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Outfit: Sunglasses as your top accessory

Wearing: Shoes: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Longchamp via Sunglasses shop, Bag: Allsaints, Necklaces: Ania Haie & Sophia’s Earrings, Jeans and Jacket: Zara

I have always been that girl that loved to invest in her sunglasses. Even in my teens I had at least one pair of decent sunnies as for me sunglasses can change the outfit. If you chose well you can elevate your whole look. You can chose anything from classic and timeless to more trendy models of course but it is that one item that can finish the look so chose wisely.

Personally I like good quality sunglasses however I have classic and also trendier models in my collection. The latest addition are these fabulous Longchamp sunglasses I got on Sunglasses shop. It is a brand that is new on their website and I madly fell in love them.

Firstly I did not have anything in these colours like green and blue and I love the shape. The price is also so much more attractive in comparison to some other designer brands. You are so lucky as I have a 20 % OFF for you with discount code EVA20 on Sunglasses Shop. You can get yourself your dream designer pair with a big discount. This is valid until end of August 2019. Whether you fancy classic Raybans, Chloe or Dior the selection is huge. So happy shopping

Vzdy jsme byla ta holka, co miluje slunecni bryle a taky do nich vice investuje. Dokonce i v puberte jsem chtela mit alespon jedny kvalitnejsi bryle. Je to totiz doplnek, ktery dokaze v mziku pozvednout ci zmenit cely outfit.

Ve sve kolekci mam jak klasicke tak i trendy modely a porad me bavi si porizovat nove kousky. Muj posledni ulovek ze Sunglasses shop je tento skvely model od Longchamp. Libi se mi barevne zpracovani, uprimne jsem takoveto barvy do modra a zelena jeste nemela a libi se mi i jejich tvar. A v porovnani s jinyma znackama jsou take mnohem levnejsi. 

Mam pro vas navic specialni slevovy kod a to 20 % na stranky Sunglasses shop. Muzete si poridit sve vysnene bryle s kodem EVA20 a je platny do konce srpna. At uz si chcete poridit klasicke Raybany ci neco od Diora, vyber je velky a sleva vyborna. 


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Wearing: Shoes: Balenciaga, Belt: Black & Brown, Bag: Allsaints, Sunglasses: Le Specs, Jumpsuit: Storets, Blazer: Zara Man

I have lived in London for a very long time and after so many years I sometimes may take things for granted. However, I know there are so many fabulous things you can do in London for free. And last week when I was being tourist in my own city it kind of reminded me that London has so much to offer. And there are great things you can do for free and it will cost you perhaps only a tube fare. My recent visit to Natural History museum inspired me to actually list three things I like to do in London for free. Of course there are more but I may be doing even a full video about this on my channel.

  1. Stroll via Southbank from Tower Hill – Southbank is always fun and it is such a nice walk with so much to see. Firstly there is no limit how far you go or where you start. I personally love to get off at London bridge, walk through Borough market, stop at the different street artists and pay a quick visit to Tate Modern. You can walk all the way to London Eye, take great pictures for your Instagram, soak in the atmosphere, admire the street artist and check out modern art in Tate museum. So much to do and it is all free!
  2. Natural History Museum and Luxury window shopping – I love Natural History museum and I must say I have been few times with Liam as it is great for kids. The building itself is so stunning and the entry is free (optional contribution to charity). There is so much to see and to learn, it is great for adults and children and because it is in such a nice area of South Kensington you can go and check out some luxury shops for inspiration. You can walk to Harrods and Harvey Nichols, you can check out shops and boutiques in South Kensington and just enjoy the vibes of West London.
  3. Saatchi Gallery and Stroll around Chelsea – Saatchi gallery is one of my favourites in London. Yes some of the really good exhibitions you have to pay for but they still offer a lot for free. I love where it is situated and I love the atmosphere of the area. If you want relaxed afternoon I highly recommend it and then perhaps explore the Chelsea shops and gorgeous street with crispy white houses.

V Londyne ziju uz opravdu dlouho a obcas si uvedomim, ze nektere veci beru uz jako samozrejmost a Londyn si neuzivam se vsim vsudy. Ale je dulezite se zastavit a uvedomit si, jake mam stesti, ze tady bydlim. Toto multikulturni mesto toho tolik nabizi a dokonce vas hodne z tohoto nebude ani nic stat. A ted kdyz tady mam pres leto rodinu, tak s nima prochazim Londyn a pripadam si jako turista. A nedavna navsteva Natural history museum mi pripomela, ze se tady toho da dost delat a nebude vas to stat vice nez listek na metro. Je to samozrejme vice nez tyto tri veci, ale premyslim, ze o tom natocim cele video na svuj youtube kanal. 

