. I tell you where I stand and how I see it. I believe blogging is like any other industry yes you can have friends but you also remain to be professional, you network and you build up your network further. It is natural, there is always part of business in this. If you name any industry whether that is film, fashion, law, advisory, venture capital etc. people know their “competitors” they can have business meetings, they meet at networking events as they know they can all benefit from each other in many ways even if it is only expanding on their market knowledge. They are able to talk about latest trends in their field, they are able to have a small talk and get on. And that is important.

So I believe there are some friendships but also lot of business “transactions” going on in blogging. And that is also fine as you simply would have tons of friends and friendship needs a bit of love and maintenance. You have to invest in real friendships and treasure it and you simply could not do it with everybody. There are apparently 505 million blogs based on figures from 2018 so that clearly shows you cannot maintain so many good quality friendships. We all can  remain professional though and keep this industry going in the right direction so there are no ugly “friendship” stories, there are no users, no victims and hate. If anybody wants to see this more as a business that is OK too but we can still support each other.

 Kdyz jsem vyrustala, hrozne jsem obdivovala modelky a uz v nejakych deseti jsem si strasne prala take byt ta kraska, ktera brazdi mola. Neptejte se proc, nejak vnitrne to tam zkratka bylo. Na druhou stranu me uz v brzke puberte sokovaly pribehy o zasti modelek a o tom jak si navzajem nechavaji hrebiky v botach. Je to ale vubec pravda? Dnes premyslim, zda by nekdo byl tak ubohy, aby ublizil jenom kvuli tomu, ze citi konkurenci. Ja jsem nikdy nebyla zadna top modelka, spise komercni prace bokem a obrazeni nejednoho castingu v Praze a v Londyne, ale uprimne jsem se osobne s nicim takovym nesetkala. Spousta mych kamaradek stale pracuji jako modelky a muzu rict, ze maji mezi sebou pratelstvi tak silna, ze by mohl kdekdo zavidet. Pratelstvi, ktere zaruci, ze vas ten druhy podrzi v tezke situaci, ale take se spolu zasmejte tak, ze se valite po zemi. A nejsou to pratelstvi zalozena na poctu lajku nebo na tom, kdo pracoval pro jakou znacku. Jsou to pratelstvi zalozena na sympatiich a charakteru cloveka. 

V hodne aspektech mi blogovani pripomina modeling a vidim spousty podobnosti. Ale jak je to v blogovani se skutecnym pratelstvim? Ja osobne se rada vidam s blogerkama, protoze mame hodne spolecneho, vasen pro modu a kosmetiku a tak je casto o cem si povidat. Mam pratele v oboru? Ano mam….ale nejak mam pocit, ze pratelstvi mezi blogery prichazi a casto i odchazi. Nevim proc, ale byla jsem svedkem pratelskych vztahu, kdy bez sebe  kamaradky nemohly byt pomalu ani vterinu az se neco stalo a ted se treba ani nepozdravi. Jak je to mozne? Ja osobne verim v tom, ze lidi prichazi do naseho zivota z nejakeho duvodu, bud se mame neco naucit od nich, nebo mi mame naucit neco je. A kdyz je lekce u konce, muze zkoncit i pratelstvi. A neni treba se za to nejak trestat, je to prirozeny kolobeh zivota a karmy. 

Za tu dobu co bloguju, jsem slysela silene pribehy o druhych blogerkach, ale vzdy rikam, ze chci tento blog vest pozitivnim smerem a tak nebudu zachazet do detailu. Spis chci rict muj nazor. Ja verim, ze blogovani je jako kazdy jiny obor. Ano muzete najit pratele, ale hlavni je dulezite zustat profesional, udrzovat networking a take si budovat kontakty. Je to prirozene a i blogovani je business. Kdyz se zamyslite jak to maji jine obory, je to stejne..co treba film, prava, moda, poradenstvi, venture capital…vsichni profesionalove z oboru znaji alespon par lidi od konkurence, schazi se a ziskavaji neco jeden od druheho, i kdyby to byla treba jen znalost trhu. Kazdy vi, ze tyto znamosti vam vzdy mohou neco prinest. 

A opravdu verim, ze nejaka skutecna pratelstvi existuji, ale neni jich tolik jak je nam predhazovano na socialnich mediich. V blogovani je hodne takovych “business transakci” a to je take v poradku. Je to normalni vec ve vsech oborech.  Nejde byt opravdovy kamarad se vsema ( i kdyz nam to nekteri na socialnich mediich takto maluji). Opravdove pratelstvi neco stoji a je treba dost casu a spoustu lasky. Podle udaju z roku 2018 je na svete 505 milionu blogu a tak uz chapete, ze je nemozne byt kamarad se vsema. Co je ale dulezite je vest svet blogovanim spravnym smerem, zachovat profesionalitu, podporovat se, at uz se nikdo z nas nemusi dozvidat o vice “osklivych” blogerskych pratelstvich. 



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Outfit: Things are getting busy

Wearing: Trousers: Revolve, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Celine, Top: Revolve

Today I said I will listen to my body and rest. I wanted to relax, drink tea, spend time with my little Liam and whilst he is sleeping again (although I meditated)I struggled to sleep and started to edit, answer emails and you know…

Time is going so fast and everything I start to plan content for the next few weeks and there are two things coming up and that is Black Friday and Christmas. How is it even possible everything comes around so quickly? I will be going to Czech to spend some time with my family in November and that means even more thorough planning so you can imagine my mind is about to explode. LOL

I am trying to prepare content in advance, keep writing my book and keep filming vlogs as a part of Vlogtober so lot of things going on. And on the top of it there are some amazing events going on which you always see on my channel so make sure to subscribe not to miss out on anything. I will be organising amazing Charlotte Tilbury calendar giveaway soon so if you subscribe you know you have a chance to participate.

Dneska jsem si rikala, ze budu brat veci s lehkosti, odpocivat, popijet caj a proste relaxovat s Liamkem. A ted kdyz si spi a ja si dala kratsi meditaci (bylo to treba), tak misto toho abych spala, jsem zacala editovat fotografie, psat, odpovidat na emaily a vsak to znate. Proste mi to neda.

Cas bezi tak rychle a co se tyce prace tak uz mi v hlave a taky v emailech porad naskakuje Black Friday a Vanoce. A pred Vanoci je to v blogovani vzdy frmol, coz mozna vite. Vzhledem k tomu, ze se chystam v Listopadu do CR musim maknout jeste vice, protoze si musim veci lepe naplanovat a to zabere jeste vice casu a energie. Zkratka planovat predem neni zadna sranda a do toho jakoby se pytel roztrhl s uzasnyma akcema. Vse se snazim dokumentovat ve vlozich v ramci vlogtober, takze pokud jste nejste prihlaseni k odberu, urcite to udelejte. Budu totiz poradat giveaway o tento uzasny adventni kalendar Charlotte Tilbury. 

A v neposledni rade jsem vas chtela znovu poprosit o hlasy v Czech social Awards, kde jsem nominovana ve dvou kategoriich a hlasovat muzete tady. Dekuju. 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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