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Outfit: The most feminine dress

Wearing: Dress: De la vali via Luisa Via Roma, Bag: Chloe, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: Celine, Earrings: Soru Jewellery, Necklace: Pandora, Necklace: Ania Haie

I am such a Gemini when it comes to dressing. Honestly, how some people have signature style it amazes me. I know there are some things I tend to buy but I can be one day in ripped jeans and hoodie and another day in a super feminine dress like this. I love to play with different styles but always love feminine pieces and this dress is a great example.

Firstly the shape is incredible and so flattering and I love it is transparent without looking too cheap or anything. This piece is all about small touches that create a perfect dress. I mean that little cross in the cleavage is everything.

Whatever you decide to wear whether it is shorts, leather skirts or floaty dress the main thing is to feel like yourself. There is no point to push yourself to something that you would not like wearing. And I believe if you follow that rule you cannot go wrong.

Jsem na sto procent blizenec, co se mody tyce. Pokazde obdivuju lidi, kteri maji styl, ktery vzdy poznate. Ja jsem schopna jeden den jit v mikine a roztrhanych dzinech a druhy v tak zenskych satech jako tyhle. Kazdopadne velmi casto miluju veci, ktere jsou zenske a tyto saty jsou typickym prikladem.

Prvni vec, ktera me dostala na tomtou kousku je strih, ktery hrozne lichoti postave. A libi se mi pruhledna spodni cast, ktera presto nepusobi vulgarne. A v neposledni rade male detaily jako krizek ve spicce vystrihu. Zkratka nadhera.

At uz se rozhodnete si oblect kratasy, kozenou sukni ci rozevlate saty, hlavni je, ze se v danem obleceni musite citit dobre. Nema smysl se do neceho nutit a hlavni je zustat sam sebou. A kdyz se toho budete drzet, nemuzete slapnout vedle. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Be happy right now

Wearing: Bag: Bulgari, Boots: River Island, Dress: De la vali via Luisaviaroma, Sunglasses: Le Specs

Being happy?! What does it mean and why do I write about it so much?! It feels like every day we have our ups and downs and you also hear it from other people. After many years I finally realised if you want to be happy you have to be happy right here and right now!

Easier said than done but that is the only way. It does not matter if you do not have as glamorous holiday booked as your friends or if you live in a small room that you are renting out. You have to feel happy right here and right now that is the only way.

Otherwise we end up chasing something that may never come and I am pretty confident if you find a way to be happy with what you have and love yourself as you are right now…those better things will start happening.

I start to feel that the puzzle in my life that was broken is finally coming together. And if I actually think of it there are lot of ‘problems’ in my life but I am taking the life more with a flow. Certain things are meant to be and you have to accept it and look at things from positive point of view.

I am really trying to see good things in the smallest things in life and encourage other people to feel the same. Of course I still love my designer bags and great food in a trendy restaurant however I can feel happy just running around in the park with Liam. It is all about being grateful and feeling love.

And the same comes to you and how you see yourself. I do not have a perfect figure and I do not look like a supermodel but I actually am happier with myself than ever before. You have to accept yourself as you are. After all I am and so are you perfect in our own way.

Byt stastny? Co to vubec znamena a proc to tak casto zminuju? Mam pocit, ze kazdy den na me vyskakuji pribehy lidi kolem, kteri si stezuji a kdyz se na to podivam, vlastne nemaji proc. Ono se to rekne, ze kdyz mame pocit, ze ten druhy ma vse na co si vzpomene, ale jak muzeme vedet, co se odehrava uvnitr jejich hlavy a srdce. A to je prave ono. Je treba by stastny tady a ted. A nezalezi na tom kolik mame v garazi aut, jakou dovolenou jsme si zarezervovali, ci jestli mame vetsi televizi nez soused. At uz jste kdekoli a delato to ci ono, je treba se citit stastny s tim co mame. 