  1. Prochazka po Southbank – Prochazka podel reky Temze je jedna z mych oblibenych aktivit tady v Londyne. Zacinam vetsinou bud u Tower Bridge nebo London bridge a zalezi na tom kolik mam casu. Ale muzete se projit klidne az k Londynskemu oku. Po ceste narazite na spousty poulicnich umelcu, coz mam moc rada a muzete se take zastavit v Tate Modern, kde pokazde narazite na nejakou vystavu zdarma. Je to idealni kombinace  umeni a prijemne atmosfery u reky. 
  2. Natural History Museum a prohlidka Luxusnich nakupnich domu – Natural History Museum mam osobne moc rada, vstup je zdarma (dobrovolny dar na charitu je mozny hned u dveri) a je tam opravdu hodne zajimavych veci k videni. Tato navsteva je poucna, zabavna pro deti a vy si ji take urcite uzijete. Navic v okoli South Kensington je spousta krasnych luxusnich butiku, muzete se pak projit po okoli ci navstivit nedaleky Harrods a Harvey Nichols. Nemusite si nic kupovat, ale muzete nacerpat inspiraci a pokochat se. 
  3. Saatchi Gallery a prochazka po Chelsea – Saatchi galerie je jedna z mych nejoblibenejsich v Londyne. Ano je sice proflakla, ale libi se mi prostredi a atmosfera. I kdyz nektere lepsi vystavy maji poplatek, vzdy je moznost nejake vystavy, kde se nemusi platit. Po galerii si muzete jit projit Chelsea, nasat atmosferu, projit si krasne a uhledne ulice plne velkych bilych domu, ktere jsou typicke pro zapadni Londyn. 


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Outfit: What I think about hiding likes on Instagram!

Pictures by Margita

Wearing: Dress: Few Moda, Bag: Prada via Farfetch, Shoes: Revolve, Scarf: Allsaints, Sunglasses: Chloe

The social media industry has been talking about new Instagram strategy for a while and to be fair the talks never stop. The most recent changes are all about hiding likes and Instagram has been testing it in some countries like Canada or Ireland. Some people like the idea but there are lot of people that hate it.

I believe the main purpose of it is the take off pressure of Instagram users as mainly the younger audience can be mentally affected by lack of likes which leads to depression and constant comparison which is bad for your mental health. And I get it. So many of us have been there including myself. If I do not nail the time of uploading and miss it sometimes 10 minutes difference or choice of bad day can really affect you and the impression goes down and so do likes. I have done many mistakes in terms of my Instagram but I have to deal with it. We are all on the same boat and even the top influencers with 500 K plus have been affected. I have noticed some of them dropped 50 % when it comes to likes. Yes their likes are still very high but they dropped nevertheless.

I have not studied psychology but sociology which can touch in some ways mass psychology. And people do follow the crowd. I really believe if an average picture gets lot of likes lot of other people click automatically like just because it already has got 10 K. And on the other hand if brilliant picture has 100 likes they may not click on the little heart which most of the users seeking.

In other words we are affected subconsciously by what other people think and follow the crowd. So I am really keen to see how hiding likes is going to mix the cards. I secretly hope that the comments will go up as that may be the only way to demonstrate engagement publicly. That will also be a way how to engage with others. Lot of Instagram users still use the strategy liking lot of other images in order to get likes and now they will have to rely on comments. Yes people still use follow and unfollow strategies. But Instagram has now put on limit and you can only follow up to 6000 people. So the strategy that helped people like Negin Mirsalehi  to get where she is now will not happen anymore. As you can see Instagram is really working in its favour and not for the users.

Either or I am up for testing it out. I am surrounded by quite few children and I find it very sad when 8 years old is asking how many likes picture with them on it got? I am all up for competition but I am definitely not up for this. It can deeply affect them if the likes are down and they are not old enough to understand there is nothing wrong with them but there are many factors that can affect the amount of likes. So let’s see how it all turns out in the end.

Let me know what are your thoughts on hiding likes. I am very curious.

On another note I secretly hope these images would get lot of likes. Well the Prada bag I got on Farfetch definitely deserves a lot. LOL

Instagram neustale prinasi nove a nove zmeny a uz nejakou dobu se mluvi o tom, ze Instagram testuje v nekterych zemich schovavani liku. Napriklad nekteri lide v Irsku ci Kanade uz nevidi liky. A vsichni o tom mluvi. Tato nova strategie ma priznivce, ale jako to byva ve vsem i odpurce. 

Udajne hlavnim rozhodnutim pro tento krok bylo to, ze pocet liku vyrazne ovlivnuje mladsi obecenstvo. Srovnavani a nizky pocet liku casto vede k depresim a to muze vyrazne kohokoli z nas ovlivnit mentalne. A ja to chapu. Instagram dela bohuzel hodne ve svuj prospech, meni algoritmus a i velkym uctum vyrazne klesa pocet liku. Dokonce i velke ucty, ktere maji 500 K plus spadly az o padest procent. Dnes uz musi clovek opravdu analyzovat, kdy fotografii nasadit, aby se zobrazovala co nejvetsimu poctu vasich sledujicich a ziskala tak v prvni hodine velky engagement. Je to pomalu Instagramova veda. 

