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Outfit: Casual Pool Style

Wearing: Shoes: Givenchy, Shirt: River Island, Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban

Holiday style for me is a lot about flowing dresses, gorgeous airy skirts. As that is a great opportunity to wear pieces which may not be as suitable for the city. However sometimes you just feel you do not want to dress up at all. For those time I always pack simple denim pieces, shirts, t-shirts.

I love to wear simple outfits like this especially on nights when I feel like I do not want to wear makeup, dress up or anything like that. And now even more when I have a child. The long rituals when you have time and peace to do perfect makeup is long gone. Now these things are done in a rush or in phases. I am not going to lie as sometimes I do miss quiet times and my beauty rituals however when Liam smiles at me I would not change. I totally forget that I am quickly painting my nails after I had shower hoping the varnish will dry as quickly as possible.

And that is perfectly normal and fine to juggle everything and not feeling you want to look million dollars sometimes.

Styl na dovolene je pro me hodne o rozevlatych satech, romantickych kouscich, boho kouscich a zkratka vecech, ktere se az tak uplne nehodi do mesta. I kdyz ne pokazde ma clovek chut se extra strojit a tak si balim i jednoduche kousky jako denim, tricka a kosile. A obcas se opravdu hodi. 

Obzvlaste v ty vecery, kdy se vam nic nechce. Nechce se vam delat makeup, vlasy a zkratka vubec nic. A takove dny alespon v mem pripade nastanou. A ted kdyz mam dite snad jeste vice. Pripravy na veceri uz davno nejsou ve stejnem duchu, ze mam klidny ritual v koupelne, ale spis vse v rychlosti a na faze, protoze Liam a kterekoli jine dite je proste priorita.

Musim se priznat, ze mi klid na pripravu casto chybi a nebavi me si lakovat nehty po sprse v koupelene a doufat, ze lak co nejdrive zaschne. Ale tak to proste je a kdyz se na vas skvrne usmeje, tak to nejak vse odplyne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Is this a Greek top?

Pictures: Iva 

Wearing: Shorts: All Saints, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Top: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I put this gorgeous boho looking top on in Greece my other half shouted to our 10 months old son…”Look Liam mummy has a Greek top on”. LOL

Well, I guess it could pass for a Greek top but I know for sure it quickly became one of my favourite summer pieces. I teamed it up with these gorgeous All Saints shorts I have been wearing non stop. They are made of super comfortable material and the lace trim is just right up my street. I wore them so much even before the holidays here in London as we had super hot weather.  And I could not wear with anything else but my Saint Laurent espadrilles. Those are definitely one of the best buys this year.

I am slowly getting back to my routine, planning lot of meetings and also planning next trips which are going to be to Ireland and Czech Republic. I really want Liam to travel as much as possible. I know he will not remember it so young but I can just see how much fun he has. Nothing beats that happy face when he was running in the water or playing on the beach. They are little but they know what is good. LOL

Kdyz jsem si poprve dala na sebe tuhle boho bluzku, muj muz rekl memu deseti mesicnimu synovi “podivej Liame, mamimka ma na sobe Reckou bluzku”. Podotykam, ze to bylo na dovolene v Recku. A proc ne, myslim, ze se do Recka hodi. A navic jsem si ji v posledni dobe oblibila. Na dovolene jsem ji mela nekolikrat. Tentokrat jsem si ji oblekla take k novym sortkam z All Saints, ktere jsou z moc prijemneho materialu a jsou lemovane krajkou. Presne muj styl. A ty jsem nosila kazdy den uz v Londyne, protoze presne pred odjezdem tady uderily horka. 