Ja moc o negativnich vecech na socialnich medii nemluvim. Obcas zminim nevyspani, ale kazdy snad pochopi, ze jako rodic je na tom stejne spoustu lidi, ale kdyz se na to podivam z jineho uhlu, tak to nevyspani tech par let, kdyz miminko neni spac vlastne neni takova tragedie. A verte, ze i ja a moji blizci maji problemy, ty maji vsichni. Jde o to ale jak se na ne divame. Podle me nema cenu jeste sirit negativitu a stiznosti a hlasat je do sveta. Komu to prospeje? Nikomu. Snazim se to  brat tak, ze proste nektere veci maji tak proste byt a nic s tim neudelam. A proste jdu dal.

Byt stastny tady a ted je takova cesta…nekonecna cesta, ale verim, ze kdyz budu spokojena s tim co mam, ze opravdu zacnou prichazet lepsi a lepsi veci. Je dobre a dulezite mit ambice, ale abyste je dosahli, musite byt spokojeni uz tady ted, protoze se pak muze clovek hnat a hnat a nebude nikdy spokojeny. 

A to same plati i o tom jak se stavime k sobe samym. Prestoze jsem starsi a jde to videt, mam sve telo radsi nez drive. Vim, ze bych mohla veci vylepsit, byt hubenejsi, mit vetsi prsa a mensi zadek, ale co prijimam se takova jaka jsem. Svym zpusobem dokonala. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Are influencers really broke?

Pictures: Dela Fard

Wearing: Shoes: Dior, Jeans: Topshop, Top: Shein, Bag: Sophie Hulme, Sunglasses: Le Specs, Belt: Gucci

So I came across randomly this video on youtube called why influencers are broke. I am a huge fan of talking positively in life so this article will have rather positive spin. I do not want to talk about people not investing their money right as there is no right or wrong. Some girls are smart and they buy houses and flats with their money earned as bloggers and some rather invest it in their bags. I am not here to judge. I can just simply chose which type I am going to be. And I can say one thing I wish I knew better when I was younger I would get on that property ladder much faster as no Chanel bag will be your roof.

There are many valid points in this video and one of them is knowing your own value. You may remember one of my older articles where I talked about it. Knowing your value is important so do not let others to set your own value. However, I still judge this case by case basis. If I know a brand X is offering me something I need lets say new ski and I would go and spends few hundreds pounds on new  ski out of my own pocket I may still do this as a part of barter collaboration. However, the best case scenario is to get paid and get the product too. I also see it from a business perspective. My dream is to grow my business and hire people and be able to reward them well. I want to be able to say to photographer here is this amount of money and thank you for your hard work. And I am afraid he or she also has to pay their bills and no ski or t-shirt will pay for their mortgage either.

To gift a blogger product is probably the cheapest way of advertising for any brand. It is up to you to set your standards. This article could go on for ages but one thing this video is 100 % right about that if people undervalue their own work they set the market for others in a wrong direction. So please do your research and there are few existing articles you can find online about how to calculate the fee.

I feel that I am surrounded by influencers that are not broke at all. It may be because that those are few people that do really well or know their value or they can handle the money really well. Who knows. Or it may be because I like to surround myself with successful  people.

There are so many other topics from the video I could talk about however I felt the matter of value is again the most important thing in life and in business and that is the message I want to bring to you.

Uplne nahodne na me dneska vyskocilo na youtube tohle video s nazvem proc jsou influnceri na mizine? Ci jinymi slovy proc nemaji influenceri penize. Ja jsem clovek, ktery se snazi drzet pozitivniho pristupu v zivote a proto i tento clanek chci vest v podobnem duchu. Nejsem tady, abych ostatni soudila a nemeli by to delat ani ostatni. Nektere holky jsou chytre a investuji vydelane penize do nemovitosti a nektere bydli v najmu a nakupuji si drahe kabelky. Ty uspesnejsi zvladnou oboji. Ale o tomto tento clanek neni. Kazdy ma pravo si s penezi nakladat jak chce.

