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Outfit: Red Ripped Jeans

Wearing: Bag: Chanel, Watch: Pinko, Sunglasses: Celine, Jeans: New Look, Blazer: Shein, Shoes: Zara

I am at the point when I feel I need a massive spring clean in my wardrobe otherwise wardrobes are going to burst (or my flat to be specific). I am so bad when it comes to getting rid of things as I always feel I need everything. I also do not have time to sell stuff and zero patience. And if it sometimes gets to that point that I put few bits for sale I cannot handle the messages and requests like – can you measure this part, can you take another picture, can you take the picture on yourself. I just simply have no time for that so selling clothes for me is always a massive fail.

The goal I have now is to update my wardrobe with some new pieces however I need to first do step one in order to do step two. That makes sense.  I really feel urge to bring lot of new things to my wardrobe and go absolutely crazy. So any tips for beautiful new brands and great must have pieces are welcome.

Well, one of my new additions are these cool mum jeans which I adore and even though there is so much going on with them – high waist, colour and ripping I still love them.

And I hope my shopping mania will not stay just with these jeans. LOL

Mam pocit, ze potrebuju vytridit skrine, jinak mi opet prasknou a nebo abych byla presnejsi tak praskne asi cely byt. Jenomze ja jsem uplne ten nejhorsi clovek, co se tyka trideni, protoze mam pocit, ze vse potrebuju a ke vsemu si vytvarim emocionalni vztah. 

Kazdopadne si zaroven chci trosku obnovit satnik a protoze uz nemam veci kam davat, tak potrebuju prave ucinit krok jedna. Nejhorsi je to u me s prodavanim. Nemam cas neco fotit a merit a pokazde, kdyz uz se odhodlam neco nekam dat, tak mi prijde tisic zprav typu – nemuzete to vyfotit na sobe, zmerite mi rukav, jaka je delka a sirka te a te casti a to uz opravdu nezvladam. Nemyslim to ve zlem, ale myslim, ze veci neprodavam draze a kdyz neco hodim na prodej za deset liber tak vlozeny cas do dalsiho mereni a foceni se mi opravdu nevyplati a tak vetsina zkonci stejne na charite nebo u mamky ci sestry v satniku. 

Jeden z mych novych kousku jsou tyhle mum jeans, ktere prestoze maji tolik vyraznych prvku – zvyseny pas, rozthrana latka a vyrazna barva, tak i presto jsem se do nich zamilovala. 

A myslim, ze timto to urcite nekonci. LOL

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Outfit: Electric Blue Jacket

Wearing: Bag: Chanel, Boots: Daniel, Jacket: Shein, Sunglasses: Rayban, Necklace: Mantra, Skirt: New Look, T-shirt: Zara

Sometimes when reaching for new clothes I pretty much go with my gut feeling. I grab things quickly just because they feel right. And that was the case when I got this electric blue jacket. I believe it was that striking blue shade that draw my attention and the material and it is perfect for somebody like me that likes to combine high-street with designer pieces.

And also am I the only one that is loving the spring atmosphere in the air and the blossoming trees?

I am planning few trips at the moment but it is mainly to see the family. The first stop will be Ireland and then Czech again so hopefully some exciting content is coming. And fingers crossed for lovely whether too although you cannot rely on Ireland when it comes to weather. LOL

Nekdy, kdyz si kupuju nove obleceni, tak casto se spoleham na prvni pocit a rychle hodim veci do kosiku. A tak to bylo, kdyz jsem si vybrala tuhle modrou bundu. Zaujala me jak vyrazna modra barva, tak i material a je to opravdu vyrazny kousek, ktery se hodi presne k memu stylu, protoze rada kombinuju levnejsi a drazsi modu.

A mimochodem doufam, ze nejsem jedina, kdo si uziva prichodu jara a rozkvetene stromy. Tedy alespon tady v Londyne. Momentalne planuju cestu do Irska pak opet do Ceska, takze doufam, ze pocasi bude co nejlepsi. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 


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Touch of luxury for your mum

Mums deserve to be treated. I know it as I am a mum and I hope one day Liam will be treating me like a Queen (most people with teenager boys would probably say keep on dreaming LOL).

Anyway, I believe it is very easy to buy a present for a women and if the budget does not allow you to splurge on latest designer purchases, holidays away, spa breaks you can always rely on a luxury scent. Whether it would be a gorgeous perfume or perhaps a candle. So you know that is always a good option for Mother’s day.