Ja se pomalu dostavam do sve rutiny, planuju, pracuju, sjednavam schuzky pred nasi dalsi cestou. Dalsi destinace bude Irsko a Cesko. Chci aby Liamek cestoval co nejvice. I kdyz si to nebude pamatovat, hreje me na srdci ta radost v jeho ocich, kdyz dela hezke veci jako koupani se v mori, hrani se na plazi. Je to k nezaplaceni. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Navy in the sun

Pictures: Iva 

Wearing: Top: Joseph Ribkoff, Shorts: Asos, Bag: Pinko: Sunglasses: Rayban, Shoes: River Island, Pearl necklace: Sophia’s Earrings 

Like anybody I was counting days, hours and minutes until our family holiday. Not that I would not travel but this time it is a proper family holiday by the seaside with baby Liam and my husband. Firstly, somebody can help me to mind him so I can have a peaceful run on the beach and secondly it is so nice to be together. That does not change the fact though what I pack and how I dress.

On my second day I opted for a classic beachy colours and combinations. Canadian brand Joseph Ribkoff are celebrating their 60th anniversary and they are best known for its iconic dress silhouettes and collections that mix monochrome basic with vibrant prints. I wore this classic navy Joseph Ribkoff top which I teamed with easy denim shorts, mirrored sunglasses and summer colour bag. I cannot think of more classic colour combination like navy and white and denim of course. And it feels amazing. It is perfect option for early morning when the sun is not that strong and it feels very airy. It is also great for drinks or dinner in the evening and all you need is to add a bit of lipstick and perhaps some statement earrings.

So I am now off to beach and guess what I am wearing? More navy.

Jako vetsina z nas i ja jsem odpocitavala dny, hodiny a minuty do nasi prvni rodinne dovolene u more. Tim mam na mysli, ze jedeme vsichni tri i s Liamkem a to na typickou letni dovoulenou, plaz, nic nedelani, vino a zkratka veget. Hrozne sem se tesila, protoze Liam uz ma trosku rozum a jde videt, jak si uziva vodu, jidlo a i pocasi a za druhe muze manzel pomoci s hlidanim a tak si muzu zabehat, zaplavat a je to opravdu rozdil, kdyz to porovnam s nasi cestou na Mallorku.

Druhy den jsem si oblekla klasicke barvy jako namornicka modra a bila a denim a tohle vse samozrejme k dovolene patri. Tento Joseph Ribkoff top jsem zkombinovala s momentalne oblibenou kabelkou a modryma zdrcadlovkama. Namornicka modra je na dovolene super a nejen tehdy. Hodi se jak pres den tak navecer. 

A ted kdyz me omluvite padim na plaz. Jak jinak nez v namornicke modre. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Red Skirt Ala Biker Chic

Wearing: Skirt: Pimkie via Asos, Boots: Givenchy, Jacket: Swagga & Soul, Bag: Bulgari, Top: H&M, Sunglasses: Rayban

Combining feminine with more tough pieces like biker boots or biker jacket has been around for a long time. It does not surprise me as it looks brilliant, easy and convenient as most of us has got both in the wardrobe. I can openly say that these boots have been my best investment this year so far. I get so much wear out of them and they are very comfortable. I simply love them.

And if you want to add a bit of luxury to your collection there is a Dior Dioramaclub sunglasses giveaway on my Instagram (evglamazon). It is not a long chain giveaway and you just simply have to follow my account, the e-shop that is sponsoring this, like a photo and tag two friends. Easy. Good luck to everybody.

Kombinace spise zenskych a na druhou stranu tvrdsich a maskulinejsich kousku jako biker kozacky ci kozena bunda v motorkarskem stylu jsou hodne popularni. A take uz se nosi opravdu dlouho. Ja se vlastne nedivim, protoze to vypada super a navic vetsina z nas ma takove veci v satniku. Priznavam se, ze zatim tyhle boty jsou asi nejlepsi investici tento rok. Nosim je skutecne porad a jsou strasne pohodlne. Proste je mam moc rada. 

A pokud si chcete poridit trosku luxusu, tak na mem Instagramu (evglamazon) probiha prave giveaway o bryle Dior Dioramaclub. Neni to zadna retezcova giveaway staci sledovat muj Instagram, e-shop, ktery bryle venoval, likovat fotku a oznacit dva pratele. Myslim, ze to je jednoduche. Hodne stesti. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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