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Outfit: How to dress during Holidays

Pictures: Margita

Wearing: Boots: H&M, Bag: Chanel, Dress: Zara, Blazer: Zara 

We are so close to Christmas and I am trying to keep the Christmas spirit by doing things I love in December. I make mulled wine more regular type of drink in the evenings, I try to watch Christmas movies and as each year I went to see Nutcracker. One thing where I feel I have been failing is fashion and dressing. It is such a good time to wear sparkle, dresses, velvet and more fun stuff so this time I finally pushed myself and put on this sequin dress that has been in my closet for few months. However, everytime I look back at my Vlogmas videos I see I opt for comfort because it is either cold, I have no time and I am rushing. LOL

So, I would suggest we all enjoy the fashion in December. Let’s embrace velvet and all the gorgeous puffy sleeves that are trending right now. Let’s wear big statement earrings and sparkly shoes and just have fun. Let’s get out of the comfort zone when it comes to makeup as this is the time. January will come soon and people will moan and will be depressed. I know it as it repeats each year…same old story. Your best gown will be your Sweaty Betty leggings and you can say bye to a party as you will be more likely trying the latest detox. LOL

Vanoce jsou za dvermi a ja se snazim delat veci, ktere si nejvice uzivam prave v prosinci. Delam si doma dobry svarak, koukam na vanocni filmy a jako kazdy rok jsem si zasla na Louskacka. Je to takova moje tradice. V jedne oblasti trosku pokulhavam a to je obleceni. Miluju flitry, samet a vubec krasne saty a toto je to nejlepsi obdobi jak toho vyuzit a tak jsem se konecne rozhodla si dat tyto flitrove saty prave na balet. Musim priznat, ze kdyz se zpetne divam na letosni Vlogmas, tak si vzdy volim pohodli, protoze bud specham, nebo se mi nechce, nebo je zima. LOL 

Ale myslim, ze na sebe musim byt prisnejsi a vyuzit toho, ze je to idealni doba na to si dat krasne saty a vsechny ty bluzy s velkyma rukavama a vyrazne nausnice. Leden je za rohem a jako kazdy rok se vse obrati, vsichni kolem budou na detoxu a jejich obleceni budou hlavne leginy do fitka. Kazdy ma deprese, nechce si dat ani sklenicku vina a vetsina lidi je akorat zalezla doma nebo ve fitku. A tak toho pojdme vyuzit dokud se da. LOL 


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Christmas is so close and I can say first time that I am almost done with all the shopping. All I need to get is one or two more bits and I love how organised I am this year. I am also bringing you this years gift guide so you can hopefully find some inspiration and ideas. I love sharing tips and gorgeous things you may love for yourself or for others.

It is one of my most favourite time of year. I love doing festive things, presents shopping, house decorating, baking and wrapping presents. So I am planning to enjoy it as much as I can.

Vanoce jsou tady za par tydnu a poprve muzu rict, ze mam skoro vse nakoupene. Zbyvaji mi asi jedna ci dve veci. A uplne se vyzivam v tom jak jsem letos pripravena s predstihem. A jako kazdy rok jsem s vama chtela sdilet par tipu na Vanocni darky a treba vas neco z tohoto inspiruje. 

Je to moje oblibene obdobi a miluju vsechno kolem. Vyzivam se ve vyzdobe, nakupovani, peceni, baleni darku, vecircich, jidlu a dobrem piti. Samozrejme si rada i dam svarene vino a opravdu jsem pripravena si techto par dni uzit jak to nejvice jde. 

Handbags are great presents for women. This year I have picked one affordable by Skinny Dip  that would be great for somebody who is planning NYE full of sparkle. It adds so much glam and the price is a bargain. The Strathberry bag is more expensive and great if you love fantastic craftsmanship. The quality is so high and it is also very wearable.  If you are looking for some jewellery ideas I feel necklaces are a great item to gift. This coin style chunky necklace from Ettika is priced so well or you can splurge a bit more on this Moon Necklace by Thomas Sabo that comes also in silver version. Such a fab delicate piece. If you want to gift something small, sparkly but not expensive perhaps to your friend or have something cute for a stocking how about this portable charger or silver hair pin?! I love them both and they look so festive!

Kabelky jsou skvelym darkem. Letos jsem vybrala jednu levnou, ale uzasnou treba na Silvestra od Skinny Dip. Tyhle trpytive kabelky me hodne bavi. Na druhou stranu mate mozna radi kvalitnejsi a drazsi veci a tato kabelka od Strathberry nebo nejaky jejich jiny model by mohl uspokojit narocnejsi damy. Jejich kabelky jsou skvele udelane a hodi se na spoustu prilezitosti. Ze sperku jsem letos vybrala tento vyrazny nahrdelnik s minci od firmy Ettika a pokud se vam libi drobnejsi kousky co treba tento retizek s priveskem ve tvaru mesice od Thomase Sabo. Je k dostani i ve stribrnem provedeni. Jestli chcete obdarovat nekoho mensim, ale milym darkem co treba tato disko sponka? A mozna by udelala radost tato blyskava prenosna nabijecka na telefon. Drobnejsi darky jako tyhle se hodi i do Vanocnich ponozek :)

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Outfit: Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve thoughts

Pictures taken in Prague by Iva 

Wearing: Boots: Allsaints, Bag: Chanel, Coat: Zara, Dress: River Island, Hat: River Island

It is the morning of Christmas Eve and I woke up so so early (my own body already thinks it is normal after 2 years of being a mom). I just looked at the time when writing this and the time showed 4:44 which I guess is a good sign. I simply believe in these spiritual numbers. I have planned to write this post on Christmas Eve to make sure the thoughts are current and from the same day.

