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Outfit: Bye Bye Summer

Wearing: Dress: Pampelone, Shoes: Emu Australia, Sunglasses: Longchamp via Sunglasses shop , Bag: Gift from Loccitane team

So as it happens I got back from French Riviera and got right into autumn mode. It has been very hectic return after tiring journey and lot of changes are coming. Liam started nursery a day after we returned and man that is hard. I would not expect to find it this stressful and emotional but when you see the children upset and asking for mummy it is a sad sight. Hopefully they will all settle in soon.

I would not mind to be taken back to Saint Tropez and Antibes and escape reality but things like this have to be done sadly. We had the most amazing times and it was the nicest way how to say good bye to summer. I also published first video which you can watch here.

This will be probably last very summery looking outfit unless I get myself somewhere to chase winter sun :) Anyway loving this look and it is spot on model for South France. The Longchamp sunglasses have been one of my favourites this summer and honestly cannot recommend them enough. I wear sunglasses all year long so I am sure you will see them with all my autumn and wintery outfits too.

But I am now ready for autumn fun and this is the time to say bye bye summer. But just for a while.

A je to tady a jsem zpatky s rodinou z dovolene ve Francii. Pomalu se ladim do podzimni nalady a nebudu lhat, ale navrat byl hekticky a hlavne prichazi velka zmena v nasem rezimu, protoze Liam zacina predskolni dochazku. A abych byla uprimna, je to tezke. Jsem plna emoci, vystresovana a nepreju si nic jineho, nez aby se mu tam libilo. Pak se mi teprve ulevi.

Kazdopadne by mi nevadilo opet uniknout realite a vratit se za slunickem na Francouzsky jih. Opravdu jsem si to uzila a take jsem uz stihla vydat prvni video z nasi dovolene, tak se muzete podivat tady na mem youtube kanale.  

Tohle je asi posledni vyletneny outfit, ktery tady uvidite a jsem pripravena se rozloucit s letem a uzivat si podzimnich radosti. Liam miluje Halloween tak uz premyslim, co podnikneme, jestli usporadam u nas party a tesim se samozrejme na dynovou farmu, kam ho letos urcite opet vezmeme. 

Ale je na case se na chvili rozloucit s letem a uz se tesim na dalsi. 



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Outfit: There are still some amazing influencer communities

Wearing: Bag: Chloe, Shoes and Skirt: Zara, Sunglasses: Skinny Dip, Blazer: Charlotte London, Belt: Temperley

If you are a blogger yourself or just a follower you may have heard stories. There are stories about influencers being jealous, stories about backstabbing and you see friendships come and go. I am not the type that will be talking much about this on my platforms as I am trying firstly stay away from it and secondly talk as positive as possible on my social channels.

There are times when I attend a party and you can almost sense the tension, then there are times when somebody I have known for years even didn’t bother to say hello when we were at the same party. Well, that tells something about them doesn’t it? However I have recently attended an event and the scene and the girls were totally knew to me. It was lot of originally Dubai based influencers that are currently in London and I could not get over how supportive and friendly everybody was. I felt so good in their company and just watched them networking and having the best time. I started to chat to a photographer who I have known for several years and we agreed that it is honestly amazing and agreed that Irish influencers are the same. To be fair I feel like that about Irish people in general. I have recently started to follow several Irish youtubers and the support they get from people, amongst themselves and also in media is unreal. I am amazed by Irish media and TV how much attention they give even to micro influencers. It is absolutely amazing and motivating for the girls.

Anyway, It is fantastic to see there are still strong blogging communities that support each other and can push themselves forward together.

Jestli uz jste bloger ci ctenar, mozna take vite nejaky ten pribeh o obcasne nenavisti a zasti mezi blogery. Ano priznavam, ze existuji, ale ja se jim snazim vyhybat a veci moc neresit. Pratelstvi mezi blogery se tvori, ale take muzou rychle odeznit. No co vam budu povidat. Mela jsem situace, kdy se dala atmosfera na akcich krajet, nebo kdy me nekdo nepozdravil, prestoze ho znam nekolik let. 

Minuly tyden jsem ale navstivila akci, kde jsem znala dva lidi a zbytek pro me byl uplne novy. Byly to influencerky zejmena z Dubaje a z Arabske blogovaci sceny a byla jsem mile prekvapena. Vsichni byli moc pratelsti, navzajem se podporovali a musim rict, ze jsem si tuto atmosferu opravdu uzivala. Uz par let znam fotografku, co na akci fotila a uplne se mnou souhlasila a dodala, ze Irske blogerky to maji uplne stejne. A vite co, ma asi pravdu. Irove jsou obecne velmi pratelsti lide a ja jsem nedavno zacala sledovat nekolik Irskych youtuberu a fascinuje me obrovska podpora sledovatelu, Irskych medii a podpora mezi sebou. Uplne nejvice me opravdu fascinuje podpora casopisu a televize v Irsku. A nebavim se o podpore top influenceru, ale micro influenceru a je opravdu uzasne to sledovat. 

