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Outfit: Summer Love

Wearing: Dress: Few Moda, Shoes: Charles Keith, Bag: PINKO, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I visit Czech my heart always beats. It is where I was born after all and although there are many things I may not like there are still many I love. One of them is typical Czech summer. I keep so many beautiful memories inside and when I am back it feels they are all awake again. Certain corners, traditions, trips always bring the best to my mind.

Straw piles are one of them. I remember as kids we could play there all day long, especially on the really big ones. We were jumping like mad trying to triumph each other. Well, now the smaller ones are perfect for shoots. I believe you should keep things authentic and true to the country. If you are in the countryside no point searching for a white house which is so widely popular amongst bloggers LOL.

And in my eyes that white dress together with the bag look magical in this field. Summer at its best.

Pokazde kdyz jedu do Ceska tak mam radost, je to zeme kde jsem se prece narodila. A i kdyz je spousta veci, ktere tam nemam rada, stale jeste je spousta veci, ktere miluju. A jednou z nich je typicke Ceske leto. Letosni navsteva privedla zpet tolik krasnych vzpominek a kazde zakouti na Morave, veci ktere jsem podnikala mi neco prineslo. 

Stohy a baliky slamy jsou jedna z uzasnych veci, ktera prinasi tolik vzpominek. Kdyz byl v lete na poli za domem velky stoh, dokazala jsem si tam hrat s ostatnima cele dny. Skakala jako silena, delala salta a dneska jak vidite pouzivam baliky slamy na foceni. Maji zkratka sve kouzlo. Ja jsme za to, ze kdyz clovek foti, mel by zachovat autenticnost mista. Nema cena hledat sterilni bily dum jenom protoze blogersky svet je jima posledly. A pokud jste jeste nevideli muj vlog z Ceska, tak se podivejte tady

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Polka Dot Maxi

Wearing: Sunglasses: Dior, Dress: Shein, Bag: PINKO, Shoes: River Island

Most of the times when I see a cute polka dot dress I always picture the polo scene from Pretty Woman. And also I firmly believe that polka dot is such an evergreen print. Look at it now Dolce & Gabbana have been using this print a lot. And although this screams more Sicily I wore this beautiful dress in Greece few times. And if you want to see it even better and in movement check out my latest video which is a lookbook from Greece.

I am not sure how many of blog reader actually watch youtube. I am new to it myself as a viewer and content creator. I simply did not have time when I had my job and blog but now as a full time blogger it is a bit easier. And that is another thing. I do not think I have ever officially announced I went blogging full time so let me know if you want to know and read more.

Hodne casto kdyz uvidim roztomile puntikove saty, tak se mi vybavi scena z filmu Pretty Woman, kdy Julia Roberts byla na polu. A navic je to takovy staly potisk, ktery se drzi uz dlouho. Ted napriklad Dolce & Gabbana ma par krasnych kousku s puntiky. A i kdyz jsou tyhle saty jako vystrihnute z fotek ze Sicilie, tak jsem je v Recku na sobe mela parkrat. Uprimne jsem byla rada, ze je mam po tom, co mi na nohou vyskocila slunecni vyrazka, byla jsem rada, ze mi ji krasne zakryje. LOL

A pokud chcete tyhle saty videt i v akci, muzete se podivat na me nejnovejsi video z dovolene. Nevim vubec kolik z lidi, kteri ctou blog si vlastne video pusti, prijde mi, ze youtube je uplne jina a oddelena komunita, ale clovek nikdy nevi. Ja sama jsem na youtube novacek a to jak jak sledovatel, tak i ten co tvori. Zkratka, kdyz jsem pracovala a jeste delala blog, nebyl cas. Ted kdyz bloguju na plny uvazek, to jde lepe. No a tak me napada, ze to jsem vlastne jeste nezminila, ze se konecne z blogu stala moje prace a jestli vas zajima neco o tom. Urcite dejte vedet. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Navy in the sun

Pictures: Iva 

Wearing: Top: Joseph Ribkoff, Shorts: Asos, Bag: Pinko: Sunglasses: Rayban, Shoes: River Island, Pearl necklace: Sophia’s Earrings 

Like anybody I was counting days, hours and minutes until our family holiday. Not that I would not travel but this time it is a proper family holiday by the seaside with baby Liam and my husband. Firstly, somebody can help me to mind him so I can have a peaceful run on the beach and secondly it is so nice to be together. That does not change the fact though what I pack and how I dress.

