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Outfit: Merry Christmas

Wearing: Trousers: River Island, Hat: Asos, Shoes: Valentino, Coat: Shein, Bag; Gucci

Another Christmas and this year it is so different. Last year I had a tiny baby at home, slept in 45 minutes intervals, had the biggest eye circles under my eye and was still getting over the whole motherhood thing. This year I have a toddler, one wild toddler but I am definitely more myself.

Although I cannot wait for few days to do just nothing, eat, drink, watch Christmas movies and just chill. My decision to invest all my energy into youtube took lot of energy and I already have one big energy sucker at home but I did not give up. There were lot of youtubers that do not even have children that were planning to film daily vlogs but failed in the end but I worked hard, very hard on it and wanted to do 24 vlogmas videos until Christmas. So yes I am tired and I feel I really deserve few days off and just enjoy Christmas.

So if you guys are into youtube it would mean so much if you subscribe to my channel and thanks in advance for all the support. I wish all of you Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays.

A jsou tu dalsi Vanoce a tentotkrat je to jine a lepsi. Minuly rok jsem mela doma male miminko a spala maximalne ve 45ti minutovych intervalech, chodila s silenyma kruhama pod ocima a vubec jsem se stale snazila zvyknout si na ty zmeny, ktere materstvi prineslo. Tento rok mam doma prcka, ktery se nezastavi, ma vic energie nez stado koni a ja se citim zase sva. 

Uprimne se nemuzu dockat na tech par dni nic nedelani, i kdyz to ja moc dobre neumim, ale me rozhodnuti se venovat youtube mi vzalo hodne energie, kterou uz tak vysava Liam kazdy den LOL. Letos jsem se rozhodla tocit kazdy den vlogy v ramci vlogmas a to slibilo uz i hodne znamych youtuberu a lidi, na jejich kanaly koukam sama a ejhle, hodne z nich to nezvladlo. Ja uz jsem u konce a nevzdala jsem to, i kdyz to bylo nekdy tezke. A nebudu lhat a jde to videt i na poslednich par videich, protoze jsem proste unavena. A nemuzu se dockat na nic nedelani.

Kazdopadne, pokud vas youtube bavi, budu moc rada, kdyz se prihlasite k odberu. To bude pro me ten nejkrasnejsi darek. Vsem preju Stastne a Vesele a hlavne plne lasky a klidu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Dubarry of Ireland Boots

Wearing: Boots: Dubarry of Ireland, Coat: Boden, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Gucci, Hat: Asos, Necklaces: River Island, Top: Zara

When I was packing for my trip to Florence I had a big question in mind. What footwear do I wear for truffle hunting? When I go to Ireland we spend so much time in the countryside and I always ask myself what shoes to take to use in the country and the city as well? The same when we are visiting my husband’s cousin in Cotswolds. And I actually found a perfect pair by Dubarry of Ireland. A brand my husband knew more about than me as they have so much history in Ireland. I also visited their flagship store in London which is stunning and hopefully you have seen a bit on my Instagram stories (evglamazon). And when I am in Cheltenham next time I will definitely pop in there to check it out. I fell in love with some of their knitwear and jackets too. Perfect for lovers of countryside strolls.

These Chelsea style boots I have been wearing a lot recently are a perfection option for country and the city with lot of perks. They have Dubarry and Goretex branding, are waterproof, they look great, they are comfortable. And I know that lot of boots are comfortable but these were from day one. No blisters or pain. So if you love these kind of boots and you want to that one pair that fits all you know Christmas is coming.

And I simply love this outfit. It is so city chic but so comfortable for running around with a buggy in a busy pre-Christmas London. Just right up my street.

Kdyz jsem se balila do Florencie, nebyla jsem si jista, jake boty si sebou vzit na hledani lanyzu. A pokazde kdyz se chystam do Irska, mam ten samy problem. A to stejne, kdyz jedeme do Cottswolds na navstevu k manzelove rodine. Mam takovy pocit, ze je tezke najit boty vhodne do mesta a na venkov treba do lesa. Ale diky teto spolupraci jsem objevila znacku Dubarry of Ireland, kterou muj manzel zna velmi dobre. Ma velkou tradici a dobrou reputaci hlavne v Irsku, ale take v Britanii. Navstivila jsem akci i v jejich obchode v Londyne, ktery na vas dychne venkovem. Snad jste videli akci na mych Insta stories (evglamazon).

