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Outfit: You are worth it

Wearing: Jacket: Airfield, Trousers: Airfield, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Minna Parikka, Sunglasses: Nelly

If you have been following me for a while you probably know I like everything beauty, skincare and fashion and of course travel and food! Does that make me an all rounder? LOL

However in the last few years I started to look into things like meditation, balancing your life, yoga and self love. All of this in the positive way. And it is changing my life. As lot of people I have had doubts in everything I did whether that was personal life, work and so on. Every time I felt somebody used me for things like help, information I kept asking why is that and I simply started to look for answers. That kind of triggered this interest. And when you start to read all these books, you realise how important self-love is. It is so crucial to realise we are all worth it. We deserve everything and more we want in our lives.

I am not an expert in this field and cannot tell you why you should do this or that. I cannot give you clear advise how to do things but you will find answers only inside of you. Just remember you are worth it. You are worthy of your desires and everything you have ever dreamt about.

Pokud me sledujete uz nejaky ten patek, asi vite, ze miluju kosmetiku, modu a taky cestovani a jidlo. Jsem takova vsehochut ze? LOL Ale v posledni letech jsem se zacala zajimat o meditaci, jak najit sam sebe, yogu a vubec naucit se mit rada. To vse v pozitivnim slova smyslu.

A hrozne mi to pomaha, porad si ctu clanky o karme, o aurach, meditaci, jak se mit rad a snazim se veci aplikovat do sveho zivota. Ono to zacalo tak nejak tim, ze pokazde, kdyz jsem mela pocit, ze me nekdo z okoli zneuzil treba jenom na pomoc, radu, kontakt atd a pak me smetl ze stolu, tak jsem chtela vedet, proc se tak deje. A proc mam treba pocit, ze me clovek zneuzil? 

Kdyz clovek zacne cist, shromazdovat informace, zjisti, ze opravdu zacina ve vas ve vnitr a ze sebelaska je hrozne dulezita. Je dulezite se vzdy podivat do vaseho nitra a zacit tam. A take je treba si porad uvedomovat, ze vy za to stojite. Kazdy z nas si zaslouzi jenom to co si preje, to nejlepsi a to ze vam nekdo rika neco jineho je blbost. 

Nejsem zadny odbornik, abych tady psala o tom, co mate udelat. jak a proc, ale spis chci povzbudit vsechny tim, ze vam reknu, ze mame vsichni na to co chceme, vsichni jsou hodni toho, co si preji a o cem sni. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Orange is the new black ?

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy via Luisa Via Roma, Bag: Stella McCartney, Sunglasses: Nelly, Top: COS, Jeans: Zara, Sleeveless Jacket: PINKO 

Orange is the new black is favourite series of many people – NOT mine! However this orange top with great details on the sleeve really got my attention when I saw it and I love it. The colour is not something I would go for often however it is a great change.

And as you can see on my social media I have been wearing my new Givenchy boots a lot. However, there is always a but…now I feel I need more handbags to go with them. What do we think of this Valentino bag?

Last night I went to an amazing dinner with Google and had such a good time. They were introducing new product – Google Home and I am over the moon as I will be gifted one as well as I got invited to Google offices here in London. How amazing is that? Well, maybe not for everybody but I am delighted and cannot wait to show you more. I will definitely share more on my social channels and Insta stories. If you do not follow me, you can find me as evglamazon.

Orange is the new black neni muj oblibeny serial, ale kdyz jsem uvidela tento uzasny oranzovy top, okamzite me zaujal. Neni to barva pro kterou bych mela slabost, ale obcas se hodi si poridit neco trosku jineho, ze? 

Strasne se mi libi detaily na rukavech. No a jak jste si asi vsimly na mych socialnich siti, nemuzu se nabazit techto kozacek Givenchy. Ted mam ale porad pocit, ze k nim potrebuju vice kabelek. Co rikate na tuhle

Vcera jste mozna videli na mych Insta stories, ze jsem byla na veceri s Google. Google predstavoval jejich novinku Google Home, ktery se mi teda hrozne moc libi. A sama tomu nemuzu verit, ale Google me pozval do jejich kancelari tady v Londyne a dokonce mi Google Home daruje. Mozna je to pro nekoho normalni, ale me to teda dostalo a mam opravdu silenou radost. A urcite vam potom vse ukazu alespon an Insta stories. Takze pokud me nesledujete, najdete me tam jako evglamazon. 

Love Glamazon xoxo


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