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Outfit: Bring on the knits

Pictures: Natasha Ndlovu

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy, Sweater: Shein, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Dior

Weekend is here so three times hooray. This has been another week full of exciting things happening. On Tuesday when I wore this gorgeous knit and leather skirt I was going on a lovely tour alongside other bloggers at Sloane Street. We started our day in April’s Cafe at Boutique one and continued to stores like Chloe or Hermes. We also had the privilege to explore private Cadogan Gardens. It was a lovely day although tiring. I had Liam with me and it was perhaps a bit too long for him and too boring. Good news is we managed and at least now I appreciate Liam’s baby sitter even more than before. She just could not help on this occasion.

Well, these things make you stronger I guess. The more I am looking into things I firmly believe things happen for a reason and they bring you some sort of knowledge or message. And the people you meet are there from some reason too. Nothing is a coincidence in life.

Tak a mame tady opet vikend a za sebou dalsi tyden plny skvelych veci. V utery, kdy jsem mela na sobe tento outfit jsem absolvovala takovou navstevu Sloane Street. Po boku dalsich blogeru jsem byla pozvana do nekolika butiku a take privatnich zahrad Cadogan. Byl to opravdu prijemny den, ktery zacal v kavarne April’s, ktera je soucasti Boutique one a pokracovali jsem do obchodu jako Chloe ci Hermes. Nebudu lhat, ze to bylo narocne. Mela jsem sebou Liamka a predstavte si rocniho prcka v obchodech nekolik hodin v kocarku. Ale zvladli jsme to. 

Ja ted pevne verim, ze tyhle veci me ale maji posilit. Vsechno co se v zivote deje, je z nejake duvodu a my si z toho mame neco odnest. A lide, kteri nam prijdou do cesty nas maji neco naucit nebo pomoci nas dovest na spravnou cestu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Back to School

Pictures by Natasha Ndlovu 

Wearing: Blazer: Zara, Shoes: Givenchy, Bag: Pinko, Sunglasses: Dior, Skirt: River Island, T-shirt: Zara

Whilst I was enjoying the heat of the last August days some people are slowly getting ready for autumn. And they are right. As soon as we stepped in to September the mornings are chilly and although the temperatures during the day are still good it lacks that summer air. Maybe that is something I carry from childhood but I felt every time on 1st September when we had a first day back at school the nature just shifted. I used to wear jacket in the morning but on the way back home I carried it in my hands. LOL

And that is another point kids are going back at school and although Liam is still few years away from school I cannot ignore all the inspirations on my favourite online shopping sites encouraging mummies to shop. Perhaps you are one of them and you feel you need few cool items for those daily school runs. I am sure the West London mums were busy grabbing their favourite items in local boutiques and there are some of us shopping online like it is Christmas. Well, whatever makes you happy.

And guess what am I up to today? LOL Shopping of course.

Zatimco ja si v tomto outfitu uzivala posledni teple dny mesice srpna, tak jini se pomalu chystaly na podzim. A dobre udelali. I kdyz denni teploty nejsou tak nizke, rana uz jsou kazdopadne chladnejsi a i ja se poohlizim po nove vybave na podzim a take podzimnich trendech. Navic zacina skola a spousta maminek a to hlavne v zapadnim Londyne se na to poctive pripravuje formou nakupu. LOL

Jenom dneska rano po otevreni par oblibenych e-shopu jsem si vsimla nekolik inspiraci pro mamy – Zpatky do skoly. Zive vidim maminky v Notting Hill jak lovi posledni trendy v oblibenych buticich, aby jejich vybava do “skoly” byla presne tak jak ma byt. A vite co? Proc ne. Ja mam take neustale pocit, ze si musim obnovit satnik a nedeli jsem stravila surfovanim po internetu a vyhledavanim oblibenych trendu na nadchazejici sezonu.

A hadejte co mam v planu dnes? No prece nakupovat. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Volume Sleeves

Wearing: Bag: Gucci, Skirt: Zara, Top: Asos, Shoes: River Island, Sunglasses: Dior

Volume puffball sleeves are definitely a feature that will get you an attention. And plus they can work to your advantage if you have wider hips right? Perfect way how to optically balance your figure. Although, if you love your body it does not matter if you are certain shape or size. You carry anything with confidence and big smile.

There has been enough of judging of what people look like, wear or how they behave. The truth is that you cannot please them all and there will always be somebody that does not like certain things but on the other hand there will be things you like. The key is not to worry and focus on yourself. And that is why I am wearing puffball sleeve top. I simply love it.

Velke rukavy jako tyhle budou mit za to, ze vas nikdo neprehledne a take mozna dokazou slouzit vyborne k balancovani postavy. Co treba vybalancovat sirsi boky? I kdyz na druhou stranu pokud nekdo ma rad sve telo, tak je jedno jak vypada a dokaze s usmevem nosit to na co ma chut. 

Myslim, ze hodnoceni bylo dost. Stejne se vsem nemuze libit vse a vsichni a na druhou stranu se vzdy najde neco ci nekdo, kdo se libi vam. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Gucci Marmont Pumps

Wearing: Shoes: Gucci via Luisa via Roma, Sunglasses: Dior, Dress: Glamorous via Asos, Bag: Chanel, Earrings: Topshop 

I am on the best way to develop a decent designer shoe collection and wanted to introduce my new pair of Gucci shoes I got on my beloved online shop Luisa Via Roma. This time I was shopping with my head rather than heart. I was deciding in between some other pair of shoes however I was thinking about practicality and comfort and these won. The package arrived just before I left for Greece and these did not seem like the most ideal pair for the resort I went to however since I have arrived back in London I have been wearing them a lot.

As you can see they look great with a dress but I also wore them with jeans and other combinations but let’s not jump ahead and if you stay tuned you will see them more.

Myslim, ze jsem na dobre ceste a buduju si hezky pomalu kolekci designerskych botu. Je to jedno s predsevzeti letosniho roku, ze si poridim par kvalitnich a nadcasovych kousku a tohle je jeden z mych poslednich prispevku. Cerne a pohodlne Gucci z meho oblibeneho e-shopu Luisa Via Roma. Tentokrat jsem se ridila pri vyberu spis prakticnosti. Mela jsem zalusk i na jine pary, ale nadcasova barva, tvar podpatku a pohodli vyhralo. A jsem spokojena. Balik dorazil tesne pred dovolenou a myslim, ze do Recka, kde jsem pobyvala nebyly az idealnim kouskem. 

Ale Londyn je na ne jako delany a mela jsem je na sobe uz nekolikrat. A jejich koupi opravdu nelituju. O vikendu jsem si je oblekla hned dvakrat a jak vidite treba k temto satum jsou skvele. A nejen k tem, ale o tom az jindy. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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