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Outfit: Wear your dress a top

Wearing: Blazer: Tobi, Dress worn as top: Tobi, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Celine, Bag: Pinko


Weekend is over and another busy week ahead. I am sitting down on Monday to write and that is pretty much the only day when I have time to actually write, film, edit. The rest is full of events, planning, packing and work. Time really flies doesn’t it? Can you actually see I am holding Christmas cup on these pictures? How does it happen that another year is almost gone and I feel I did not get a chance to even catch a breath?

Anyway, party season is ahead of us and we can buy some great pieces like this velvet blazer and this cool dress ( both from Tobi) which I decided to wear as a top. I love this time of year and as you can see the right things can work for the evening but also the day.

Well, let’s get ready and get on with the week. And if you have not watched my latest video yet you can find it here. There is so much content coming up and exciting giveaways so make sure you subscribe so you do not miss out on anything.

Vikend je za nama a dalsi nabity tyden pred nama. Dneska kdyz pisu tento clanek je pondeli a je to jediny den v tydnu, kdy vubec budu mit poradne cas psat, tvorit, editovat. Zbytek tydne je temer jako vzdy hekticky, plny akci a prace. Cas proste leti nezrizene rychle. A vsimli jste si, ze drzim v ruce Vanocni kelimek? Kam se cely tento rok vubec podel, mam pocit, ze jsem se nestacila ani nadechnout? 

Kazdopadne mame pred sebe vecirkove obdobi a je na case si poridit nejake hezke kousky. Ja jsem vam chtela ukazat tohle nove sametove sako a take saty, ktere jsem si v tomto pripade dala jako top. Mam rada, kdyz se zkratka daji veci vyuzit nejen na akce, ale i pres den. 

Tak ja se jdu pripravit na blaznivy tyden, balit do Florencie atd. A pokud jste jeste nevideli me posledni video, mrknete tady. A nezapomente se prihlasit k odberu, mam v planu tvorit a tvorit a take poradat souteze o luxusni kosmetiku, luxusni kabelku atd. Tak at vam nic neunikne. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Back to School

Pictures by Natasha Ndlovu 

Wearing: Blazer: Zara, Shoes: Givenchy, Bag: Pinko, Sunglasses: Dior, Skirt: River Island, T-shirt: Zara

Whilst I was enjoying the heat of the last August days some people are slowly getting ready for autumn. And they are right. As soon as we stepped in to September the mornings are chilly and although the temperatures during the day are still good it lacks that summer air. Maybe that is something I carry from childhood but I felt every time on 1st September when we had a first day back at school the nature just shifted. I used to wear jacket in the morning but on the way back home I carried it in my hands. LOL

And that is another point kids are going back at school and although Liam is still few years away from school I cannot ignore all the inspirations on my favourite online shopping sites encouraging mummies to shop. Perhaps you are one of them and you feel you need few cool items for those daily school runs. I am sure the West London mums were busy grabbing their favourite items in local boutiques and there are some of us shopping online like it is Christmas. Well, whatever makes you happy.

And guess what am I up to today? LOL Shopping of course.

Zatimco ja si v tomto outfitu uzivala posledni teple dny mesice srpna, tak jini se pomalu chystaly na podzim. A dobre udelali. I kdyz denni teploty nejsou tak nizke, rana uz jsou kazdopadne chladnejsi a i ja se poohlizim po nove vybave na podzim a take podzimnich trendech. Navic zacina skola a spousta maminek a to hlavne v zapadnim Londyne se na to poctive pripravuje formou nakupu. LOL

Jenom dneska rano po otevreni par oblibenych e-shopu jsem si vsimla nekolik inspiraci pro mamy – Zpatky do skoly. Zive vidim maminky v Notting Hill jak lovi posledni trendy v oblibenych buticich, aby jejich vybava do “skoly” byla presne tak jak ma byt. A vite co? Proc ne. Ja mam take neustale pocit, ze si musim obnovit satnik a nedeli jsem stravila surfovanim po internetu a vyhledavanim oblibenych trendu na nadchazejici sezonu.

A hadejte co mam v planu dnes? No prece nakupovat. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Powder Silk Blouse

Pictures: Natasha Ndlovu 

Wearing: Bag: PINKO, Skirt: River Island: Blouse: Boden, Shoes: Gucci, Sunglasses: Rayban

Silk is that gorgeous material everybody loves to have in their wardrobes. I mean it feels great on your skin, it looks great and although it can be a nightmare to look after it and wash it…people somehow still treasure it. This new powder shade blouse is exactly that piece that will have a proud place in my wardrobe.

I spent a lovely weekend with my family and celebrating Liam’s first birthday. Can you believe he is one? I could not even believe when I saw him proudly sitting on his new bike he got as a present from us. I actually decided to capture last week in the vlog and that is my first attempt to create weekly vlog so you may watch it here.

Hedvabi je ten material, ktery maji lide radi. A proc taky ne. Je hrozne prijemny na tele, vypada vyborne, pusobi lehce a prestoze je obcas narocne jej prat a starat se o nej, ja hedvabi opravdu miluju. A myslim, ze nejen ja. Tahle bluzka v pudrovem tonu si zaslouzi misto v mem satniku. Bude se dobre nosit a kombinovat. 

Vikend se u nas nesl v rodinnem duchu a Liamek oslavil sve prvni narozeniny. Snazila jsem poprve vytvorit vlog, kdy budu natacet cely tyden. A cele video muzete videt tady. Nechce se mi ani verit, ze uz ma rok. Opravdu to leti. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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Outfit: Summer Love

Wearing: Dress: Few Moda, Shoes: Charles Keith, Bag: PINKO, Sunglasses: Rayban

When I visit Czech my heart always beats. It is where I was born after all and although there are many things I may not like there are still many I love. One of them is typical Czech summer. I keep so many beautiful memories inside and when I am back it feels they are all awake again. Certain corners, traditions, trips always bring the best to my mind.

Straw piles are one of them. I remember as kids we could play there all day long, especially on the really big ones. We were jumping like mad trying to triumph each other. Well, now the smaller ones are perfect for shoots. I believe you should keep things authentic and true to the country. If you are in the countryside no point searching for a white house which is so widely popular amongst bloggers LOL.

And in my eyes that white dress together with the bag look magical in this field. Summer at its best.

Pokazde kdyz jedu do Ceska tak mam radost, je to zeme kde jsem se prece narodila. A i kdyz je spousta veci, ktere tam nemam rada, stale jeste je spousta veci, ktere miluju. A jednou z nich je typicke Ceske leto. Letosni navsteva privedla zpet tolik krasnych vzpominek a kazde zakouti na Morave, veci ktere jsem podnikala mi neco prineslo. 

Stohy a baliky slamy jsou jedna z uzasnych veci, ktera prinasi tolik vzpominek. Kdyz byl v lete na poli za domem velky stoh, dokazala jsem si tam hrat s ostatnima cele dny. Skakala jako silena, delala salta a dneska jak vidite pouzivam baliky slamy na foceni. Maji zkratka sve kouzlo. Ja jsme za to, ze kdyz clovek foti, mel by zachovat autenticnost mista. Nema cena hledat sterilni bily dum jenom protoze blogersky svet je jima posledly. A pokud jste jeste nevideli muj vlog z Ceska, tak se podivejte tady

Love Glamazon xoxo


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