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Outfit: Camo Print PINKO Skirt

Wearing: Skirt: PINKO, Coat: H&M, Bag: Chanel, Boots: Mango, Top: Kit & Ace

When I received the parcel from PINKO and found this insanely gorgeous skirt inside I fell in love with a split of second. I mean my favourite pencil skirt with the coolest print. Camo has been huge trend but this is another level of coolness.

It is 5 am when I am working on this post (perks of having a baby) and I am also planning in my head everything that has to be done. March is looking like the busiest months and I am working on number of exciting collaborations and campaigns at the moment. You know I can sometimes complain that I am busy however we are creators of our lives, aren’t we?

You know at the end of the day I love being busy and working hard.  In the end it puts a big smile on my face.

I am also trying to create footage for my first vlog this weekend. It may not work out however you can still subscribe to my new channel. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Kdyz mi prisel balik z PINKA a v nem jsem nasla tuhle nadhernou sukni, okamzite jsem se zamilovala. Miluju pouzdrove sukne, ale tato ma naprosto vyjimecny potisk. Tyhle zajimave kousky jsou zkratka neprehlednutelne a i kdyz obcas nosim velmi jednoduche outfity, neni na skodu mit neco vyrazneho. Fotografie jsem fotila na Milotickem zamku, kde fotim vetsinou, kdyz jsem doma v CR.

Je asi pet rano a snazim se dat dohromady tento clanek a take si vse poradne naplanovat. Brezen vypada velmi slibne a take me ceka hodne uzasnych kampani a kolaboraci, o kterych se mi pred par lety ani nesnilo. A i kdyz toho mam hodne a obcas to vypada, ze si stezuju, tak si uvedomim, ze tyhle veci si vlastne vytvarim sama.

Do toho se snazim tento vikend vlogovat a vzit vas sebou na par blogovych projetku, ale ted jeste nevim, zda z toho neco bude. Muzete se kazdopadne prihlasit k odberu mych vlogu a videi tady. 

Uzijte si zbytek vikendu.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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Outfit: Call Me Mama Zombie

Wearing: Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Dior, Cardigan: Shein, Jeans: Asos, Boots: Daniel, Belt: Gucci

This week I felt after a long time super sleep deprived. Do not get me wrong. Liam wakes up six to eight times a night in average but I get to bed so early that somehow have been surviving this new way of life. Anyway, on days when I decide to go out for dinner, cinema or just simply for a quick drink although I end up in bed around midnight I am struggling following day. Simply because I only get around five hours pretty much non existent sleep. Oh man, not fun.

And the day after is one of those days when you down endless cups of coffee, you feel lazy, tired and cold all the time. All you want is to sleep, lie down on the sofa, watch movie and eat. However, you cannot get that. So I opt for super casual outfits and chunky knits to keep warm and cosy. I wear minimal or no makeup as simply that is the last thing on my mind. Oh, I actually cannot believe I am publicly admitting these things but at the end of the day even I am human and although I am a fashion blogger having a baby sometimes requires that. This burgundy cardigan is definitely perfect for days like that and you need comfortable footwear too. Heels are the last thing I want to deal with on a day like that. I secretly hope that a Gucci belt can save the day with outfits like that. Call me Mummy Zombie but only every now and then please.

Tento tyden jsem po dlouhe dobe mela jeden z tech dnu, kdy jsem nevyspanim klickovala po ulici, nebyla schopna niceho a vubec nefungovala. Abyste to cele pochopili, Liam v noci spi, ale strasne casto se budi a i prestoze se kazdou noc budim sestkrat az osmkrat v prumeru, tak to zvladam a kdyz tomu tak je, tak si rikam super noc. Horsi to ale je, kdyz se obcas vydam ven na drink, do kina, na veceri a tak. I prestoze to neni party do rannich hodin a treba jdu spat o pulnoci, tak me pak ceka asi jenom pet hodin prakticky neexistujiciho spanku. Treba zaspim a za 40 min krmim, davam vodu, dudlika. Vsak to znate. 