V tomhle videu je spousta bodu, se kteryma ja osobne souhlasim a jeden z hlavnich je znat svou cenu. Uz jsem o tom drive napsala clanek, ktery si muzete precist tady. Je dulezite znat svou hodnotu a to myslim uplne vazne. Uprimne vam muzu rict, ze vetsina spolupraci, ktera mi chodi k nabidce z Ceska je pro influencery totalne nevyhodna. Ja o ceskem blogerskem trhu vim docela malo, ale prekvapuje me, ze firmy jeste stale trvrdi, ze nemaji rozpocet. Darovat nekomu produkt je sice hezke, ale influencer si s tim hypoteku nezaplati ze? Ja se snazim na kazdou nabidku divat individualne. Kdyz napriklad vim, ze potrebuju nove lyze, ktere stoji X a nekdo mi nabidne nove lyze, tak na spolupraci ve forme barteru asi kyvnu. Idealni a zcela bezne je samozrejme oboji a to dostat nove lyze a take zaplaceno. Ale je to na vsech, aby si urcili svou hodnotu. V jednom ma video pravdu, ze influnceri, kteri se podcenuji tak znehodnocuji praci a hodnotu ostatnim. Kazdopadne muj cil je rust a platit lidem, ktere si najim napriklad fotografy za jejich dobrou praci. Oni si stejne jako ja nezaplati hypoteku trickem ci novou rtenkou ze? 

Ja si nemyslim, ze influenceri jsou na mizine, naopak lidi se kteryma se bavim ja jsou velmi uspesni a zvladaji tuto praci na plny uvazek velmi dobre. Jsou schopni si bud platit najem ci hypoteku, plati vsechny ucty a uzivat si zivota jakoby by pracovali v relativne dobre placenem zamestnani. Jenom clovek musi lepe hospodarit s penezi, protoze muzete mit mesic bez velke zakazky a z toho vam dalsi mesic prijdou do cesty treba ctyri. 

V tomto clanku bych mohla navazat i na dalsi body ve videu, ale hodnota a vase cena je to hlavni na ktere jsem se chtela zamerit, at uz si z toho kazdy odnesete neco jineho. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Why am I not going to Coachella?!

Pictures: Hazel Hurley

Wearing: Shoes: Zara, Trousers: River Island, Dress: Storets, Jacket: Storets, Sunglasses: Le Spec, Bag: Chanel

It is Sunday today when I am writing this post and I sit here and scrolling through Coachella posts on Instagram. This is another year where I said I have to go and I didn’t end up going. Last year my girlfriends had the best time there and honestly I feel like I fall asleep to start to do any planning and then end up being surprised that it is time for Coachella. Oh well. Maybe 2019 then?

I feel this year is just going so fast. How is it April already? It is hubby’s birthday soon and my birthday next month and I really feel times is just flying by. And having said that I have barely planned any holidays yet. So it is time to wake up and do something about it. LOL

With Children the flow of time is honestly different. The logistics and planning is totally different to my childless years. It was purely my decision if I fly for few days there and there. I could easily pack into my hand luggage and go. Well, that could be another reason but I am not about excuses…. I like to see myself as more of an action girl so time to do something about it.

Je nedele, kdyz pisu tento clanek a tak jsem cely vikend projizdela Coachella posty na Instagramu. A pro me je to dalsi rok, kdy teda na Coachellu nejedu. Minuly rok jely me dobre kamaradky a silene si to uzily a ja si rikala, ze rok 2018 bude ten, kdy jedu ja. Uprimne mi prijde, ze v tomto shonu totalne vse zaspim a pak se proste jednoho vzbudim a ono uz to vlastne probiha. LOL. 

Rikam to kazdy rok, ale opravdu mi prijde, ze tento silene leti. Jak je mozne, ze uz je duben. Manza ma tento mesic narozeniny a ja pristi a nechce si mi ani verit, ze bude za par dni kveten. A to jsem jeste nenaplanovala zadnou dovolenou. Takze bych se asi mela probrat a zacit neco delat. LOL 

Castecne se priznam, ze je to asi i tim, ze mam dite. Kdyz jsem Liamka nemela, bylo vse me rozhodnuti. Proste jsem se sbalila, vzala si dovolenou a jela. Nemusela jsem se ohlizet na nikoho a nic. Ted je vse trosku narocnejsi a hlavne clovek potrebuje o dost vice veci. No ale ja se nerada vymlouvam, rada se vidim jako akcni clovek. Takze zadne vymluvy a neco s tim udelat. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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