Je skvele videt, ze existuji blogerske sceny, kde se podporuji navzajem a rostou tak vsichni spolecne a posouvaji dal jeden druheho. 


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Outfit: How to spread positivity on social media

Wearing: Belt Bag: Gucci, Boots: Allsaints, Dress: Allsaints, Blazer: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I started blogging years and years ago I shared very little on social media from my private life. And that is the way I went for years. For me it was a way how to express something I loved and how to talk about fashion. I wanted to keep things positive, talk positive and do not bring negativity on to any of my platforms. Nothing less and nothing more.

 However, blogging has transformed. People want to know more and more and although I still stick to what I love the most I share a bit more than I used to. And so do other people in this industry. Some people vlog daily and let thousands of people see what they do daily. And that reveals a lot from how you make your breakfast, how tidy  your house is, how your bring your children up or how you look without makeup. Although it should not be like that then it can bring lot of judgment from the readers, followers and watchers. We all are so different, we like different things, we were naturally given things we cannot change, we have different mannerism, we are different body sizes, religions, skin tone or body type. And that is perfectly fine. Each of the person online is unique and there will be people that love them and follow them. They will be grateful that the bloggers are offering them free content that inspires and entertains them.

I personally see social media as something that could help spread positivity. Anybody whether you are a follower, viewer or content creator can add something positive. People can add value, make people smile and make others to feel good. They can share information that can help and support, help people to improve. It is simple.

  1. Share positive thoughts, appreciation posts, positive comments and talk positively – Even if you do not like somebody’s new skirt it is fine (your personal taste) it is all about how you phrase things. Surely there are other elements you can comment on that are positive and and you can mix the negative comment amongst two positive ones. Criticism should be constructive, try to avoid abuse and try not to offend. Always think how would you feel if you were facing this person in real and you would say the comment out loud. If you are criticising make sure it is politely and it is something that the individual person can improve. Saying to a person things like your teeth are horrific isn’t going to help them to improve their video content or writing skills.
  2. Share inspiring quotes, articles, posts – Sharing interesting quotes or other people’s content is the way forward. I do it a lot myself. I repost things so it reaches more people. It feels great to share positivity further and further.
  3. Your actions and words should add value – If you are content creator try to give something to people each time. If you are a watcher or follower your comments should add value to others or the content creator. Comments like I hate when you touch your hair all the time is not adding too much value. It is probably something the creator is doing subconsciously and cannot help it. We all have mannerism like this. However, if you say things like you should try this for better results of x,y, z gives something to the creator and people reading the comments.
  4. Use social media to help – Lot of bad things happen daily so use social media to create awareness and ideas how anybody can help. Share information about charities, create awareness and let’s try to use social media together to achieve something good.

Kdyz jsem zacala s blogem, nesdilela jsem prakticky nic ze sveho osobniho zivota. Byla to pro me zabavna platforma, kde muzu sdilet svou lasku k mode a mluvit o tom, co mam rada. Chtela jsem vzdy a za tim si stojim mluvit spise positivne a sirit positivitu skrze sve clanky, fotografie, skrze slova a ted i videa. Nic vic nic min. I kdyz se dotknu negativniho tematu, snazim se drzet toho, aby melo vse positivni spad ci positivni zpravu pro sledujici a ctenare. 

Ale i blogovani se meni a lide zajima vice osobnich veci.  Chteji videt do vaseho zivota a tak blogeri odhaluji vice nez je obcas moudre. Dneska je nespocet blogeru a youtuberu, kteri vam ukazuji jejich kazdodeni zivot a ukazuji veci jako jak si delaji snidani, jak vychovavaji deti, jak si jdou udelat botox a tim padem otviraji velkou cast sveho soukromi. To bohuzel dava prostor sledovatelum soudit. Casto narazim na komentare, ktere ja osobne nechapu. Vynesene soudy lidi treba nad tim, ze si nekdo, kdyz si vari caj nejdriv do hrnku naleje mleko. Ale vzdyt je to uplne jedno. Kazdy clovek je tak jiny, ma jine zvyky, kazdy ma jinou konfekcni velikost, ton pleti, kazdy ma jine zuby a jinak se chova. Kazdy z nas je nejaky a to je cini unikatni. A vzdy se najde skupina lidi, ktera toho ci onoho bude milovat a bude vdecna za to, ze jim onen bloger nabizi zdarma inspiraci a zabavu. 

Ja osobne vidim socialni media jak neco, co nam muze pomoci sirit lasku, radost, positivni mysleni dal. At uz je nekdo bloger, ci jenom pasivni ctenar a odberatel. Socialni media maji velkou silu a bohuzel urciti jedinci je casto pouzivaji k sireni nenavisti apod.  Kazdy z nas muze denne rozdavat lasku, positivni energii a vytvaret lidem usmev na rtu. 