Tyhle kotnickove kozacky ve stylu Chelsea boots jsem si opravdu oblibila a myslim, ze jsou idealni botou jak do mesta, tak na venkov a maji spoustu vyhod. Tou nejvetsi, ze jsou opravdu vodeodolne a pohodlne. A kdyz rikam, ze pohodlne, tak to myslim vazne a to hlavne uz od prvniho noseni. Nemela jsem zadne puchyrky a odreniny. Takze pokud hledate boty na “vsechno” jsou opravdu idelani. 

A tohle je presne outfit, ktery ted nosim casto. Jednoduchy, teply a dostatecne sik na pobihani po predvanocnim Londyne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Wear your dress a top

Wearing: Blazer: Tobi, Dress worn as top: Tobi, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Celine, Bag: Pinko


Weekend is over and another busy week ahead. I am sitting down on Monday to write and that is pretty much the only day when I have time to actually write, film, edit. The rest is full of events, planning, packing and work. Time really flies doesn’t it? Can you actually see I am holding Christmas cup on these pictures? How does it happen that another year is almost gone and I feel I did not get a chance to even catch a breath?

Anyway, party season is ahead of us and we can buy some great pieces like this velvet blazer and this cool dress ( both from Tobi) which I decided to wear as a top. I love this time of year and as you can see the right things can work for the evening but also the day.

Well, let’s get ready and get on with the week. And if you have not watched my latest video yet you can find it here. There is so much content coming up and exciting giveaways so make sure you subscribe so you do not miss out on anything.

Vikend je za nama a dalsi nabity tyden pred nama. Dneska kdyz pisu tento clanek je pondeli a je to jediny den v tydnu, kdy vubec budu mit poradne cas psat, tvorit, editovat. Zbytek tydne je temer jako vzdy hekticky, plny akci a prace. Cas proste leti nezrizene rychle. A vsimli jste si, ze drzim v ruce Vanocni kelimek? Kam se cely tento rok vubec podel, mam pocit, ze jsem se nestacila ani nadechnout? 

Kazdopadne mame pred sebe vecirkove obdobi a je na case si poridit nejake hezke kousky. Ja jsem vam chtela ukazat tohle nove sametove sako a take saty, ktere jsem si v tomto pripade dala jako top. Mam rada, kdyz se zkratka daji veci vyuzit nejen na akce, ale i pres den. 

Tak ja se jdu pripravit na blaznivy tyden, balit do Florencie atd. A pokud jste jeste nevideli me posledni video, mrknete tady. A nezapomente se prihlasit k odberu, mam v planu tvorit a tvorit a take poradat souteze o luxusni kosmetiku, luxusni kabelku atd. Tak at vam nic neunikne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: One shoulder shirt

Wearing: Shirt: Tobi, Bag: Aspinal of London, Boots: Boden, Belt: Gucci, Jeans: Asos

Who doesn’t love Friday? Weekend ahead, that Friday atmosphere in the air knowing you have two sweet days ahead called Saturday and Sunday. And this week I attended the private screening with Aspinal of London and watched the brilliant movie The murder on the orient express. What a fantastic start of the weekend! The movie was great, perfect choice for this season and great cast. I just wish I was in better frame of mind. I had super hectic day, arrived late and my mind was non stop. I must blame full moon for this as I do feel it can affect us to this level.

For this occasion I have picked very casual yet lovely outfit. All it needs is one cool piece like this one shoulder shirt. I got this shirt on Tobi and love it so much. And today I am glad it is Saturday. Sometimes you just have to go to bed and wait for another day.

Kdo by nemiloval patek? Je pred nama vikend a takova ta patecni atmosfera ve vzduchu. A fakt, ze nas cekaji dva dny volna vykouzli na tvari usmev nejednomu cloveku. A tento tyden jsem si zprijemnila patek akci, na kterou me pozval Aspinal of London a to privatni promitani filmu Vrazda v Orient Expresu. Film je skvely, jen to byl takovy hekticky den (trosku to davam za vinu uplnku), ze jsem prisla na akci pozde, zadychana a nejak jsem se nemohla soustredit. 

Na promitani jsem vybrala jsem si velmi jednoduchy a pohodlny outfit, kteremu asi vevodi tahle zajimava kosile se spadnutym ramenem. A reknu vam, ze jsem rada, ze je sobota a dalsi den. Nekdy je treba se proste vyspat a zacit znovu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo

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