I kind of feel lucky to be able to have two Christmases and celebrate Czech Christmas on 24th and then Irish on the following day. However it also means more cooking for me which I personally do not mind though LOL. I am seriously thinking at this stage to film at least a bit today as so many of my foreign youtube subscribers want to know more about the Czech side of life so let’s see if I can manage it all and film the last day of vlogmas.

I really want to take the next few days and think about where my blog, social media and youtube will go. What strategy shall I take. However, every time I start to do that I realise that the best thing is to be yourself. It is so easy to get influenced by what others are doing but ultimately the best is to be you and that will be the plan for me. I know there are accounts that are growing so fast due to their immaculate images but I also need to realise that they may have totally different circumstances to be able to create them.

I believe that next year will be simply an amazing one. I feel it in my bones and lot of us will reach their dreams and goals. 2018 was somehow up and down with few personal issues to deal with but at the end of the day you always realise it is how you look at things and that always helps you to come out in the best possible ways. And after all we just bought a house in London. What a dream!!! If you ever told me few years ago that we will have a 4 bedroom house in a nice neighbourhood in London I would be very sceptical. So life is good and even more than that. Let’s appreciate even the smallest things in life and be grateful.

Merry Christmas everybody and enjoy every single moment of the holidays and may your dreams come true this Christmas.

Je Stedry den a ja se vzbudila velmi rano (to tak je kdyz si telo zvykne po dvou letech materstvi a budi se samo). A ted jsem se podivala na hodinky a bylo 4:44 coz je vzdy dobre znameni. A celou dobu bylo mym planem napsat dnesni clanek dnes, aby byl clanek opravdu aktualni a cerstvy z dnesniho rana.

Prijde mi to nahodou super, ze slavime dvoje Vanoce. 24. prosince si dame Stedrovecerni veceri v podobe ryby a salatu a dame si nejake darky a 25. rozbalime darky od Santy a od rana pak pecu krocana, sunku a vubec celou Irskou Vanocni veceri v te podobe jak ji znate z Britskych ci Americkych filmu. Docela premyslim, ze bych dneska chtela vlogovat v anglictine, protoze cizinci, co sleduji ma videa na youtube casto chteji vedet vice o Cesku a nasich tradicich.

Dalsich par dni bych chtela venovat i tomu, ze popremyslim jakym smerech bych chtela jit v ramci blogu, socialnich siti a youtube kanalu. Pokazde kdyz takto zacnu premyslet se stejne vracim k tomu, ze nejlepsi je byt sam sebou. Na Instagramu se to hemzi dokonalosti a fotkama jako z jineho sveta a nektere ucty rostou zavratnou rychlosti, ale ja si musim uvedomit, ze treba ti lide maji uplne jine podminky na tvoreni takoveho obsahu. Clovek muze udelat vzdy jen sve maximum v momentalni situaci. 

Ja stejne verim, ze 2019 bude uzasny a ma pry i byt. Tento rok byl takovy jako na horske draze. Jednou nahore a jednou dole, ale podle me je to vse o tom jak se clovek diva na situaci. Kazda vec i ta spatna se deje z nejake duvodu a ma nas neco naucit a je treba tak zivot brat. A uz jenom to, ze mame novy dum v hezke ctvrti, kde jsou 4 loznice je neskutecne. Kdyby mi nekdo rekl, kdyz jsem poprve prisla do Londyna, ze tohle se stane, byla bych velmi skepticka. Je opravdu byt za co vdecny. 

A tak preji vsem krasne svatky a at se vam vsem splni tajna prani.

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Christmas is round the corner and with that in mind my 2018 Gift Guide is here. This year I have included more fashion and beauty items and less technology as I thought after a long year women should treat themselves to something beautiful and you should treat others the same way. Let’s bring beautiful things to us and feel the luxury. I have tried to include smaller items that could make a great stocking filler as well as gorgeous fashion and beauty items.

This stunning pink blouse would make a great gift as it is something you can wear dress down or dress up. I am also loving the Marc Jacobs Luminizer as it is such a luxurious gift and the packaging and the mirror are simply perfection. What a brilliant product to be found in the stocking.

Vanoce jsou za rohem a proto prinasim i tento rok tipy na darky. Tento rok jsem zahrnula spise kosmetiku a obleceni a mene technologie, protoze jsem si rikala, ze kazda zena si zaslouzi neco krasneho, aby se mohla hyckat a udelat si radost. A tu radost muzete udelat i vy ostatnim zenam, ktere mate radi.

Snazila jsem se zahrnout i drobnejsi darky, ktere by se vlezli do Vanocni ponozky, protoze ty jsou tady v Britanii tradici. Kazdopadne tato ruzova bluzka me hodne zaujala a myslim, ze se da vyuzit jak na den tak na vecer. A vybornym mensim darkem, ale velmi praktickym diky velkemu zrcatku je tento Luminizer od Marca Jacobse.

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