On my second day I opted for a classic beachy colours and combinations. Canadian brand Joseph Ribkoff are celebrating their 60th anniversary and they are best known for its iconic dress silhouettes and collections that mix monochrome basic with vibrant prints. I wore this classic navy Joseph Ribkoff top which I teamed with easy denim shorts, mirrored sunglasses and summer colour bag. I cannot think of more classic colour combination like navy and white and denim of course. And it feels amazing. It is perfect option for early morning when the sun is not that strong and it feels very airy. It is also great for drinks or dinner in the evening and all you need is to add a bit of lipstick and perhaps some statement earrings.

So I am now off to beach and guess what I am wearing? More navy.

Jako vetsina z nas i ja jsem odpocitavala dny, hodiny a minuty do nasi prvni rodinne dovolene u more. Tim mam na mysli, ze jedeme vsichni tri i s Liamkem a to na typickou letni dovoulenou, plaz, nic nedelani, vino a zkratka veget. Hrozne sem se tesila, protoze Liam uz ma trosku rozum a jde videt, jak si uziva vodu, jidlo a i pocasi a za druhe muze manzel pomoci s hlidanim a tak si muzu zabehat, zaplavat a je to opravdu rozdil, kdyz to porovnam s nasi cestou na Mallorku.

Druhy den jsem si oblekla klasicke barvy jako namornicka modra a bila a denim a tohle vse samozrejme k dovolene patri. Tento Joseph Ribkoff top jsem zkombinovala s momentalne oblibenou kabelkou a modryma zdrcadlovkama. Namornicka modra je na dovolene super a nejen tehdy. Hodi se jak pres den tak navecer. 

A ted kdyz me omluvite padim na plaz. Jak jinak nez v namornicke modre. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Sheer Blouse

Wearing: Bag: PINKO, Shoes: Ellie Goulding for Deichmann, Belt: Gucci, Sunglasses: Rayban, Jeans: New Look, Top: River Island

I started to be so into mum jeans. Could it be because I am a mom now? LOL Well, it seems like the last four pair of jeans I bought are either high waisted or proper mum jeans. I am also in love with this sheer blouse as it is so easy to wear and I am so planning to throw it on with leather skirt for more feminine look as well. I know spring is here and I should embrace more summery colours however black is black and it never goes away.

However the weather has been fab. Or at least yesterday. I am always so much happier when the sun is out and you can enjoy coffee outside, people watch and enjoying the small happy moments.

Zacala jsem nejak shromazdovat dziny stylu mom jeans. Nevim, cim to je…mozna, ze jsem ted mama, ale kazdopadne kdyz tak zpetne premyslim, tak posledni ctyri nove pary jsou presne bud v tomto stylu a nebo alespon zvyseny pas. No zkratka se mi libi a prijdou mi pohodlne. A taky ted moc rada nosim tento pruhledny top. No neni zcela pruhledny, jenom tak decetne prosvita. Nosim ho opravdu casto a priste ho zkusim treba s kozenou sukni pro vice zensky styling. 

Kazdopadne tady bylo vcera uplne jaro a uzivala jsem si to na maximum, kava a obed venku, prochazka u Temze na slunicku a nalada je hned lepsi. Clovek ozije a uziva si drobnosti jako treba posadit se na lavicce a pozorovat deni kolem sebe. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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