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Outfit: Feel Powerful in Gingham Ruffle Shirt

Wearing: Shirt: Asos, Bag: Chanel, Belt: Gucci, Shoes: Gucci, Skirt: River Island, Sunglasses: Rayban

I feel that ruffle shirts feel somehow powerful. They give your body some hidden confidence and it is always about the feeling isn’t it?  The right blazer or right shirt can change how you feel when you walk in to a meeting. I remember that ages ago my friend Caroline bought well fitted Hugo Boss blazer and she said she named it her “power blazer” and took it to all important meetings at work. LOL

And well placed ruffles on a shirt can have the same impact. I really feel this shirt gives me that. And how you feel in clothes can impact results of anything you do. You hold yourself differently and that always help, doesn’t it? Isn’t it great when you discover that certain trend also gives you secretly another level of confidence. Hehe

Mam pocit, ze bluzy a kosile s volany maji takovou skrytou silu. Neco co vam doda trosku sebevedomi a postoj. A vubec obecne mam pocit, ze veci urciteho strihu mohou mit podobnou moc. Pamatuju si, kdyz si moje kamaradka Caroline koupila sako s vyraznymi rameny na sample sale Hugo Boss a nosila sako na vsechny dulezite pracovni schuzky. Mela pocit, ze ji dava sebevedomi a nazvala ho “power jacket”. Haha 

A tak se mi zkratka zda, ze spravne strizene veci s volany maji takovou skrytou moc. A to jak se ve vecech citime ma pak za nasledek to jak se citime i navenek. Je skvele zjistit, ze urcity trend vam muze dat i velkou davku sebeduvery. Hehe 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Summer with Dolce & Gabbana

Wearing: Shoes: Dolce & Gabbana, Bag: Chanel, Dress: Asos, Sunglasses: Rayban

The time when I should be writing about transitional pieces, autumn fashion and knits is here. Although the sun is shining we are in the other half of August and sadly summer will be over soon. However, you know how much I love autumn and its fashion so I am excited anyway. No tears here. There is always something great about each season. Pumpkin spice latte anybody?

This also does not change a fact that I still want to share my favourite summer outfits and favourite investment pieces. One of the favourite purchases were these Dolce & Gabbana espadrilles (currently on sale) that really added colour and fun to my shoe collection. Although this is the first time you see them here I have posted them on my Instagram and wore them a lot. They really are fun piece and always change even the most simple outfit. That print is just so fun and screams summer more than anything.

I am sure I will be wearing them next year as well. No doubt.

Nastala doba, kdy bych mela zacit psat o prechodnych kouscich, ktere se daji nosit koncem leta ale in podzim. I kdyz si rikate, ze leto je jeste v plnem proudu a treba spoustu z vas jeste ceka vysnena letni dovolena, tak to v mode chodi. Zkratka jsme v druhe polovine srpna a je cas premyslet o podzimnich bundach ci pleteninach. 

To neznamena, ze nemuzu jeste stale presentovat letni modu a bavit se o oblibenych kouscich, do nichz jsem toto leto investovala. Jednim z nich jsou tyto espadrilky od Dolce & Gabbana. Na me asi docela vyrazny kousek, ale bavi me. Libi se mi, ze mi pokazde ozivily jednoduche outfity a ze si jich clovek zkratka vsimne. Dobre je, ze jsou ted v super sleve, takze pokud si je chcete uzit treba pristi leto, mate moznost. Tento potisk mi zkratka prisel hrozne zabavny a letni. 

Myslim, ze je budu rada nosit i pristi leto. O tom nepochybuji. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Taste of Czech Summer

Pictures by Iva

Wearing: Bag: Chanel, Shorts: Allsaints, Shoes: Saint Laurent, Top: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban

I am back in London after few weeks of travelling and it is nice to be back. That does not change the fact I had wonderful time in Ireland and Czech. In case you want to see what is Czech summer all about check out my vlog. And there are still so many things I love and did not do like cycling or going to one of gorgeous spots nearby. Well, next time I guess. Everything we did reminded me of my childhood and teenage memories and to do it with my two great friends and family was even nicer. I can feel tear in my eye just thinking how lovely it was.

When I was leaving London I had this image in my mind I will be doing lot of work, write my book and shoot. In the end it turned out I really needed to slow down and have a bit of rest. Also certain affairs, books and people helped me to discover new things about myself and open eyes. I know exactly who I want to be, where I want to be and who I want to surround myself with so lets begin a new and exciting journey.

So if I write about meditation, auras and universe I did not go mental just more inquisitive. LOL

Jsem zpatky v Londyne po par tydnech cestovani a je to hezke byt zpatky. To ale nemeni nic na tom, ze jsem si to v Irsku i v Cesku hrozne uzila. Pokud chcete videt, jak jsem si uzivala typicke Ceske leto, tak se podivejte v mem nejnovejsi vlogu. A presto jsem nestihla zvladnout vsechny veci, ktere mam rada. Treba se jet projet na kole. Ale i tak mi to vsechno pripomelo detstvi a pubertu a o to vice, kdyz jsem travila hodne casu s kamaradkama, ktere byly “doma” ve stejnou dobu. Muzu vam rict, ze kdyz ted tak premyslim jak super to bylo, ze mam i slzu (radosti samozrejme) na krajicku. 

Kdyz jsem odjizdela z Londyna, tak jsem si rikala, kolik udelam doma prace, kolik toho napisu do sve knihy a kolik toho nafotim. A byl to opak. Asi jsem to proste potrebovala…trosku vypnout. A taky jsem si diky jistym udalostem uvedomila tolik veci a otevrela oci. Vim kym chci byt a co chci delat a kym se chci obklopovat. Zkratka mi moje dovolena opravdu prospela. 

A kdyz tady budu zminovat veci jako meditace, aury a vesmir tak jsem se nezblaznila. Spise sama sebe poznavam. LOL 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Cute in Frills and Dots

Wearing: Shoes: River Island, Bag: Chanel, Sunglasses: Rayban, Dress: Asos

In summer I always feel more girly and that requires more feminine or cute dresses. No matter what age you are why not to have more fun in the summer with what you wear. This summer I am loving frills, lighter and girly colours, romance and lace.

It probably got little quiet on the blog and my social channels for few days as I have been travelling a lot and needed few days to recharge. This is a first day finally when I am working properly so yes I am back. I just needed to catch a breath and restart. LOL

I am enjoying tropical weather in Czech Republic and great wine from family’s cellar. Happy days.

V lete mam vzdy pocit, ze se daji jednoduseji nosit vice divci a roztomile saty a kousky. Nezalezi na tom kolik je vam let, ale v lete se zkratka da lepe vyradit. At uz zaradite do satniku svetlejsi ci vyraznejsi barvy, ale je to jedno z rocnich obdobi, kdy se da s modou dobre hrat. Letos me bavi volanky, svetle barvy, romantika a krajka. 

Jak jste si mozna vsimli, trosku to tady utichlo, ale cestovala jsem a s miminkem a v casovem presu a trosku hektickem cestovani jsem potrebovala vypnout. Vcera jsem si dala jeden den, kdy jsem opravdu nehnula prstem, ale dneska uz jsem zpatky v pracovnim procesu. 

Uzivam si tropickeho pocasi v Cesku a dobreho Moravskeho vina. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 



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