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Outfit: Proud memories

Wearing: Jacket: Rails La, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Valentino, Sunglasses: Dior, Skirt: Pimkie

I never forget how proudly I wore this jacket with Liam’s name for the first time. This jacket will always give me proud and beautiful memories and will always have place in my closet. And I love it. It is a cool piece and I am a sucker for customised anything. And customised things are great as present. The last thing I gave somebody was customised Aspinal diary and my husband loved it.

However, this post is more about memories and today I realised how time flies. I am enjoying every moment with Liam and being a mum is just beautiful. He is going to be ten months!!! 10!! Who would believe. He has got 8 teeth, lots of hair and loves to walk when you hold his hands and now his latest thing is to stand up and crawl :) He loves his food and his dada. Haha It is incredible to watch him growing but if you are a mummy you know what I am talking about.

Nikdy nezapomenu, kdyz jsem si hrde oblekla tuhle bundu s Liamkovym jmenem poprve. A myslim, ze mi vzdy bude prinaset krasne vzpominky na to, kdyz se narodil a zarovne vypada fakt cool. Ja osobne mam rada inicialy na vsem a prijde mi to skvely napad. K vanocum jsem dala napriklad manzelovi diar z Aspinalu s jeho inicialy a moc se mu libil. 

Tento clanek je ale spise o krasnych vzpominkach a o tom jak cas leti. Liamkovi uz bude 10 mesicu. Neskutecne. Roste jako z vody a ja si to vylozene uzivam, ale zaroven bych chtela zastavit cas. Je to milacek, ma osm zubu, strasne moc vlasu a miluje sveho dadu :) A taky jidlo haha No a uz hezky lozi, chodi kdyz ho vedete za ruce a sam si porad stoupa a je strasne zvedavy. Je nadherne to sledovat, ale to vy mamy vite. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Volume sleeves striped shirt

Wearing: Shirt: River Island, Jeans: Topshop, Bag: Chanel, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Sunglasses: Celine

I stopped counting how many striped shirts I own. Can I just say something to defend myself though? They are so classic and so versatile and you do need options right. Now, this is my latest purchase and it is different as it has got volume sleeves.

However, hands up who seems to buy similar things and then ends up with ten very similar items. My things are blazers, slip dresses, shirts and the list could go on.

Let me know if you are guilty of that too.

Prestala jsem pocitat kolik mam v satniku pruhovanych kosil a to hlavne v modre barve. Na svou obranu mohu jenom prohlasit, ze jsou klasicke, nadcasove a ze clovek obcas potrebuje dobry vyber. Haha. A tohle je muj posledni prirustek a neni to jenom dalsi obycejna kosile. Tato ma totiz siroke a zajimave rukavy. No jak se rika…No nekup to. 

I kdyz spousta lidi nakupuje velmi casto podobne veci. Ja mam slabost pro saty ve stylu nocni kosilky, kozene bundy a nebo treba kosile.

A co je to u vas? 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Where is the summer?

Pictures: Barbora 

Wearing: Boots: Givenchy, Skirt: Zara, Top: Kit & Ace, Jacket: Shein, Bag: Chanel

I am calling summer or lets say even proper spring. The weather in London has not been great and I will openly say I was cold wearing this outfit. Even the cashmere polo neck did not keep me warm enough. There are days where I still have to take out some of my winter coats. Oh, man not good.

Luckily, I am planning my press trip to Mallorca now and also going for holidays in Greece next month so new holiday wardrobe needed. You can image how am I spending start of the week. Online shopping as I really want to enjoy summer clothes at least abroad. I am so excited to get a bit of sun and switch off. Although, that can be hardly switching off as I need to work on exciting content for you.

If you want to see my latest additions mainly in my shoe collection do not forget to watch this video.

Volam leto nebo alespon jaro. Nechapu, ze vlastne je kveten a nektere dny nosim zimni kabaty. A muzu vam rict, ze mi byla zima i v tomto co mam na sobe a nezhral me ani kasmirovy rolak a bundicka. 

Nastesti se chystam i s Liamkem na par dni na press trip an Mallorku a v cervnu nas take ceka rodinna dovolena v Recku. Takze pondeli travim hledanim pekneho obleceni na dovolenou, at si tu letni modu alespon trosku uziju. Uz se nemuzu dockat az se nabazim trochu slunecnich paprsku a odpocinu si. I kdyz to asi tezko, kdyz budu cely den travit tvorenim fotografii, tocit a vubec pracovat. 

A pokud vas zajima, co mam noveho v satniku a botniku, muzete se podivat na moje posledni video. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Casual vibes

Pictures by Iva

Wearing: Belt: Gucci, Shoes: Gucci, Jeans: Topshop, Top: Kit & Ace, Coat: Zara, Bag: Chanel

When I have few busy days, travel and have lots of going on I sometimes forget content I created a while back. These pictures were shot the last time I visited Czech which is now over a month ago and I just realised I have not shared them with the world. Considering I am wearing a winter coat and weather gets warmer and warmer I knew these pictures need to be shared with you.

This is my second visit of Czech this year and I am planning to use this slightly longer break to catch up with all the work. I know it sounds terrible and of course I will be spending time with my family however I want to use the fact I have baby sitting and do as much work as I can. I am mainly planning to keep writing my book but also to workout every day. So fingers crossed I can keep up with all this.

Enjoy the spring vibes and stay tuned for more.

Nekdy kdyz mam hodne prace, cestovani a zkratka nevim co prvnim, tak obcas zapomenu, ze jsem mela pripravene fotografie k vydani. A tak jsem konecne zasedla k pocitaci a rozhodla se vam ukazat tento look, ktery jsem nafotila vice nez pred mesicem v zahradach Milotickeho zamku. Mesic se zda jako dlouha doba a kdyz vidim, ze mam na sobe zimni kabat, rikala jsem si, ze bych si mela pospisit. 

Ted jsem v CR uz po druhe a tentokrat na trosku delsi dobu a hodlam dohanet vsechny pracovni resty, ale take vyuzit toho, ze mam hlidani a kazdy den bud behat nebo cvicit. Takze mi drzte pesti. Nejvice prace chci udelat na psani sve knihy, protoze jsem opravdu pozadu. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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