Ja jsem udelala za tu dobu co mam Instagram hodne chyb (tou nejvetsi byly asi spatne zvolene retezcove giveway) a novy algoritmus me ovlivnil hodne, ale protoze se o to hodne zajimam, vim proc to tak je. Nejaky mladsi uzivatel ci dite nechape, proc jeho fotografie dostala jenom par liku. Prijde mi opravdu smutne, kdyz slysim od kamaradek, ze jejich osmilete dite se neustale pta, kolik uz ma liku. Ja jsem urcite pro soutezivost a dravost, ale ne takovym zpusobem. Osmilete dite totiz nechape, ze vysi liku ovlivnuje hodne faktoru a neni to o tom jaka je fotka, jak vypadaji a neznamena to, ze je s nima neco spatne. 

Nestudovala jsem sice psychologii, ale sociologii a i tam jsem se urcite naucila neco o masove psychologii. Lide casto nasleduji masu, dav dokaze strhnout jednotlivce a proto verim v tom, ze kdyz popularni influencer nasadi velmi prumernou i podprumernou fotografii, ktera ma napriklad 10 000 liku, lide automaticky daji like prestoze fotografie neni nic specialniho. A pak muzete narazit na ucet skveleho fotografa, ktery ma prekrasne fotografie a ma 100 liku a mozna byste jeho fotografii preskocili. 

A uz tohoto duvodu jsem zvedava jak nova strategie instagram zamicha karty. V kazdem pripade si myslim, ze se zvednou komentare. Jednim z duvodu je urcite fakt, ze to bude jeden ze zpusobu jak na sebe upozornit a nalakat ostatni na vas ucet. Ano spousta influenceru stale pouziva strategii jako like for like ci follow and unfollow. Ale i to uz Instagram omezil, takze strategie, ktera pred lety pomohla Negin Mirsalehi se dostat tam kde je ted, se vam uz asi nepodari. Dnes uz muzete sledovat maximalne 6000 uctu. 

Jsem opravdu zvedava, jako vse to ma sve vyhody a nevyhody a bude to urcite zajimave. Vzdy bude tabor, ktery se bude bourit a druhy bude z nove strategie nadseny, ale svet, ktery se zene jenom za poctem liku mi prijde trosku smutny. Takze ja jsem ted v tabore podpurcu. 

A urcite me zajima jak to vidite vy? 



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Outfit: How to elevate your look

Outfit: Shoes: Balenciaga, Bag: via Farfetch, Jeans: Grlfrnd Denim, Shirt: River Island, Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham

Summer is finally here and I cannot get enough. I spent a big part of June in Czech where the temperatures were super high and then I went to Ireland for a week where surprisingly it was the same. It was first time in like ten years  when I actually wanted to jump in the cold Ocean and the beach was crowded.

And now back in London we have a decent weather. It is up and down but in general I love it. London summer can be fun as you can get heat wave and wear cute dresses or you can get day like this that you get to wear light shirt and nice jeans. This pair is one of my go to pairs and it is by GRLFRND denim. I love how their jeans fit and love the quality too.

This type of outfit is such classic and sometimes you are trying to find a way how to spice things up. Green cool bag like this and bright colour shoes add that perfect touch and make this look more out there. You can get this beauty on Farfetch which is one of my favourite online shopping destinations. Such a big selection and very unique concept.

It really is a great look and easy to wear at weekend, lunch or meeting.  Isn’t it amazing how touch of colour can elevate the whole look?

Leto je v plnem proudu a nemuzu se nabazit. Velkou cast cervna jsem stravila na Morave a pocasi bylo uzasne. No a pak tyden v Irsku, kde snad poprve za deset let bylo skutecne leto. To opravdu neznam a bylo tak horko, ze jsem mela chut skocit do ledoveho oceanu. Pro Iry je to normalni za kazdeho pocasi, ale ja bych za beznych okolnosti asi umrzla.

A ted jsem zpatky v Londyne a pocasi neni nejhorsi. Jednou je hur a jindy lepe. A takove Londynske leto umi byt. Jednou mate horky den a z toho musite vytahnout kabaty. V tento den bylo hezky a presne na takovy outfit jako lehka kosile a dziny. Tyhle jsou od znacky GRLFRND denim a jejich dziny mam moc rada. Je to dobra kvalita a hezky sedi. 

Tento jednoduchy outfit je nadcasova klasika, kterou mam casto chut necim ozvlastnit. Vyrazna zelena kabelka a ruzove boty jsou presne to prave. Kabelka je k dostani na strankach Farfetch, kde moc rada nakupuju. Je to unikatni koncept a vyber je obrovsky.

Presne takoveto outfity mam rada a hodi se na vikend, obed ci schuzku. No neni to skvele jak trosku barvy dokaze zmenit jinak jednoduchy styling? 



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