  1. Sdilejte positivni myslenky, positivni komentare a posty – I kdyz se vam nelibi Maricina nova sukne, vse je to o tom jak to podate. Pokud se opravdu musite k sukni vyjadrit (ne vsem se libi jedno a to same) a neda vam to, muzete okomentovat treba dalsi vec, ktera se vam libi. Kritika by mela byt konstruktivni, snazte se neurazet. Vzdy si reknete, kdybych ted mel onoho cloveka tvari v tvar rekl bych mo to takto? Nebo rekl bych mu to vubec?  Snazte se lidi zbytecne neurazet. Kdyz nekomu reknete, ze ma tak silene zuby, ze nema radsi mluvit, moc to cloveku neda. Kdyz mu reknete, ze si ma zapracovat napriklad na zvuku videa, koupit jiny mikrofon. To je konstruktivni kritika a ta ho posune dal a k vam se priste dostanou kvalitnejsi videa.
  2. Sdilejte online mota, positivni clanky, rady a posty – Sdileni zajimavych mot je inspirujici a povzbudi. Ja sama rada sdilim tvorbu ostatnich, dostava se tak k dalsim lidem a je dulezite positivni a motivujici mysleni posilat dale. 
  3. Vase slova by mela davat smysl a hodnotu – Pokud jste bloger, snazte se tvorit obsah tak, aby lidem opravdu neco predal. At uz je to tip na restauraci, jak usetrit penize, novy recept, ci jenom rozdavat radost. Pokud jako sledovatel napisete nekomu pod video, ze nenavidite jak se smeje, moc to nepomuze. Je to asi neco co je mu prirozene a kazdy z nas je nejaky. Nekdo si saha casto na vlasy, nekdo ma tiky apod. Ale pokud nekomu napriklad reknete, at priste do testa da vice mleka, ze bude mit lepsi vysledek, to mu neco da. Je to komentar, ktery ma nejakou hodnotu a pointu. 
  4. Pouzivejte socialni media k pomoci druhym – Na svete se denne deje tolik spatnych veci, pohrom, smutnych udalosti. Zkuste pomahat i kdyz nemate vice nez 100 sledovatelu. Sdilejte informace, napady jak pomoci a snazme se tak vsichni spolecne vytvorit lepsi a positivnejsi svet. Snazme se pomahat a podporit jeden druheho. 


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How to afford luxury for less?

Wearing: Bag: YSL, Boots: Oliver Sweeney via Brand Alley, Dress: Alexa Chung via Brand Alley, Jacket: Zara, Sunglasses: Dior

Perhaps you are one of those people that is sometimes wondering how do other people afford luxury and premium high-street clothes? Well, not everybody shops latest collections for full prices. Trust me. People have their own tricks how to snap great and good quality items for much less.

You have several options…firstly you can shop in the sales which is the obvious tip. Secondly you can shop at sample sales which can be tricky unless you become a sample sale pro and you have the patience for it. You can also snap your dream items in pre-loved shops or you can make things easy for yourself and you can shop in outlet stores or online shopping destinations that offer things on constant sale. That is how I got this gorgeous Alexa Chung dress and my new boots. Both come from Brand Alley which is a fantastic shopping destination and you can even get brands like Balenciaga, Stella McCartney or Chloe.

It is a great way how to build up good quality wardrobe and it will not affect your bank balance as much. And we all want that, don’t we?

Mozna se obcas ptate, jak je mozne, ze si nekdo muze dovolit designerske kousky a nebo drazsi retezce? Ne vsichni nakupuji za plnou cenu a nejnovejsi kolekce. Je spousta lidi, kteri maji ruzne triky na to jak si dovolit drazsi kousky. Ja si za plnou cenu kupuju hlavne veci, ktere casto nejdou koupit jinak a nebo taky veci, ktere me chytly za srdce tak, ze nemam vychodisko. LOL 

Pri nakupovani vyhodne mate nekolik moznosti. Ta prvni je jasna a to nakupovat ve slevach. Dalsi moznosti jsou sample sales. Na ty je treba trosku praxe a hlavne trpelivost. Dalsi zpusob je urcite nakupovat veci z druhe ruky. Uz i v Cesku se nachazi spousta obchodu, kde se daji poridit nosene designerske kousky. A jednou z moznosti jsou ruzne outlety jako napriklad Brand Alley tady v Britanii. Odtud mam nove saty Alexa Chung a tyhle nove boty.  Oboji by dohromady za plnou cenu vysly asi na 500 -600 £, ale tady je najdete za zlomek puvodni ceny. Coz je vzdy dobra zprava. 

V dnesni dobe je uz opravdu spousta moznosti a tak i vy si muzete poridit kvalitni kousky za mnohem mene a postupne si obohacovat satnik.


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