No a tento tyden tomu tak bylo. Ouvej. Po dlouhe dobe jsem se trepala nasledujici den zimnici, cpala se karbohydraty, mela chut na pizzu a hlavne jsem chtela silene spat. Jenomze vetsina maminek vi, ze to nejde, hlavne kdyz nemate pobliz hodnou babicku ci tetu. V takove dny i tak musim fungovat, ale vetsinou jde vse stranou. Bud si nedavam zadny makeup, nebo minimalni (nemusim prece strasit lidi az tak moc), nosim pohodlne boty a zabalim se do tepleho svetru. A nez me odsoudite, jak si to blogerka muze dovolit, tak bych rada rekla, ze i ja jsem clovek, co nosi teplaky a rozhrabane vlasy. Ve skrytu duse doufam, ze to treba ten Gucci pasek a chanelka zachrani. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

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Outfit: Volume Sleeve Blouse

Wearing: Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Top: Shein, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Celine

It is strange but at the same time absolutely natural how certain life milestones would change our focus and interests. Since I became mum I am so much in to following other bloggers that have babies. I cannot believe that this shift happened for me almost over night. Although, I follow bloggers that are like me loving fashion and the blog remains fashion heavy. I talked about it with my friend Natasha and tried to explain the image and the focus I am trying to keep and she totally got where I am coming from. She said you wanna be a cool mum blogger and stay more Rachel Zoe rather than typical mum. And that is exactly how I feel. I could not have phrased it better.

Another blogger and is expecting is Zina and I honestly cannot wait to see how her blog is going to shift. She is purely fashion focused but at the same time I know from talking to her how excited she is about her baby boy so she is one to watch out. I have a feeling she will be another one that is going to keep a great balance and I will love her content to bits.

Well, it all basically means that the blog stays more Stuart Weitzman boots and Chanel bags than nappies. LOL

Je zvlastni jak nektere zivotni udalosti dokazi zmenit, to co nas bavi a na co se soustredime. Tak napriklad od te doby, co je ze me mama, ctu hlavne blogy ostatnich blogerek maminek. Ono je to asi i uplne prirozene, ale nikdy by me nenapadlo, ze se muj zajem obrati ze dne na den. Momentalne me uplne nejvice bavi americke blogerky, ktere stejne jako ja zustavaji verne mode, ale presto promitaji sve prcky jak na blogu tak na socialnich mediich.

Tim ale nesklouzly k tomu, ze maji blog z velke casti o tom, ze recenzuji kocarky apod. I to je samozrejme prirozene, ale moda a kosmetika u nich stale prevazuje. Nedavno jsem to probirala se svou kamaradkou Natashou a ona to vystihla presne! “Nechces byt maminovata mamina, spise cool mamina a trochu jako Rachel Zoe”. A tak nejak to citim i ja. 

Dalsi moji kamaradkou blogerkou, ktera je tehotna je Zina. A ja jsem strasne zvedava, jak si s blogovanim a miminkem poradi. Jeji blog je vylozene o mode, ale presto vim, ze se na sveho chlapecka strasne moc tesi. Bude zajimave sledovat zmenu na blogu. Ale myslim, ze to bude vypadat presne jak si myslim, ze si ji pridam na seznam mych oblibenkyn z USA. 

No zkratka blog, kde se budou stale vice resit trendy a moda nez pleny. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Autumn Wrap Dress


Wearing: Dress: Mango, Belt: Mango, Shoes: Alexander McQueen, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Celine, Necklace: Astrid and Miyu

So what happens when you find a perfect dress for autumn layering and it is still hot outside? Well, you wear it like this. When I got this gorgeous printed wrap dress I was thinking more to layer it with polo neck underneath and wear it with my Stuart Weitzman boots and cosy knits. September however turns out to be warm and sunny (not complaining) so I can still wear short sleeve and bare legs (hooray).

However to be completely honest I fell in love with the belt mainly. After seeing belted jackets and blazers on some fashion week catwalks I knew it is a time for a new statement belt. I love pieces like that when you can just update any outfit within few seconds.

I was also so happy to wear those Alexander McQueen heels after a long time as they are such a great piece to have. The mustard colour is just great for next season and a pair of shoes like that will always be fashionable.

Co se stane, kdyz si poridite idealni podzimni saty a venku je porad teplo? No date si je na sebe zkratka trochu jinak. Kdyz jsem si poridila tyhle nadherne zavinovaci saty, tak jsem mela predstavu, ze si je dam s rolakem a myma kozackama Stuart Weitzman. Zari nam ale stale preje co se tyce pocasi a tak jsem si je mohla o vikendu dovolit klidne jenom tak a s holyma nohama. Stezovat si urcite nebudu. LOL 

I kdyz abych pravdu rekla do tohoto pasku jsem se zamilovala jeste vic. Po tom co jsem videla na prehlidkach z fashion weeku prepasana saka a saty jsem nemohla odolat. Vyrazny pasek se zkratka neztrati a da se s nim skvele pracovat. Miluju vyrazne kousky, ktre dokazi zmenit outfit behem mrknuti oka. 

A byla jsem rada, ze jsem si po dlouhe dobe mohla nazout tyhle boty Alexander McQueen. Ta horcicova barva je na podzimni sezonu jako delana a boty jako tyhle se budou hodit vzdycky.

Love Glamazon xoxo


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