If your mum is a classic lady you can opt for Chanel but we all know it depends on the taste and style as well. I think a great and different option can be anything from Jo Malone and lot of people have been talking about their Peony and Blush Suede scent. Or perhaps you can treat your mum for Mother’s day with one of their gorgeous candles. There are so many gorgeous fragrances out there and I know my mum would love this Narcisco Rodriguez gift set. I also have a stunning Alaia fragrance on my bathroom shelf so this Alaia Blanche really caught my eye. I mean even the packaging is stunning, isn’t it?

If you want your mum to feel a bit a cool you can always opt for something by Jimmy Choo or Balmain perhaps. They seem less classic and more edgy but why not.

Whatever you decide to go for is up to you as you know your mum the best and I am sure a lovely new fragrance is going to make her smile.

Mamy si zaslouzi, aby o ne bylo postarano a lide kolem nich jim dopraly krasne veci. Ja doufam, ze me Liam bude jednoho dne obletavat jako kralovnu ( i kdyz z doslechu vim, ze v puberte si o tom muzu nechat zdat).

Kazdopadne si myslim, ze je hrozne jednoduche zene koupit darek a kdyz clovek nema na opravdu drahe designerske kousky, dovolene ci lazenske pobyty a chce maminku obdarovat necim luxusnim, parfem nebo vonna svicka jsou vzdy skvely napad.

Na trhu je nespocet ruznych vuni a tohle je opravde specificke kazde zene. Ne vsem se libi to stejne a ne vsem bude vonet jeden a ten samy parfem. Navic jsou lide, kteri jsou verni jedne vuni (to jsem byvala kdysi ja) a lide kteri meni parfemy podle nalady (s blogovanim se moje sbirka neskutecne rozrostla). Pokud ma vase maminka rada klasiku, co treba ji darovat ke svatku Matek klasiku a to Chanel. Jejich novou vuni Chanel 5 mam sama a jsem s nim moc spokojena. Pokud chcete trosku speficicke vune, slysela jsem samou chvalu na Peony and Blush Suede od Jo Malone. Ti delaji navic luxusni svicky, coz je taky krasny a specialni darek. Moji mamince naposledy kdyz tady byla hrozne vonel Narcisco Rodriguez, tak ji asi udelam radost timto darkovym balenim. A pokud chcete neco mene obvykleho co treba Balmain ci Jimmy Choo. 

Ja jsem docela zvedava i na vuni Blanche od Alaia, protoze jak ma parfem svetle a elegantni baleni jako tohle, hned ma moji pozornost. No at uz se rozhodnete jak chcete, chtela jsem s vami sdilet tento gift guide s par napady. Hlavne na svatek Matek nezapomente. Tady v Britanii je teda jiny den, ale at uz tak ci tak tento svatek se blizi. 

Love Glamazon xoxo 

Outfit: Camo Print PINKO Skirt

Wearing: Skirt: PINKO, Coat: H&M, Bag: Chanel, Boots: Mango, Top: Kit & Ace

When I received the parcel from PINKO and found this insanely gorgeous skirt inside I fell in love with a split of second. I mean my favourite pencil skirt with the coolest print. Camo has been huge trend but this is another level of coolness.

It is 5 am when I am working on this post (perks of having a baby) and I am also planning in my head everything that has to be done. March is looking like the busiest months and I am working on number of exciting collaborations and campaigns at the moment. You know I can sometimes complain that I am busy however we are creators of our lives, aren’t we?

You know at the end of the day I love being busy and working hard.  In the end it puts a big smile on my face.

I am also trying to create footage for my first vlog this weekend. It may not work out however you can still subscribe to my new channel. 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Kdyz mi prisel balik z PINKA a v nem jsem nasla tuhle nadhernou sukni, okamzite jsem se zamilovala. Miluju pouzdrove sukne, ale tato ma naprosto vyjimecny potisk. Tyhle zajimave kousky jsou zkratka neprehlednutelne a i kdyz obcas nosim velmi jednoduche outfity, neni na skodu mit neco vyrazneho. Fotografie jsem fotila na Milotickem zamku, kde fotim vetsinou, kdyz jsem doma v CR.

Je asi pet rano a snazim se dat dohromady tento clanek a take si vse poradne naplanovat. Brezen vypada velmi slibne a take me ceka hodne uzasnych kampani a kolaboraci, o kterych se mi pred par lety ani nesnilo. A i kdyz toho mam hodne a obcas to vypada, ze si stezuju, tak si uvedomim, ze tyhle veci si vlastne vytvarim sama.

Do toho se snazim tento vikend vlogovat a vzit vas sebou na par blogovych projetku, ale ted jeste nevim, zda z toho neco bude. Muzete se kazdopadne prihlasit k odberu mych vlogu a videi tady. 

Uzijte si zbytek vikendu.

Love Glamazon xoxo

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